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  1. Mizuno MP-33s, take 5 yards off the red column and you have my distances within a yard or two until you get to the higher lofted clubs. My 56* is right around that 105 mark, 52 right at that 115, and PW at that 125 which matches pretty good. I've always struggled more with confidence over my longer clubs though so I probably subconsciously take some off of that.
  2. I think I would enjoy it less in multiple aspects, so I voted worse off. I most commonly play 9/par 35 at my home course. If there's nobody in my way, I can get that completed in a very reasonable amount of time so going to a 12/48 course would take just that little bit longer, and 6/24 would not be long enough. I suppose an 8/36 could be done if the courses were set up that way but it seems harder to do to design 3 out-n-backs so that you could play a certain 8 or rotate or anything like that. If I want to spend more time, a 18/70-72 is enough time for me to golf in most situations before I'm good for the day. If I get really ambitions 36/140-144 is just a good day but that's rarely done for me. So the par 36/72 tend to line up with reasonable amounts of time for me to play without feeling like I'm giving up part of the course if I did do a 6 or 8 hole stretch. As for watching, 4 days of par 48 golf doesn't seem like enough, while if they were subjected to different rules/double play 4 days of 96 seems like too much. Three days of 96 is close but I don't like the idea of either only one day of qualifiers, or trying to figure out who should keep playing halfway through day 2 at a 144 stroke turn. So on the flipside to argue against 4/48 it doesn't seem like the best players have as much opportunity to consistently display themselves as the best players. Perhaps this is something that I don't understand as I'm not at that level but I feel over a par 192 (compared to the 270s that it currently is) there's much more opportunity for variance. I feel (emphasis on feel) like there will be players that can get hot over 12 holes currently but fall apart over the 6 and then they're not in contention, which seems fair. If they only have the 12 to get hot over, the leaderboards would be much all over the place. Maybe the leaders being more volatile would be much more exciting as a viewer, that's hard to judge, but I like seeing how the best pros can get hot, but still manage their game when they aren't at peak performance. The length of the current game seems to allow both sides of their game to shine and keep the people that can get hot and yet manage themselves at the top. This has gotten long winded, but I like the idea that over more time you're more likely to see even the leaders struggle over a longer period of time.
  3. I agree. Seems like a mistake to be "too long" or "too short" in your club selection. It seems easier to get good distance with a 3w/5w for the tee, from the fairway, and be able to half swing to get down to a reasonable iron distance. That's the iron you should then pick, in my opinion, and then have that with a half swing go down to the distance that you would hit a wedge and that would be my third club. At least, this approach seems optimal from a theoretical standpoint, but I don't know how well you'd be able to control certain half shots, or the course isn't generally all that long so maybe a 4h would be all you need for a long club instead of a 3w. Honestly, I probably could score reasonably close to my normal score on my home course with just a 4i (I don't like hybrids much) as my longest club, but there's a lot of doglegs and target golf if you're not accurate with a driver on many holes. A different course would make me want to go with a 3w or something more than likely so there are a fair few factors that would go into that decision.
  4. What happens on longer holes? Longer par 4s or par 5s are the examples I have in my head where your second shot would be too long for your 7i. Basically the problem I'm thinking of is that you would want something you could hit off the deck but still good for teeing off with, and drivers generally don't do well off the deck...
  5. They are a professional for a reason, especially if they helped you that much to start off with to drop your handicap that much so quickly. I've said it before, but a lot of times I'll move on to a next swing key and if I focus on that too much I forget what I learned, so I go back through my checklist of feelings that end up putting me in good golf positions. I can then generally figure out which one I was slacking on and rededicate myself to improving that one (which normally doesn't take long) and going back to my working piece.
  6. Read it, liked it, read it again, still liked it. Some of the actual advice has been proven wrong by newer statistical studies in terms of what to practice and what's really important overall for your golf game, but the mental side of the game and how to approach practice and your rounds is still top notch.
  7. Shot a 41 (+6) last night in league which is exactly where my league handicap sits. Unfortunately that 41 is largely because of the last couple swings I took... Hole 8 I had probably the longest drive of my life on that hole leaving me 100 yards in. A fat, a hosel, and a misread putt later meant I had to drain a 25 footer for bogey which I luckily made. Hole 9 I pulled my drive to be behind trees, hosel'd chip out, another hosel'd chip to still miss the green and then a tentative chip up left me with a double bogey. So +3 in the last two holes and a +6 overall always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I was driving the ball extremely well yesterday too, so I should be happy about my round but it's tough with that type of ending.
  8. I'm slowly learning to love the range. Early on in my golf career (and even now) my home course does not have a range on it/near it. The course I would normally go to with a range is 20 minutes away and it's one of the nicer 18 hole courses in my within half an hour of me so if I was going to drive out there I'd rather play than practice as I could practice while I play. What I came to realize this year is it's very hard to really work on your swing when you're not working on your swing. I believe I've gotten about as good as I can be without doing some specific practice so I need to get on the range to really cement in the changes that I need to do to improve. The drive to the range still bothers me a little bit as my home course is all of 3 minutes away from my house so the extra time driving seems wasted but if I'm going for a good reason then I try not to let it bother me.
  9. 39 (+4) in men's league last night, which ties my best round there I believe. Unfortunately I finished on a Bogey-Bogey-Bogey train at the end where I pulled all of my tee shots on those holes leading me to lose a shot in each case (I did have a couple other pulls throughout the day, but they weren't as damaging to my score). I had a very good mental game though, I focused, got my pre-swing routine down and pictured the shot I wanted to hit and performed so it was a very easy-going round overall.
  10. Please update this thread with how they wash, I'm struggling to find a good pair that I don't have to have some specific care that I have to worry about.
  11. That is pretty weird. Clearly I'm not practicing my short game in the right manner in any case though.
  12. My home course doesn't have any bunkers, so when I see them I avoid them at all costs. So I'd rather be closer in the first two questions, but I'd also rather lay up on the third question to just short of the bunker rather than 100 yards out.
  13. On top of that, if you do somewhat accurately map the pin each hole (or at least get your distances to the pin for putts correct), you could go back and manually check to see the distances of putts you've missed/made in that 1-10' range.
  14. It's actually kinda interesting hearing this come up so recently after I've read "Golf is not a game of perfect" where it's recommended to not think about golf until you are starting up your preshot routine. It is something that I prefer to do, but you also have to be diligent about focusing on the shot at hand when you're about to hit and not letting the outside world distract you from golf when you have to golf. I try to match my opponent. I feel confident in my ability to focus on shots (now, moreso than ever) so sitting in silence is my preferred way to golf (introvert) but I'll chat with my opponent if they're the talkative type. There will be topics that I wouldn't want to talk about, so I'm generally pretty dismissive at those but otherwise I just have to play my game and focus.
  15. Shot a 42 (+7) over 9 holes last night. That +7 included a double and a triple bogey, so my other holes I was pretty happy with! +2 over 5 holes is something that I can definitely live with, and had a couple birdie chances that I missed longish putts at.
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