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  1. anyone want to play willingers sunday morning... 7am tee time. my favorite course in Minnesota
  2. Yes. Let's say my effective 10th hole tee time is 9:20. then we would have to play the back nine in 1:55 to make our total round time par, or 20 minutes faster than the front. Likely not an issue for the 2nd 18 when there will be a ton of twosomes but could be a major one on the front nine.
  3. EightBlue

    wedge gaps?

    this discussion needs to include the bounced of the wedge. This much more than the pure loft should be the determining factor. I have a SW with a ton of bounce for bunkers and deep grass and a GW with no bounce for tighter lies.
  4. sorry, but none of my friends would understand my frustration. So i need to rely on y'all. Playing in a Publinx qualifer this week and recently got the pairings. the highlights Time par for the round is 4:15 My tee time for first round: 7:00 off first tee Last tee time off the 10th hole: 9:10 So in other words one of two things is happening. Either 1) they expect us to play the back nine 25 minutes quicker than the front 9 or they expect us to wait 20 minutes at the turn. From my perspective neither is acceptable for a USGA (or any other event for that matter.)
  5. congrats-- a huge feat. do you reckon that you will be playing in any of the local PGA events as a result?
  6. hard to say without seeing the swing, but if the driver is that short, you probably don't have appropriate leverage in your swing. When you shift your weight back, make sure you maintain knee flex in your right knee with the weight on the ball of your feet.
  7. wow... think i am in love. played golf after work yesterday. didnt have my club so i borrowed a friends 09 slingshots. wow... just wow. couldnt miss a ball, even bad swing were high and true. workability was good as well; cuts were a bit better than draws but not a meaningful difference from my tour x-20s i may be in the market for some super game improvement clubs.
  8. I partially agree here. However, it depends on why the glove is breaking down. If it is a hole in the palm of index finger, then i agree you are probably gripping too tight. But my glove issues are that the seams tend to come apart. One thing you should know about me is that I take my glove off after every shoot so I may put it on and take it off more than most.
  9. 80 degrees in Minnesota in march, who would have thought? took off a day of work to play this week. Shot an 79 at Willingers despite a ton of wind. Fairly solid tee to green, hit the first 6 greens and 12 overall. Hitting a bunch of 3-woods off the tee. Still a bit more erratic on the greens. Strange stat-- I am holing a higher percentage of 15 footers than 5 footers. My stroke is much more natural and athletic from that distance. not sure why.
  10. Does anyway have any golf gloves that they really like? I have probably tried every glove out there and they either 1) get a hole after 2 weeks or 2) don't give me the proper feel on the club..
  11. i went golfing when she was at the gym so it was ok.
  12. Today is wifey's birthday. During naptime, I went over an exec course near my house. Shot an easy 31 (+2) with two birdies. Here comes the good part. After I finished the 50 minute round (bliss); I chipped and putted for nearly 2 hours. Has 10 balls out and did most of the Dave Pelz chipping drills. Focused on being more athletic on all of my short game shorts, keeping my hands closer to my body, developing rhythm and holding my finish. I would probably be much better if i did this more.
  13. Played 9 holes after work twice this week. Feels real nice to be back. Like David Duval said, "i'm close". First nine was well, the first nine. a few shanks, but felt good about my wedge game. Shot 44 (+8), mostly because i wasn't comfortable with my putter. Not being athletic at all with. Next day, the complete opposite-- kinda. Shot 43, but really only hit one bad shot. Lots of shots were just off. Felt really good over the ball putting, but nothing fell. But on all but 2 putts, i felt like i hit good putts.
  14. Normally, yes.. However, this round was donated to an auction so I don't have to, however, I will be staying at Mandalay anyway.
  15. pulled the trigger on shadow creek today. i'll be in vegas at the end of April. I'll let you know
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