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  1. LADIES and GENTLEMEN: Can anyone make a referral to a good Golf Pro for lessons in the Pasadena, CA area? Please and Thank You in advance.
  2. Thank You! The good news is that I'm staying in Princeville!
  3. What's the best course to play on the island of Kauai, and why????
  4. I've been using the drill that one of the nice posters (sorry can't recall who pointed me in that direction) suggested. I put the "aiming stick" out in front of me as I swing with the goal of swinging straight in line with it. It's been helping and I believe I'm learning how much my grip controls the head face as well as how to keep my head face in alignment through my swing to impact. However, I will confess this: Apparently I misread or misconstrued the description of the drill at first glance. Because through my practice I found out the hard way that the "aiming stick" should N
  5. EXCELLENT!!!!! This is just what I'm looking for!!
  6. You described my ball flight to a tee (stupid pun intended). Per my Zepp II both my hand plane and club plane are spot on in the green. My my stance and aim is good. However, My grip from time to time is a bit too firm. I have used the "face tape" and foot spray method and my strike is in the sweet spot. I have also see the skid mark indicating my club face is open. All this said, what drills can I do or how can I practice closing my club face???? PLEASE and THANK YOU to ALL that have responded to the thread.
  7. Q. How are clubs and grips fitted for the individual golfer?
  8. Can anyone (PLEASE) recommend a golf pro in the Arcadia/Pasadena area of Southern California? Please and Thank You.
  9. PLEASE Help! Can anyone recommend a or some good drills that will help me learn to close my club face. About 60% of my swings are either a straight or push type slice. My club plane and hand plane are good. My back swing angle is good. My tempo is good. I set up to the ball and get aligned well. My grip is above par. I just can't seem to bring my club face into square at impact. I previously thought that I was simply going in to out on my down swing. By all video accounts that was the case. So, I worked on it. I placed a water bottle about 12"
  10. Shark918v


  11. Is there any purpose for the the "favorite" star on the swing analysis screen??? Does it do anything besides mark the swing as a "favorite?"
  12. How are golf clubs refurbished? What does a Golfer do to maintaine their clubs?
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