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  1. Seems childish to only call out Tiger for mistakes. Any mishit that any pro does could be seen at a monthly club medal, as you put it; but you only focus on Tiger's? The courses are hard, he's playing better than 20ish other pros that make up the best in the world, what's the problem? No pro ever won every tournament they entered, so why is it a big deal if he's made a mistake? He's hit it into bunkers before in his life, gotten out of them, and won tournaments doing so. What's so bad about these shots that you have to focus on those compared to any other bad shot that led to dropping a stroke by any other player?
  2. Saw Thompson Square and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band about a month ago, and recently saw that Logic and Prof will be doing a show at our state fair so we're going to be heading to that later this month!
  3. That was the point I was trying to get across in my own game where if I'm close to the green, I'm almost never doing anything but putting it. The instances where I don't putt are when I have too much rough or longer fairway grass in the way or there's a large enough mound or something that would make the putt much more difficult than chipping over and taking some of that break out.
  4. Depending on the amount of fluff to go through, my worst chip is equal to my worst putt, and I feel more likely to hit a bad putt than a bad chip (due to my work on my chipping/pitching, especially recently). If I'm not on the fringe/fairway type grass, I never putt it anymore. I've tried, and I either seem to barely make it out of the thicker stuff or crush it beyond the hole.
  5. I don't remember the last time that I worked on putting. I'm sure I have improvement to make there, but I don't feel like my first putt doesn't leave me in a good position to make the second putt too often. At my handicap, I have more nGIR than GIR so working on my chipping and pitching has allowed me to get close enough to putt in without much work. Maybe if my long game got better and I was left with more mid-long putts I'd worry about it. Unfortunately, my course doesn't have a driving range so I don't get to spend as much time working on my long game as I really need to.
  6. All right... I'll talk to the wife about it this weekend. My 'cap has been hovering right around 11 on my home course if that's good enough. Hopefully my swing change can bring that lower!
  7. The flight cost is the least of my worries.
  8. If I thought I could manage the expenses, I'd submit something.
  9. Listening to Tom Doak on the Fried Egg golf podcast, I seem to remember him saying something along the lines of not wanting to put too much out there to advertise your course. Put out enough to get people there, but then keep some gems "hidden" so that anybody that goes there gets another wonderful experience beyond what you could see from pictures. This is likely for more high end, vacation style courses compared to one that will be played on the PGA tour, but it could be that they're keeping some of the best for last.
  10. I went ahead and reordered Vice Pro Plus balls again, this time in the green they didn't have two years ago when I ordered my last 5 dozen. Hopefully these last even longer with the improvements I'm seeing in my game.
  11. Even with Gold tees (or whatever color), there will still be challenging holes/shots; it's the overall length that should change in a significant manner. While you might have that 400 yard par 4 that you will struggle with, you might also have a 110 yard par 3 instead of a 160 yard shot. As is, when I go to a new course, if they have multiple tees I'll pick one based off of distance and who I'm playing with. There are certain friends that I'll take a step back and play up to/around 7000 yards, and there are more that I'll step forward and be fine at the 5900 yard range. Both will have their challenges, and it's less about score on those days (for me) than it is the company. No matter where I'm golfing from, I'm going to try to score my best and if my best is close to 100 that day, so be it.
  12. I can see that. Perhaps the modifier is based on what level of success you've been able to play to? So if you've made it to the PGA tour, you might have a 2x modifier, but if your professional career has made you less than X amount of prize money you might have a .25 modifier? I don't know how often club pros play in smaller tournaments to base the lower value on to try to be fair to the most amount of people.
  13. My 8 iron goes between 140-150 yards. Alex Noren is currently the 200th ranked PGA tour member in average distance to the pin from 125-150 yards at 27' 9". I'm certainly not that good, but it gives me an idea for where I'm at and with several thousand swings a measure to the ceiling of capability. On top of that, the arguments about how people haven't gotten a hole in one in their careers (I haven't) doesn't necessarily pertain to the argument as some hole in ones are from shorter distance, or some people don't play par 3s at that distance regularly (I don't). I feel like an 8 iron is sufficiently short enough to not have too big of a dispersion so as to give anybody with a good swing a reasonable shot at a hole in one. The video with Andy Sullivan was under much tougher conditions than this scenario, so I would expect an average pro to complete this within a day or two of starting. Giving myself 30 days seems like a reasonable time frame to make one in the hole.
  14. How about this: If a pro has retained that status for 4 years, it would take 4 years to revert back to an amateur. If they were a pro for 15 years, it would take 15 years to revert to amateur. Or perhaps some sort of multiplier (.5 time spent as a pro)?
  15. They're getting more and more comfortable and easier to get on and off after a week of fairly consistent use. Last night it was getting very dew-y and would be quite slippery in my old shoes and they held quite well. The grip pattern does quite well in that regard as there wasn't much for grass clippings that stuck to the bottom of my shoes to reduce traction over time if they weren't cleaned.
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