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  1. Seeing a video is the best way to help diagnose the cause of your swing path issue. Barring that it'll largely be anecdotal stories to try that might or might not correct what you need or might even make it worse. Otherwise, what has helped a fair few people I know is getting into proper position with the club shaft parallel to the ground (so more or less 15-20% of a full swing) and get used to swinging slightly in to out very slowly. As you get more comfortable with that length and speed, I would stay working on it slowly but go farther back in your backswing. Not sure if this would help you at all, and you have to make sure you do get in the right alignment all the way through (video/pictures make this much easier) but it's where I would generally start.
  2. tl; dr: How do you track your misses/swing flaws when on the course? The course that I play the vast majority of my golf does not have a driving range. Since the course is 4 blocks away from my house, and the nearest driving range is 20ish minutes away (not terrible, but it's a lot more than 4 blocks) I generally only play golf. I do work on my short game at the practice green but all of my full swing "work" is on the course. There are rounds where I'll work on a swing thought, or make a small adjustment to see how that feels for me but nothing slow, or specific to really get good practice time in to ingrain good habits. Similarly, I can't think of a good way to video tape my swing while on the course and not taking forever to ensure proper camera position so I can't review myself that way either. What are your methods and/or strategies to track how your game struggles on a day to day/weekly/monthly basis? There are several causes to any typical "miss" so how do you know which cause is the biggest contributor to your bad shots?
  3. amished


  4. amished

    New Old clubs

    Thank you all for the information, input, and advice! I will be going with these clubs as apparently I have a decent swing speed and/or my rough isn't very penal... I hit a 4 iron out of it last night with little problem, but the 3 iron is something that's probably only going to be for teeshots/fairways (probably be my money spender next year, getting fit and finding a replacement.. Probably be a 5 wood or something..) I feel like I'm right at the same skill level with maybe a touch more concentration as I was at the end of last year when I had a couple 79/80 rounds on my local easy par 70 muni. A little tuning up of my short game, and more comfort with partial shots with the new irons and I hope to dip into the single digit handicaps! I'll post pictures soon, they're in my bag strapped to my cart at the golf course at the moment...
  5. amished

    New Old clubs

    Lots of things to check. Swing weight I believe is the same between the two. I do think that the MP-33s are slightly heavier actual weight, but not by much. But now you have me curious, @billchao, what constitutes a "true" muscleback? I mean, no matter what I would say that if you can keep the consistency, you're going to make everything else as forgiving as possible as a club manufacturer so why would you ever not go with a muscleback as a pro who can hit the sweet spot 99 times out of 100? Or, alternatively, why would you trade away the consistent accuracy on the sweetspot in a CB from a professional perspective?
  6. amished

    Mixed bag of clubs

    Nothing wrong with it. Women's clubs generally have more flex to them but if you know how far you hit each club generally and where they go, you'll be alright to play with any combination you want.
  7. amished

    New Old clubs

    Love the discussion! As always, there's something more about golf that I don't understand... League night was last night for me, and my adventures with the MP-33s are continuing. I absolutely love the clubs and I hit them well when I decide to get my weight forward properly.. Either way, I'm getting much easier height out of the Mizunos than my old GI CB irons which is something that I'm not quite understanding based on the idea that GI CBs are made for high launch/low spin with their altered lofts and everything else. Also, if we go back to the 5 iron is a 3 iron thing, I get that there's added help for off center hits, but does that affect sweet spot hits too?
  8. amished

    New Old clubs

    @Vinny Cap That's really cool. Crazy to think that people are hitting their "5 iron" 200 (or whatever yards) like it's amazing but really they're just hitting a reflavored 3 iron... Also makes me feel better when I'm hitting a 6 iron into a green that they're hitting an 8 iron into. Oddly enough, I don't know if my knockoff irons were just set to traditional lofts or what, but my few practice rounds and shots are all pretty similar distances with slightly less effort with the MP-33s. I was able to "step on one" the other day where I was behind a tree a ways so I needed to get up but needed more distance than normal and I was able to squeeze out that extra 10 yards with a slight flier of a lie. I think I'm going to bite the bullet, but we'll see how I feel about blades at the end of the week. They still hit amazingly well and do what I expect them to do.... My bad shots are bad enough that blades wouldn't help, so why not jump feet first?
  9. Didn't really have anybody else to share this with, but I'm in the position to try out and buy a set of good condition Mizuno MP-33s. I would consider this my first "real" set as the first set of irons I bought were old CB Forged clubs, then I upgraded to a knock off CB GI irons (from Gigagolf). I like the clubs I have now, but I've always aspired to having a "good" set of irons, preferably blades. I generally consider myself a good iron player, my most consistent miss is hitting it fat/weight not forward enough at impact. What have your experiences been like going to a new set of "older" clubs been, or moving from a GI iron to a more players iron? Is it as simple as "if I hit the irons well and the price is right, go for it"?
  10. amished

    Poll: Who is #3?

    John Daly not listed, not gonna be a good poll... Where I come from, golf is a drinking activity so John Daly seems like the person that would most encompass my idea of a golfer. Therefore, he must be the best!
  11. amished

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    The ball landed 3 inches from the hole, not stopped... The shot rolled out ten to fifteen feet past the hole and that's where I three-putted from.
  12. amished

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Second round out, on a tough downhill par 3 I ended up landing my tee shot about 3 inches in front of the hole. I don't get a lot of spin on my shots generally, so it rolled out to 15 feet or so and managed to three-putt and ruin the hole but I was proud of my initial shot!
  13. amished

    Gigagolf 2017

    I've been playing my GG irons for the last 4-5 years and they've done pretty well for me so far. It's definitely not the clubs that's holding me back and I don't have easy access to second hand stores and the like...
  14. amished

    Clip towels

    @CT207 So you make a full swing with a towel on your hip?
  15. amished

    Strangest person you've played with

    Are you sure you didn't get pranked and you were playing with John Daly in disguise?

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