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  1. Some study says that the sweetspot is not on the center of the clubface anymore. For irons, it's near the hosel. For driver, it's slightly above the center. What do you guys think?
  2. A custom Fit shaft such as Project X has a higher consistency than a stock shaft. Stock shaft is made fo average golfers with slow swing speed. Even if it's stamped Aldila Voodoo by Callaway or Taylormade, it does not mean than it has the quality of the custom Aldila Voodoo. Also Stock shaft from golf club manufactures has a lower quality since they are made in a large quantity. Callaway's Aldila Voodoo is not as good as the Custom Aldila Voodoo. So I think from this experience, your friend will know the real benefit of a Custom shaft.
  3. What is the important key for golf swing to a longer shots? It's awesome if you can just drive the ball 270 yards of carry. Big wide shoulder turn like Tiger? (I can't turn as much as him) Right foot lift at impact? (this will cause a slice for me) Longer backswing like Jamie Sadlowski? (over the parallel)
  4. Matrix shaft felt like Garbage??? I never been a fan of Taylormade shaft as well.
  5. Taylormade Burner Superfast's shaft named Matrix Xcon 4.8 claims to have 48 grams of weight. Is this true? Cause I just read somewhere it actually weights almost 60 g. For Superfast owners, do you feel this shaft too light?
  6. We are alike.... check my signature. I use Wilson Ultra Yellow. The reason is they are easy to find among your partners balls when playing a foursome.
  7. Most amateurs think they need all the extra swing speed they can get from a 46" driver. Tour players play 44.5" because they already have a high swing speed and do not need extra swing speed. I certainly do not agree with that statement. Extra swing speed does not equal hitting sweet spot every time.
  8. Do you think a 45" driver will shoot longer than a 43.5" driver? 43.5" is sure giving more consistency to your drives.
  9. 2 bucks a piece?? can you give me a link or an ebay auction??
  10. Taylormade Driver has longer shaft than standard 45". Easy to measure just use a long ruler and measure from the grip end to the base of the head. Put another short ruler on the base of the head and have it cross the long ruler, you will have the length of your driver.
  11. I'm planning to regrip my driver with Iomic Sticky grip. They are pretty steep at $15 a piece. How's Iomic Sticky compared to Golf Pride Tour Velvet? Is it rubber feel or leather feel?
  12. Do you own the Burner superfast driver? Why do you hate it?
  13. Bought a dozen of slightly used Titleist at a Golf Course. I say they are slightly used because that must be the balls which golfers shot into the water hazards and retaken by the Golf course attendant. I don't see how they differ in performance compared to a new ball.
  14. TM Burner Superfast driver is 46.5". How can you swing with a club this long? Do you cut it down to 45" ? Also it's said to be the lightest driver. But can you swing with a good tempo with a light driver?
  15. The first thing you have to consider is the putter head weight. Can you swing in a good tempo with the putter head weight? I use Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Blade because I like the head weight. It's a bit heavier than standard. Mallet or Blade does not matter. Mallet putter is made for easier alignment. The length is also very important. Standard is 34". But I use 33". The way to know is to align the ball with your eyes and just hold the putter. Then you find the correct Putter length. thats my 2 cents.
  16. I played with a bunch of guys who tee off from the Black tee. While I'm on the blue tee. It's not rude but just a bit arrogant considering they drive only 230-250 yards instead of 270 yards like the pros.
  17. A guy hit a bunker shot and the ball hit his golfing partner about 30 meters away. This guy who got hit stood in front of the bunker in the shot direction and not on the sides, so it's his own fault standing there.
  18. Many people who bought Ping G15 said it is the best driver they ever had. For my self, I pick Taylormade Burner Superfast. Many people have said it adds 20 yards to their tee shots. Including Jason Day, the PGA Tour player.
  19. Do you use Golf Pride DD2 grip? What do you think about this grip?
  20. We mortals are also taught to hit on the upswing. Should we copy what the LPGA are using?
  21. LPGA Players have an average swing speed of 94 mph, yet they use low lofted driver. Most of them are using 9.5 degree or even 8.5 degree. Are these drivers launch monitored for distance or these lofts are just preference?
  22. Regarding the new groove rule on irons and wedges, do officials really check each player bag before the tournament ? In this case, the professionals tournament.
  23. Really? So why Long Drivers didn't use 10.5 degree driver? They use 6 to 7.5 degree driver instead.
  24. A Pro-Am is still a PGA Tour and Amateur tournament right?? So it's legal for us at the amateur tournaments...
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