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  1. Strangest person you've played with

    When I was an early teen, a guy showed up at my home club one day, met me at the first tee and asked to play with me. When I asked his name, he told me, "Just call me The Oz." Looked a little like Captain Ahab with a hippie twist. But a super cool dude and a decent golfer. Nothing too strange until we got to the first green and he broke out a croquet mallet to putt with...croquet style, facing the hole with the ball between his feet. And dude was pretty dang good with it! At the end of the day, I told him to look me up when he came back through town, and I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something to the effect of, "nah, son, I don't ever make plans or promises, but if the gods intend it you bet we'll play again." Lol. Seriously. Great round, though. Around 15 years ago I was playing down in Point Clear, AL. Got paired up with an older couple. On every shot, the old man pulled the club straight back over his head like an ax that he was about to chop down into a stump in front of him. His eyes would get big as he did. First time he did it, I stepped back a couple of feet and got kinda nervous . Looked like some Mister Miyagi karate deal. But then he just slowly brought it back down to the ball, made a slow backswing, then a punchy pass to knock it out there a hundred yards or so at a time. I figure it was a stretching thing. But it sure was a treat to watch it ~100 times. My uncle Johnny used to take three continuous practice swings, then just step into address and hit it with his fourth...never stopping his motion. Again...first time I played with him it was pretty crazy to watch, and cracked me the heck up every time. He eventually abandoned the method.
  2. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    What a crappy start to October. Tom Petty was everything said above and then some. I own everything he's recorded, because the guy was a fantastic musician, by all accounts a great dude, and his passing just makes me feel like another old-school, "analog" hero is gone with absolutely no one to fill his shoes. Went out to my cave tonight when I got home, sat at my kit, fired up a couple of albums and played through every song. Really felt the jam...but bittersweet. RIP, Tom.
  3. Yes. All this year up until around a month ago I had a serious anterior pelvic tilt and had no idea (based on some fundamental changes I made at the start of the year, and being dumb/ignorant enough to not check it out on video). I thought I was sticking my rear out just enough and simply maintaining good posture throughout the swing, And some time in early spring I started having pretty serious pain in my lower (very low) back. If I crouched, it was very difficult to get out of it. I felt (and looked to my friends and family) like a very old man. It got to where I couldn't play (or practice) consecutive days. And I'm only 41...and in the best shape of my life! The way I figured it out wasn't video (though if I'd recorded my swing and watched earlier I'd have caught it and saved the pain). I actually just did lots of searching on the web for very low back pain correlative with golf (including plenty here), and it finally clicked, as I knew I'd been trying extra hard to work on my posture (feeling I'd been slumping, which I probably hadn't). The first week, it was a hard habit to break, but I worked hard on it. And now, voila! I don't feel 91 (instead of 41) anymore. But you didn't ask about pain, I guess; you asked about the effects on your swing. Strangely enough, I was playing pretty decent golf with my anterior tilt. Again, I never saw it on video (only checked my stance in the mirror post-internet-diagnosis to confirm), so it probably wasn't severe...though it was certainly there. But my distance and striking seemed relatively fine. When I adjusted to nix it, I struggled some across my game for a couple of weeks. Now the striking and distance is coming back. But more than anything, I'm happy that debilitating pain is no more.
  4. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Agree. But if your group has grown a little too large for your tastes, it could help you thin it back out to a reasonable level.
  5. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    So take 'em off and choose one of these fine options: 1.) Keep your distance and shake what you think is a hand...and hope that it is 2.) Pull each partner inside 10 inches...nice and close...and shake from there. We've all had one of those guys in our group (or family, etc.) at some point. Makes for a nice personal touch.
  6. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    I follow all but 8 & 18. But I don't really take many real practice swings overall. Gotta make up for being a little slow over the ball on occassion. Good rule! I agree. The hat thing is over the top, but eye contact is a must. BTW...also a visor guy. Need all the heat-escape methods possible in the SE US!
  7. Best Used 3 Wood under $50

    My Callaway BB Steelhead III will only be pulled from my cold, dead hands. Has been my go-to/money club for a long time; easy to hit, easy to shape, and hits air-boring missiles that rival some of my drives. $29 from Callaway Pre-owned, and in the $16-$18 range used elsewhere.
  8. Congrats on a great decision w/the lesson. Hope it really benefits you! I just had my first instruction session in ~30 years (since I was a kiddo) w/the pro at our club. So the experience is fresh. @Kalnoky's experiences are right in line w/mine; I'd bet yours is similar. Yep, I'd loosen up before-hand. I went through my stretching routine and weighted-club swings at home to loosen up just in case, but I live 0.5 miles from my home club. Pro was on the range with another student when I showed up on the range. I had a bag of balls, but he acknowledged me and handed me another 1/2 bag to loosed up with before getting started. I'd plan to arrive at the range 10-15 minutes early to get loose and hit a few. They'll typically ask you about your goals, either in golf in general, or what you want to get from the instruction. Go with a solid goal in mind and communicate it well, so you guys are on the same page re: expectations from the start. Mine asked me my history with golf, how my game has been lately, and what my biggest strength and biggest weakness were. He had me hit ~10 shots with my 7 iron. Then, he went into ball flight laws & the physics behind the different flights & curve patterns. I knew all this from here, but he didn't know that, so it's good to make sure the student has an understanding of what causes each shot type. Then, he took some video (down the line, and face on) of me hitting a few more irons, and showed me, along with a couple of key points I needed to work on to meet my goal. Hopefully, you'll leave without overload...just one or two key things to work on. And they'll typically have you practice them for 2 weeks or more before coming back for a follow-up. Trust those key points! No matter the initial results! Like me (and everyone else in our boat), you have long-ingrained flaws. Changing them will require work and patience. But the payoff is worth it. Anecdotally, I was worried I'd be striping it during the lesson (or conversely, waaayy off my normal swing shanking it or something). Indeed, I was striping baby draws within a small shot cone. But it didn't fool him, and video proved that I simply was lucky, timing it right that day (pre-instruction, I fell very inside on my downswing, w/ball position too far back, and had to rely on perfect timing to hit a decent shot). So, don't worry - no matter how you're hitting them that day relative to your normal day, your swing will be pretty much the same as it always is, and he/she'll be able to find your flaw and get you on the right track.
  9. Sudden loss of distance

    The only times I've ever had a big distance loss, I found it to be: 1.) I'd quit making a good, full turn (hip); or 2.) I had shifted my lead-hand grip from my fingers (nearest my pinky) more into the pad area. But in my non-expert/peanut-gallery opinion, it would almost have to be related to your medical issue, right?
  10. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    Great synopsis, and well put. Our drive up to East TN was well worth it in every way. It's really hard to put into words how amazing it is to see it in full totality...absolutely incomparable to even 99% coverage. Me, the wife and both kids were all beyond amazed. Really one of the coolest things one can witness. Funny you mentioned the ancients. The fam and I had a rolling discussion of what would've been going through their minds as it darkened more and more for no apparent reason (it was completely clear skies where we were and the sun still looked normal), then, poof--bye bye sun! I'm sure they would've ranged from "something doesn't seem right", to "uhh...what the hell is happening", to "m*@$ G#d! we're all gonna die!!!"
  11. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    Seeing a solar eclipse in totality is a pretty cool thing, and chances don't come often for most. So the wife, kids & I are making a ~3 hour drive to just a little north of Chattanooga, TN to catch it. Staying Sunday night in Chattanooga, as it's a cool little city to visit. Though we went there just a couple of years ago, we may check out Rock City again or do a little hiking on Lookout Mountain. Neat place.
  12. What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

    S-Town...ha, where do I begin? I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, but grew up just a few miles from Woodstock, AL. However, most of my dad's side of the family are in and around that town, so I've spent a lot of time there (grew up going to church there), and still do on occasion. I know some of the characters in it, and one of them (a pretty central female character) is a close cousin whom I've known very well my whole life (she's a great lady!). I finally talked to her about it a month or so back--last time I saw her. So that podcast is kinda surreal for me. Such a tiny little place to be known so globally, now. While I do have some more backstory and interesting stuff not in the podcast, the people I've talked to tend a little uncomfortable towards much of it, so I haven't asked about some things, and thus not privy to any major secrets.
  13. customize golf shoes..

    Change the blue to crimson, and...Roll Tide! Haha.
  14. What have you changed?

    Swing changes: Complete rebuild (maybe better to call it a "build"). My entire life, I pretty much just tried to athletically "hit" the ball. Sure, I'd try to be aware of my swing path, posture, etc., in general, but I never built a swing around anything or had any fundamental checkpoints. My goal was to just hit the ball solidly at my target. This year, in large part due to reading instruction and discussion from right here at TST, I began building a fundamental swing from the ground up--using drills and checkpoints as a large part of my practice regimen, instead of just mindlessly banging balls until I found something that hopefully worked through a round. Part of this has also been a focus on killing the flip(!)--a ~30 year fixture of my swing (so it will be a continual challenge). Can't cover every change here, but I'm applying 5SK, so that's my foundation. The results have been positive. Now when I revert to the flip, or something else breaks down, I can much more easily identify and fix it on-course--whereas in the past, I had no clue what was wrong and losing it resulted in it staying lost the whole round. My HI hasn't dropped much, yet--mostly because I've played almost all solo rounds since the spring, and still I tend to get a little swing-analytical and mechanical on-course, instead of leaving that for practice and just playing. But my good shots are getting really good, and there are a whole lot more of them. I've more than doubled my birdie count from last year, already here in early-August. Decision making: Not too much change, here. I've always considered myself a smart player--the strength of my game, probably. I did recently buy LSW, and am working my way through the first read, now. While I've always been a nGIR believer, I do expect I'll adopt some of the decision-mapping strategies, etc. And I will also apply the practice strategies in the book. Equipment: Bought a laser rangefinder (great decision!) Otherwise, no major changes. I'm considering working my 4 iron back into my bag, as currently I go from a 4H to 5i, and don't love the ~15-18y gap. Last round, I dropped my 2H for the 4i, as I found I really only use the 2H for low punch-recovery shots, and maybe once every round or two on full swings. We'll see. Nice topic, @DaveP043!
  15. Best Shot of the Week

    Tempo was on-point last night, so I hit a bunch that I really liked. But our hole #9 is friggin' hard, so I'm proud of this one. Tees at 182 but pin up, giving 171 uphill (laser adjusted to 178), against a good breeze quartering in a little from the left. My 4H is way too much here, so went with a 5i needing a near-perfect strike. Got it! High draw that hit just short of and right of the pin (by about 18 inches. Looked like it had a chance to roll in, but straightened out leaving me with a 3.5' footer and easy birdie. In the pic, the tees are on that ridge bisected by the pin. I'm okay with bogey on this hole--and dance away with pars--so quite giddy to finish my evening 9 with a bird on it! Had just grazed the edge on a big-breaking 10-footer on #8 to miss a birdie there, else woulda been a birdie-birdie finish. Post round beer seemed colder and more refreshing than normal.