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  1. How do you build a launch monitor room to measure a golf swing ? Where can you buy it?
  2. I help you by recommending the irons I have used in the past. You don't have to buy the latest equipment. There are a lot of good equipment in 2005. TaylorMade RAC OS 2005.... SWEET!!! The best irons for anybody. Nike NDS Irons.... Very light weight and easy to use.
  3. You can try Grafalloy Blue shaft, it has HIGH bend point and low torque (below 3.0). It does not feel whippy. It feels boardy for me though (95 Mph swing speed).
  4. Where can I get a training about basic custom fitting? (I mean real class, not online source). I need to know: - Basic Regripping - Basic Reshafting - Using Swing Analyser (is there a good cheap software?) I've seen on club demo day, custom fitters are using laptop and a web camera to get information about a swing. What is a good software to do this job?
  5. I'm using PineMeadow's Excel Hybrid, the face is wide open...
  6. You need to have a STIFF shaft (low torque and high bend point) with 9.5 degree loft. Try Grafalloy Blue. X-STIFF have a tendency to hook the ball. I don't think you need a new driver.... what you need a new shaft.... I switch 3 drivers last year, it does not make any improvements.
  7. I think your shaft has STIFF flex but have a low bendpoint. Get something STIFF and have a HIGH bendpoint (eg: Aldila NV).
  8. I don't think the pros use only one grip. Depends on the situation, they use both overlap and interlock occasionally. I think when you want to make a draw shot, you have to use an interlock because you got to have a strong grip position which you place the grip on your fingers. An overlap might just won't hold it strong enough. I've seen Tiger use Interlock and sometimes overlap grip....
  9. Thanks for the wonderful answers. Someone told me to grip down a fairway wood 3 off-the ground (no tee). That might create a higher ball flight and less distance. That might me it... cause I hit 200 yards from the fairway with a 3 wood. I just forget!!! Someone here can hit 5 iron 200 yards away!! You are a pro material buddy...
  10. I had this tough hole, PAR-3, 200 Yards and narrow green, no fairway. What club should I use on this hole? If I use 3 iron, it will never get there. Otherwise If I use 5 Wood, I'm little bit short, cause I hit 195 yards with 5 wood and will create too much ball rolls. My driver swing speed is 95 MPH. Iron swing speed 80 MPH.
  11. I just broke the shaft of Hybrid TM Rescue Mid TP. I mean the head just flew 50 yards from where I stand (first time ever since playing golf). The shaft is Fujikura Vista Pro 90 Stiff flex. I'm looking for a replacement shaft that is a little more flexible than Fujikura. I also thing Fujikura too boardy when being hit. Any recommendation?
  12. Can hybrid replace 3 wood for long par 5 ? Which club ?
  13. I paid $5 for ten USED Srixon balls at my local golf course. BTW, Srixon fliesss....
  14. Suprise suprise.... nobody mentioned odyssey white steel 2 ball YET. Some of my friends think it is the most innovative putter design.
  15. What is the best putter you ever used in the past? for me it's Ping G5i Anser...
  16. I read those insights by gas_can. High launch, penetrating trajectory.... but how about the feel... does project X absorb vibration more or less?
  17. How's Dynamic Gold compared with the new Rifle Project X shafts ? They are slighty lighter (the Project X) than DG... but thats all I know.
  18. BTW, here is my yardage without much bull@#$, I don't hit far-far away like tiger, but I managed to put pars on long par 5s (500-600 yards)... Driver Swing speed: 90-95 mph Iron Swing speed: 80-85 mph Driver: 210-240 yards (really depends on the driver) 3 Wood: 210 yards Hybrid: 190 yards 4 iron: 180 yards 5 iron: 170 yards 6 iron: 160 yards 7 iron: 144-150 yards 8 iron: 130 yards 9 iron: 120 yards PW: 110 yards SW: 75 yards
  19. I went to Jakarta in Indonesia (South East Asia), just below Singapore. Some of my business associates brought me to play at "Imperial Klub Golf" in small suburb called Lippo Karawaci. Here is their website: http://www.imperialklubgolf.com/ . They have female caddies down there (I wonder why...but they are a bit bitchy judging from their tones). The course has a very thick grass for their rough, it is like if somebody does not lawn their front yard for years. The course design is very un-level. That way, you cannot see the greens from the fairways because the fairways are lower than
  20. OK... so you'll get about 237 yards out of your driver with 95 mph swing speed. How about the formula for irons? which is around 75-80 mph for normal swing.
  21. Yes for the driver and 3 wood... because iron swing speed tends to be lower, around 80-90 mph?
  22. Have you measured your swing speed? If you have a 95 mph of clubhead speed... please share your club yardage... Driver: 3 Wood: 3 Hybrid: 3 iron: 4 iron: 5 iron: 6 iron 7 iron: 8 iron: 9 iron: PW: SW: thanks!
  23. Let me know your: Height: Wrist-to-floor length: Your Swing Speed: Driver Carry distance: I will let you know what Driver loft and shaft length you should get....
  24. I wanna reshaft my driver with this Steel/Graphite combo thing.... Aerotech SteelFiber SS75. Anyone got any experience with this new kind of shaft?
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