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  1. BamaWade

    Your State's Sports Mt. Rushmore

    Yeah, I did remember Mays being from AL (Birmingham area), but for some reason I just know a lot more about Hank. Maybe it's being a Braves fan, or the long-held home run record (and that iconic footage)...or just plain baseball history-ignorance on my part. I agree -- tough call. Really, hard to leave off any of the 6.
  2. BamaWade

    Your State's Sports Mt. Rushmore

    Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant -- born in Arkansas, but impossible to leave him off a sports list about Alabama Henry "Hank" Aaron -- Mobile, AL Carl Lewis -- Birmingham, AL (9 Olympic Golds) Vincent "Bo" Jackson -- Bessemer, AL (about 10 miles from my house growing up...played for our HS's rival) Joe Louis (boxer) -- Don't know how I can leave him off, really. Probably should replace Bo, but Bo was in my lifetime so I still have all those highlights in my head. I'm likely being an idiot and forgetting someone major-important. I'll blame a bad head cold and serious lack of sleep.
  3. BamaWade

    What driver brand do you use?

    Just got fitted into a Ping G400 LST 8.5º last week. Wow. Never would've thought I'd be put on an 8.5º head, but it was a heck of a fitting. Surprisingly, going down a shaft flex (I think to a regular) was a key piece, too. My SS is right around 100mph, yet, on the scope I was carrying 260-264 and rolling out to 275-278 consistently (my old R7 was 245-250 carry with short rollouts). It has carried to the course...overall, a huge upgrade from my R7 Quad. In addition to the distance gains, the forgiveness has been fantastic--making me rip at them even more, and getting some really long drives. I would say the gain was from ~14 years of tech, but I saw only minimal gains with the M4 and Rogue SZ. I have to give huge props to the fitter...guy swapped me through about 10-12 head/shaft combos, then got me into something that's giving me shots I didn't think I was capable of.
  4. BamaWade

    How High Can You Send Your Divot?

    Ha - yep! That's about right.
  5. BamaWade

    How High Can You Send Your Divot?

    Ha, yep. I see some quite regularly where I think whoever's responsible should be hitting up one of those "check before you dig" sites before playing.
  6. @gray, were you able to make the trip, yet? If so, how'd it go?
  7. BamaWade

    If you had to choose one (just for fun)

    I'll take Option A all day long. Being in the top 0.01% of my profession, getting to do something I love, not working for "the man", being set for life financially? Sheeeet...f&#@ playing golf with my friends and family, I'll just take 'em all sailing, haha.
  8. BamaWade

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    I voted 1-2 because I walk 99% of my play, and absolutely pop my stand bag on tee boxes (out of the way with others present...right next to me when alone), and have the bag on my back when I'm walking across greens, mostly for pace, as it'd be ridiculous to walk around the green with it...that, and me and my bag together come in at ~175lbs., which has zero impact on our firm club greens. I was thinking there was a rule where you couldn't stand directly back of your fellow competitor...is considered reading their line or something? Not certain on that, though, as usually when I'm reading the rules, it's centered around relief, drops, etc...could've been I was told wrong, or misunderstood years ago when I heard it. Sorry...not able to look on the rules site ATM.
  9. BamaWade

    Hot & Humid golfing

    Yeah, I'm in Alabama and pretty much look like I fell in and crawled out of a lake when I'm done playing in the summer...even just 9 holes. I walk and carry almost exclusively--which exacerbates that--though that gets tough when it hits 95F+...those days, I can be talked into a cart. You do get used to it...mostly. I still come off the course feeling pretty drained. Like was said above, the #1 rule is: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate--both during the round, and after. Beyond that, I can rotate between 3 to 5(!) gloves per round; really, it's the lower temp (so higher relative humidity) days that get things soaked the most...towels, gloves, etc., just won't dry out. I also use 2 towels; one for my clubheads/balls, and a clean, dry one that I pat my arms, hands, and grips on before every single shot.
  10. BamaWade

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Welp...played un-great, but made it through. Honestly, didn't feel nervous at any point. I thought I would, so did the slow, deep breaths thing leading up to the first tee (and sometimes between shots). I guess that did the trick. In fact, my opening tee shot was a laser down the middle on day-1, then a slight pull (but solid) just into the left rough on day-2. My putting was much improved; I had worked a lot on it the night before. On day 1, my wedge game (usually a strength) was half my undoing. My chipping was the other bad half. Put up a couple of big numbers. Had a fellow competitor play my ball on 17. I felt bad about it, but he'd gotten there before me and didn't check the markings on the ball. Made his par a double. On day 2, my score was lower, but my swing was just never dialed in and it was a grind. I couldn't get off the bogey train. I'd pick up a par or two, then offset them with a couple of doubles. My group was 3 older players who played very fast, and I struggled the first few holes with adapting. I don't waste any time, either, but I'd be walking up to mark my ball, etc., and they'd be hitting! Spooked me, but I adapted. A rules aside: on a par 3 (day-2 group), I hit a ~40' putt to an inch and one of them popped it back to me, saying with a smile, "I don't care, we're giving that one to you!". I let it be (happened to another in the group a few holes later). We were mostly out of contention in the net flight, and I figured it'd only ruffle feathers if I called a 'playing wrong ball' penalty on him in the situation, when he was just being nice. Overall it was a nice experience. Both days all guys in my group were great guys. It was a good thing for me to jump out of my comfort zone and play competitively; I plan on doing it every chance I get from here on.
  11. BamaWade

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Signed up for my first ever club championship. Starts tomorrow morning; 2-day, 36-hole stroke play. I've been considering signing up for them many times in the past, but always came up with an excuse. Very much looking forward to it, as I've been hitting the ball very well, and enjoy playing with others (including strangers). My problem has been some truly awful putting. I've almost completely neglected practicing my putting all year, gotten wonky and mechanical, and feel paralyzed over the ball as nothing looks or feels right. To prep for the tournament, I've been keeping my range sessions short--just enough to keep the swing grooved w/no bad habits creeping in--and working on my putting, from setup, to stroke. I've settled on a stroke that I think will get me through the tournament, then it's off to see my pro. My goals for the tournament are pretty simple: On that first tee, hit the ball...with the face of the club, in the air, generally forward. It will all be easier from there. Focus and play in a competitive mindset, but absolutely no 'psych-out' allowed Have fun and meet some people! Enjoy it so much that I come off the course ready to sign up for the next event!
  12. BamaWade

    The Faceless Senior Tour - Yawn....

    Yeah, well, you know...that's just like, your opinion man. 👌 I'm not exactly fumbling the remote to watch 'em, but when I do, still looks like plenty of 'em have serious game. And to answer the Q:, I enjoy watching MAJ, Strick, & Jerry K., and always like seeing some of the not-so-regular-anymore's that were big tour names back in the day.
  13. That probably wasn't an easy decision to make, or easy message to post. Regardless of how I feel about some of the things she's done re: golf, I completely understand and respect this...whatever it really involves (NOMB). Golf is hard, but life can be astronomically harder. Hopefully she's able to find what she's looking for, and comes out better for it.
  14. Cool, @gray, let us know how it goes, and what you think of the courses. It's another hour-ish north, but also check out Limestone Springs just south of Oneonta. Again...tough to really call it mountain golf, though there are lots of large elevation changes (particularly on the back 9)...but probably about as mountain golf as you get in AL. They have a play-all-day rate there, and the course is usually in really good condition (and rarely, if ever, crowded - probably the least so of the 3, as it's out a ways).
  15. Here in central Alabama, Oxmoor Valley (Ridge Course) on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has a lot of major elevation changes. I would stop short of calling it "mountain golf", because there's only 200-300' between the high and low parts of the course, but there are lots of major ups and downs, rock outcroppings, nice views, and it's a nice course and a good value. Around Oxford/Anniston, not far off I-20, Cider Ridge is a pretty decent track, and they refer to it as "mountain golf". I'd have to agree...it's probably as "mountain golf" as it gets in Alabama (and it's just a couple of miles from our highest point at Mount Cheaha). Good price there, too. Both have websites with some good photos that can give you an idea, and should be within 4-5ish hours of you.

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