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  1. What is Tiger's current Driver clublength?
  2. Slightly heavier.... so Forged Cavity back is slightly heavier than Cast cavity back. Yesterday I hit about 100 balls with my Mizuno Forged cavity back irons. Until now, my left hand is all stiff. Not usual.....
  3. LOL.... BTW my question is ARE FORGED CAVITY BACK IRON weight more than a CASTED CAVITY BACK ? I never asked about Forged blades.
  4. Sports Authority is a General Sports Store. Maybe you should buy from a Golf Store. They should have the Str8 fit wrench.
  5. Aren't Mizuno irons Grain Flow Forged??? Even the non forged ones are molded together. So Mizuno irons are a bit different than other Cavity back irons.
  6. I actually visited a Golfsmith factory/warehouse. Their casted iron are made in parts. Those parts are glued together. They got the front part and the back part Glued together. You have to see the photo to get what I meant.
  7. Yeah I heard about their Launch Monitor showing greater numbers than actual.
  8. Forged irons are just one big chunky metal and Casted irons are glued together with lots of cavity. That's why I'm thinking forged iron feels heavier than casted irons. Anyone with similar experience?
  9. Are forged cavity back irons heavier than casted cavity back irons? The reason I asked this because I have a Mizuno forged cavity back irons and the heads feel heavy. At least, heavier than casted cavity back iron I had in the past.
  10. Usually a Club Fitting shop has a sample of their grips. You should try different size of their samples before regripping your irons. Also a club fitter can use a Standard size grip and make it thicker by using more tapes.
  11. 10 different things. But do they have the same Specs? For example one fitter recommend you a grafalloy Pro launch shaft. Another fitter might suggest a UST V2 High launch. They both have a low kickpoint and low torque. Only different manufactures. Also so far I know, Fitting is not always analyzing swing but also Body measurement. Your iron lie angle is greatly influenced by your stance and body measurement. Ping Golf is the one who came out with different dots on their irons. It is just different lie angle on the irons.
  12. Those who have more than 1 degree off is a manufacturing defect (should have not passed QC). Once I spoke with an Engineer from a golf manufacturer, true loft is intended to vary only 1 degree off from the stamped loft on the head. Did I say I have enough spin? It's around 3300 RPM.
  13. What driver do you have? Your Real loft is 2.5* degree off. It's just way too much. Usually manufacture only adds 1 degree more from the stamped loft. My backspin is allright around 3300 RPM for 140 Mph ball speed. I just don't get much roll.... Long Drivers hit on the upswing because they want to create less backspin. I think there is a lesson everywhere on the internet on hitting driver on the upswing because you want to create less backspin. Hitting it down on the downswing will create more backspin....
  14. Stock shaft even from Titleist has different specs from the aftermaket shaft. I checked this on the Titleist Custom Fitting website, the specs are slighty different. For example, Aldila VS proto 65 is from Titleist and weight around 67 gram. The aftermarket version is Aldila VS proto 60 which weights at 62 gram. The aftermarket version also has a stiffer tip.
  15. I read it somewhere to make the least backspin possible is to use the lowest loft driver head (for me is 9.5) and tee the ball higher, about 3/4 above the head. I also noticed Long drivers contestant tees up the ball really high (I saw Jamie Sadlowski swing), about the whole ball over the head. Thus by doing this, you'll get more roll from your driver. Any feedback?
  16. BTW I just tried a few swing with my friends Cobra s2 driver. The head looks nice, square and all. But I really don't like the weight of the head. Feels too light for my swing. I also had the same experience with Cobra LD Speed.... feels too light. What do you guys think?
  17. Is there anyone in the PGA Tour using Nike Machspeed black??
  18. My thinking on the R11, it will get dirty so fast cause of the White paint job. So Are you a clean guy?
  19. BTW Does anyone ever play with Graphite Design Pershing? It's old but I ve heard some good reviews on it.
  20. For swing speed more than 100 Mph, what you really need is to have the right backspin. For 160 Mph ball speed, 2750 is a very GOOD NUMBER. It will also give more roll to your shot. Looks like 10.5 right on the money.
  21. SVT, You got to know your current Data from a launch monitor to get more distance from a shaft. Do you need more launch angle? Do you need less? Increase backspin? Blablabla...... then decide which shaft can be a match for your current driver. The formula is like this: Correct Driver Loft + Correct Driver Shaft flex + Correct Driver Shaft model + Correct Swing Technique = Max. Distance
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