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  1. BamaWade

    One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

    Unoccupied Okay, okay... tranquility.
  2. BamaWade

    Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    Man, I know 100+ yards is technically the best answer for total score improvement, but... My #1 issue is clubface control; put 100+ on my misses and I'm off the planet! Lots of terrain variance, and twists and turns on my home club course (that tips out 6700ish); finding (and hitting) landing spots would take some insane shotmaking. Imagine the looks & comments you'd get standing around waiting for groups 350-375+ yds. up to clear (until they saw you hit it, I guess). I'd sure like to hit it straight every single time.
  3. BamaWade

    Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I had a Hogan H40 driver back 1990-ish that was a magic wand for me. Even with 25+ years of improved technology, there are some bombs I hit with that thing I can't touch with my best swings today. I'm sure being ~18-20yo with full-time drummer's wrist and forearms vs. a 40-something IT geek has nothing to do with it. Seriously, though...I think I sold that thing off for a titanium-face when that whole craze started, and nothing came close to replicating the magic we had.
  4. BamaWade

    NHL 2017-2018

    While on-topic w/the Canadiens: I was really looking forward to the first matchup w/ Cassidy & Julien...was really hoping to get it in the playoffs last year. Since that didn't happen, the timing/scheduling have made the wait almost one complete season! And now that it's about here...what a friggin' letdown. Virtually zero stakes in that 3-games-in-8-days series that would've otherwise had as close to a playoff feel as you can find in the regular season. I can't wrap my head around the fall of such a proud and capable franchise, with what I'd thought to be a pretty strong core and setup going into last season. Re: Claude - I really liked watching Claude-hockey when it was at it's best, so part of me hated to see him go (though it was the right move regardless). But what Bruce Cassidy and co. have done w/this Bruins team is amazing. The offensive dynamic is dramatically different (and fun to watch), and while I expected Claude's strong-layers defensive influence to slowly wither away (especially with the issues with defensive personnel), that isn't happening at all. They're actually a really good 200' team across all 4 lines/3 pairs. I know the last guy you guys wanted to hear from is a Bruin's fan. But, get your boys together! My dislike of the Habs has gone from nuclear my first 40 years, to virtually nil the last 2. And y'all know full well that's gotta change!
  5. Sounds great--glad you guys enjoyed it. And taking the IB tix is a no-brainer over Oxmoor. That's an amazing event. I like Oxmoor okay; it's a nice course--all the RTJ courses are--just down the list for me. BTW, also a big Tua fan so far. I hope he does great things here (and his brother,too, in the future...perhaps).
  6. @iSank, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip--and golf--in Alabama. We've been having some fantastic weather for late November. I've played lots of golf on the RTJ trail (and all of the courses you mentioned), and like them all. Most recently (last month) played the Senator; I got going after a bit, but put several balls into those death-mounds--a couple wayward drives, but a couple more I hit great that were simply aiming issues (where my eyes were fooled and I drove through fairways). Aiming is really difficult on that course. But also played Ross Bridge last fall (huge course; my cousin and college roommate is the superintendent there), and just before that, The Judge (it beat me up that windy day) and Oxmoor Valley (3 birdies that fine day, including my best-ever 4-iron to 3'). Been a while since I've played Grand National, which is a shame since my son went to AU for 2 years. Took my clubs there on several trips when visiting him, but the timing never worked out. Amazing course(s), though. Curious: what's your connection to the Iron Bowl/SEC Championship? Roll Tide, or War Eagle for you? Or just a neutral observer? Anyway, if you guys are close by Alabama again and want a 3rd, hit me up! BamaWade (and, for me...Roll Tide!)
  7. BamaWade


  8. I'll go with both my home club, as well as the public course close by I've played countless rounds at through the years. IHCC (Home Club) Wows: Beautiful course, immaculately maintained; even a little Augusta-feel in some places. Super-close to my house (less than a mile). Private, so I can practice/play most any time without a crowd; no tee times used or required. In a high-dollar area, so some very nice homes around (but not a housing-development course, so not boxed in...just around). Coach Bear Bryant's former home is behind our 3rd green, so that's a cool little piece of history and trivia. Of course he spent lots of time at the club back in the day. No-so-wows: It's in-town, so a little constrained in areas -- e.g., our practice range is squeezed in between holes. Like any kinda-posh private club, I run into the occasional snob/a$$hole (they run in groups). Nothing serious...normally just the type you smile and say hello to, and they don't bother acknowledging you (or just look annoyed you exist). But that's just a few; plenty of nice folks around otherwise, including the staff. Last negative (for me) is the 17th & 18th holes being lined off the tee left with some very expensive houses. Though there are trees and reasonable spacing, my big miss is still hard-left, so it puckers the ol' rectal cavity. No house-hits from me so far . Ol' Colony (home of Univ. of Alabama) Wows: Fantastic design (Jerry Pate). Fantastic condition -- even before the UA teams set up there -- especially given it's operated by the county park board. Also very close to my house. Well-marshalled. 4-way range area with lots of space, and plenty of practice areas. I hear the First Tee program is top-notch. Very reasonably priced; especially the annual passes (relative to the area). Just a great course, and a real gem in the area. Not-so-wows: Just too damn crowded. Since its opening, a couple of other public courses in the area have shut down, and UA has doubled in enrollment. So it's overrun with college kids (many that struggle in the etiquette department). On top of that, lots of local middle & high schools use it as their home course, so it's covered with teams/kids on weekday afternoons. I used to purchase the annual pass, and would walk most days after work. But even that became virtually impossible. Tee times on weekends -- year 'round, mind you -- are hard to get. E.g., called on a weekday morning last February (!) when a friend came to visit on short notice; asked when we could get on. They said "booked solid today"...couldn't even work in a twosome! On a weekday in February! Crazy.
  9. BamaWade

    Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    I voted "yes" for Q1, and "31-50%" for Q2. I'm a high-purple to low-red on the distance chart. At my home club, I typically play down just a little relative to what's on the chart -- my tees are right around 6,000yds. I do this because our course is very narrow, with deep bermuda rough, and very tough around the greens; so the back tees (6500-6600yds) are too much for me at this particular course. We do have combo tees that play ~6275ish, which is right in my preferred range; sometimes I play those, but mostly I just keep it simple. When playing other courses, I look for tees in the 6250-6300 range. Anything below 6100 feels way too short (too many wedge approaches on p4s). I've played up to 6650 and scored well -- just need the course to not be overly penal with width, forced carries, etc. Anything over that is just too much for my current skill level.
  10. BamaWade

    How long is your golf commute?

    Very fortunate, here. My home club is 0.75mi south of my house, and the UofA course is 1.25mi north of my house. Both are exceptional courses in pristine shape, so I'm spoiled, though I pretty much stick to my club these days, as I can pop in the car and be there in 2 minutes max, with nice practice facilities, etc.
  11. BamaWade

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Spent this one on the road for work in Worcester, MA. Otherwise I would've been out playing on it. Winters are mostly playable here. The average day in the worst part is a high ~40-45F (ish). Certainly no courses close for the season. Just makes me a weekender since the daylight is short during the work week.
  12. BamaWade

    Strangest person you've played with

    When I was an early teen, a guy showed up at my home club one day, met me at the first tee and asked to play with me. When I asked his name, he told me, "Just call me The Oz." Looked a little like Captain Ahab with a hippie twist. But a super cool dude and a decent golfer. Nothing too strange until we got to the first green and he broke out a croquet mallet to putt with...croquet style, facing the hole with the ball between his feet. And dude was pretty dang good with it! At the end of the day, I told him to look me up when he came back through town, and I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something to the effect of, "nah, son, I don't ever make plans or promises, but if the gods intend it you bet we'll play again." Lol. Seriously. Great round, though. Around 15 years ago I was playing down in Point Clear, AL. Got paired up with an older couple. On every shot, the old man pulled the club straight back over his head like an ax that he was about to chop down into a stump in front of him. His eyes would get big as he did. First time he did it, I stepped back a couple of feet and got kinda nervous . Looked like some Mister Miyagi karate deal. But then he just slowly brought it back down to the ball, made a slow backswing, then a punchy pass to knock it out there a hundred yards or so at a time. I figure it was a stretching thing. But it sure was a treat to watch it ~100 times. My uncle Johnny used to take three continuous practice swings, then just step into address and hit it with his fourth...never stopping his motion. Again...first time I played with him it was pretty crazy to watch, and cracked me the heck up every time. He eventually abandoned the method.
  13. BamaWade

    R.I.P. Tom Petty

    What a crappy start to October. Tom Petty was everything said above and then some. I own everything he's recorded, because the guy was a fantastic musician, by all accounts a great dude, and his passing just makes me feel like another old-school, "analog" hero is gone with absolutely no one to fill his shoes. Went out to my cave tonight when I got home, sat at my kit, fired up a couple of albums and played through every song. Really felt the jam...but bittersweet. RIP, Tom.
  14. Yes. All this year up until around a month ago I had a serious anterior pelvic tilt and had no idea (based on some fundamental changes I made at the start of the year, and being dumb/ignorant enough to not check it out on video). I thought I was sticking my rear out just enough and simply maintaining good posture throughout the swing, And some time in early spring I started having pretty serious pain in my lower (very low) back. If I crouched, it was very difficult to get out of it. I felt (and looked to my friends and family) like a very old man. It got to where I couldn't play (or practice) consecutive days. And I'm only 41...and in the best shape of my life! The way I figured it out wasn't video (though if I'd recorded my swing and watched earlier I'd have caught it and saved the pain). I actually just did lots of searching on the web for very low back pain correlative with golf (including plenty here), and it finally clicked, as I knew I'd been trying extra hard to work on my posture (feeling I'd been slumping, which I probably hadn't). The first week, it was a hard habit to break, but I worked hard on it. And now, voila! I don't feel 91 (instead of 41) anymore. But you didn't ask about pain, I guess; you asked about the effects on your swing. Strangely enough, I was playing pretty decent golf with my anterior tilt. Again, I never saw it on video (only checked my stance in the mirror post-internet-diagnosis to confirm), so it probably wasn't severe...though it was certainly there. But my distance and striking seemed relatively fine. When I adjusted to nix it, I struggled some across my game for a couple of weeks. Now the striking and distance is coming back. But more than anything, I'm happy that debilitating pain is no more.
  15. BamaWade

    Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Agree. But if your group has grown a little too large for your tastes, it could help you thin it back out to a reasonable level.

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