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  1. Why is America so fat?

    Same reason a shockingly high percentage of Americans are on anti-depressants: anxiety. I believe most idle snacking and comfort food is a type of self-medication related to anxiety disorder. Just my .02, I am by no means a health care professional
  2. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    I was lucky to be in the Zone of Totality. As the moon began to cover the sun, the temperature dropped noticeably and the wind picked up.. Next it became very quiet as the birds stopped chirping, and everything was bathed in this surreal "candelight" (something similar to an Instagram filter). Suddenly the sun "flicked off" like a light switch and only a black orb surrounded by fire remained. This you could see with the naked eye. I guess I don't have the words.. It was very impressive, like a magic trick from David Copperfield. I can only imagine how the ancients might have felt without the aid of special glasses, to see the sun suddenly vanish... I admit I was a bit cynical about the eclipse, but I now think it is something you should definitely see if you have the chance. I'm really glad we didn't rent out our house and go on vacation, like a lot of people did.
  3. Yellow Jackets (Wasps) on the green / Rules

    I appreciate everyone who weighed in. The guys in the clubhouse said much the same, i.e., "unless you guys are playing 'cutthroat', just pick up and call it good". I had no money on the game, my intention was only to take every advantage I could under the rules while scoring as honestly as possible. In any event, our golf courses are fraught with wildlife here and I expect this kind of thing will happen again. I had a good friend in high school from Georgia, and he had a beautiful older sister who was an Alpha Chi Omega at the UGA. In the summertime she would come home. I remember she would cook for us while he and I watched movies on the couch. In my 17 year-old mind this was unbelievable. So if I had to choose one I'd lean Georgia Bulldogs... sorry bud :)
  4. Yesterday on the first green I found a swarm of yellow jackets stinging (and attempting to lift) a large millipede. The more the millipede twisted around and fought back, the more yellow jackets arrived to help.. dozens of yellow jackets came swirling in one after the other, like fighter planes in an old movie. My ball was 2 feet from the cup, and the insects were swarming just on the opposite side. In other words, they were not technically in the line of my putt, but they were still swarming around me in my stance. What do the rules say about this situation? I know that on the green you do not take a drop, but rather place the ball. Where would I place the ball in this case? Am I entitled to any relief? How is this handled? For those of you who don't know what Yellow Jackets are, they are highly aggressive, meat-eating wasps that live in nests (i.e., they are not solitary wasps). When I was 16 I stepped into a nest and was stung dozens of times; later when I painted houses in college I was stung dozens of times more.. so please do not question my toughness - getting stung by these little bastards is NOT a pleasant experience. FWIW I read the rule about insect nests in the bunker, I don't think that applies on the green, because the green is not a hazard.
  5. Buying our first "new" car

    I bought a car two years ago and I beat the Truecar.com price by a couple hundred, i.e., not much. It was more important to me that I got the features and color that I wanted. As my dad wisely said, "you'll still be paying it off in a few years, so make sure and get what you like". The money is made at the F&I stage of the purchase. If you can get factory financing and incentives DO IT - the dealership has no way to juice the interest rate on those deals. Also, DO NOT buy the extended warranty... EVER. Source: wife is former F&I manager for Ford. Many friends in the car business, current and former.
  6. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Our men's club collects a fee every week to enter our scores into the "official" system, which is done via an ancient computer in the clubhouse. I never looked into doing it on my own. They've always said to me, "this is how you get your GHIN". So, I just took their word for it.
  7. Putting

    Thanks for explaining fellas, I will accept that challenge. I'd like to know where I stand. @billchao suggested that putting came naturally to some, and I just wanted to add my .02, since I think I'm in this group. I do practice putting a lot, but only because I enjoy it. Where I am getting murdered is off the tee. I am driving 195-215 and being out-driven by 40 yards and losing to people by 10 strokes, regardless of what happens on the green.
  8. Putting

    Hmm. Interesting. That makes sense though. I don't have Game Golf, I guess I should look into it. Do you guys trust the GPS on your phones? I was fooling with it recently and it takes too long to figure out where I'm standing. I just don't trust it.
  9. Putting

    Do you mean against the men's club, or the group? The truth is I don't know.. I feel like they are constantly sending me out with single digit 'cappers and I putt just as well as they do, if not better. Putting is just something I understood from day one.
  10. Putting

    I never took a putting lesson and I avg 32 putts a round. I think that's not bad. I think LSW has some good advise about putting speed. If the speed is right the hole becomes bigger. The toughest putts are the ones where you have to put a tempo on it (to negate the break) knowing if you miss it's an automatic 3-putt. I admit I will "lay-up" on those :)
  11. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I use GolfSoftware.com. I don't get to play very often with others so I just save my scorecards until I get 25 scores and then I input them. So basically I update my handicap figure only a couple of times a year. I didn't see the point of paying the weekly fee for the USGA system through our men's club since I'm not competing in tournaments or planning a trip to St. Andrews. I will pay for it eventually just not now. I'm sure a lot of guys are in the same boat.
  12. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    I said I learned my lesson and won't be going back. ^^^ In other words I'm taking your advice. No need to be an ass.
  13. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    Interesting timing, I just had a similar experience. There's a local course I love but won't play anymore because there is a huge men's league (90% retirees) that tees off every day at 11am, stops at the turn for lunch and beers, and then plays the back 9 at half speed. You can't play through because there's so many of them you'd be playing through on every hole... and besides, they don't exactly offer to let you play through. Of course, the starter won't let you go off the back 9 because he doesn't want you cutting any of the groups off.. Of course the liar was happy to take my money, after reassuring me "none of these guys is higher than a 12, and anything less than 3 feet they pick up". It doesn't matter how good a group of players is, when there are so many of them, it is painfully slow going. The last couple of times I walked off without finishing. I've learned my lesson and will not go back there.
  14. What a rough day :(

    I like this ^^^ I'm going to start doing that.
  15. That's good to hear @b101 I hope Bushnell gets back to me soon.. I'm really missing my rangefinder. I never realized how many things I used to shoot with it until I no longer had it. Trees, sandtraps, berms.. I even used it to see what the morons in front of me where doing ("are those guys rolling a cigarette?!!!"). The range finder unquestionably shaved several strokes off my average, I've lost a lot of confidence without it. I'm going back to our little exec course for a couple of weeks until (hopefully) I can get this problem resolved. On a related note, none of the courses I play have very detailed yardage books available, just real basic info. I would prefer a yardage book to a GPS app I just don't trust the GPS apps I have tried.