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  1. 6/20: rain is here for the next 3 days or so, so I did some weight training to strengthen/heal my right elbow; also did some more grip and pre-shot routine/setup work.
  2. 6/19: slow takeaways to make sure my wrists are in good position at the top, and then focusing on turning the hips and shoulders back to start the downswing instead of casting my arms first.
  3. 6/18: worked on grip and setup -- my hands have been too close to my body lately; also worked on slow takeaways, and a forearm rotation drill.
  4. 6/17: full swing irons in the yard; these seemed better than the range trip a couple days ago; a little quick on the backswing, though; need to work on tempo some.
  5. 6/16: more chipping and pitching practice, working on proper dead-hands technique.
  6. 6/15: hit a bucket at the range today, working on full iron shots and distance wedges. It was one of the worst sessions of my life. I was using some new-to-me irons, but that wasn't the reason I hit the ball so bad. The distance wedge swings felt completely different from the shots in the yard with the foam balls. I don't understand that.
  7. 6/12: pitching and distance wedge practice in the yard with foam balls and my 5-yr son; he swings it OK, for a kid.
  8. 6/11: finished Pelz's Short Game Bible last night; worked on proper finesse swing (dead hands) technique.
  9. 6/9: more pitching and chipping practice; some slow-motion full swing work to work on getting the club from going back too flat on the backswing.
  10. 6/7: rain finally let up, but the driving range was still closed, so I spent about an hour at the short game green chipping and pitching. I tried some cut lobs with a lob wedge, but the proximity to a parking lot made me a little nervous. I don't need to blade one through a windshield.
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