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  1. Sorry for being vague didn't know if we were allowed to post exact places we stay. I am from Falkirk. A few local courses such as West Lothian, Carmuirs , glenbervie and Tryst. Gleneagles is also very close. Only 30min by car.
  2. Hey y'all. I'm a beginner. Although I dabbled with golf when I was younger I never really got into it as I always assumed that getting started was super expensive but a friend from work sold me a set of irons, a driver and a putter. Also a bag for a very reasonable price. So I took the plunge meaning I only have to purchase a few clubs myself. The clubs I got are Ben Ross Rip Speed 10 irons and a Taylor Made 320 ti driver with a generic putter. Mainly here for useful tips for beginners and some random chit chat on the fun forums. Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks in advance Allan.
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