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  1. I have a Ping G15 9-degree driver that is 45.75 inches with a Prolaunch Red Regular shaft. I've been very pleased with it, but all of a sudden, late last summer I was slicing it like crazy. I've read that shorter drivers with higher loft give more control, and are less likely to slice/hook. I was afraid to shorten the shaft because of concerns about swing weight. (A friend of mine shortened his G25 driver and I hated it.) I was in Golfsmith (before they closed), and saw a used 12-degree Bertha Mini driver. Figuring that because it had more loft and would be a shorter club, maybe I would get ri
  2. I have stiff G15 irons that I hit plenty high. I am not compressing the ball. I was told I'm hitting the ball on the upswing. However, I play once or twice a week and I am hitting the balI where I want it to go, so I am probably not going to mess around with my swing. I hit my 7 iron about 145, my 8 about 135, my 9 about 125 and my PW about 110-115. I only hit my UW about 85, my SW 65 and my LW 45. My shots are sky-high with these three clubs. I am thinking about decreasing the lofts of 4 clubs. PW from 45 to 44, UW from 50 to 48, SW from 54 to 52, and LW from 58 to 56. Ping charges $5 per clu
  3. I have a MacGregor Mactec NVG2 driver with a stiff shaft, 10.5° loft. It has a Fujikura shaft that looks like the Speeder, but was made for MacGregor. It is the only stiff shaft in my bag. I average about 240 yds with it. I usually hit a slight draw or straight with it. I rarely hit it to the right. I don't have a long back swing, but I really snap my wrists with it. When I hit the 4 wood well, I hit it straight, but I tend to top it. With the hybrids, I put the ball in the middle of my stance, and swing them like my irons. I've had my best luck with irons modeling my swing after Stricker's. M
  4. My driver is one of the best clubs in my bag, but I struggled with fairway woods (3wd, 5wd, and 7wd). I'd tried several hybrids (mostly those that look like small fairway woods) and struggled just as badly with them as the fairway woods. I hit the long irons consistently straight, but didn't have the distance I was looking for. Several weeks ago, I tried a G15 20° because there was a used one that looked like new in the rack at my favorite local golf store. It is ugly, but boy, could I hit it. I thought ,what the heck... it's worth a try, and bought it. Man do I love that club. My average sh
  5. I've had great difficulty hitting my fairway woods... to the point where I considered not carrying any. I had an 18° Ping G10 hybrid that I was hitting almost as far as my 3-wood, and as far or farther than my 5 wood. I also hit it much more consistently. So... I started really seriously looking for a used G10 15° hybrid. Then... just for yucks (because they are so ugly)... I tried a G15 20° hybrid. WOW! I hit it 10-15 yards further than the G10 18° hybrid (about 210-215 yards). So I tried out the G15 17° hybrid... but I didn't hit it much further. A sales person (teaching pro) told me I sho
  6. Got rid of my 3 wood, which I hit about 220 yards off the deck (when I was lucky), and replaced it with a Ping G15 4-wood, which I hit about 230-240 off the deck (and much more consistently). Replaced my 5-wood with a Ping G15 20° Hybrid which I hit about 210-215. Like it so well, I got a 23° hybrid to go along with it! Didn't hit the Ping G-15 17° much further than the 20°.
  7. I was there when Tiger took his second shot. I had to move to create a lane for him to shoot. I moved well back of the first line of people, because I too thought that if he muffed the shot at all, someone would die. The ball sounded like an F16 coming out of there, and he put it on the green. Unbelievable. Whistling Straits is a great place for a tournament, unless you want every tournament to be in a cloned golf course that is just like every other golf course. 18 was just jam-packed when Tiger went through, so you can imagine what it was like when DJ came down the fairway. Being there giv
  8. LOL... Yes, I played on my high school golf team. JV for 3 years and made varsity my senior year... 1972! I regularly shot in the low 40s, 40-42, on nine. Top four scores on our team counted... mine never counted once during my senior year. The top two golfers were scratch and the next two were 37-39. I was on the first team in 13 years that did not win our conference tournament and did not go to the state golf tournament. Quite a legacy, huh? I quit playing golf about 25 years ago, and started playing again last summer. I've been shooting in the 45-50 range lately... so I'm sure I wouldn't
  9. My intuition tells me that if you play better when walking, whether or not you carry, push, or have a caddy, it's because you are more loose than you would be if riding, particularly when it's colder. The movement of walking keeps your body warmed up and perhaps stretched out, so you have a better, smoother swing. This is pure speculation on my part. I don't have any scientific data to back it up. But it seems logical. After walking a round, I generally have a beer or two with my buddies, and I notice how quickly my muscles stiffen up after the game. I'm 56. I don't ride very often, and when I
  10. I don't blame you! I don't think Woldokoff ever said that. I don't think I ever said that. In fact, I said, " As for scores... if a larger sample were used, I would be surprised if those carrying their bags actually scored that much higher. However, the claims in this thread contradicting the results of his study are just anecdotal, or speculative. I'm not a statistician. I don't know if eight subjects is a large enough sample. So without some scientific data to the contrary, I'm not going to refute his claims. " The main reason I posted originally was because there were several comments
  11. In a lot of research, you are testing for the null hypothesis, which, in this case, would be that the method of conveying your clubs makes no difference in your score. He presents the facts as he found them, and then simply stated that "... a carry bag is not necessarily better." In my first post, I said "Your mileage may vary," meaning, of course, that your experiences may differ from those of his subjects. The bottom line... there really is no rationalization for carrying your clubs, pushing your clubs, pulling your clubs, or riding in a cart, other than your own desire. The only conclusion
  12. What conclusions do you not agree with? He says, "But this study says, 'No. A carry bag is not necessarily better.' It's not an intuitive thought for people." You don't agree with that? If you don't doubt the veracity of his study, then one could only conclude that his statement is accurate. BTW... he has a book on the subject: Physical Golf
  13. You guys blow me away! Wolkodoff, a PhD, puts his reputation on the line, making claims about a study that has 8 participants. But the study is flawed because you guys don't think there is enough data. What are your credentials? How about you send him an e-mail and tell him that his study doesn't hold water because he doesn't have enough data, and see if he responds. LOL... BTW... it was four rounds of 9 holes, each.
  14. I would agree. However, I think his primary purpose was to determine how many calories they were burning, not the affects on their score. And if, on the average, the eight people were burning about the same number of calories pushing vs. carrying, I find that fairly convincing. Intuitively, I would have thought that carrying would have burned more calories, but evidently it doesn't. As for scores... if a larger sample were used, I would be surprised if those carrying their bags actually scored that much higher. However, the claims in this thread contradicting the results of his study are just
  15. I am saying nothing... except that I use a pushcart, actually, on the advice of my physical therapist (who is also a golfer). Reducing your score through the use of a pushcart would be the contention of Neil Wolkodoff, director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver. It was his study... not mine. Read the link. If I wanted to carry my clubs, I wouldn't care what effect it had on my score. However, this study supports the idea that carrying clubs is not better exercise, nor a reason for lower scores. Your mileage may vary
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