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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm going to try these apps out once the courses open, and possibly getting a GPS that I can attach to my golf bag, and track my shots without using my phone.
  2. Hi guys n gals, I'm wondering on what people are using for tracking distances on shots made, Etc. I'm trying to figure out how my shots turn out and a good way to track these. Looking for possible suggestions on inexpensive GPS' or a good App to use. I'm in Canada, and if anyone has any good suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Just checked it out, the USGA and R & A banned them completely from competition beginning January 2016. Not sure what that means for me yet. I'm in Canada.
  4. I know they did it for the PGA. Not certain if that took effect for regional circuits.
  5. I've spent a lot of time in the gym the past 6 years, so they were built up, but the existing calluses on my left hand have swollen up to the size of grapes and are very bad looking. Would i apply the athletic tape directly above them in 1 strip?
  6. Recently i've been playing a lot more golf, and have developed some very nasty looking calluses on my left hand, just beneath my fingers. I've read up online on how to get rid of them. Just wondering if you guys have had any experience with this and what you've done.
  7. I'm with you there. I work from home, so hardly get dressed for work. Only nice clothing i own these days are for the golf course.
  8. So I played the course yesterday evening, was only able to get in 10 Holes because of a massive storm that came in. I scored a 41 on the front, but again on a Par 3, was on in 1, and 4 putted! It's really a confidence breaker when that happens. I did purchase a sand wedge which I hadn't replaced in a while, bought the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 56 degree, and hit some nice shots to get onto the green with it, that was at the least encouraging.
  9. I'm 29 and just getting back into the sport after a 12 year Hiatus. At 16 you should have no problem becoming great.
  10. I'll keep that in mind. Maybe show her that reply!
  11. That would be ideal. I played from 12 until 17, but stopped playing until last year, when I was 28, and was shooting in the 100's. This year i've been able to score in the 80's consistently. I've really worked on my ball striking, which i feel is in a good place. I believe my weaknesses to be my patience, focus, and course management. My putting can sometimes hurt my score as well. I string together lots of pars and get some birds during a round, but i can't seem to avoid a couple disaster holes, and i tend to put a lot of pressure on myself which leads to frustration.
  12. Hello Guys n Gals, I'm newly registered to the Forum here, but have been reading threads and advice for quite some time. I registered because I'm wondering if anyone has some helpful advice for me. I'm registered for an amateur tournament which is August 12-13th, there should be around 120 players playing in it, and the top 30 players make the cut to go on and play in the champion ship rounds which is the following weekend. I'm a decent golfer, can score in the 80's now fairly consistently, I'm asking if anyone here has any experience with these amateur tournaments, and any helpful advice is definitely welcome. It's a shortish course at only 6000 yards Par 69. I've been playing it a lot of late. I seem to get the yips on 2 of the par 3's on the back, which have ruined my score to around an 89 the last 2 times i've played it. From last years scores it appears the projected cut line is around 84. Any help would be great for preparing for this thing. I wanna prove to my girlfriend I'm not wasting my money on this game. The Goose
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