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  1. Made it out this afternoon. Temperature got to 70 in Chicago, so I made sure to get out again. Intended to play as a practice round, but got put in a group who was playing straight up, so I played along. Ended up grabbing a birdie on 4, bringing my total composite score to -7 for the year.
  2. Been a long time since I've posted here. Just want to provide an update about how this season has finished up. The last bit of feedback I received was about my hands at the top of the backswing, and that my right hand coming off was as severe as anything @iacas has seen. This feedback came the day after I had completed my worst round of the summer. Which came in the same week I posted a message with the video showing what my right hand was doing while simultaneously trying to state I think I had some kind of breakthrough because I had just shot literally the best round of my life a day earlier. So that week was quite a whirlwind of emotion for me. I did go back to the drawing board and try to address what was going on. A couple fixes included weakening my left hand grip a touch, strengthening my right hand grip a touch, and trying to manage the length of the backswing as best I could. That hand seemed like it would fly off the grip the further past parallel I would get. Those tweaks seemed to work. I was making good, consistent contact into my net in the back yard, and I felt like I had found something. I was gun-shy of putting it on camera again, because I was worried that I'd end up doing something different, presenting it as if that's what I had been doing to be successful, and end up going in a cycle of confidence and doubt all over again. Basically, I decided if I was able to "feel" my way to something that was working, I wasn't going to mess with it. I'd just take it to the course, and try to ride out the rest of the season. Then during the winter, I'll try to get all scientific and break everything down. I just wanted to play golf, and not get all up in my head about it on the course. Long term, I know I need to work at being more aware of what's going on in my swing. Anyways, I'm happy with that decision, and here is how the rest of the year has played out: That 14.6 differential was the best round of my life which prompted my post saying I fixed my swing. Then the 27.8 two rounds later was the worst round of the summer, quickly followed by the feedback that my right hand in my swing was a severe problem. Those next 7 or 8 days was me trying to work on that. And then the rest of the summer is by far the best stretch of golf in my life. My goal this year was to get to an 18 index. I was a 24.5 coming into this season. These past 6 weeks got me down to a 17.3, so I'm ecstatic about that (which is an understatement). Even those last couple rounds, I wish I had shot better, but again, I was a 24.5 index 6 months ago. Those rounds would have literally been the best rounds of my life if they happened in the spring. So, I just need to keep that in perspective. Shooting 95 used to be a dream. Now its a disappointment. I've come a long way this year. If nothing else, I've proven to myself that improvement is possible. But this year has also shown how much further I have to come. This offseason will be about actually understanding what the swing is supposed to be, and how to get myself to be able to execute and repeat it using more than just "feel". Hopefully, progress throughout the winter will be documented here. In a few weeks or so, I'll probably post the "baseline" swing, and work from there. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread this season, specifically @iacas and @Grizvok. The feedback and support one can receive on this site is pretty incredible.
  3. Not sure how much more golf I'll play this year. I've already packed it in, and consider this the offseason, so anything else I play this year is going to go in the "Practice Round" category. That makes this my final update for the year for this challenge. I finally strung some good shots together and actually got a birdie on one of the 2 remaining holes for my par challenge on my "home" 9 hole course. Which left only hole number 7 as my arch nemesis this year. Many missed par putts on that hole, some only a few feet. Nonetheless, that par managed to elude me all season. I'll get it next year for sure. For the composite, I had already finished the par challenge earlier in the summer and added a couple more birdies on 2 and 15. Looking forward to beating a composite 6 under par next year.
  4. Day 41: Missed yesterday's post when I played 18, and played well. Really good with the driver. Shot 86. Today, I worked on the shortcomings from yesterdays round: lob wedge and fairway woods/hybrid off the deck. Swing thread update should be coming soon.
  5. Day 40: Played what ended up being a practice 9 holes on my "home" course this morning (Shot a 48, a pretty typical below average round for me on this course). No playing partner and tested the Arccos system. Turns out I'm making the switch to Arccos. I really liked it. As for the golf, wasn't great. My swing quickly deteriorated after my chip in birdie on the first (which of course doesn't count for the birdie challenge in a practice round), a three putt GIR on the 2nd, and then a duffed pitch shot and lipped out par putt on the 3rd. All downhill from there. Was making terrible contact on almost every shot after that. I came back home this afternoon, did some more swings into the net. Really trying to figure out where my "swing basics" went wrong. Turns out I believe it was mostly due to posture, and I think i was able to build a check into my pre-shot routine how to make sure the sole of the club is flat enough against the ground, and how to adjust my posture to account for the different lie angles throughout the bag. Standing more upright with the longer clubs produced much more solid contact. I'm playing an actual 18 holes tomorrow. We'll see if I'm able to bring that to the course.
  6. Day 39: Full swings with Driver, 7 Iron, and Pitching Wedge trying to cement the swing basics I've been working on all week. Another positive session. Hopefully, doing this kind of work this week is setting a baseline for my swing to build from moving forward. I've also got plenty of confidence now heading into the weekend. I would not have been able to say that earlier in the week.
  7. Day 38: Another day of swing basics. A really positive session. Finally started to feel less robotic. And the results were similar to the practice sessions a couple weeks ago when I felt like I had a breakthrough. The problem was that I didn't understand what the breakthrough was other than it felt good and results were good. Hopefully, doing a better job of documenting my swing sessions and swing thoughts this time around will help me when the swing goes awry. Maybe I can get back on track sooner and sooner each time. Of course this is just how I feel now. We'll see how I feel after tomorrow's session, and then the 27 holes I'll play this weekend.
  8. Day 37: Some more indoor putting. Also some work on swing basics into a net.
  9. Day 36: Rain all day, so I stayed indoors. Worked on my grip, did some chipping and putting.
  10. I just signed up. Looking forward to it. Thanks for setting it up!
  11. Day 35: Forgot to post my practice yesterday, but its my first missed day. Been working on my swing basics, and getting a baseline for what I think my swing should be. So when things go haywire the way they did this week, I'll have something to check back against. I've also been trying to address what has been going on with my right hand at the top of my backswing. Think I have some solutions, but time will tell. Yesterday, was full swing work only with the 8 iron. Today was mostly 8 iron and ended with the driver.
  12. I'm honored? But seriously, this is some of the best feedback i could possibly ask for.
  13. Day 34: Played 18 holes. Did some things well, most things not so well, and a few things dreadfully. Also worked on some 25+ foot putts on the practice green.
  14. Much appreciated. So much to work on. I'll look to get those hands in a more conventional position. Those wrists are probably another one of my many moving parts. I don't have a consistent stance, spine angle goes up and down, head moving all over the place, spaghetti legs, and my hands probably don't get to that ugly looking position consistently either. Its a miracle I hit the ball so well last weekend. And it turns out it really was a miracle, to the surprise of no one who read that message I'm sure. I've played 27 holes since then, and haven't hit a single drive anywhere close to resembling one that I hit last weekend.
  15. Day 33: Worked on full swings, and attempting to get into a consistent stance with consistent spine angle.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still working to find a consistent spine angle that I feel I can repeat shot after shot. Good to know that there is a point where its too hunched over. But I do believe the main point would be to maintain the spine angle from address through impact. Hopefully, I'll find something I can repeat. As for the right hand, i think this is a remnant of the Hogan book. He says the thumb and finger really shouldn't do anything active in the swing, and recommends taking practice swings without them on the club. I don't even think about that anymore, and its something that just happens. Perhaps I should be a little more conscious about what im doing with the grip throughout the backswing. As for whats happening in the downswing, im confident you're correct. I just don't think im there yet in terms of starting to work on that. Still have plenty to do in terms of grip, stance, steady head, and basic things like that. Would you recommend i focus on things like face control in parallel to those?
  17. Day 32: Went to the short game practice facility in a nearby suburb. Worked chips, pitches, and sand shots. Threw a few flops in there too.
  18. Day 31: Played 9 holes this morning. Not the best round ever. Kind of a reality check after the weekend I had with the driver. I thought I had found something that was working. The problem was not knowing exactly what it was. Also missed a couple 3-4 foot putts. Good news was the short game was good today.
  19. Not everything in life is about money, but in this instance, it might be that simple. Let's say you value the majors over regular wins, fine. So the career wins come out in a wash, or at least pretty close either way. $41 million is a pretty convincing tie breaker. I'd rather have DJs career than Brooks.
  20. Day 30: Practice into net outdoors with irons. Priority piece is stance. Working on a way during set up/shot routine to find the right posture for the length of the club in my hands. I also think I may have found something today in regards to keeping my left arm straight thru impact. Hard to say because outdoor practice was cut short due to rain. Moved inside for chipping and putting practice.
  21. Day 29: Practice with the Driver. Really trying to hone in the stance and posture. Took some video for my swing thread. Also worked on partial swings with the lob wedge. Trying to get consistent swing speed reading for each of my full, arm parallel, and club parallel partial swing points. And did some indoor chipping practice.
  22. Been a few weeks since ive posted. Been working on stance and posture, and think I have made some progress. I'm coming off the best round of my life this past weekend, due mostly to how far my driver has come. The key to all of this change was 8/12 when @Grizvok produced that outrageously simple and outrageously illustrative image of what spine inclination should be, and what mine was. I've been working on it, also using the day 22 drill from the 30 day covid challenge, and really believe I hit a breakthrough during my practice last week. Here are two images.... the first one is my drives in the 63 holes i played after 8/12, but prior to my practice sessions last week. The one on the right is from the 27 holes i played this past weekend, after it seems something clicked for me during practice. First, I'm certainly not saying that after 14 drives, my driving is now perfect, and the job is done. Just saying I believe these images show a true change in performance, and hopefully will be looked back on as a turning point. Second, just a few notes about the less than typical drives in the second image. The 4 drives to the right were all basically the same miss, a push fade (and a slight one compared to my previous standards). The red one was head-on into a very strong wind, and the really short one was indeed the worst one. However, it happened to be on a hole with a penalty area to the right, and 141 yards is where I took my drop. The actual drive would have been closer to the other ones and further right. The short one on the left came on a par 4 playing at about 290 yards. I decided to "give it everything I had", barely was able to get the very bottom of the club face to make enough contact with the ball, and it carried about 130 yards in the air 2 feet off the ground. (fwiw, i put the approach 15 feet away from the pin and sunk the putt for a birdie.) So that was it, 4 of the same, manageable miss, and 1 mental error. All the other drives were basically the same with one severe pull. That's a massive improvement. Here is an image from a practice session today. And then also compared to a swing I posted here earlier in the swing thread. Pretty drastic difference. Is it possible I'm too hunched over now? And here is the full swing from today's practice session. Still a lot of head movement, my weight finishes considerably on my back foot, and that wrist is still bowed. But, I'm hitting solid for now. My plan to is keep with the stance as my priority piece. I still don't think I've quite figured out how to adjust for the irons just yet, and I'll post again after my practice session tomorrow. Once the stance is in a good place, priority piece will move to focus solely on stead head. Weight forward might be after that.
  23. I received and read Lowest Score Wins. No doubt, it aided in me putting up my lowest score ever over the weekend.
  24. Picked up 2 more birdies on the away composite this morning on 10 and 13.
  25. Day 28: Played literally the best 18 holes I've ever played. Beat my previous best score of 89 with an 84. Previous best 18 hole differential was 17.4, today was 14.6. Driving was very good, approach was good enough, short game was better than its been, and I sunk a few putts. I really don't think its any coincidence that this round comes on the day I hit 28 days of consecutive practice with focus on the priority piece from my swing thread and a few weeks after reading and understanding how to implement Lowest Score Wins. Still lots of work ahead, still too many flat out mishits. But I'm feeling good and having fun playing golf. That's what its all about.
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