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  1. R11S 9 Degree, With a REAL Fubuki A60x5ct This club will speak for it self. This club is a flat out bomber wish I can hold on to it, But shaft just is not right for me. Club was used for a total of 3 rounds and it is in Unreal Shape .. 9.99/10, Club has no scratches, dings, Sky marks anything. Only has few white lines on bottom from white tees, Which i think even makes it look cool. Grip is a brand new red golf pride tour wrap. Club comes with head cover as well as wrench. Asking 520 Shipped OBO.. Lets get this sold tonight.
  2. 1)Rickie fowler 277 2) tiger woods 275 3) bubba watson 276
  3. LETS GO RANGERS.. want to go to some games, You guys all need new clubs, Works out perfectly First up is a pretty much brand new Scotty Cameron Select newport 2 notchback 34 inches, It has the 15 gram weights in it. I used this putter on a practice green for maybe twenty minutes, It looks brand new, Does not come with head cover but will find a head cover to send it with, This putter is unreal, Feels great just not the right weight for me, I wish it was. Asking 270 OBO
  4. i have my own account... my bank wont let me add money into it, My card gets denied so only way to add would be via paypal
  5. Hey guys, I have paypal money and i want either stars or tilt.. I will cover the fees and send you the money on paypal first and then you can send stars or tilt.. Please let me know if you can help me out.... thanks guys
  6. So i have Finally decided that i want to paint fill my sc. I have a few questions before i begin. 1) What can be paint filled on the putter. And what can be taken off with acetone. I am looking at my putter now. a) the scotty down the neck b) The 3 circles on the back c) The cameron under the circles d) On the bottom All the wording e) on the face the 3 circles and the cameron 2) What would you use to remove all the paint 3) What would you use to pain all the small words. 4) What type of paint ? i know this has been asked before but we all know these putters are not cheap and do no
  7. Wow... Did not see that ending like that
  8. Is there such a thing. I am playing to about a 7 right now and looking for a challenge. Is there something like this out there. Does not have to be for money or anything. I am looking for something in ny,nj or florida. Let me know. I am 17 if that matters.
  9. bethpage is also a muni. So it really depends on the course
  10. Enjoy flap. PLayed today it was a lot of fun, Long day
  11. What do you guys wear in the winter. What you were in 50-55 degree weather What you were in 30-50 weather
  12. Ya.. Thanks for all the help flap. I carried my bag last time i played. BUt going with my dad going to try and make it a nice day if not to expensive
  13. Flap how hard was it to get a teetime. I want one for next sunday. When should i call ?
  14. Anyone Know if the course is still open or what condition it is in. I am looking to get one more round in there b4 the year is over.
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