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  1. Hey guys... fellow upstater here (just outside Syracuse). Joined yesterday & just wanted to wish you guys well on your outing! Haven't played Conklin yet but have heard great things. (looks nice from 81!) Can't wait to read about the trip. Hit 'em well. Adam
  2. Thanks guys... really appreciate the welcome!
  3. Hi guys & girls... My name is Adam & I live in Minoa, NY (just outside Syracuse). Used to golf 4-5 times a week when I worked 2am-10am a few years back. Even broke 80 once! The last couple years I've only played a couple times a year though & was happy to break 100. My oldest son (have 3 boys) is about to turn 15 & is really getting into the game so I decided to get back into it myself. Found this forum & thought it might be a great place to catch up on what i've missed. Maybe meet some folks & grab a playing partner or two!! Look forward to talking w/ everyone.
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