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  1. I'm surprised to see people saying its fine to take your time to stop and eat at the turn. The way I've always seen it is you've always got to keep pace. Its ok to make a quick stop. Halfway houses exist for a reason. But it then has to be grab and go. If you're falling behind and people are passing you, for whatever reason, its a problem. Scarf if town on the 10th tee between your playing partners shots, or on the way to your next shot. The whole process of getting your drink/snack/bio break shouldn't take much more time than when the cart girl comes around on the other holes. I've ne
  2. There's a note at the top of the "My Team" page now. Confused me at first too.
  3. First official round of the year today. Kind of a mixed bag. Shot 51-43-94 (19.8 differential). My goals for the year have very little to do with chipping and putting. Its all about getting from the tee to the green better to lower my handicap. So to that point, today was ok. I had 2 penalties, both on the same blow up hole for a 10 on the par 5 6th hole. That and 21 putts on the front 9 make for a 51 pretty easily. The back 9 was much cleaner. I hit 4 greens on the back, and if it weren't for back to back duffed chips on a short-sided downhill attempt, it would have been as good
  4. After 81 "preseason" holes, I'm adjusting some of my goals to be more realistic. My 2021 goals: 1) Maintain detailed stats for every round I play using Arccos, TheGrint, and a homemade spreadsheet. 2) Set an intention on staying focused during shorter practice sessions and avoid mindlessly hitting shot after shot. Every shot and action should have a specific purpose. Focus of this year's practice will be ball striking. Improved tee-to-green will get my score below 90 more often. Won't worry about short game or putting in an official capacity until tee-
  5. Day 2 - working on grip consistency by picking up a wedge in my office through out the day. Checking my left hand is holding the face square and folding the right hand over it.
  6. Day 7 - Partial swings with a foam ball in the basement. Paying attention to SKs #1-3.
  7. Day 6 - Single digit high temp here in Chicago, so I stayed inside and did some chipping in the basement during the big game.
  8. Day 3 - Brushed up on the 5SKs. Key 1 of steady head. So now trying to match up what ive been doing with my forearms in the takeaway and backswing with keeping a steady head.
  9. Day 2 - Same story as yesterday. Started out with drills to focus on takeaway and forearm rotation. Then moved into a few full swings. Doing my best to stay focused during the full swing portion.
  10. Day 1 - After a rather lengthy and particularly unproductive swinging session on Saturday, I must have subconsciously put it out of my mind so deep that I forgot to post about it here to break my streak. And yesterday, between digging myself out of the snow all day, and the freedom of not being bogged down by a streak, I took the day off. Today, I tried to focus on drills and confirmation rather than swinging blindly into a net for way too long. I did just that. Spent some time watching golf Sunday, and watching how the back of their left hands traveled through the backswing. Really t
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