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  1. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I love the conditions (when I can actually watch like 5 minutes of it before NBC asks what provider I have (none) and stop their stream). I think the R&A isn't doing anything to make the course harder, and that's the difference. USGA basically damages the course when they set up an event. The way Carnoustie is set up is just like it would be set up any other week (maybe greens a little shorter but still alive) so it's fine. There aren't special considerations or manipulations to make the course harder than what it normally is, they let the course be. It is weird as an american to see the brown fairways, but I know that grass under certain conditions should look like that. Unfortunate that they're going through those conditions now, but they are, it's fair, and everyone has to deal with it.
  2. amished

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    43-38 on a par 72. Back nine is the best I've done in relation to par over 9 holes I've ever done. Last two holes I wish we would have had more time, as daylight was ending so I rushed myself on a couple shots trying to ensure that we could finish in time, so ended up bogeying 17 and 18 when it was hard to even see the ball.
  3. amished

    Regular use of Treadmill

    There's been plenty of people that train on a treadmill (myself included). As long as you don't run too far too fast, you should be just fine. Basically if you're used to 10 miles per week, or whatever number you're running, don't just double it out of nowhere as that will be the cause of your injury rather than being on a treadmill. All in all, it's better for your aerobic fitness to run than to not run.
  4. amished

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    https://www.gamegolf.com/player/shanneken/round/2289448 Felt like a worse round than it ended up being. 7 over after 4, ended up 9 over. All day long I couldn't putt, made some 4-5 footers, but anything over that I couldn't figure out how to leave it within a foot if it was close, or within 5 feet from far away. Hole 4 on this course is atrocious though, they need to do something about it as there might be three places on the green that is legal to place a hole. Today was not one of them. I think what really threw me off on that hole is that I saw a couple people putt from above the hole and they tapped it 2-3 inches and it rolled 25-30 feet; so I tried to hit it so it would just start to come down the hill on the lines they were hitting but it stopped there leaving tough putt after tough putt. First time I've 4-putt in a long time... After that things started clicking again, my swing was controlled on the takeaway and I got my weight going where I needed it to be causing some nice hits. The 6 iron on 7 was probably one of my best ever. My long game is coming around, never thought my short game would be a glaring weakness as that's the only "practice" facility at my disposal, I guess I just need more focused practice, better drills, or better technique..
  5. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Just make sure you bring me along to that round as thanks... :)
  6. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Found on Reddit, but here's a link to the full StrokeSaver yardage aid for Carnoustie. Not quite as detailed as the Kevin Na book (easily could've been Instagram instead of Snapchat, stories on them look similar to me since I don't use them often), but still cool.
  7. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Simply put, red numbers are from a specified tee off location that can obviously be varied from day to day. Black numbers are to the (front/center?) of the green. You can see some of the contours in the fairway, where balls would roll down from at certain locations. Landing the ball on one of those slopes will definitely make for fun watching if not fun playing.... I especially like the visual picture at the bottom of the page so you can better visualize shot lines from the teebox.
  8. amished

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Congrats! Couple more bogeys into pars and you'll be there! I know it's tough to compare, but if you played a course rated at 74.4 and shot 82, that's a differential of 7.6. On a course rated at 71.4, you would've shot a 79 is the way that I look at it!
  9. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Kevin Na apparently put one of the pages from the yardage book out on Snapchat. If the fairways are so burnt, I would be scared to hit too much club as I can imagine rolling into a lot of crap.
  10. amished

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I must need more caffeine or something then....
  11. amished

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I agree, but I'm also confused. It seems like you're arguing with me about what-ifs as if I was trying to prop somebody up on them. I was responding to fnlights saying that Jack didn't push himself as much as Tiger pushed himself because Tiger was "looking up" to Jack, but then Jack didn't have somebody to "look up" to. I disagreed with that sentiment as all top athletes all push themselves. What "what if" did I propose? I think both Jack and Tiger pushed themselves hard to be as good as they could be, and Tiger's greatness surpassed Jack's. Referencing another thread: I couldn't exactly tell you when Tiger became greater than Jack in my eyes, as Tiger's # of majors now is more impressive than Jack's number of majors, but if Tiger won three less, or five less, would I still feel the same? I'm not sure. These are what if's, but they're irrelevant.
  12. amished

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Jack still had people like Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, and other greats of the time to compete against. The type of people that become top athletes in their sport aren't the type to take time off generally, or allow themselves to be surpassed by their competition. They will do what they can to be the best, be it through research, better drills, better course management, better diet and workout routines, better whatever. He still had targets to go after (Snead's all time wins) or majors before he got that record, so I don't believe he wasn't pushing himself to be the best that he could possibly be.
  13. amished

    Breaking 80 Thread

    I'm back to hitting 40 relatively consistently on my home course (par 35 9 hole, just play it twice). Last league had a bad luck double that cost me a stroke (maybe a stroke and a quarter as I would've sometimes gotten up and down from the better lie) and had me score a 40. Recent swing change is paying off, hitting my driver straighter and I'm finally trusting that I'm not going to over draw it like I have in the past except on extreme mishits.
  14. amished

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/shanneken/round/2276789 Not a bad league round. Kept it mostly in play. Dropped shots were to hitting my PW extremely clean and a possible flyer lie that I didn't recognize missing the green long and leaving myself a long putt from my short game, then dropped one on a long three putt up and across a slope. Hole 6 sucked, my 5 iron didn't draw at all so I was behind a tree, I didn't chip well to get out, but when my ball bounced the first time it hit a stray twig embedded in the rough and took a straight right bounce into the water for a penalty stroke. Then got out and two putt from there. Last dropped stroke was tee shot on 9 with a 3W, half way through my swing I was not thinking about golf and hit 6 inches behind the ball causing it to only go 50 or so yards. Parring both par 3s on this course is quite the achievement for me, the green on 4 barely has any legal spots for the flag, and 7 is just a decently long par 3 with a small green and a lot of hazards that you're looking at. Hole 8 has been a nemesis of mine, but I was more and more comfortable with a swing change I've been working on so I felt good trying to cut the corner of the trees on the left side and got me down sufficiently close to give me a short shot at the green.
  15. amished

    My Swing (billchao)

    I never really understood the slope rating on courses, so that's interesting. For the most part, the course is pretty wide open, you tend to have to try to lose a ball there. The greens, surprisingly, are rather large but they all multiple severe tiers on them where if you're not on the right tier you might as well not be on the green. It's just a long course compared to what I'm used to and I think that is psyching me out more than anything else... How do you like hitting into a net? It's something that I've considered getting but without seeing ballflight that always makes me a little anxious. On top of hitting off of a mat that can hide some low point issues that I struggle with from time to time...

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