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  1. Day 2 - working on grip consistency by picking up a wedge in my office through out the day. Checking my left hand is holding the face square and folding the right hand over it.
  2. Day 7 - Partial swings with a foam ball in the basement. Paying attention to SKs #1-3.
  3. Day 6 - Single digit high temp here in Chicago, so I stayed inside and did some chipping in the basement during the big game.
  4. Day 3 - Brushed up on the 5SKs. Key 1 of steady head. So now trying to match up what ive been doing with my forearms in the takeaway and backswing with keeping a steady head.
  5. Day 2 - Same story as yesterday. Started out with drills to focus on takeaway and forearm rotation. Then moved into a few full swings. Doing my best to stay focused during the full swing portion.
  6. Day 1 - After a rather lengthy and particularly unproductive swinging session on Saturday, I must have subconsciously put it out of my mind so deep that I forgot to post about it here to break my streak. And yesterday, between digging myself out of the snow all day, and the freedom of not being bogged down by a streak, I took the day off. Today, I tried to focus on drills and confirmation rather than swinging blindly into a net for way too long. I did just that. Spent some time watching golf Sunday, and watching how the back of their left hands traveled through the backswing. Really t
  7. Day 26 (9,15) - More work on takeaway. Tried to unify even more the shoulder turn and forearm rotation from the initial move back.
  8. In terms of ball speed, apparently so. But in terms of ball flight, and therefore distance, ball speed is just one component.
  9. Data. Lots of it. Already posted in this thread. The Best Golf Balls | Golf Ball Buyer's Guide | MyGolfSpy Always play your best game. Read the Golf Ball Buyer's Guide from MyGolf Spy to always get the best golf balls. Read more so you can improve your game! They used a robot at 115 mph swing speed and 85 swing speed. This graph charts Ball Speed vs Compression. When you're using a robot with a fixed swing speed, ball speed is going to be your best indicator of rebound effect of the ball. At 115 mph swing speed there is tight correlation betw
  10. I'm not going to apologize for not having a fully thought out, investor-ready, presentation based on a hypothetical on the internet. The main points still hold no matter how hard you want to push there is no merit. There is growing demand for a mixed gender event with evidence for such being that this thread even exists. And The Match has shown a blueprint for non-PGA affiliated golf events. There's not no potential there.
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