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  1. Hi mate, yes month 7 now! I went back to golf in September. Initially the driver was left in the bag, and I stuck to a shortened swing so I wasn't rotating through the knee as aggressively. I am now back to pretty much a full swing, and the knee is feeling great. The only problem I have now is having the confidence to really rock forward onto that knee after striking the ball. This results in the odd massive slice, but only time will fix this issue. Somebody on here mentioned opening up the front foot on my set up. This has been amazing! Doesn't effect my natural swing too much, and allows me to rotate through the end of my swing nicely.
  2. Hi all Thank you for your input, it is all greatly appreciated. What I am gathering is a general consensus that 6 months at least is needed before going back to a full swing. Even then, it will take considerable time to get back to my normal game. However, it fills me with confidence that you are still all avid golfers, and seem to be doing great now. I think I will stick to chipping and putting for the time being. Who knows, maybe thats not such a bad thing. Thanks for all your advice, happy golfing :)
  3. Hi Great site, so much useful info. I'm struggling to find an answer to the following question though. I am in week 12 post ACL reconstruction and removal of meniscus. The surgery was my second ACL reconstruction, but first on my left knee (right handed, so weight bearing knee) I have been advised not to play golf until end of this year. However, I have been playing golf without the AC ligament for 4 years now, and have a large build up of muscles that have compensated for the missing ligament. I have been seeing a personal trainer for 6 weeks now, and he has mentioned that there is significant over development of unusual muscles, and he agrees that this has been brought on by the (above mentioned) compensation. My question is, has anyone had the same surgery on the weight bearing leg?? If so, how long until you returned to golf?? Plenty of people have had it on the non loading leg. But it would be great to hear from anyone with knowledge specific to this injury, and a bonus if they can relate to my current circumstance. I plan to make my return to golf for our annual "Chubbs Peterson Memorial" on the 13th of August (14 weeks post surgery) Regards DoubleBogeyMan
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