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  1. Being in Scotland it's the opposite to your situation as in flooded greens. I've went into pro shop and been given a free second game voucher / ticket a few times over the years. I don't see it as an issue and as long as your respectful to the staff it's never been an issue with no hard feelings from either party.
  2. The m2's are crazy long but the lofts are also extremely strong.... My wife has the Mizuno jpx ez(cast ones) and they really put it out there! Great iron quite similar feeling to the ping range.
  3. I'm the opposite, hated tiger before. Loved him once he was found to be a top Shagger!!
  4. I hope he buys John letters, there's a real brand! Made in bonny Scotland owned by eldrick.
  5. Thank you sir, that is perfect!! . Hijacked thread odogesq sorry buddy
  6. Help? Anybody? Lol. Game is all the place since changing posture and hips. Have any of you tried to get everything more on plane, as in the one plane swing? If so just how do you do it and can you explain it to me, I think Im taking it away to much on the inside then coming over the top causing the fade?
  7. I prefer x stiff in my driver, not got the swingspeed for it according to the computer but it's getting great results, as in I'm hitting more fairways with it. Strangely though I play regular in my mini driver and hybrid and they are working for me. For me it's a feeling thing and that in turn probably leads to confidence in the club. I think play what works for you and don't get fully caught up in trackman. (I don't mean just ignore it either). Mark crossfield does a great shaft flex video on YouTube which is a real eye opener. Obviously he has middle of the road swingspeed so it may be
  8. Hmm a 9.5 degree marriage burner driver would be ace!
  9. I will never quit this game till I can't physically play. Too many golfers myself included are obsessed with distance but all it does is put us further into the trees! I play regularly with my uncle who's backswing is so short you could fit it in a phone box, so he's not a big hitter. Almost every time we play each other he beats me! He plays off 6 and has been around that handicap for the last 20 years at least, he focuses on contact and accuracy. And doesn't give a hoot when someone bombs it past him. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and be more like him.
  10. Cobra forged one, this is apparently the club here.
  11. He's been seen recently at the range
  12. It looks great, could someone please go buy it and let me know if it's any good haha.
  13. Wow can you imagine, in a few years we could all be hitting our 18 degree pitching wedges 500 yards. Good old tiger made the clubs you can trust.
  14. http://www.bunkered.co.uk/golf-news/tiger-woods-to-buy-taylormade This is a golf magazine in Scotland, good mag but I just can't see it happening. Not even tiger is rich enough to buy taylormade surely?
  15. This roumer doing the rounds, can't see it myself to be honest but you never know.
  16. I think that most of the modern drivers are all so similar in terms of performance that people just stick to the brands they are used to, or get the driver that matches the irons. I think cobra make superb quality stuff, maybe just needs some of the staff players to win a few big tournaments or a major.
  17. Thanks for the replies and info guys. Going to go hit the demo clubs that the fitter has and see how they feel. Some great scores there glad to hear that they are working for you. Perhaps when cobra release theirs in January and if Bryson wins a big tournament next year this could really take off!
  18. It's really got me thinking about it, as I do try to kill the long irons as I feel I need to swing harder on them. I got an email from Tom Wishon which was cool in its self tonight advising going to a local clubfitter, so after using his site I've found one in Glasgow and sent him an email. Kenstl would you consider going back to a standard set again or are you sold on the single length now?
  19. Well.... The Mrs after many what's app messages(working on a boat for next 3 weeks) have given me the green light and now I don't know what to do.
  20. This is a 4 iron with a slow motion and full speed on the same shot. Starting ball over bunker on left and finished in middle of green. Been hitting a fade 4/5 times which I don't mind but the 1/5 shot is a start left then turns even more left which is killing the confidence as it's so destructive at times to a decent score. Not sure what to do??
  21. Thanks for the feedback on your irons. I really like the idea of it, did it take you long to adjust? What is the quality and finish of the sterling's like in comparison to the other manufacturers? And how have they held up to use? Cheers Stevie
  22. Watched mark crossfield do a video review there he seemed to like the wishons. How did the longer pw go?
  23. I think for myself it would be best to wait and get a go of them if possible. But I'm an idiot so will probably batter a set on the visa and the wife will divorce me. Could be a win win actually!
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