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  1. Took a couple steps back yesterday. After shooting a 49 over nine holes earlier in the week with no mishits only accuracy issues, I shot a 114 (56, 58) on Saturday. Really disappointing from the standpoint of having at least 8 total mishits. A couple shots were pulled on the ground off the heel of the driver, a few iron shots were just shanked almost 45 degrees to the right off the club face. I haven't had these issues with this frequency all summer, but they popped up yesterday. I know I have to work a lot on my physical swing, but the problem yesterday was just as much mental. Not being able to slow myself back down, and get back to the fundamentals of how my swing had improved prior to yesterday. There was some positive though. Only 34 putts, and my short game was pretty decent. Got out of a bunch of traps, and my chips/pitches from 50 yards in left me with make-able putts. From here, its just back to the basics and slowing myself down. Much of my issues stem from overswinging, especially when my mechanics are off whack.
  2. New to the forums, and this looks like the topic for me. I've been playing on and off since high school (15 years ago now... yikes), but started to take the game more seriously last summer. I have shot under 50 for 9 holes plenty of times... 44 is my best for 9 holes, but 18 holes is just enough to get me into trouble with one or two extra disasters to keep me from breaking 100. For me, I know there are two areas I need to improve. One is off the tee, and the other is touch around the greens. My irons in between are good enough, I believe. The disasters happen when I'm wild off the tee, and then fumble away extra shots around the green on the same hole. I've been practicing a lot lately on my full swings using wiffle balls in my back yard. Been reading Ben Hogan's 5 lessons and mostly been focusing on my grip and address thus far. Seems to be working a little bit and have been eliminating the total mishits. My last couple rounds have been a 109 (55,54) on 18, 53 on 9 holes, and this morning i shot a 49 for 9 holes. This mornings round was probably the best as far as having no total mishits on full swings. But my biggest problem was accuracy. My long irons went slightly to the right off the club face, and then also had a slight fade. For example, i had one 4 iron shot from 210 out that ended up basically pin high, but about 10 yards off the green to the right. It started a little right, and then faded further away, but not in a crazy extreme manner. Its something I need to figure out and correct. Also, my wedges were really short, and also to the right. Not sure if the two issues are related, but i'm hoping to figure it out. Playing 18 holes this Saturday, and am hoping its the day I finally break through 100.
  3. This is an interesting perspective, and kind of hits home as a golfer who never broke 100. I keep telling myself its going to happen at some point, and joke all the time with my dad that it would have happened by now if I put nothing but a 7 iron and a putter in my bag. But that would be cheating. In reality, the goal is consistency. Breaking 100 (and eventually 90) is just a milestone along the way of truly improving.