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  1. I have found my "less than perfect" driver.... TaylorMade R580 XD. It feels very balanced when I swing it.... the club head is pointing neutral and most of all it is only $129 USD for the new one.
  2. Ok what putters do guys like to buy this year? Any advice from Golf Entrepreuners?
  3. Hi golfers, I'm thinking of opening a small golf shop (1-100 products in qty). I would start selling online to attract customers (on ebay and my own website). The products I will start selling are putters since putters do not need large space to try. You just need a putting mat. What do you guys think? Any advice from custom fitters and golf shop owners here? How much start-up money do I need if I already own a place?
  4. Yes! this can be done easily at custom fitters and GolfSmith. Labor cost is about $35/club. I recommend you go to a custom fitter and measure your swing speed. Steel shaft is recommended if you are a strong hitter. Otherwise stick with graphite.
  5. I'm a 16 handicap player with 95 mph swing speed. Just recently, I went to a custom fitter to get fitted on my driver shaft (TaylorMade R580XD 9.5 degree with MAS2 Stiff flex). I tend to swing fast and my upswing is a bit too fast too. They recommended me for a heavier shaft (anything above 70 grams) with mid-high bendpoint. But I thought lighter shaft generate more swing speed and feel. So I'm not sure about his recommendation. Do I re-shaft or stick with the stock shaft? What do you guys think?
  6. Yes it is... I put 3 knuckles setup on my left hand, and the ball just Draw easily.
  7. I don't think Nike SQ is to blame... it's just when he's on, he's on and win it. When he is not, he just blew it big time. Too many people shouting when Tiger teeing off... that is also a factor.
  8. I got medium high Trajectory with Fujikura Vista Pro shaft. Higher than my driver trajectory. But another reason I want to shorten the shaft with steel is that T40 is very hard to hit from the fairways, so thinking a shorter shaft gives more control and easier to hit. BTW TX90 shaft, got a HIGH BALL FLIGHT according to their website here: http://www.truetemper.com/golf/tx90.asp My swing Speed is 95 mph.... about 220 yards off the tee with 3 wood.
  9. I'm reshafting my graphite shaft on Nike T40. It does feel unbalanced, because the head is heavier than most Fairway Wood. So I'm shortening the shaft and will use True Temper TX90 Steel, only 90 gram when cut. I want to know, will this change the ball flight? maybe lower trajectory? Is this a good idea?
  10. I don't think Skycaddie & Range finders are permitted on Tournaments.... since I play one tournament a month. It's also a good habit to practice using birdie book.
  11. Thanks for the scan. It will be nice if all Golf Courses offer these books to all guests at $4.99 (and less)..... or even FREE. But some courses where I played don't even make them... It's like shooting in the dark without these books....
  12. Birdie book is an hole-by-hole accurate yardage/map for a golf course. I've heard from some people that golf courses provide birdie book for its guests. However, I've never seen one and received one whenever I play. Do you get one when u play? Can somebody show me the scan of a birdie book?
  13. Snake Eyes 600B Forged irons.... It feels like Mizuno MP-32 but a lot cheaper!!! I have it built by a custom fitter.... Finally found what I'm looking for...
  14. I watched this Bobby Jones movie. And eventhough he is that good (Grand Slam champion), the guy had never turned pro. Instead he became a lawyer. Yeah it inspired me. If you love the game, why play for the money? Just play for the win.... But.. playing in the amateur level and paying $100 - $400 for each tournament is kinda expensive when you don't get any money in return (except for that tiny trophy). While the pros get the big bucks and the big trophies. So why not go for it ? I have also a "golf" dream, but it is not playing as a pro. If I can play as an amateur in the Pro-Am PG
  15. Nike Ignite 410... it's not because Tiger used it but because I have tried about 5 different drivers, at least, including TaylorMade R7, Ping G5, Cobra HX, I ended up sold them to some golfers for half the price. The price I have to pay to find the right driver....
  16. I plan to reshaft my Nike Ignite driver with Grafalloy Blue R Flex. I have no idea about my swing speed, but I can get around 230 yards off the tee. Pretty average... Any one tried this shaft on your driver ? How do you like it?
  17. I was told to make a draw, you must align your body to the right of the target while your clubface points at the target. To make a fade, you align your body to the left of the target and the clubface faces the target. BTW, I just tried last night at range.... my shots just go left when I try to make a DRAW and go right when I try to make a FADE. My swing path is still the same as when my body is align with the target. Any correction?
  18. I have reshafted the irons for a hundred buck with True Temper Dynalite at a Club ProShop. The shaft is a bit heavy, too heavy than I thought.... BTW, I was driving along Stonestown mall and SFSU, I don't see any golf shop with the name "Dogleg", do they have any website?
  19. Where can I buy those birdie book? or is it just a small book with handraw of the golf course? I just heard the term....
  20. Before Tiger rules the PGA, all we know that golf is a game played by businessman, rich white people and retired granpas which we used to call "gentleman". I don't even know Jack Nicklaus before I start playing golf in 2001. I start golfing when I see this black guy teeing off for 300 yards or more, which latter I recognize him as Tiger Woods in Master 2001. Tiger has changed Golf from a rich man game to a Sport just like Tennis and Football. I would just say Tiger is the best golfer ever, not only because of his ability but also he has changed the image of golf to anyone's sports.
  21. Where do the ladies of the LPGA teeing off? There are red, white, blue and black tee positions. I know I tee from the white, the club pro from the blue and PGA players tee from black. Kids and the female golfers from the red.... How about LPGA?
  22. When playing alone without a caddy or a playing partner, how do you figure out the distance to the hole especially on your second/third shot? Can you approx from just looking at the flag? FYI, I always got the information from a playing partner or a caddy....
  23. I just switch to steel shaft, truetemper dynalite, for my iron.... my shots are straighter than ever... even though I lost some yards (maybe 5 yards for every iron).
  24. because on mats, your feet and the ball is on the same level.... plus your body is 100% balanced.... different matter when playing on un-level fairway, the ball can be lower and higher, you have to adjust your stance. when your ball is higher than your feet, your balance is to the back of your body, which could cause hook shot.... so you have to really stand more upright a little.... when your ball is lower than your feet, your balance is to the front, which would cause slices.... you have to bend your knees a little more than usual.... I don't think practicing on the mats could real
  25. BTW, do you guys get longer distance off the tee with your irons ? I usually hit 140 yards with my 8, off tee it goes for 150...
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