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  1. Gigagolf 2017

    I've been playing my GG irons for the last 4-5 years and they've done pretty well for me so far. It's definitely not the clubs that's holding me back and I don't have easy access to second hand stores and the like...
  2. Clip towels

    @CT207 So you make a full swing with a towel on your hip?
  3. Strangest person you've played with

    Are you sure you didn't get pranked and you were playing with John Daly in disguise?
  4. Putting Tips

    I will second the drill for putting with one hand at a time. Seems to let me feel the proper motion without doing any corrections or adjustments. If I can hit a straight putt with each arm alone, having both arms work together properly has made my putting a lot better (as well as having a properly fit Edel putter....)
  5. Partial wood/hybrid shots

    There are a couple holes on my home course where I will decide to use a partial wood, or a partial driver from the tee. Also, depending on the lie, I do it from trouble a fair bit too. The thing that helped me the most is focusing on my sequencing for these shots. I got too used to essentially doing things at X amount of time, rather than step one, step two, etc. So it helps for me to make sure my swing has a "top", where I'm fully set up and ready for a downswing, even with only bringing my hands back 2/3rds of the way that I normally would on a full swing (or whatever percentage I want). This has helped me keep my partial swings relatively close to my full swings in terms of accuracy.
  6. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    I like the paper version of this as I found it easier to carry and lend to my closest golfing buddies to try to show them the light, so to speak. Unfortunately, this is resulting in them staying quite a bit better than I am but I'm getting there!
  7. @bones75 coupled with what @iacas said, the long game is also about not getting those penalties that you mention in your post. If you're getting a lot of penalty strokes, your long game isn't what it should be to score well.
  8. Marker Size

    I do like the poker chips as it allows me to mark the ball, set down my marker and see where my ball would be when I'm looking at the line as other people are hitting/putting. Just easier to see from a distance if I don't want to be in their field of view. I do have a smaller one that is attached to my ball mark repair tool if I'm close to somebody's line so as to not distract them quite as much.
  9. Not sure if either of these count, but here goes anyways (both of these "achievements" were in the same round last night, 9/13/17)! Played from the forward tees for 9 holes (only a 9 hole course) and shot a 33 which is 2 under the par 35 for 9 holes. I would assume that breaking par only counts over 18 holes? Also had my first ever Eagle (also from forward tees) on a 295ish par 4 with a 70 yard gap wedge that trickled in somehow. Got insanely lucky to be where I was on my second as I bonked a tree pretty hard with my driver trying to cut the corner of the hole but my ball decided to go extremely straight that swing...
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    Played from the forward tees on my home course for a change of pace, hole 9, dogleg left 295ish yard par 4. Hit driver, got a lucky bounce off the trees to the "right" (straight ahead at the far end of the dogleg) which left me 70 yards out in the middle of the fairway. Took a 2/3rds 52* gap wedge to try to land it on the front of the green and let it roll out to the pin as this green tends to be very firm, and slopes from front to back. Executed the shot I pictured perfectly, saw it roll slightly down the hill and behind the crest but I didn't think it would be quite enough to get to the pin as I saw the hole was in the back from when I went past the green on our hole #4. My wife and I went over to her 3rd shot and watched as she hit a nice shot to the front of the green from deep trouble. As we got up to the green, neither of us saw the ball anywhere on the green, so I looked in a sprinkler head just in case it was hiding there but as I walked up I decided to check the hole and there was my little white Callaway for my first ever Eagle! tl; dr: 70 yard partial gap wedge for first ever Eagle!
  11. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Went out last night with my wife for something to do on our anniversary, so I decided to play the forward tees with her to give myself a different view of our course and to spend more time really together. My home muni course is just a 9 hole par 35 (36 for the women, our hole #2 is long enough that it's par 6 for the ladies) that isn't extremely long, just shy of 3000 yards from the tips for 9 holes. From the forward tees, I think it comes in at around 2400 yards and I haven't worked out the slope or rating for men as it's not listed on our scorecard. Anyways, I was able to obviously get a lot closer to the green from the tee box in a lot of cases which helped my cause, and lead to many tap in pars. I was able to even get my first ever eagle from 70 yards out on our par 4 9th. This also lead to the first time I've ever shot under par for 9 holes, with a 33! I'm sure the rating would probably be close to 28 or something as it's a relatively easy course but it still requires you to hit good shots to shoot that well. Not sure how to feel about shooting under par for the first time from the forward tees, but it's something that I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to do from any tees, so that's definitely exciting!
  12. Define The Bad Golfer

    There are golfers that shoot high scores (18+ handicap), but have fun with the activity/social aspect so they don't bother trying to improve or have the time to improve, these people are not bad golfers. There are golfers who shoot high scores, but seem to hate themselves for it and don't try to improve. These ARE bad golfers. There are golfers who shoot low scores (18 or under handicap), and if they don't live up to their own standards they take it out on others/the course. These ARE bad golfers. There are golfers who shoot low scores, enjoy themselves because they're either performing well, enjoying the activity/social aspect of it, or are enjoying improving themselves. These are not bad golfers.
  13. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I think I see what you're saying now, just avoid hazards around the green, even if it means potentially being off the green. As long as you know your shot zone that makes sense to do as a bunker or water is more penal than rough/fringe would be for sure.
  14. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I was trying to apply your thought of "on the green isn't always the best spot" to one of the more devilish holes that's on my local muni. It's a shorter par three (155 from the tips, 135-140 from normal mens tees) that plays uphill to a narrow but longer, extremely sloped green. I'm not sure if there is an actual legal place to put the hole on that green anymore due to some of the slope in a lot of the places but I don't know enough about that to be confident. On this hole, for basically everyone that regularly plays on this hole the "common knowledge" is that if you're above the hole in any way, shape, or form then you're going to have a bad time so there are a lot of people that play to be on the front edge of the green/off the green short if the pin location is in the front because of the likelyhood of three-putting if you misread the green/mishit the putt. My last three rounds there I've been on the green in regulation, one time I 4 putt, the other two times I somehow 2 putt. What's interesting to me is the more I think about it, even if it's a basic chip I think that a putt is easier. Therefore, overall, especially as a high handicapper I would want to be putting more than anything else. I might average 2.5 putts on that green if I hit it in regulation, but unless I average 1.5 putts if I miss the green I'm losing shots on average. I know I don't chip and one putt on this hole an exceedingly high amount of time but I would be willing to bet if you track you will see a lower correlated score if you're on the green.
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Semi-Finals of the match play tournament last night at my local club, shot 40/38 (par 70) to record the 2UP win to advance to the finals! Was also my best 18 hole score ever there as well as tying my best 9 hole score! All the work I've been doing in the last month on Key #2 is paying off.

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