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  1. Warrior Custom Golf??

    Sorry, let this one die guys, should have thought before I posted. Thanks.
  2. Warrior Custom Golf??

    Whats the deal with these guys? They offer "free" clubs, I know its too good to be true, has anyone taken them up on their offer and actually tried out their clubs? I want to see how the story ends without having to take part in it.
  3. I believe I would forward press and try to hit a mid-height two hop-stop shot. I am faced with this situation constantly in the tournaments I play around here (I guess I can't hit a 20+yard green from 150 yards so I end up chipping a lot). I like the forward press shot because I guarantee myself crisp contact, when I flop, which I do when I am presented with an obstacle I must clear, I hit it well about %70 of the time, which just isn't good enough. I like the two hop-stop forward press chip the best, and I'm actually using it in more situations around the green now, its becoming my most consistent stroke.
  4. Hitting it off the hosel

    Wow, this is actually neat. I never saw anyone I play with have this sort of problem. Its good to hear I'm not alone in this. Thanks for the advice guys.
  5. Hitting it off the hosel

    Yea, I wish I had a camera, I'd tape my swing for you. Tournament play always makes me a bit nervous, I never thought of that quick from the top idea, I'll have to concentrate on that next time I play. I don't think I'm crouding the ball, because if that was the case, stepping back should aleviate the shank. Now, mentally, I could be reaching for it when I step out and actually make the swing worse, thats a definite possibility.
  6. Ok guys, this is a mystery to me. I play the first few holes of a tournament (this for some reason doesn't happen when I'm just playing for fun, at least not often) and about the fourth hole, I'll swing a short iron and shank it right, the ball seems to come off the hosel of the club instead of the face. After the first time, I can line up farther from the ball, swing slower, do a bunch of little tricks, but nothing works, I end up having to finish the round on half swings from my irons and wedges (that for some reason cleans up my contact) I can keep my score in the low 80's with swinging half, 8 iron goes about 120yds. I'd love to be able to hit a wedge more than 40 yards, but when I'm at this stage, I don't dare try. When I go to the range after, or the next day, it seems all is fixed. Only to regress next important round. It seems that if it EVER happens in my practice rounds, or golfing for fun, I can target the right rear quadrant of the ball as if to hit a draw and I make perfect clean contact. That doesn't fix it when I'm playing competitively. This thing has to be 99%+ mental, but is there anything I can try, or any thoughts to keep in my head to try and combat this? I try to stay positive, I try to picture myself hitting a good shot, but it doesn't work.
  7. Do you improve your lie when you play?

    I free-drop occasionally because my score card says I can. It says on the score card that the ditches along #1 #7 #9 #13 and #18 are free-drops because of the rocks from the dirt road that criss-crosses my home course. With my slight push, I end up there a lot when I'm hurrying my game and don't take it into account. I wouldn't want to swing out of them, I'd take an unplayable, but the course owner was tired of taking them, so he wrote the ditches into the course rules. So yea, I play winter rules (fairway only of course) in the spring when the course is in really really bad shape, but as soon as the grass greens up and the fairways sort of flatten out, we play as it lies. Rough is ALWAYS as it lies regardless of season or condition.
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    82, and I was HAPPY 43/39 On the front, I couldn't settle my driver down, I played from the right rough and out of the sticks on the right all morning. Never lost a drive, but I couldn't keep them on the fairway. My irons were dead on and my chipping was ok. I 3 putted twice, but that's normal at my home course (some pretty messed up greens). The back was wonderful, the fairways open up farther to the right on the back 9, which played perfectly into my push/fade. I could actually hit irons out of the fairway and that put me on 5/9 greens, I wish I could putt....oh well, it was a good day. The sun was shining, I had a cigar, my friends were with me, the grass was green...just a beautiful day.
  9. Feherty under fire for joke...

    I personally know quite a few Iraqi War vets, or soldiers at school between deployments. While they would never (at least sober) admit to their hate for the current administration, the majority of the ones I know feel it. The things Pelosi and her comrades (not a communist joke, I just use the word a lot) say about the war, our troops, and the previous administration are terrible. So, when a golf personality tells a joke about the current administration that involves the military, he gets CRUCIFIED. But if someone had made the same joke about the previous admin, no one would have cared.....possibly because of the admittedly liberal biased media? I think, as I did in the Don Imus case, that freedom of speech needs to win out, and I hope DF doesn't get punished for this joke.
  10. Who owns a firearm?

    I'll throw out my list here. Weatherby .300 mag Mossberg Tactical Turkey 12 Winchester .270 Ruger .44mag super blackhawk Winchester 140 12 gauge 3 NEF single shot 20 gauges (great for kids) Henry 30.30 lever (50th aniversary edition or something) And several others that escape me right now... As stated above this post, if guns were clubs, I would have to leave a few behind to make the max 14 on the course.
  11. How to hit irons further

    When I was having trouble with distance (driver-280, 5 iron-160) I realized my weight wasn't getting shifted correctly. I swung at the range for a while with a heavier club so I was forced to sort of swing my hips a bit. (this was under supervision of my coach) and that led me to shift my weight correctly. Now, my 5 iron is back to 175 and I'm liking it. My grip was also way way way too tight. I went through a glove every two weeks because I would wear out the palm. Once I loosened my grip, I got a serious POP at impact that felt amazing, and got a few good yards. That also helped my chronic draw/borderline hook.
  12. Hello from da north woods!

    Northern Minnesota doesn't seem like a golf destination, but actually...you may be surprised. Most towns have their own course, not to mention Giants Ridge has 2 championship courses (ranked by golf digest in the top 100 public courses in the nation, don't remember the rankings exactly) And a local casino that has another beautiful championship course called The Wilderness. Great golfing community, plus lots of other activities for the family, or just the guys.
  13. Elbow Problems

    I had tendonitis while playing baseball. I would golf after ball practice and my left elbow (I throw lefty, but golf righty) would just throb. I put on a cheap elbow brace and it worked like magic. I could swing with it on and my tendons stayed in their places. After practice, I would ice it, then put the brace on, then golf. Its amazing how much a brace can do. I quit baseball when I went to college last year, but I still golf, and my elbow hasn't bothered me since, so I couldn't have damaged it that bad by golfing that much after baseball.
  14. case of the shanks!

    I had the shanks for......an entire summer BUT, this story has a happy ending. I figured I was stretching over the ball and hitting it straight off the heel, so I put the ball 3" out and swung normally. Sweet spot. After a while, I moved it back in slowly until now its back to my normal feeling swing. I don't know if that'll help you, but moving the ball out and reaching for it helped me.