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  1. A couple of firsts in this round. It was my first round using the GG tags, and it was also my first round ever under 100. If you want to see what 18 holes looks like when you have no clue where the ball is going off the tee and have no short game at all to speak of.... check out this round!
  2. Well, I did it! Been taking hacks at golf courses for 20 years, started actually practicing 7 weeks ago, and I finally mother-effing broke 100 yesterday. Shot 96 at a course I had only played one time before about 8 years ago. This was easily the most consistent I've ever hit the ball into the greens (8 GIRs) and my driving was as good as it has been all season. The biggest thing with the driver was deciding to stop trying to be perfect on the tee. Meaning, I wasn't concerning myself with how I thought I should be ideally hitting the club, instead, I just hit it the way I naturally hit it right now, played the "power fade" aimed out over the left side of the fairway, and mostly kept it in play. I was still inconsistent off the tee with a few pop ups and pulled shots, but for the most part, I stayed out of trouble. The even better news is that I shot 96 and my short game was terrible. I had a couple duffs in sand traps and from the rough around the greens. Plus, of my 8 GIRs, I 3-putted 5 of them and it wasn't always the lag putt that was the problem. I missed a few 3 footers that you just can't miss. So, I've still got plenty of strokes to remove from my score once I actually start to work on shots around the green. To this point, all of my practice has focused full swings with the irons and driver. So, needless to say, I'm really excited about this. I think i'm just going to play the rest of the season with the same practice focus. Might be time to start a "member swing" thread for my driver. And in the off-season, the focus will shift to the short game. Unfortunately, it might be a few weeks before I'm able to get out for 18 again, but I can't wait to get out there and try to do this again.
  3. So, I decided to go the cheaper route and found a tags-only set to be used with NFC on the phone app. Should be here in time for my next round on Friday. But, I went ahead and manually added my last two 9-hole rounds (with best guesses for shot locations), and I must say I am very impressed with how easy it is to edit a round. Gives me a lot of confidence that this system is almost exactly what i wanted in terms of a shot tracker. It definitely beats trying to remember and list every shot in an excel spreadsheet to do some rudimentary analysis!
  4. Golf is a funny game. I played a different 9 hole course this morning by the office with some co-workers. Shot another +13 for a 49. But, i feel like I hit the ball way better today with the irons. I actually hit 3 GIR. My full iron swing was in terrific form and I couldn't have been happier with that part of my game. I'm not going to beat myself up over the short game and putter issues (3-putted two of the GIRs) because I haven't spent any of my practice time on that part of the game yet. Getting off the tee in good shape continues to be an issue, and got me in quite a bit of trouble today. I feel like just the driver cost me about 5 strokes. And, of course, I still had the one disaster hole. I took an 8 on the 9th hole after being unable to recover from a horrible mishit off the tee. I feel like I'm right on the cusp of becoming an ok player. I'm going to play 18 on Friday. And depending on how many times I blow up, I can see myself shooting anywhere from 92 to 110. The good thing, at least over the last 2 times I've been out, is that most holes have been played decently, but I still show my ability to blow up on one or two holes. That's a nice change from earlier in the season where most holes were played not so decently, but I would show my ability to actually play this game well on one or two holes.
  5. I don't own guns, and I don't know much about carry laws. That being said I don't have a problem with the 2nd amendment and in my experience, people who own guns are the most aware and law abiding citizens I know when it comes to guns. That coupled with this Acree's duty as an officer of the peace or whatever, makes me give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his use of the gun in this situation. However, he absolutely did kick the guy in the head when he was on the ground. Watch the video again around the 1:12-1:14 mark. As the camera goes behind the car, you can see him wind back his leg and then as the camera gets back in view, you see Montgomery holding his head. This is where Acree crosses the line from dutiful citizen to absusive assailant.
  6. I'm an database guy in IT as well, and I found this very interesting. I'm currently developing a google spreadsheet to track handicaps for me and my buddies, since we are all just starting to take the game seriously, don't have official handicaps, but still like to play games on the course. As of now, I've just figured out how to maintain all the hole-by-hole scores, count up the rounds, and find the differentials to include. You've now given me some ideas on how to incorporate course info so I don't have to enter it for each time someone plays that course. This is really cool (for a fellow nerd like me), and am interested to see how it progresses.
  7. Ah, yes. This is one my favorite examples of human interaction: the old you're-being-an-asshole-so-I-will-be-an-even-bigger-asshole-to-show-that-you-shouldn't-be-an-asshole. Gets me every time.
  8. Had an interesting round at my local 9 hole course this morning. I don't think I hit the ball all that well, and the score wasn't great, but i feel really good about it. I shot a 48 with 1 par, 6 bogeys, 1 double, and a 9. The biggest thing was staying out of major trouble for 8 of the holes. I didn't hit a single fairway, but i also didn't have any egregious mishits off the tee either. I didn't hit a single green in regulation, but 7 of my approaches were just off the green (the par and 6 bogeys). I didn't sink any putts from distance, but there were only 16 putts. On the hole I scored a 9, I simply lost focus after leaving myself with a ridiculous lie after my first shot. And instead of taking a deep breath, i rushed through the rest of the hole and it cost me big time. I feel like today confirmed that I have the physical talent to not be terrible at golf. I just need to have the mental fortitude to allow myself to not be terrible. Consistent rounds like this will give me more confidence, and that confidence will breed more consistency. If I can keep getting to around the green in 2 shots, I'm certain that i'll be able to improve enough in my short game to cut out even more strokes from my scores.
  9. Not sure about the Nike Sport Lite II, but i just purchased a Sun Mountain Four 5 a few weeks ago. I can't imagine finding a better carry bag and it checks all the boxes you mention. It looks like the website where i bought mine are all sold out, but I got the 2015 version on closeout for $115, and am certain it will go down as one of the best golf purchases I ever make.
  10. Thanks for the info. Its what i hoped and expected to hear. I'm the kind of guy who loves to use technology to enhance anything I do. And now that I'm taking golf more seriously, I'm looking to find different technologies to help me. But the key to using any new tech, is to make sure it only enhances the experience as opposed to adding additional overhead or having to go way out of your way to incorporate it. Game Golf Live appears to be almost perfect in that regard. And @Missouri Swede, thanks for that link to the other thread. Lot's of good information about other users' experience in there. Much appreciated!
  11. I'm thinking about getting this, but I have a few questions... 1) How long did it take to get used to tapping every shot on the course? 2) How easy is it to edit your round? If you forget to tap a shot, is it smart enough to know you didn't drive the green on a 400 yard par 4 and alert you in some way? 3) Do you usually tap before or after you take your shot, and why? Thanks for any insight!
  12. Shot 111 over the weekend which was disappointing. I spent the previous week working on my driving, and that was slightly improved during the round. But there were just too many mishits and issues hitting several inches behind the ball with my irons. I kind of saw that coming as I had a range session the day before the round which was terrible. And not only was it terrible, I just kept swinging, and swinging instead of breaking my swing down and correcting it. I went to the range again yesterday and it was much, much better. Turns out, I believe, that working on my driver messed with how I was addressing my iron shots. I had the ball too far forward in my stance with the iron, and kept a bit of a tilt and upward swing. Once I figured out i needed to get back to being very squared up with my irons with the ball directly between my feet, it turned into the best range session I have ever had. My plan is to get to the range one more time this week, but I'll only have time for 9 holes this weekend. I really hope that I can bring a good, consistent swing to all 9 of them.
  13. +1 for rockbottomgolf. I always check there first.
  14. I worked all week on slowing myself down, focusing mostly on my long irons. I took swings in super duper slow mo, making sure that was I getting enough hip turn and a correct swing plane on the backswing, and really exaggerated the hip turn in the downswing while trying not to let my left elbow fly out. It went great and was actually surprised how well you can strike a ball swinging that slowly. It gave me a lot of confidence to slow everything down, and started swinging with a controlled tempo i was consistently repeating. I thought the week of practice was very successful, and was really looking forward to my round this morning. Then, this morning happened. I shot a 49 again at the same 9 hole course I played 10 days ago. The first 5 holes were frustrating to say the least. Only one good drive, but that was the hole I had a nGIR and ended up with a 6 after a poor chip and a 3 putt. First 5 holes were 8,6,5,5,7. This was not going well and i was back to my old overswinging ways. But, miraculously, I was able to actually slow myself down, and I found my swing (at least with the irons, driver was an unmitigated disaster all day). Finished with a 4,5,4,5 and easily a few of my best shots of the season. Got a nGIR from 180 out from a tough lie to an elevated green on the 7th, hit a GIR from 165 out over a tree line 120 yards away with an 8 iron on the 8th hole, and then hit the green (not GIR) from 190 out on the 9th. The shots were perfect. Perfect tempo on my swing, straight as an arrow, and ideal trajectory. A guy in my group said my swing loosened up which kind of confirmed he was seeing what i was feeling. My biggest victory of the day wasn't necessarily those shots tho. I was most proud of being able to mentally get my swing back in order and actually bring something i had practiced and practiced all week to the course. This week, I'll still make sure i practice the irons, but the focus will be on the driver. If i can get that in order, I have no doubt breaking 100 is going to happen this season.
  15. i use swing by swing to track handicap as well. It uses the same rules as the USGA system. So as DaveP said, it will cap your scores on holes if you have a couple terrible ones. This is your adjusted gross score. It shows you that when you click on the Handicap link on your profile. (I think you mistakenly referred to it as your adjusted net.) It does this so that golfers cant just use one or two bad holes a round to mask their true talents by calling themselves a 14 handicap when they are more like a 10. The adjusted gross score is what is actually used in the calculation for your index Just a couple notes that confused me a little bit when I started to use Swing by Swing to calculate mine.... First, what it actually calculates in your Index, even though it refers to it as your handicap. Use this index to calculate your handicap for each course you play. Its also important to make sure you enter your handicap for each score card you enter. If you dont, it will think you have a zero handicap and will calculate an index for you that is completely incorrect, i learned that one myself the hard way.