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  1. I'm not sure if I even picked up a club in 2015, but going to a district convention at a golf resort in FL in June got the juices flowing again after a decade with very little play. I hit a few buckets before teeing it up on their best course twice. I had a few good shots and holes (1 birdie and a handful of pars in 2 rounds), but was very inconsistent striking the ball and absolutely could not touch it with my old 3-wood that I could not miss with 10 years ago. I was lucky to break 100 from the 6300-yd tees -- hitting 3 iron off the tee makes it hard. I'm not a member anywhere, but use Golf Digest's online handicap tool to keep track. Even with those 2 blowups to start with, after just 6 rounds, it's down to 15.3. Two weeks ago, I fired a 41-43=84, playing the front 9 twice (back closed for aerification). A new-to-me driver that I was able to make good contact with made things much easier on second shots in this round. Dialing it in even more can't hurt. My right elbow is a little tender after this sudden increase in activity, so I'm taking it easy for now. I have more interest in improving now than I ever did while in school. Tightening up my swing mechanics should help me improve over the next year. I've only broken 80 twice in my life; I expect to do it again soon, and hopefully with regularity in the future.
  2. Zapp's Voodoo -- best chip you'll ever eat. Walker's Prawn Cocktail -- found them on vacation in Antigua; surprisingly good, better than I expected.
  3. I signed up a couple days before the promotion ended, and one of my referrals did as well, but I haven't received my 2 sleeves yet.
  4. My brother gave me a Hogan gift pack that had this book and a dozen golf balls many years ago. I was more excited about the balls than the book, at the time. After about 6 months, I figured I should probably read the book. It did more for my game than I ever imagined. My grip/stance/setup were terrible beforehand. It was super awkward at first, but became more natural the more I played after reading. My consistency improved greatly. This was almost 20 years ago. I've still yet to hit the balls, and probably never will. One sleeve was balata balls; their covers have yellowed a lot over time. I've recently started David Leadbetter's 'companion' book, The Fundamentals of Hogan. I have mixed feelings about it, so far.
  5. All of the above?
  6. I recently ended a multi-year hiatus from golf. The first couple rounds back, I wore 100% cotton polos -- it's all I had in the closet. Never again. I bought a few cheap closeout shirts from Budget Golf (adidas, Greg Norman, Ping) and found a few more at Ross (Nike, Greg Norman, PGA Tour -- I really like the Airflux's that were mentioned earlier); also scored some breathable Norman shorts that are 1000% better than the shorts I wore those first 2 rounds in June. That will be all I wear in the heat and humidity around here. As for range time, practice like you play. I'll wear the same shirts at the range that I would on the course. I may not always hit the ball well, but at least I'll look decent doing it.
  7. budgetgolf.com has some good deals on balls, as well.
  8. 8/4: rain washed out plans for hitting a bucket of balls this afternoon; more putting practice indoors. I think I realized that my grip pressure was too much, causing some shakiness on the takeaway. Range trip tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.
  9. 8/3: shoulder stretches/exercises; more 4-8 ft putts. It feels good to consistently sink them from 6+ ft, at least indoors.
  10. 8/2: more putting stroke work, this time concentrating on the follow-through.
  11. 8/1: 4-8 ft putts, inside on a cheap putting practice mat. I don't know how much help it is, but the incline at the 'cup' forces you to accelerate through the ball to get it to the hole.
  12. Unless your course is at a high elevation, that sounds extreme to me. How far do the back tees play?
  13. Not enough.