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  1. So I've been playing pretty terrible recently, embarrassingly shooting rounds way into the 100's. Most of that is caused by lost balls off of the tea or long irons from the fairway. I know I am swinging over the top and I am still chicken winging... I just can't seem to stop it. I try to initiate the downswing with my hips, but I still end up swinging over the top and leaving the face open. Here's a few swings from today: That drive swung at least 150 yards to the right. It went so far right it went onto the rough on the far side of the adjacent fairway. This second was a
  2. I went through a terrible phase for about two weeks there shanking everything from a 9 iron upwards. I didn't feel like I had changed much in my swing and I have no idea what caused it. I spent a few hours at the range trying to hit the ball off of the toe of the club to try and make me more aware of the clubface position at impact. It seems to have worked and I've got them under control again... for now! I've been swinging the momentus swing trainer every day now for the last 5 days. I'm going to make it a daily exercise, swining it 50 times per day to try and force me to extend my arms
  3. Your swing is looking great - It look like you generate a lot of lag on the downswing and your extension is definitely getting better.
  4. I have been working on my extension through my swing but when looking at my recordings I'm still chicken winging quite bad, I think it's going to take a lot of hours doing drills to eliminate it. I have started swinging with my Momentus Swing Trainer again to see if that helps. I can see in the recording that it's definitely helping me to eliminate my chicken wings and extend through the swing. I apologise for the state of my garden, I'm working on it!
  5. In most cases I would say the ball comes off the face initially towards the target, but then it swings to the right.
  6. Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I will keep working on the drill. Do you have a suggestions on what I can work on to sort out my chicken winging? I have a feeling it might be because I'm being too strong with my right hand with my downswing, but I'm not sure. I payed for a lesson with the head pro at my local golf range two weeks ago. He asked why I was there and I explained I was inconsistent and lost too many balls off the tea. He got me to hit two 8 irons and I hit them both straight - he laughed asked said "why are you here?" He then gave me a d
  7. Like everyone has said - we all go through this stage at some point, just some more than other (like me ). I know what I'm doing wrong I just struggle to correct it! There's nothing more demoralising that loosing balls. Keep your head up, it'll all come back to you soon :)
  8. That's a video of me doing the hip preset drill. Will repeating this drill overtime help work it's way into the downswing transition? I have played golf the last two days and become really frustrated. I've recorded myself and released I still have a massive "chicken wing" on my impact and follow through (I won't bore you with any more videos). I also seem to be shaking a lot of shots which I haven't really done before today. I played 15 holes today and got 5 pars, 2 bogeys, 5 > Double bogeys and 3 > Double Bogey's. It's frustrating because I think I have the ability to play well if
  9. I'll try again on my laptop, they're not loading on my phone for some reason. I wouldn't say I was trying to rotate my arms over on the latest video, it just seemed more natural and looked more like what I've seen in the "pro" videos on V1. Your video does look very helpful, I will record me doing the drill this week. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hi iacas, thanks again for commenting. Thanks a really good and useful threads, it's just a shame that all the pictures are no longer available. The video is also very helpful. I used to think that's what I was doing wrong; i.e trying to push the ball towards the target. I spent two hours tonight down at the range working on a few things. I turned my right hand over to the left more so that the V was point up to my right shoulder. I also tried to focus on hip rotation and tried to maintain my height in the backswing. My ball striking wasn't the best and I had a lot of inconsistent shots, but i
  11. Yep that's definitely something I am going to work on starting tomorrow. I need to "extend" more through impact and try to allow my arms to pass over each other after impact. Thanks for commenting. I definitely do bend down towards the ball on my backswing, it's something I find very hard to control but I am working on it. You're right about my left arm, I think I'll make that my main focus point for my next practice session. Thanks for commenting and helping. Hi iacas, thanks for tearing my swing apart When you say I don't use my arms and hips properly, what is it I'm doing
  12. Hi folks,I've been practising a few things over the last few weeks, mainly not allowing my hips to slide on the back swing and trying to fire more with my hips on the downswing. I'm still slicing my driver quite a lot and I can still see that I'm not properly "extending" on the follow through. Here's a few updated videos: The first video was a straight shot and went very well, but the second shot was a wild slice! One thing I do notice is that my follow through seems quite violent! When I watch some slow motion pro swings, they control the club well at the en
  13. Thanks Juiceman, Looking at my swing I can definitely see that now, there's too much head movement away from the ball and I almost "slide" backwards. There is clearly something very wrong with it though that's causing me to slice 80% of my shots, pull 10% and only hit 10% on target. I'm sure if I'm coming over the top or what.
  14. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply with some advice. I read all of those articles and watched the centred pivot video. From the image you've drawn up I can see that I slide my hips on the backswing as well as dipping and sliding my head, can that be what's leading to my inconsistency and slices? The central pivot looks like a good guide to follow, are they any specific drills to try and implement the technique or is it just a case of swinging/filming until it's correct. I tried a few practice swings at home and I seem to find it very difficult to keep my head still d
  15. I scored 99 yesterday on a par 71.... Dreadful game. I lost around 5 balls from the tea due to massive slice and the occasional push to the left. Just didn't real as if I had any confidence in my swing and was constantly trying to correct things. I've posted a video in the "members swing" area to hopefully get some advice!
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