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  1. Day 1: Putting stroke. Working on getting ball started on correct line using a narrow gate 1 foot ahead of the ball on a 5 foot putt. Also did my Putt Out drill. Start at 1 foot until a "perfect putt". Then move back 1 foot. Make a "perfect putt" from each distance up to 5 feet. Any missed putt starts the drill over again from 1 foot.
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  3. Ill guess Member 1, Member 2, Tour 1, Member 3, Tour 2. Just not sure the Pros can make up enough strokes around the green against low cappers to cover what they are losing off the tee. That assumption is based on Trackman averages I have seen for Mens Pro, Mens average, and Ladies Pro. It's possible these 5 players don't fit that assumption.
  4. Still having consistency issues off the tee. But again, I think I have found something that hopefully can get me mentally in the right place to take a shot. A couple times each of the last few rounds ive been able to calm myself down and just try to take as nice and smooth of a swing as possible. As opposed to jerking my hips open and rushing my hands down over the top. The drives have been playable at worst when I'm able to execute that. I've also had the 2 longest drives in my Game Golf database when everything lines up. I'm hoping to find some time to get some more video up in this thread shortly, but I also just want to use this thread as a diary of sorts. Here's the strokes gained from my last round. Pretty obvious what needs work:
  5. Played the 7th round at my local 9 hole course this morning. Still 2 holes left to par for my par challenge. Today was the second round in a row i didn't scratch one off the list. And its also the second round in a row I 3 putted a GIR on one of the remaining holes. Hope to knock the pars out soon and keep going with the birdie challenge.
  6. I do the exact same thing. And then after the round, ill go on a PC and edit the added putts and place the pin in the correct position to the best of my recollection. Editing the round afterwards is an important part of the process to me. Reviewing every single shot of the round helps to reinforce each shot and creates a better understanding of the underlying data for the analysis and statistics. And then after the round is edited, I always go to insights and at a minimum take a look at strokes gained for that round against different benchmarks. It truly is a great thing to have all that data about your golf game. Even four or five rounds is enough to get some real insight into how you actually play. I also have the tags on my clubs, but just prefer to enter each shot on my phone. I already used it for distances, so it was easy to just also tag the shot there. Didn't like worrying during the round whether i missed a tag or double tagged something. It's all right there.
  7. The Game Golf app does all this for free. Its what I use.
  8. Every round, there are 6 or 7 great shots. I'm under the assumption that one of these rounds, a couple of those 6 or 7 shots will be struck consecutively. And gradually, will become more than 6 or 7 a round. I play golf to see if i can keep improving on that number.
  9. I worked on keeping my wrist flat in a practice session this week, and the results were mixed, but still had some good ones. So i took it to my favorite neighborhood 9 hole course yesterday, and results were pretty bad. Absolutely no improvement from previous rounds. Just as inconsistent, and still severe misses to the right. So luckily, Mark Crossfield on YouTube had a video yesterday about fixing your miss to the right. For me, the feel that seemed to work was mostly in the backswing. Feel like the club is going up and around behind me, and then swing more in to out during the downswing. The results today on the same course were much, much better. I still missed right on 2 holes, but they were just fades. Not severe push fade/slices. And I had 2 misses that were pulls to the left and one actually hooked. I haven't seen a hook off my driver in forever. Most importantly, the other 3 drives were pure beauties. Straight as could be. And actually led to 2 pars and a birdie. (Golf, of course, is a funny game. My short game and putting failed today, so i actually only scored 1 shot better from yesterday to today.) Again, the feels that worked for me were feeling the club head up, back, and around in the backswing, and then swinging in to out from that position. I'll post some more videos this week to see how much, if anything, things appear different.
  10. I use the Game Golf app, (not the club tags and belt unit), and am happy with it. I also use TheGrint after the round. Game Golf is fine for GPS and keeps score on the course while keeping club statistics when you tag your shots. The app allows you to tag shots manually on the phone which is very easy to do if you are already checking your phone for distances. TheGrint is great for scoring stats.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I know the practice area isn't ideal. Normally, i am set up 45 degrees towards the camera position in those videos where there is more room to swing. But then, I wouldn't be able to get a good camera angle. I'll look to move the ball up in my stance. I know that's best practice, but i usually find I make better contact when it is a little further back. I assume that some other issue in my swing is causing that. And yes, it certainly looks like you are right. That wrist is bowed quite a bit. This is something I worked to reverse in the winter. My wrist actually used to flex at the top. So I worked to stamp that out, and now it seems i'm extreme the other way. I'll look to flatten that out. For sure. Its just a matter of getting enough room for the camera angle. I'm certainly aware that I must be cutting across the ball out to in for that ball flight. Just need to figure out what the "feels" are to correct the swing path. Thanks. I'll look to change up the practice position and add some more camera angles.
  12. We have a foursome at work that every now and then will play a competitive round. Its not for anything except smack talk and bragging rights, but we do enjoy taking it seriously. It's no secret that I'm the weakest golfer of the 4. But I have improved my game quite a bit since the last time we played. We played 2-man scramble on the front 9, and i definitely did my equal share of the work for our team. On the back 9, we played 2 man best ball, and i completely lost my swing. It was really ugly. I played 10, 11, and 12 at 9 over. And as we finished 12 and headed to 13, i could tell the group had written me off as back to my old ways, and the rest of the round was essentially going to be a 2 v 1. This feeling was confirmed on the 13th green. A player on the other team hit his long par putt, and the 3 of them were walking off the green talking about the score as if we had lost the hole. All while I'm still looking at my 12 foot par putt to halve the hole. I politely tell them i still have a par putt, and they stand and watch. I sized up the break, and sunk the putt. That felt great to literally be written off either as obviously not able to be sitting 3, or clearly not able to make that putt. The next hole was a 180 yard par 3. I hit the green, as did a player from the other team. Neither of us were particularly close to the pin. The other 2 guys couldnt get up and down, and got bogeys. My lag putt wasn't great, but left a 6 foot putt straight uphill. The other guy went past the hole leaving a tricky 4 foot downhill putt. He missed his, I drained mine, and my team headed to the 15th tee up 4 with 4 to play. I clinched a least a tie with 2 GIR pars after literally being written off as a non competitor. Sinking those 2 putts gave me as much of a feeling of accomplishment as anything has in this game before it.
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: the last five 18-hole scores to go into my index calc are 95(C), 89, 92(C), 90, 91 My typical ball flight is: mostly straight with irons. fade with everything else The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: severe push fade/slice with the driver Quick Bio: I've been playing since high school, but have never seriously attempted to improve until this past winter. At the end of last season, my index was 24.5, and i had only broken 100 for 18 holes a few times. This past winter and quarantine season, i bought a net and spent a lot of time trying to understand the golf swing, and work at it. I think my scores above show that I have improved. However, I still can't figure out the driver. Its very hard for me to understand how to prevent what i'm doing wrong with the severe push fades. I'm hoping a swing thread here will provide some solid tips or fundamental ideas that i can work on. I'm thankful and excited for the opportunity a site like this provides to document that improvement. Videos:
  14. I do the same thing as you with a zero distance or distance from the shot to the drop for my first shot. But, Game Golf does have an algorithm that throws out outliers when calculating the "typical" distance for each club. Another idea i've considered, probably because i read it here somewhere, is to create a "penalty" club. So after the round, just switch the club to this penalty club, and all the bad distances and penalties will be assigned to that club. I'm curious if anyone actually does that.
  15. I broke 90 for the first time last week. Certainly hope its not the last.
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