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  1. Well, the pro wasn't exactly encouraging. But I guess it depends on what you want to gain from the experience. Compete for the 'ship (or a flight)? - sounds like it's probably not setup to give you a run at that. Meet some new people? - maybe. Build some personal mettle by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone? - yeah, may be a good opportunity for that. Have fun? - honestly it doesn't sound like it sets up to be much fun (if it was me). For me - I'm all for meeting people and pushing myself in competition, even when I know I'm outclassed in the talent or experience categories.
  2. We have 4 practice greens at our club (the large one is putting only), and I don't really run into many issues there. But the local public course (UofA's home course) is the polar opposite--at the public-side practice green that allows chipping and sand practice, at least. That green is constantly over-populated, and the majority are college-aged kids who generally do whatever they want--to hell with anyone else. Common offenders back onto the range tees and hit ~30-40y pitch shots into the green (and always 15-20+ balls at a time). Also bad are the ones that practice their long bunker
  3. Drive on #16 Thursday afternoon GPS-measured at 297y. No wind, elevation, or cart path help...just a dead-straight pop with good carry. My distance is up over the last 18 months or so, and especially since I started playing hockey (stick-handling work has beefed up my lead shoulder and legs in particular, and I've worked my trail shoulder to keep up), but I wouldn't call 297y a common occurrence for me just yet...it takes a 5 out of 5 contact mash to approach that. My more common strike (I call it 4 out of 5 contact) is a little more knuckleball/low flight that doesn't max out my carry...ma
  4. No-brainer for me; I go for making it a boring hole every time--a "left-half" layup that leaves me short of the left front fairway bunker, then a controlled wedge in. That takes the penalty area, and most of the sand trouble out of play. 2H or 3W (~215y-235y) is a repeatable/go-to shot for me, even with what I'd assume would be OB left of the path. I'd guess ~75% of the time I'd have a ~55y-80y wedge in with no real trouble in play on that shot, making a GIR likely with some putt at birdie or 2-putt par (just fine for me)--and completely eliminating the big number. I hit it fairly
  5. So, I can be a little slow, but...approaching you for what? 🤨
  6. I hope to finish life some day (far into the future) having avoided jail, but particularly, a New Orleans jail. Thankfully, back then, the cops just asked us to move on to a different neighborhood. It was still embarrassing, and I totally empathized with the people I had to pitch.
  7. It's a tie for me, both summer jobs as a teen 1990, then 1991. #1a was "making fishing equipment" as my mom sold it to me. Okay, cool. But she has a way of packaging turds as candy canes. It was a non-cooled warehouse type place in the swelter of an Alabama summer, and my job was to manually run the mold press to make plastic fishing worms. I'd inject the plastic, press the mold, then peel the hot-as-the-sun "worm" out and hand peel all the artifacts and edges. Burns, blisters, and bleeding cracks, oh my. The lady teaching me was a real winner, too, and didn't care much for "somebod
  8. Ha! Nice post. So, I know my response here is total sacrilege, but in this case I'm actually referring to 43 Prime up near TCHS. Not sure if you've been there. They "borrowed" a heck of a lot of the ideas from Nick's (don't know much about the management or any links between them), right down to their "33 degrees" drink mimicking the Nicodemus. But they have more room, it's closer to us, and it's waaaaay easier to get in--hardly ever a wait, even on weekends--so we usually just go there instead. We do still get over to Nick's at least once a year, though.
  9. My wife and I both agree it'll probably be this little local steakhouse. Pretty low-key, rural roadhouse-type place with good filets at a good price, and a nice in-house specialty frozen concoction to wash it down. Funny though, I'm kinda missing your run of the mill Mexican joint with the basket of chips n salsa, etc. Taking it out (in either case above) just isn't the same.
  10. The thing with that, though, is that the professional leagues are a limited number of *generally* equal-opportunity teams, with standardized schedules and conferences/divisions that make win-loss records a fair determinant for playoff fields. In college football, you have 130+ teams with wildly different ceilings, resources, definition of "student"-athletes, etc., who self-schedule (to some degree) into ~12 game seasons. Already, too much variance for a W-L or statistically-based model. That's without even considering conferences, and their unregulated design, their exposure, their $$$,
  11. Based on the premise in the poll (tech available and works as expected), I would support this as standard equipment. But I would hold "works as expected" to a very high standard. Something in the steering wheel would seem toughest to cheat...though still with its problems to solve, for sure. Not drinking-related, but still applicable: a couple of years back, I was first-on-scene in a fatal accident involving a pair of teen girls that turned out to be distracted-driving-caused. It was awful...especially as a father. Even though I didn't know them, it was devastating knowing the news
  12. Golf Digest times Bryson DeChambeau in Round 1 of the Tour Championship. Interesting read. It categories his shot types into tee, approach, short-approach, and putting--and gives his average times for each (with outliers). Of course this is a small field with 2-player groups, on what they describe as a very straight-forward course, so group-times were likely about as fast as they get. Still, I'd like to have known his group's time relative to the others.
  13. "Scoring the ball". Seems like that came about ~5-6 years ago. I've heard it in basketball and golf. I've heard "scoring the puck" in hockey. Blech.
  14. While on vacation, at SanDestin Links course, hole #6. Holed out from 101 yards with my 52° G wedge...just missed the pin on the way down, hit about a foot behind the hole and spun back in...for the par, lol. Too bad I'd hung my first approach out into the drink, and was playing my 4th from a drop way back where it had crossed. But I had my two playing partners to celebrate with, along with a couple of grounds crew staff that were working beside the green, so that was fun (my last long hole-out had a sad big zero for witnesses). Only second time I've holed out from further than ~50 yar
  15. Very cool. I still haven't played up in the Huntsville area. We're planning a trip up there to visit and supposed to get in some, then. Supposedly there's some pretty decent courses in North Alabama (and the BHM area, too). I've still only played the 3 local courses here. Hoped to play next week while in Florida, but there doesn't appear to be any courses in the south Walton area close to where we'll be. Definitely looking forward to eventually playing some other tracks, though--as I'm still really enjoying it, and playing most every week. If you ever come through Tuscaloosa and are
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