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  1. Imagine for some people who likes to buy clothes off the store and those CEOs who use tailors to make suits for them. The difference is when you use it, you feel a lot comfortable with the suits made by tailors. Custom fitting is actually to find out your swing. Such as your swing speed and launch angle. Thus, you can find the perfect loft for your driver. The most important thing, not every one got the same height, some people needs to have a longer or shorter club length. For me? I have a custom fitted Iron set by Snake Eyes. I don't think I ever want to switch my irons ever again.
  2. Yes, this is what I bought (USB version). The launchpad is OK accurate with your irons. There is a swing analyzer called LPDR where you can measure swing speed and launch angle. But not with 460cc drivers. Yes you have to buy the whole maintenance kit. They don't just sell the ball... I have just got a replied from the Electric Spin Technical Support, they said it's the mouse setting on my PC.... Hmm.... how can that be because it works fine with Iron clubs....???
  3. I have Snake Eyes 600Bs Blades . They hit farther than my CB irons.... Maybe u guys talking about blades made about 10 years ago...
  4. Sorry, I have sending emails to Electric Spin, but have not got any replies for 1 week. I have this Golf Launchpad Simulator thing which you can measure your swing speed and trajectory. I have no problem using irons. But when using a 460cc driver, all the results on LPDR swing analyzer are screwed up.... Any tip of using 460cc driver on Launchpad?
  5. if you know Hibore is a high launch driver... then pick a low trajectory shaft (high bendpoint) to make the ball a bit lower. Later, I found out, low spin is created by really high swing speed.
  6. Not just body rotation. IF you are using POWER and your right hand too much. That's what causing slices. You got to use your left more than right hand (for right handed). This can be reduce by using strong grip, see three knuckles on your left hand grip.
  7. How about those High launch shaft? Do they really create high launch even though you are using a 9.5 loft driver?
  8. The more flexible the better.... except if you can hit it beyond 100 Mph consistently....
  9. I've been reading a lot of ads lately talking about high launch low spin driver create the max. distance. What is it exactly? How do you combine the right shaft and driver head to create that?
  10. He won two tourneys this early year... BTW, TW is the best player so far. But I don't think he got the smoothest swing. Sometimes he swings too fast on the upswing.
  11. Whose PGA Tour player's swing do u think is the most beautiful swing you seen so far? My pick is VJ Singh.... It seems smooth and I like the pause at the top.
  12. Lower upswing promotes body rotation. Some golfers have slices because their bodies do not rotate. Only their hand hitting the ball without the body. This is what my Instructor told me. But it my case, when I fully turn my body, I create awful slices because my hand is moving faster than my body. So I only turn my waist a bit with my shoulder facing to the right (I'm right handed). And at the top, my hands are right above the right shoulder, but not parallel. Currently, I have a left to right ball flight. Is this a fade?
  13. Is lowering the upswing (parallel to the shoulder) cures slices? Jim Furyk has a really high back swing, so is Michelle Wie. I wanna hear some opinions.
  14. I don't setup the ball in the middle. Depends on the club. What I do is to place the club on the ground without the ball and the face must be square to the target. Then I position the face behind the ball according to the position I got before.
  15. Why are you saying "cautious with high launch shaft"? The ball goes ballooning ? What if for someone with slow driver swing speed, around 80mph?
  16. The reason I reshafted because the stock shaft is 90gr with Stiff flex and Firm Tip. It's just too boardy and heavy for me. BTW, the new shaft is UST Irod.... the bendpoint is mid-low... maybe high lauch but not too high. I have not tried it yet....
  17. I hit Hybrid 21*, 180 yards. Then 14* should be a lot longer. BTW, it is being reshafted with a high launch shaft. It could replace my 3 wood then....
  18. You should try using the Swing Weight measurer. It really balance your club so you can have a good tempo. BTW, In putter allignment, you just stand with your putter, and your eyes should be directly above the putter head.
  19. Yes I used to have one of 410cc Ignite, if you can hit it in the middle, it goes mile away... But I don't like it when viewed at address, a bit closed face.
  20. I have a TM Rescue Mid 14* Hybrid club. What does this club replace? It cannot replace 3 wood because it's only 41 inches long....
  21. I was watching a Golf tips @ some Golf News. The pro advice is to tee the ball low to get your drive straighter. Is this true? I always use a high tee to get more distance and high trajectory.... but it always goes right, Fade or 1/2 slice....
  22. You don't need higher swing speed for getting longer.... you need more loft (11*) and low kick shaft....
  23. How About this Golf Simulator??? Anyone has it? http://www.electricspin.com/
  24. The Video Projector is only around $1500, screen $1000, vector pro $3000. It adds up to around $5500, I can build this my self.... BTW, is there a cheaper device to measure Swing Speed, Launch Angle and Ball Carry? I have seen Speed Radar which $99, but that device is too simple and does not have protective cover.
  25. Not just the radar equipment like shown above... I mean with the simulator with overhead screen where you can see the ball going and a software..... Is there a package for-sale??
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