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  1. Threads like this would be better if you could filter out the opinions of average joe. I'd like an expert opinion, not that of a 16 handicapper, like me. I came here through googling 'how do pros hit it so far'. Everything on this thread is utter conjecture and is really disappointing. I expected more from this site.
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy this, please? These seem impossible to find online or anywhere? mtcmolloy
  3. I'm a 20 hcpr, and played with my nephew and his dad last may.. All equally handicapped. Watching the dad hit a fairway wood, I remarked to the son, did you hear that fizz off that ball? And he replied: your shots do that all the time... I thought: WTF? I never hear that off my shots!! One post above about the boat wake and the lily pads makes sense in this. If memory serves, I've best heard this fizz noise when standing adjacent, and some distance, from the player. I came here while watching the british open, and the commentators may have mentioned this fizz noise being more pronounced on links turf.. I may have misheard. I guess it might one of those cool parts of golf, like backspin, that you never get to see with your own shots! : )