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  1. Play more.
  2. If this doesn't work, call their 800 number ( 1-800-800-9936 ). I did this last year trying to get more info on a set of irons I bought in the mid-90s. Their CS rep forwarded it to the Golf Dept., where one of their golf sales specialists called me. He could not locate precise build specs, but gave me what was common for their clubs from that time period.
  3. The best buy I've ever made was a mid-60s Ping Anser for $2 at a flea market. I later picked up half a set of Cobra SS-i irons (4, 7, 8, PW) at the same place for $10. I've since spent more on a Ping PP58 grip ($8.50) and a headcover ($20 for a Stitch bonesman, which may qualify as 'bad' ) for that putter, but it all looks nice in the bag.
  4. I had no GW between my 48* PW and 55* SW. To make room for one, I replaced my (90s-vintage!) 14* 3W and 18* 5W with a 16* 4W. I haven't played with this setup up yet, though; will do so next week. I don't see how this won't help, as the number of times I used the old 3W/5W combo in a round was very low. Carrying both was a waste of a slot in the bag.
  5. As long as I can, so long as it's not severely damaged. A minor scuff or two is tolerable.
  6. These 2 are so key. Too tight a grip and too long a swing will throw everything out of whack. When I started playing again earlier this summer, I couldn't touch it consistently with any club. Good shot, bad shots, and worse shots in seemingly random order So, for the first time in my life (been playing since I was a kid; 25+ years now), I recorded and actually watched my own swing. I expected to see a lack of flexibility or rotation on the backswing only to discover a wretched overswing. I cut that down just a bit, and the improvement was near instantaneous. It may not be right now, but I think a proper overlapping or interlocking grip makes the hands work more as a unit. I think a baseball grip is more prone to inconsistency, such that it is easier to get the hands too far on the underside of the grip. Don't give up so easily! This is a hard game.
  7. I would like to break 80 before the end of the year. It's been a LONG time since I've done that.
  8. I'd pull my 55* SW out of the bag most of the time for this shot.
  9. The closest Academy to me carries Wilson's SuperFly wedges in at least 72* and 76* lofts. I put the 76* on the ground yesterday; I'm not sure I'm brave enough to swing it with a ball in front of it. I might flinch on contact.
  10. Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver: not sure; only used it for 1 round, so far, but I hit it a lot longer than the 3-iron off the tee. Original King Cobra woods - kinda lost with these, right now. 3W (14*): used to be ~220-230 off the turf; 230-250 off the tee. Now, I can't touch it off the tee. 5W (18*): used to be ~200-210; may be generous now. Wilson MS-600 irons (mid-90s) 3 (22*): 190 4 (25*): 180 5 (28*): 170 6 (32*): 160 7 (36*): 150 8 (40*): 135 9 (44*): 120 PW (48*): 105 Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges - I've had the SW for a while, but just added the GW and LW in the last month. The SW and LW are both from the original run (non-conforming now, I think, whatever that means). The GW is from the newer run (early 2010s, with orange paint fill). I haven't played since getting the GW and LW, due to my elbow, so I have no idea how I hit these on full shots. I've hit the LW around the practice green from a variety of lies and like it a lot, so far. GW (51*): ??? SW (55*): 70 LW (59*): ??? Wilson Staff LW (59*): varies wildly; hated this club just about every time I hit it, so I found a replacement (I hope) in the Trusty Rusty. My distances drop off faster after the 7-iron, which has always bugged me. Putters: Cobra TPA V-i Ping Anser (late-60s model) I never paid attention to iron specs when I was in school, but I've been looking at current irons lately and am shocked at what I've found. Cobra's F6 and Fly-Z sets have a 5-iron (23*) that is close to what I have in a 3-iron (22*). I don't like the resulting 5* gap between clubs at the low end that that requires.
  11. If the awards are for lifetime achievements, then put me down for a couple of 79s and 1 eagle. Since joining this site earlier this year, I've only managed a low of 84.
  12. There are not as many vehicles as I expected here. My 2003 TrailBlazer that I bought new around Thanksgiving 2002 is still running great after 264,000 miles. 10+ years without a car payment has been nice.
  13. I'm not sure if I even picked up a club in 2015, but going to a district convention at a golf resort in FL in June got the juices flowing again after a decade with very little play. I hit a few buckets before teeing it up on their best course twice. I had a few good shots and holes (1 birdie and a handful of pars in 2 rounds), but was very inconsistent striking the ball and absolutely could not touch it with my old 3-wood that I could not miss with 10 years ago. I was lucky to break 100 from the 6300-yd tees -- hitting 3 iron off the tee makes it hard. I'm not a member anywhere, but use Golf Digest's online handicap tool to keep track. Even with those 2 blowups to start with, after just 6 rounds, it's down to 15.3. Two weeks ago, I fired a 41-43=84, playing the front 9 twice (back closed for aerification). A new-to-me driver that I was able to make good contact with made things much easier on second shots in this round. Dialing it in even more can't hurt. My right elbow is a little tender after this sudden increase in activity, so I'm taking it easy for now. I have more interest in improving now than I ever did while in school. Tightening up my swing mechanics should help me improve over the next year. I've only broken 80 twice in my life; I expect to do it again soon, and hopefully with regularity in the future.
  14. Zapp's Voodoo -- best chip you'll ever eat. Walker's Prawn Cocktail -- found them on vacation in Antigua; surprisingly good, better than I expected.
  15. I signed up a couple days before the promotion ended, and one of my referrals did as well, but I haven't received my 2 sleeves yet.