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  1. Hi Everyone, I thank you for all your replies and useful tips. I played a round with a friend of mine in a Match play competition yesterday, he was far more experienced than myself, and after watching my T shots whizz off to the right he suggested that after I line up for the shot that I then place my left foot two or three inches in front of the right. (I am right handed) So I tried it and every shot went straight, some even veered off slightly to the left. I am really not sure what changed except that all the shots went straight. So what has actually changed in technical terms ?
  2. Hi Billchao Many thanks for the advice, I have found quite a few vids on tube on that very subject. Ill see if I can get down to the range tomorrow and practice.
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to playing regular golf, I have had 6 lessons from the course pro, but I still have the same problem, The ball goes dead straight for 100yds then in mid flight it turns to the right by what looks like 90% and whizzes off sideways. I spent 5 buckets on the driving range this morning. Im using a Ping SF Tech club and alternated between Senior and Regular shafts with no difference. I tried open and closed faces, strong and weak grip, but the flight still stayed the same, I would say 90% of the balls turned in mid air and about 10% went as straight as a dye all the way. Can anyone help before I slit my wrists ? Thanks
  4. Hi from sunny France

    Hi Folks, I have been playing on and off for a while but only just started playing regularly. I have invested in a Ping Sf Tech driver but still learning how to drive it....lol