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  1. So I was hitting range ball at some range by myself. Suddenly there was this Pro shop staff who are offering Demo clubs approached me. He started with one weird question to start a conversation "Are you alone?" So I answered "Yeah why??" And he just laughed (like he's making fun of me). I decline his offer to try his Macgregor clubs and continued with my session. That was weird since I know macgregror clubs have been discontinued? (correct me if I'm wrong) Is this guy trying to be an @$$hole??
  2. Why not? If you use Range Finder does not mean you are cheating or improve your game skills using Technology.
  3. You should know when re-shafting the R9 driver, you need to buy the shaft sleeve adaptor (cost $40). For me that's an extra cost that I don't want to spend. BTW Burner 09 is a decent driver for a beginner. Good choice.
  4. They are both different shafts. One is a midkick (Proforce), and highkick (Axis Red). 64 g and 75 g is a big gap difference for a shaft weight. I feel >70 g shaft is way too heavy for me. Selecting shaft must be done based on your own Swing DNA and not other opinion. If you ask me, I prefer Aldila NVS....
  5. When browsing the Golfsmith catalog, I notice that iron head is different in sizes. The measurement of an iron head size is called "Blade Length". What is the standard Blade length that can be used as a comparison between irons? Eg: to compare Game improvement irons with Players' iron.
  6. You have been playing with your irons for 25+ years. The groove on your iron have worn out many days ago. I think you should get a new set of irons. New Irons are more forgiving and farther (because the loft has been decreased). I tested Cobra S2. It's far and very forgiving. Plus it's USGA conformed with the new groove rule. Another great iron is Titleist AP1 (ver.2). It's beautiful and has a great feel. It's also conforming.
  7. I bought 25 Golf Pride DD2 in mid 2008. I still have about 15 grips now and they are as good as new. I don't see any changes in quality whatsoever. From a while ago, some guys said DD2 is not as durable as Tour Velvet. I have to disagree. I have used DD2 for 2 years now on my Woods and Driver and they are still pretty good.
  8. What is the best Driver you ever had? A driver that is hard to be replaced and you keep a spare one or two from the same model. For me, it's Nike Sumo. I have 2 sumo drivers with different lofts, 9.5 and Lucky 13.
  9. When you compared to 2008, he got better accuracy like 58%. So I don't think he's improving in accuracy with the new swing...
  10. And his driving distance is also decreasing. He used to drive around 300 yards. Now his driving distance is only 287 yards (ranked 101st)..... what's the deal with that? Equipment?
  11. NO need to send them back to Ping. All clubmakers can do this easy task. Lead powder is one way to add weight to the head. It's a standard method.
  12. I said you are like my spelling machine..... OK!? PS I know all the methods to change a club swing weight. Adding weight is "one way" to do it.
  13. I got fitted twice in 2006 and 2008. Back then Matrix Ozik is not well known by most clubmakers. Today they are like "Gucci".
  14. Owww yess... It should be "One way to adjust"...... You should be a Spelling machine crunching on my Desktop.....
  15. The matrix ozik shaft comes in many models. There must be one that will fit my swing.
  16. One way to adjust swing weight is to add weight to the head. This is accomplished by adding small piece of iron with 2 grams increment. They are inserted into the hosel or glued (use epoxy) to the shaft tip. They won't come loose because they are glued using high strength epoxy. I've reshafted my irons couple time and this is what the Clubmaker did. Do not worry that the weight will come loose because it won't.
  17. Seems like everybody raves about Matrix Ozik shaft. For me the price is way too steep for a shaft. For owners, is this shaft really that good? Do you gain any real consistency and distance? Is worth is to spend more than $200 for this shaft?
  18. No Players do not have contract to carry hybrid. They chose to. Players choose what club they put in their bag as long as it's the brand name from their Sponsor. And how did you get these numbers? Are they accurate? I read somewhere in a magazine that 70% of PGA Tour Pros already use hybrid to replace 3 iron. 60% of those do not carry 4 iron anymore. Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound is waaay different from Half Cord grips. They texture is much softer than halfcord. I used to have a halfcord grip and it causes blister all over my fingers. Not with my New Decade Multicompound.
  19. Sorry no video Don't have any Videocam. A wide shoulder are two shoulders that are wider than normal in proportion.
  20. I have a wide shoulder and I have a hard time keeping my left arm straight on top of my back swing. It's slightly bend at the top. Is this cause by my wide shoulder? Is there a negative impact because of this?
  21. How about Graphite Design Aura shaft. They are only $50 a piece.
  22. Hybrids are a marketing hype? Ask many PGA Tour players who use them (From Jim Furyk to YE Yang) and they will say it's a life safer. Most of them don't bring a 3 iron anymore. YE Yang used his hybrid to win PGA Championship in 2009. He was tie with Tiger Woods and then he hit a shot using his hybrid to get 1 stroke advantage. The rest is history.... Grips has also changed for the past 20 years. It used to be Leather wrap grip which is kinda slick. Now Golf Pride got Multicompound grip that is a mixed of standard rubber and cord grips.
  23. Upgrade to a 1 year old iron, then you will see some changes in distances. New irons use less loft just to make it longer. Whats a 4 iron 10 years ago becomes a 5 iron now.
  24. I think the last breakthrough in golf is Hybrid club. Although I think it's not the easiest club to hit in the bag like most people said.
  25. Golf manufactures are telling us that the have the most technology breakthrough for the irons and drivers. Then 12 months later they tell the same thing.... 12 months later the same marketing hype.... 12 months later it's the same song.... Do we need that much Technology in Golf? I don't see any driving distance improvement from 5 years ago. The same thing for PGA Tour driving distance. 5 Years ago Bubba watson over 315 yards ranks no.1. Now he's second at 310 yards.
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