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  1. BamaWade

    NCAA Football 2019

    The thing with that, though, is that the professional leagues are a limited number of *generally* equal-opportunity teams, with standardized schedules and conferences/divisions that make win-loss records a fair determinant for playoff fields. In college football, you have 130+ teams with wildly different ceilings, resources, definition of "student"-athletes, etc., who self-schedule (to some degree) into ~12 game seasons. Already, too much variance for a W-L or statistically-based model. That's without even considering conferences, and their unregulated design, their exposure, their $$$, etc. All in all, there's just no "fair" way to cram the reasonable contenders into 4 spots with stats and numbers (if at all). And so what can you do besides rely on a subjective system, and go with the "diverse committee determines the four best teams" approach, which by nature relies on as much "eye test" as data? And yet, somehow, I actually think the committee has shown to have gotten it right through the CFP years so far. And I promise there isn't any Bama Bias behind my opinion .
  2. Based on the premise in the poll (tech available and works as expected), I would support this as standard equipment. But I would hold "works as expected" to a very high standard. Something in the steering wheel would seem toughest to cheat...though still with its problems to solve, for sure. Not drinking-related, but still applicable: a couple of years back, I was first-on-scene in a fatal accident involving a pair of teen girls that turned out to be distracted-driving-caused. It was awful...especially as a father. Even though I didn't know them, it was devastating knowing the news that parents and friends would soon be getting, and the pain that'd be with them forever. I've shared as much of that experience as I could to my kids and their friends (they went to my kids' school...just between each by years) in hopes they understand it can happen to you, in an instant, with just one poor decision. My point there is that, for all impaired-driving situations, all the billboards, commercials, lectures--i.e., "education"--just aren't ending the problem. I'm 100% on-board with developing the tech to help eliminate it as much as we possibly can, for drinking, device-use, distraction, etc.
  3. Golf Digest times Bryson DeChambeau in Round 1 of the Tour Championship. Interesting read. It categories his shot types into tee, approach, short-approach, and putting--and gives his average times for each (with outliers). Of course this is a small field with 2-player groups, on what they describe as a very straight-forward course, so group-times were likely about as fast as they get. Still, I'd like to have known his group's time relative to the others.
  4. "Scoring the ball". Seems like that came about ~5-6 years ago. I've heard it in basketball and golf. I've heard "scoring the puck" in hockey. Blech.
  5. While on vacation, at SanDestin Links course, hole #6. Holed out from 101 yards with my 52° G wedge...just missed the pin on the way down, hit about a foot behind the hole and spun back in...for the par, lol. Too bad I'd hung my first approach out into the drink, and was playing my 4th from a drop way back where it had crossed. But I had my two playing partners to celebrate with, along with a couple of grounds crew staff that were working beside the green, so that was fun (my last long hole-out had a sad big zero for witnesses). Only second time I've holed out from further than ~50 yards in my life, and both have come this season, from roughly the same distance.
  6. Very cool. I still haven't played up in the Huntsville area. We're planning a trip up there to visit and supposed to get in some, then. Supposedly there's some pretty decent courses in North Alabama (and the BHM area, too). I've still only played the 3 local courses here. Hoped to play next week while in Florida, but there doesn't appear to be any courses in the south Walton area close to where we'll be. Definitely looking forward to eventually playing some other tracks, though--as I'm still really enjoying it, and playing most every week. If you ever come through Tuscaloosa and are able to play, hit up the course at Bower's Park. I feel like it's far and away our best track--and definitely worth the time if you're in town. Just bring your hiking boots w/you, as it's certainly a hike...especially when some of the baskets are across the creek at the lower part of the course.
  7. BamaWade

    NHL 2018-19

    Interesting stat (if you can get past the reflection...definitely NOT BamaWade's work/undies/legs!). The Bruins' top line seems to start off stymied early in every series (very apparent to anyone familiar with the team and watching), then really turns it around. Adjustments, I guess? I bet we see a similar turnaround in this series. STL played a strong game last night, but outside of injuries tilting things their way, I can't see 'em winning this series. I think we'll see another split to go 2-2, then Boston take the next two and win it in 6 (and yet another celebration on away ice). Go Bruins! (image credit Twitter @HeikoOldoerp)
  8. @cooke119, your description of the symptoms (and lack of pain swinging the club, etc.) sound a lot like my issue: an impingement of the shoulder (mine is right-side as well). Not so much an injury as a condition that develops over time. Mine doesn't affect my golf so much (unless there's a little subconscious restriction in my back swing), but does give me problems elsewhere. Anyway, there are physical therapy exercises that can potentially resolve the issue without surgery (few end up needing that). Not trying to make an internet diagnosis, here...just sounds very similar, and that condition is both common and treatable. I'd highly recommend you go see a doc or physical therapist to help with a proper diagnosis and treatment. Good luck!
  9. Good video. I think most adults (or at least those who've played the game a long time) are either pace-of-play-conscious--and do most or all these things--or they don't care or consider POP, and will never change. But--I think videos like this (and POP-focused instruction) should be a foundational part of any instructional or team program for youth (First Tee, "Junior tours", middle & high school teams, etc). Make it part of coaching certification (if it isn't already), and taught to younger players as a golf fundamental. Maybe it's already that way...or supposed to be...don't know. But I mean emphasize it. Make it foundational. Then we'll see positive change for the future of golf.
  10. Can't add much more than what's already been said, other than to share a mantra I use when I've put myself in a situation where I can't get the GIR; I tell myself: "Putt for a par...easy bogey." I.e., get on the green with a reasonable putt to save the par, and if I miss it, leave a tap-in bogey. As a mid-capper (15.5 ATM), if I execute that, I'm walking off the green with a smile.
  11. BamaWade

    Hockey Fans

    So...I went through a weekly skills camp late spring, and signed up for rec league. 3 games in as of last night. The first one moved a little quick for me, but the 2nd was better; then last night I played pretty well. Playing first-line C, scored my first goal of the season on shift #1 just about 30 seconds in. Got a good shot that was padded over and recovered by my RW who shot, and his rebound popped out to me. It was a bouncer, but I had been working on that some in my practice and got solid contact to pot it firmly in the empty half. Felt nice. Should've had #2 in the 2nd--got a good backhander off from about 15' right in the slot with the goalie recovering and just his stick to get over...but didn't get the elevation I needed (which sucks, because I work on that a lot). But anyway, the game is really starting to slow down for me, so I'm hopeful. It's frickin' fun, even though our team needs work...lots of work, haha. Re: minor leagues: Our SPHL Bulls are playing for the championship this weekend...against in-state Huntsville, to boot. Pretty cool, because Birmingham was dead last last season, and have a chance to win it all this year. The first rendition of the SPHL years ago was awful, but I've been to a few this year and the quality of the hockey is actually pretty good for low-level minors. If only our ticket prices weren't highest in the league! ($22 sides; $30 down low). Hoping to go to game one Friday night, though. Hope they can pull it off.
  12. Man of mystery. I'll respect that. But if the fates ever put us in a round together, consider granting a tiny peek. I'll swear to secrecy. Even if it's a severed head of someone who once yelled GO BRUINS in your backswing.
  13. Okay...I gotta know--what kinda things do you take to a golf course that you won't admit to? 🤨 We talkin' just sneaking a few beers in the bag? A lil somethin' (err, "non-tobacco") to smoke? Cat-o-9 whip for a cart girl you discovered has a naughty side? ... I used to have a little baggie with band-aids, some ibuprofen, and a lens cloth for my glasses. But I'm able to wear contacts to play again...and generally working on being less-weird (unsuccessfully...merely a different-weird now), so I've ditched it all. I read an article once on how to be a good golf partner--it said to carry a flask of whiskey to share. I did that once, and whipped it out after we all doubled+ a hole (to laughs...but, oh yes, all partook). But these days I'm pretty minimalist/boring...even keep the ball and tee count down to cut weight. and so I don't stab my hand with 20+ broken tees when I'm digging for my pitch-mark tool. Ya know, if I had stuff I didn't want my wife to find, my golf bag would be the place. That's the one place I don't think she's ever touched. Through the years...new drivers, new putters...all in plain sight, and unless someday I wrap it in flashing LEDs, I think she'll continue the trend of being 100% oblivious to its existence.
  14. Longest for me was ~20 years or so ago in a charity scramble I played in somewhere on the Gulf Coast (can't remember if it was in AL or FL). It was ~255y par 3 from the tees we played--which weren't the tips (it was an older resort type course that probably tipped out under 7000y). It was a flat hole with a little sand around the green, but pretty open with a generous run-up area. I had to hit driver. Actually drove it onto the front third. Seems like we still had a ~40' putt...can't remember if we made the putt or parred it. There are several holes on courses I play in AL that are in the 225y range from my tees. Normally, that's too much par 3 for me, but most of these are severely down hill--one plays to an adjusted ~170y!. The longest at my home club from my tees normally plays between 175y and 200y (marked at 186 to center). It's uphill and falls sharply off in front, left, and back, with a tough green, and a deep front bunker. That hole lives rent-free in my head. I've birdied it a couple of times (and smacked the flagstick last year for a near ace...that rolled 50y back down the hill, lol), but even when I par it, I give myself some mental high-fives.
  15. I have a club brush; it's somewhere in my bag, not on it, I think. And I have alignment sticks that occasionally stay in my bag for a round or two post-practice, and though I "play in" the occasional competition, saying I "play competitively" is a stretch.
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