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  1. What's your head doing on the swings where your ball position is "normal"? That's the first thing that I would look at, you could potentially be swaying backward when the ball is where it should be, and even though your weight is going forward, it's not where it should be at impact. With the drill, you more than likely wouldn't sway backwards as you would never be able to get up to the ball otherwise so that's where I would start. Also consider filming yourself during a practice session and post it in the member's swing forum which will really tell us what's going on with your swing.
  2. Social, have you played with any other Vice balls, just to give a comparison between them if possible?
  3. Any shot that I don't have to play for feel (<100 yard shots) I do at ~90%. It's as fast as I can swing while knowing that my fundamentals are as good as I can currently make them. There are times in a scramble where we have another player's shot that's really good that I normally can't hit past (no point laying up, we have a better shot and I can't swing "normal" as it still wouldn't be a better shot) so I can swing harder that I sometimes get all of my mechanics good enough to swing 100%. I generally go pretty close to my max just because it's harder for me to feel comfortable with percentages with all of my clubs and the distances that they go. I practice my 1/2, 3/4, etc wedges enough to be comfortable there, but giving a 3/4 of 90% makes it hard for me to trust those distances as much with where I'm at currently with my game. Depending on the situation, I can move each club's distance up or down a club (i.e. hit my 7 iron like a 6 or 8 iron if the conditions require it) which is good enough but if I'm just trying to hit my distances I go with 90% power.
  4. The fastest way to get better is by being simple, specific, slow, short and successful. We'll all get there eventually with better mechanics and truly knowing where your weakest parts of your game are.
  5. I feel that if your putter is in your fingers, you're more likely to be "handsy" with your putter instead of using your bigger muscles. I put my putter in the palm of my hands and that allows me to keep my arms more or less locked in place and then use a shoulder turn to putt with. In my eyes, the bigger the muscle, the more I have control over it so I want to use as big of muscles as I have for everything I do.
  6. @Golfingdad Surprised you didn't see the "k" near the end of the last name and be able to narrow it down by that. Still impressive to find that signature, but it seems like that would've made it a lot easier.
  7. Got fit yesterday, and boy what a process! I went to Totally Driven in Edina, MN and met with Andy Thompson for a one hour fitting. First we took my putter (classic Ping Anser, 34" silver single line putter, no milling or insert, 67* lie angle with 3* of loft), hooked it up and hit some practice balls while connected to the SAM Puttlab to get an idea of my tendencies as a putter. Turned out, my stroke was extremely consistent in the tests, my alignment and aim was just extremely inconsistent. I also ended up closing the face quite a bit through the impact area which happens to be directly related to my main putting flaw, I'm a horrible right-aimer. After the initial part with my own putter, we set up the Edel screen with laser and I made sure not to look up at the screen due to the advice here. There were some that I thought were close but according to Andy there was nothing consistently within 4 inches of the cup with a traditional blade style putter and any combination of lines. So we went to the opposite end of the spectrum, and tried out a mallet putter with some of the similar multi-line configurations that I assume had gotten me the closest to aiming correctly. Turns out I'm a rare-breed and the mallet putter with a dot and 2 lines on top with 3 lines on the back got me aiming center right of the cup to right edge over multiple attempts. He then brought me back over to the SAM puttlab to ensure that this putter was right for me and had me hit to a hole ~15 feet away. I was still aiming just slightly right, and my compensations were still there so he worked with my stroke as well to get me more in line with what I should be doing. He also gave me a tip for when I address the ball, which ended up making my aim "fantastic" that eliminated all of my right bias and was right down the middle even at 15 feet. When I was able to get rid of my closing face compensation, I drained six 15 foot putts in a row and all of them just barely tipped into the cup so my distance control was down pat. Overall a great experience, extremely glad that I did it and am looking forward to the day that my new baby arrives. Hopefully I can keep in my head the better stroke that I developed with his tips and not revert back in the meantime. I might just putt with my wedge until it arrives to make sure I don't get too out of line.... End of the day, from what I remember of the specs was a Torque balanced mallet (E-1), 34" long, 70* lie angle and no weights in the grip. I kept it in the Chrome/Silver finish for shaft and head as that's what I tested with and because of the recommendations here. I did get the paint filled in Black and White to represent my Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas ) Raiders, and HPY stamped on it to both remember to be happy that I'm golfing at all, and to make sure the ball isn't too good for it's home... I'll post pictures when I get it, but I'm super excited!
  8. I know. My handicap generally has come from big numbers, but still deserved. I am trending down but it's still frustrating to see one part of my game be so bad compared to everything else that felt so good today. I truly feel if my driver was as good as it could be I would've broken 80 pretty comfortably. To be that close with so many missed opportunities is painful yet encouraging. Edit, this was also on a par 70 course, so 11 over is still good, but not like a 9 over round.
  9. Didn't think I'd say this this year, but a disappointing 81. My game off the tee cost me every missed shot today. It wasn't horrible enough to cost me penalty strokes but still penalized me enough to lead to two double bogeys. Only one birdie though, was able to stick most of my wedges on to let me one or two putt, I think I only had two three putts all day so I was pretty happy with everything but my driver.
  10. I'm going in for an Edel putter fitting (and club!) sometime in July based on what I've read here, LSW and a couple YouTube people, so that pretty much uses up my (self assigned) golf equipment budget for the year. I've generally been happy with most of my wedges, but I noticed that my putter fitter also does wedge fitting. Do you think it'd be worth it to get fitted while I'm there, get the specs that are right for me then buy the wedges next year with my new budget? My current 52* Ping Glide SS is my do-everything wedge right now, how big of a difference would it be between an Edel 56* -whatever spec wedge and a 56* Ping Glide 2.0 if I do like my 52? I know it's always hard to compare two different clubs, especially when one is custom fit but I see good things about both wedges when people talk about them. From this thread, I've seen that Edel has cut down on some of the grinds they offer, should I really be worried about a change to their offerings over the next year?
  11. What about at night when you can't see the golf ball?
  12. I'm horrible off the tee. I can get into the groove and sometimes hit it far and straight 3-4 times in a row but there are too many times where I still have my old push fade (slice) and now sometimes I have a dead pull. I'm "afraid" of posting a swing thread as when I saw video of my bowling game, I made strides being in better positions for bowling but not being used it made my average much much worse. So I delude myself by thinking that my bad swings aren't my normal swings and my good swings are my normal swings. I know, LSW told me not to think that way but it's hard to break old habits, especially when I view my irons as pretty decent.
  13. More than likely just something from typical architecture. The altitude of the land will necessarily be lower the farther away from the near highest point. Instead of manufacturing greens that go away from the natural slope of the land, requiring a lot of dirt to be moved to counteract that effect, the architect is more likely to just shore up any slopes that would be impossible to putt on. So rather than countering the natural lay of the land, they likely only negated some of the lay of the land if necessary.
  14. I play with a bunch of different people as well as going out on my own quite a bit. It'll take me a little bit to get into what my partners "goals" are for that round and then I just accept it and go with the flow. I'm not a great golfer but I'm lucky enough that I do fairly well without a practice swing (don't ask me why, in the past I've never felt right with a practice swing so I used to take 5-10 swings slowing everything down, getting into my own head and making me worse.) So I can talk, get up to the ball, whack it, then continue talking if that's what the situation calls for. I also do just love golf so I'm fine trying to compete and score as well as you can, talking about the tour, talking about new clubs, physics of a golf swing, etc. Just depends on who I'm golfing with!
  15. So how does this calculate waiting time for the group in front of you? What if it's a single and a group of three paired up and the group of three is there to just have a slow day on the course, should the single be punished? The rules *allow* for 5 minutes to search for a lost ball, that leaves you 7 for the rest of the hole so how does that get calculated, especially on a long par 5?