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  1. Cool, @gray, let us know how it goes, and what you think of the courses. It's another hour-ish north, but also check out Limestone Springs just south of Oneonta. Again...tough to really call it mountain golf, though there are lots of large elevation changes (particularly on the back 9)...but probably about as mountain golf as you get in AL. They have a play-all-day rate there, and the course is usually in really good condition (and rarely, if ever, crowded - probably the least so of the 3, as it's out a ways).
  2. Here in central Alabama, Oxmoor Valley (Ridge Course) on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has a lot of major elevation changes. I would stop short of calling it "mountain golf", because there's only 200-300' between the high and low parts of the course, but there are lots of major ups and downs, rock outcroppings, nice views, and it's a nice course and a good value. Around Oxford/Anniston, not far off I-20, Cider Ridge is a pretty decent track, and they refer to it as "mountain golf". I'd have to agree...it's probably as "mountain golf" as it gets in Alabama (and it's just a couple of miles from our highest point at Mount Cheaha). Good price there, too. Both have websites with some good photos that can give you an idea, and should be within 4-5ish hours of you.
  3. Wow. Beautiful place. I don't think I've ever sen a bunker quite like that one in the hole #2 pic, though--cut into the top of a mound...interesting. Another picturesque place. I like the open space around that wide fairway.
  4. BamaWade

    Training aids for irons

    Having been a "flipper" for a long time (with a tendency to relapse occasioanally), I use the Tour Striker 7i several times a week in my range sessions. The idea of that product is to help you work toward a downward strike (5SK's inline impact) position. I have the "Pro" version, just to force me into the best strikes (and center of the face) as possible when I work, but their normal version is less penal, and may be less maddening for the less experienced player. You can't fool it (unless you're teeing up or hitting from fluffy lies). It's been a good tool for me. Links: Regular version: https://www.tourstriker.com/shop/tourstriker_7new.aspx Pro Version: https://www.tourstriker.com/shop/product_details.aspx?p=142 $95 is a relatively expensive aid, but it can be found used for much less...you'd just want to find their instructional videos somewhere online to understand the ideas and proper drills. That said.... Training aids aside, I've found the 5SK information from @iacas et al. super helpful for me, and lots of good starter information on that can be found right here on this site. In fact, I'd really suggest you start there (if you haven't already), as it will provide a rock-solid foundation for your swing, and they've made it very simple to understand. I base all of my training now on that system, and my ball-striking has improved immensely--my full swing has gotten very consistent, and is by far the best part of my game now (only my putting and distance control in my chipping are holding me back right now...because I've been completely ignoring any practice on those fronts for now).
  5. From all accounts (and they seem credible), I tend to believe Kang took a dishonest drop. If I was his playing competitor, and 100% sure I was in the right, I'd have insisted to Kang (and the RO once involved) that it didn't cross a second time, and if he took the bad drop, there's no way I'd sign his card--none. Not saying I'd take to social media (not sure), but my main statement on the matter would be to Kang, and then in the scoring tent. If I was in Kang's position in this scenario, and thought it crossed back but my playing partner and other witnesses insisted it didn't, I'm going with their word and taking the drop 200y back. To me, Kang really doesn't look good here.
  6. BamaWade

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    3W: Not that much a gap between my driver and 3W, and I could much more easily go off the deck with the 3W 5i: Distance iron 8i: Approach iron 54° SW: My home club is brutal around the greens (steep bunkers, tons of bad-close-misses, and lots of tough pin locations); this would give me an approach ~100y and in, and bounce around the greens My putting is so spotty right now that I could probably putt with any of the above without losing much. My choices are built around my home club; we're only ~6400y from the tips, but they protect par with tight, tree-lined fairways and difficult greenside areas. I'd likely go Dr/4H/7i/54W if playing a bigger/longer course.
  7. BamaWade

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    Thaat's crushed! (A favorite of mine--towards myself--when a less than stellar swing results in an otherwise unremarkable drive down the middle).
  8. BamaWade

    RIP Hubert Green, Peter Thompson

    Hubie's a local hero here...always enjoyed following his group here at the Bruno's Memorial. Hated to hear about his passing. RIP.
  9. BamaWade

    Contacts vs Glasses= Better ball striking?

    I wear glasses for work (and most of the time), but contacts for golf and all other sports, even though my right eye's astigmatism can't be corrected by contact lenses because the surface of my eye isn't round anymore; I've had 6 surgeries over the last ~8 years to build (and tear down) a bleb, then build a shunt/stent for my glaucoma--so a toric lens won't fit/settle. But I get enough correction with a standard lens to be okay. My glasses give me great correction--so I wear them in most other situations--but they're progressive lenses, so the peripheral distortions mess with me a little if I wear them to play or practice. Also, down here in the muggy south, they steam up, get sweat drips running down them, slide a little when my face is all sweaty, etc. I usually switch into my contacts right before I go play...sometimes even in the locker room right before I go out.
  10. BamaWade

    How would you play this 495y par 5?

    The tee shot suits my stock flight pretty well. But even at less than 500y., at least from what I can tell in this overhead view, a reach-in-two approach is probably off the table for my game...looks like the tree-line and pond guard the right side pretty tightly, and the narrow-ish gap there would require a little fade to get to a small green snuggled in there pretty tight in the trees...not in my wheelhouse. So I'd probably be laying up between the wide spot and between the trees fronting the green (depending on how tight that creek on the left makes things). I don't know how it looks IRL from ground-level, but really, I'd feel pretty confident on the tee. From there, I'm likely just trying to make it a simple three-shotter.
  11. BamaWade

    NHL 2017-2018

    Man, the refereeing throughout these playoffs just seems sub-par. Yeah, I thought so for my Bruins, but write that off to bias, right? But I still seem to think so even in series I have no fan stake in. I get the game's faster, you can't see everything, etc...but wow there are a lot of bad misses. I agree it's a hit that goes uncalled plenty, but the Reaves cross-check was the epitome of a cross-check, right at ground-zero in front of the net (resulting in a score)...and was supposed to be taken out of the game years ago. Coulda/shoulda been 2. But the Tom Wilson hit--good God I came unglued (for a neutral fan); interference on a predatory level, with a linesman a few feet away at the boards (and a ref deep in the zone looking right back at it), and it took a serious confab just to deem it a minor and match it down to 4-on-4 (on a hit I didn't see, but apparently was also blatant interference). I watched #43 the entire shift up to that point; he was trying to make a statement...he quit playing hockey and was just running everyone he crossed--nothing illegal--but you could tell his pea-size cretin brain was just driving him to cross the line, and IMO, he did exactly that with the Marchessault hit. I wouldn't say it warrants supplemental discipline (and none came), but that oughtta be a 5 minute major every single time. Didn't notice...was that a Wes McCauley led crew last night? I like WM, and figure he's reffing the SCF at some point, but not sure how the rotation works.
  12. Not sure if the pics represent the set you're buying--or maybe I've missed something in the thread--but looks like an incomplete set, with a second 6-iron of a different model (Burner). A friend of mine played R7 irons a few years back, before I bought my Mizunos, and I played a few holes with them to test them out. I remember thinking they played pretty well, and it seems like my flight with them was a little lower than what I was used to. But they were quality irons, for sure. I ended up going through a fitting which steered me to my JPX 825s, over TMs, and several other sets I tried. I think they'd be a significant upgrade to your Golden Bears, IMO...assuming you're getting a complete set with nothing missing, no play-affecting damage, etc. You'll probably want/need new grips on them, and that would likely run well over what you pay for the clubs.
  13. BamaWade

    NHL 2017-2018

    Re: the discussion above on Las Vegas's journey through the expansion draft process, and path to the finals.... Pretty interesting read from ESPN.com today on that. It gives a little analysis and insight to the picks and transactions from then 'til now: The Golden Knights' success wasn't rigged: Here's how they were built
  14. I'd talk to the pro shop manager--let him know the state of your game and concerns--and see if it's a good fit to the particular league. It could be there are plenty more like you, and the league is friendly to it. Personally, I would bias towards joining, and would need a reason not to (it'd likely be great for your game, and the golf-social aspect). But, if I asked and found I would be the worst player--and wasn't a fit skill-wise--I'd pass until my game improved.
  15. BamaWade

    NHL 2017-2018

    Interesting. I didn't really know those things, and didn't pay much attention to the expansion process other than keeping a close eye on the protection decisions for my team (Boston)...just was figuring it had been long enough since the previous expansion that the expansion draft process had changed a bit--and worked out a little too strongly in LV's favor...enough that there'd be some grumbling and calls to tweak it back a notch for the next team up (Seattle). I'm not saying it should be different for Seattle...more a casual water-cooler comment, than anything else--on how the "next guy" can sometimes pay for the previous guy's unexpected successes.

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