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  1. 5/22: Soaking wet day here today, but still got some light work in.... 5 mins. chipping indoors w/ball (into recliner ); focus on keeping my left shoulder from rising up through impact (which moves my impact point back slightly behind ball). I find that pre-setting my shoulders and hips open at setup helps accomplish this goal. 15 mins. pitching in yard (in light rain); shorter pitches today--probably more like very long chips--around 15-20yds. max; focus on same concept from above 10 mins. putting work in house w/ball while I watch the Preds-Ducks game; focus on feel of stroke being less from the side and blocked-feeling, and more vertical and through to target (very hard for me to put that feeling into words, but I know it when I feel it...almost feels more "open", even though I'm square. My back hand pushes through from the slot and down the line when I'm doing it well.)
  2. 5/21: 15 mins. (over 2 sessions) of light stretching conditioning work with the Orange Whip; focus on stretching out back, but also full turn to target 45 mins. pitching in yard, moving around to different locations, 16 balls per location, between 20-45 yards; focus on tempo, and pressure to left, hips, then thump down through 5 mins. light full swings w/iron, no ball; focus on pressure to left, hips, then thump down and through; kept the swings gentle to minimize stress to back Turns out I coulda played today, as the big rain event from the cold front never materialized. But the daughter talked me into taking her to the pool at the club instead. Maybe Tuesday.
  3. 5/20: Back in full action today.... At least 45 mins. pitching from different locations around yard to my pin; focus on neutral weight at address, then pressure to left foot, then through. 10 mins. warmup/loosen-up/light-conditioning sets w/OW -- went well, no pain 25 mins. full swings, foam balls w/TourStriker p7i at target; focus on opening a little more at setup (had been trending closed), then not-rushed transition, hips through and lag into impact. Felt pretty fresh and was really striking it well. Getting pretty rainy here in AL, and will stay so through the week, so not sure when I'll get to take my work back out to the course. Hopefully soon.
  4. 5/19: Hopefully last day of being overly restricted, then can start ramping back up. 10 mins. 50%-75%-speed full swings w/7i, no ball; focus on takeaway not being too inside, then lagging through and bumping ground through impact position, to full follow through.
  5. 5/18: Still very stiff and sore, so just did what I could--pitching and short game work 20 mins. split between chipping and pitching (w/ball and wedge) in yard, to target; focused on keeping my path from getting too shallow and inside, and using body, then arms, and mostly inactive hands (on pitches at least).
  6. 5/17: 10 mins. warmup session w/OW & Momentus 60 mins. range session; worked all clubs and shots; focus on tempo & trying to feel a little more loose, but had a hard time Woke up with a serious crick in my neck and between my shoulder blades. Something I did last night? Very tight and in pain all day. Figured I could loosen up, and thought I would be okay, but a range session today was pretty much a waste of time. A locked up back/neck is a no-go. Hit some nice shots every once in a while, but felt very tight and had trouble w/consistent contact, direction, etc.
  7. 5/16: Kept it light today... 5 mins. wall drill w/club, super-slo-mo swings; focus on transition, then hips pulling club through 5 mins. slow swings w/Momentus; focus on keeping clubhead from getting outside plane, then pulling shaft down (butt tracing arc on ground) and lead through 20 mins. pitching & chipping work to target; focus on tempo. Contact was frequently out towards toe, so worked on clubhead control and extension
  8. Keep your chin up @Pretzel. Seems like the first crack at these things go this way well more than not. You've definitely got the game, and this will go down as valuable experience.
  9. 5/15: Back at it with a very long session today.... Sole focus across all work was TEMPO At least 60 minutes of pitching games in the yard, varying ~30-45yds., at flag (and hole) target, split across 3 sessions; tempo 30 minutes full swing work w/foam balls and TourStriker p7i, at flag target; tempo 15 mins. brisk conditioning drills w/OW (a few sets w/Momentus); somewhere around 4 sets of 20 w/the OW; 2x10 w/the Momentus Best consistency and striking practice I've had this year. I was so confident with the tempo focus; every shot felt like very good contact with minimal effort, and the tightest dispersion I've had in a while. I think it'd have been a low 80s day if I'd been able to play. Let's see if I can do just that Wednesday.
  10. 5/14: As ol' Abe 'Grampa' Simpson once said: "Oh, pitch, pitch pitch!" Hmm...maybe I'm a little off on that. About 45 minutes of pitching in the yard, moving the flag around to different little nooks and over (or in front of) ridges. Kept it between 15-35y. Sole focus was inline impact, leading down into the ball with a forward leaning shaft and downward strike. Finally...FINALLY I started flighting the ball well again. I was doing it really well to start the season, but became infected by a little flip bug, making my contact inconsistent, along with too much height and flying too long too often. It was very nice to see the ball come out low with a lot of spin again, with much more minimal effort in the swing. Hit 5-6 foam balls w/full swings w/the TourStriker p7i, just to check retention from last few full swing days. All good. After a busy family week last week limited me to 9 holes for the entire work week, I'm looking forward to playing a lot this week...at least 3 days out of 5, then both weekend days, weather pending.
  11. Playing for score, drop zone for me 100% of the time. Distance advantage, and I practice my mid-length pitching game a lot, so would feel confident there. Fewer moving parts would = better direction, and I tend to be more patient in my downswing on those, and thus usually get a consistent descending strike. That said, if I ever get the opportunity to play the course, it would be tough not to give it a re-tee just to play such an iconic tee shot again.
  12. 5/13: Nothing but chipping this morning in my shop; hit 100 or so--focus on contact, contact, contact via inline impact & working on holding that through contact to kill off that tiny flip motion that likes to creep in on me.
  13. Hey...broom drills are awesome! Grip it half way down, shaft leaned well forward, sweep through and keep shaft from striking body. 5/12: Mixed it up. 10 mins. chipping drills in shop (firm carpet); focus on weight forward and striving for perfect contact 20 mins. pitching work in yard (48 real balls) ~30y. Focus on weight forward & relaxed hands. Again, hitting it out towards the toe a bit. 30 mins. full swings w/foam balls; same as last night...7i TourStriker, 4H, & Driver; focus same as last night--smooth transition and hips driving through. Good continuity & retention from last 2 practices.
  14. My dad played in a Champion's Pro-Am a few years ago with Steve Pate (IIRC), and my dad, a 22+ capper, plays an all-Callaway set, except that he has a ~$20 Dunlop putter he bought at Wal-Mart probably 30 years ago. It'd be a total Zoo-Land model, but is offset with some casting. Anyway, pulling the putter, he started to joke with Mr. Pate to not give him too much grief for it. Steve grabs his putter and shows my dad -- almost an identical putter (likely a different brand, but every bit as old and basic) and says it's a fine putter, the Indian not the arrow, etc., etc. So...find a putter that feels good for you and makes you feel confident when putting with it. If a high-end brand fits that bill, you should surely be able to find a used one somewhere (E-Bay, second-hand shop, etc.). No reason at all, IMO, to go paying $150+ for a brand new putter when getting back into the game, and wanting to do so on a smart budget. I have an original Odyssey 2-ball mallet, and then a Zing 2 (30+ years old) when I want blade-style, and I love 'em both...can't find a new one I roll better than either. BamaWade
  15. Have you checked the inner lining of your golf bag's pockets to make sure seams haven't come apart (sending small items into the secret innards of your golf bag)? I had that happen this Spring--noticed the lip balm I always have in my smaller zipper pocket was gone, then my lens cloth (for glasses)...weird. But then, I went to get my phone out of that zipper post-round, and it was gone! That zipper is my #1 and only spot for the phone. Upon impassioned inspection, I found the seams at the bottom had pulled apart slightly for a few inches--just enough for a phone to slide through. Unfortunately, it was barely large enough for a hand and wrist to fit through...one way!! I forced my hand through the opening and found a small treasure trove of little missing items (green repair tool, lip balm, eye drops, lens cloth(s), and of course, my phone). And then for the next 3-4 minutes I got to look like a dumb-ss, straining and tugging, and completely unable to pull my wrist back through the opening to retrieve any of it. So...check that in your bag, if applicable, just don't go plunging body parts into any opening you find without a little forethought! Wade