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  1. Hey guys, jusy wanted to post some new videos! Help welcomed.
  2. Thank you so much boogielicious! I watched the videos you recommended and did some of the drills. I went to the range today for a few hours and noticed big improvements. The club is going back on plane when I rotate my hip behind me vs a slide. I'll post some more videos of the drills and practice. Very excited to continue training.
  3. I've only been playing golf for 2 years but fell in love with the game from the beginning and have put in over 550 hours of practice and many lessons. My goal is to have a fundamental and consistent golf swing. I shoot in the low 90s. My short game is pretty good, but I gain a lot of extra strokes getting to the green, especially off the tee. I know that I take the club to the inside during the takeaway and I hate it. I then come over the top of that plane in the downswing. My current goal is to be on plane during the takeaway. Because of the inside takeaway, I think I also get stuck on t
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