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  1. I have a club brush; it's somewhere in my bag, not on it, I think. And I have alignment sticks that occasionally stay in my bag for a round or two post-practice, and though I "play in" the occasional competition, saying I "play competitively" is a stretch.
  2. Nice little Italian place in Frankfort, IL I visit when I go to our IL office -- Francesca's -- has one on their menu; it was the the first I tried, and I really like it. They bring the pizza piping out of the brick-oven to your table, then crack the egg over it table-side, and the high-temp of the pizza cooks the egg a bit. Our local Pyro's has a pizza on their menu called "Denver style", with an egg broken and cooked on top. I get that one sometimes, too.
  3. So, we're playing pretty much every weekend that the weather allows, now. I had been a tad bummed that I didn't seem to be getting much better, but last Sunday we made 2 rounds at the most difficult of our 3 local courses (in dense woods with lots of elevation change). We both made our first birdies! A total of 7 between us, in fact. My first was actually ~100'-125' around a little group of trees; it was a really nice throw, but I had no thought of making it...was just trying to make a good throw and setup for an easy par. Overall, I can really see I'm getting both more power and control. A big indicator is that my drives are turning over and don't fade much anymore...and one 9-speed driver I had found (no number to return it) had been super-difficult to throw due to no flip and a huge fade tendency--I can now get it out there a long ways with just a tiny fade at the end. But also, a key was moving up to more friendly tees (hmm...that point sounds familiar). We ignorantly had just been walking to the first tee pads we came too--i.e., the "tips". Bad practice in ball golf...equally bad in disc golf. But I'd say we're officially hooked. My son just landed a position at NASA (Redstone/Hunstville, AL...first job!...woohoo!) and one of our first thoughts was to look up the local courses! So far I've found about 7-8 discs with numbers, and spend a few minutes every weekend texting folks that I found 'em and where I left 'em. Imagine if we started putting our cell numbers on our golf balls. Ha.
  4. Wow. I really want to like him, but there's no excuse for this crap. The bunker beatdowns are silly, but likely forgivable to many. But the greens? Altogether...awful behavior. El Niño Petulante.
  5. Yep--pretty much a requirement as a nickname of Mr. Stiff would be apropos for me.... I stretch the big muscle groups for ~5ish minutes...starting w/my silly-tight hamstrings, then work my way up--hips, back, shoulders. If I have my orange whip with me, I build my way up into long, stretching swings with it. Once fully loose, I grab my 8-iron and do a few slow swings with pausing position checks A1 through A7 . Finally, I do a few full swing "gate" drills with either a couple of tees as my gate, or a couple of bark chips from the bed just behind our mats, if they have us on the mats. The whole deal may take me 9-10 minutes. I've found it really effective. A lot of times if I'm playing at my home club--which is all of 1/2 mile from my house--I'll do this stuff at home so I can go straight to hitting balls once at the course.
  6. There's no one out there I really root against. Here's some thoughts on the most-discussed, as well as my occasional no-likes...nothing real serious (and in no order): Poulter: Certified ass, qualifies as a bit of a villain; yet, still, I somehow like his being in the sport...dunno why Horschel: I'm with @phillyk...just something about the guy's attitude I don't like Sabbatini: Also a certified ass, but should probably fall off the list these days...been a while since he's been relevant showed his bad side Bubba: Ugh. If I come close to actively rooting against anyone, he may be #1 Koepka: Kinda like Horschel -- I just don't like the guy's personality (or lack of it)...particularly the whole chip-on-the-shoulder thing stemming from him really only being, well, "him" Rory Mc: I've done a series of 180s on this guy; really liked him at times, but he strikes me as spoiled other times and has said some irksome things DeChambeau: I'm okay with quirky (I like different), though it feels way overdone, and being a slow player adds a 100x intensification factor to any little dislike Jordan: Another enigma for me; I think he's really, probably a good dude, but something about him sometimes irks me, and it peaks during the super-long caddie discussions Reed: Ass. Again, though, I like him being in the sport, and would issue a temporary love-card during Ryder Cups, though he lost me some in 2018 Pat Perez: Sometimes I wanna root for the guy--because he definitely fits the bill as interesting--but I think he's really just a rager, and done some crappy things Seve: Unpopular choice, I know. Liked watching him, and he was interesting; I hate what he went through...but didn't like the BS Allenby: Ass extraordinaire, but fallen off the relevance train Finally, ALL SNAIL-SLOW PLAYERS! (Too many to list, but some big names would be on it) Gotta run. Peace.
  7. Walk and carry as close to 100% of the time as I can, but vacations or buddy trips are mostly cart. I can handle walking int he summer here in the mornings or evenings, but I'll grab a cart sometimes if I play a mid-day round and the heat/humidity is just too much; most all courses I play here are pretty hilly (my fitbit says I average 50 'floors' climbed after 18 on my home club course) and that'll tend to zap you in the summer. Two main reasons I walk: 1.) I'm cheap, and prone to take the opportunity to save a buck, and 2.) for fitness, as it eliminates the gym--which I loathe. One of these days I may buy me a push cart to help the ol' back--but due to reason #1 above--haven't quite yet
  8. Been wanting to try this for a while. Got my son and me an Innova starter set with an Avian (putter), Shark (mid-range), and Leopard (FW-driver). We got to play our fist round on the day after Christmas. Thoughts: It's a whole lot harder than I figured it'd be right out of the gate; I've thrown a lot of frisbee in my life and wondered "how hard can this really be?" It was a pretty windy day--which made it much more challenging--but I quickly found there's much more technique involved than I figured--to achieve a good, accurate flight and make pars I love that it's very cheap to play (our 3-disc set cost $20, and all 3 courses in Tuscaloosa are park-board operated and completely free to play) I like that you can knock through a round pretty quickly relative to 18 in golf, without as much warmup--so I don't have to plan my day around a disc-round We did get better through the round (thankfully). Afterwards, I watched some vids on footwork and a consistent, level disc pull going into the throw, and my practice today was much better After that first round, I came away swearing I needed a "driver", as the Leopard is a 6/5/-2/1 (6 is speed, out of 13 I think), and my drives were maxing out at 200'-ish. After, I read here where @iacas here in this thread--and lots of experts on the web--say don't rush to the driver. So I'll keep working on form with the discs I have. 1 of the 3 local courses is in the park where I fly RC--which I do on early weekend mornings--so I took the discs today and worked on my technique...focusing on the x-step and pull. Got much better with my throws. Then I worked on my putting. Tried the popular square-facing method...improved some, but I need to work on this more. For anyone out there that's been thinking of trying it - DO IT!!! It's super-cheap, fun, and will get in some decent exercise...I think I ended up with ~6k steps (the course we played is quite long and spread out) and a well-worked right shoulder.
  9. It comes down to two things: education and evolution...but mostly evolution. In a few thousand years, it'll all be okay. I personally lather my (golf) balls with in nail polish remover as a deterrent. But at least once a round--and it never f'in fails--a deer or marmot of some kind or rarely an antelope will dart from the woods--almost ALWAYS after I've lasered one 280 down the center--and eat my ball as I run screaming at it to stop. Whether they spit or swallow, I don't know; I never can quite catch up.
  10. Dang, mostly near-teetotalers responding for some reason. I'll add some balance, ha! According to those 2-units per day, 14 per week guidelines, I'm definitely a strong "moderate", but it's evenly spread. Most weeks, I'm definitely drinking something at least 5-6 days out of 7. While I was off over the holidays, it was 7 out of 7. Sometimes 1 "unit" (last night was a single beer; the night before, a single glass of wine), but many times, a couple "units"--that'd usually be 1 of my go-to mixers of Old Forester 100 w/Vanilla Coke Zero. On weekends I might hit the 3 unit mark by adding a beer at some point, but not often, as for me--anything beyond a solid-mellow/comfortably-numb = unpleasant, and less-good at anything I might be trying to do. @Mr Puddle, okay...looks like you're perhaps a touch over the healthy guidelines, so maybe a cutback could help the ol' liver a little bit. But, umm, relative to your buds--wow--I suppose you're just fine . I've considered cutting back, myself...but I struggle with the "why?"--when I enjoy it ,and it causes zero problems in my life. ------------
  11. BamaWade

    Hockey Fans

    Very cool. That's encouraging, because I'm 43 and looking to get back into rec-league. I finally got rolling on the equipment purchases (got my Tacks in, bake-fit, sharpened and somewhat broke-in last week!). But I'm stringing the other purchases out a bit. I'd like to have it all and jump in by start of spring-league, but honestly, it's been a while. I'd probably be best served to focus on my skating and maybe just do a little stick-n-puck until Fall 2019. Good to know I still have a potential 15+ years of playing in front of me...that's what I'm going to tell the wife when I mention your post.
  12. BamaWade

    NHL 2018-19

    I've also gotta respectfully disagree with you on this, Dave. IMO, the NHL guys constantly under the scope for these events almost always have a way of trying to making it look incidental. But the bottom line is, unless it's truly a blind collision, the contact is almost always avoidable. There's a hundred times these situations come up in every game, and the majority of the players out there play the right way by avoiding the type of contact that blind-side levels another player (particularly when up high). FWIW, I'm a Bruins fan, and my opinion applies 100% to Marchand's past issues as well (particularly his elbow-to-head against the Devils last year). The NHL needs to make a stronger statement that this crap will not be tolerated...at all. Here's my thing: In that situation, do you think Tom Wilson would've adjusted his path or impacting motion if it was a teammate instead of Seney? Nope, not at all. I may feel a little less sympathy for him, but regardless of the target, I don't want to see any of these guys getting concussed. I have a good friend with a serious concussion history, and and have read enough of the terrible stories re: others that I don't want to see anyone have to go through the things that come from repetitive concussions.
  13. BamaWade

    NHL 2018-19

    Absolutely. But read internet comments after predatory hits and the fanbase response is sadly predictable. S'pose that goes to bolster your point. Not sure how many more CTE stories about daily struggles and depression and suicides I can read without losing some of my love for the game (football, too)...and man, do I love the game. Thanks for the GIF link. Thought about linking the tweet I saw it in, but wasn't confident I wouldn't screw it up . That's what I've thought before. Then they wake up. I know virtually zero about the Penguin's cap situation; wonder if they'll pursue a deal? Very hard to imagine them not making a run somehow or another.
  14. BamaWade

    NHL 2018-19

    Quarter-season quick-hits: Really, really want Tom Wilson out of the league. Completely. POS is affecting the rest of peoples' lives, and refuses to change. How 'bout the Sabres (and Jeff Skinner)? Didn't see that coming on either count. LAK winning the Kovalchuk sweepstakes not looking like such a win for either. Penguins just on the typical early-season bender, only to come roaring back? Will be interesting to watch. Bruins #1 D in the league after all these long-term injuries to top D-men and Bergeron?! Doesn't compute, and thought we'd see a drop-off in D under Cassidy post-Claude. Color me amazed...and becoming quite the Bruce Cassidy fan. The Atlantic Division...no words.
  15. Yeah, I did remember Mays being from AL (Birmingham area), but for some reason I just know a lot more about Hank. Maybe it's being a Braves fan, or the long-held home run record (and that iconic footage)...or just plain baseball history-ignorance on my part. I agree -- tough call. Really, hard to leave off any of the 6.
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