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  1. Hogan's famous 2 iron at the 1950 US Open at Merion to force a playoff that he'd eventually go on to win has to be included
  2. @kpaulhus what was pace of play like today? I'm thinking of going up next Thursday to play so it should be similar hopefully
  3. Kilmarlic, The Pointe, and the Carolina Club are all great.
  4. Signature is an awesome course. Played there last February and even in the winter it still played well.
  5. I'm pretty sure he's just asking for opinions
  6. I can never play with a glove, and I always keep cash in my right pocket along with tees and a ball marker
  7. Red shirt got his hat knocked off and realized this fight wasn't for him
  8. Shorter par 4 around 310, green is slightly off to the right behind some trees. Played my natural fade and absolutely crushed the ball. Rolled up on to the fringe and 2 putted for a birdie.
  9. Shot my personal best 75 the other day. Driving the ball better than ever and my lag putting has come so far.
  10. Worst shot for me would have to be a chip shot from below the green with not much space to work with. Always end up having to chip back on from the other side after I've rolled it off the green. Second would be a long iron with the ball below my feet. Always end up leaving the club face open and hitting it way right. Third would be a severe downhill putt.
  11. Its been in the high 90s and 100s this week (DC area) and I've played 3 times. Once was in the morning so it wasn't to bad until around the 15th, other two times were brutal around 4pm. I usually just bring my 100oz insulated water jug filled with Gatorade and I'm fine. Biggest problem for me in the heat is I start to lose my grip on the club some.
  12. My dad told me a story of how him and 3 buddies played a round at Nags Head Golf Links in NC a few years back. Pretty tough course with a lot of blind shots. Anyways one of his friends ended up losing 34 balls. Paid more for balls than green fees
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