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  1. I've learned a lot here. Just being immersed in the topic every day helps certain concepts to crystallize. IMO there is no substitute for putting in the time.
  2. Absolutely right. And I would also add that 'what works for you' changes over time, so it's dubious to try and teach it to others. There was a brilliant thread here sometime back where they talked about how the 'feels' change over time. I also took this to mean, the same feel may not fix a recurring swing flaw more than once. That was a revolutionary idea for me to understand. The fundamentals of the golf swing never change: our brains and our bodies change all the time.
  3. I started doing this a month ago also, with the same clubs as you (6,5, and hybrids). I was striking the ball really well this year up until this little problem crept up. I think the root cause (at least for me) is 1. rushing the backswing, 2., truncating the backswing, and 3. not getting my weight to the left side (getting "stuck" on the rearmost foot). I'm going to the range today and I plan to work on it.
  4. Absent from that list is drug overdose. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, with 52,400 lethal drug overdoses in 2015, and I believe that number increased in 2016, but I'm too lazy to google the exact figure. So I guess you could say we have an ingrained drug culture too. People love their dope.
  5. When I grew up the bathroom in our house was gender neutral. Sometimes my mom used it, and sometimes my brother, my dad and I used it. Just not at the same time. But seriously, some people really like watching others take a dump?
  6. Useless around here, as in, not even worth the e-mail spam. Sometimes I get a better rate than GN without asking. They just offer it.
  7. That's really cool
  8. Like I said in @nevets88 blog post, my buddy's niece was purposely hit by a pickup truck in Portland, Oregon. She was badly injured. She is not a mouthy or a willful girl. The guys in the truck vocalized their disdain of cyclists, that simple. They were never caught.
  9. Once I was paired up w/ a gentleman who showed me how to do this “plumbing” or “plumb bobbing,” or whatever. I tried it for a little bit, but I found all it does is make you more nervous when you stand over the putt. The only thing I deliberate on is getting the speed of the putt right. Speed comes from having a good stroke. I think the break requires relatively minor adjustment, and a lot of it is solved by having the right speed.
  10. Was feeling good about my game, so I tried the BLUE tees at my old home course. Went 52-47, in a windstorm for a big fat 99. Four pars. That was pretty humbling.
  11. Portland has had bike service for years. I would never do it. Everyone I know who rides a bike in the city has been hit by a car, and some multiple times. My buddy's niece was hit on purpose by right-wing extremists, who hate bicycles, Prius, and basically anyone who doesn't perfectly resemble them. My brother wound up in the hospital one day from a collision with a car and decided to give up cycling altogether. I'm very happy he dad. This was in Seattle. But I know of similar stories in Phoenix and Los Angeles. In Manhattan I'd be afraid to hit a pedestrian on my bike. Not so much in the other boroughs. But I think New York City is fairly unique.
  12. Wow, congratulations - on both accounts. It looks beautiful down there
  13. 47+42 = 89. 6 pars, 1 triple bogie. 36 putts, terrible for me, I am usually around 30-32. Should have been an 86. 3 putted 4 times due to slow healing greens. I have been blocking to the right, very frustrating. Will work on getting my hips open and right shoulder through. Maybe I am just fatigued, but lately I felt myself getting "stuck" on the follow through.
  14. Obvious it's DJ, he sleeps with other player's wives.
  15. +4 for 9 holes on my local Par 32 exec course. One (1) birdie, third birdie in my last four rounds, pretty good for me. I was playing a Nike 20XI-X ball, because I’m trying to get rid of all the extra balls I bought way back when. That was like hitting a rock, I was super uncomfortable the entire time. I have to swing faster than normal to get the ball to “smush” on the club face and lift. I’m withdrawing those things from inventory stat. If anybody in this area wants them, I still 9 x 20XI-X and 12 x 20XI-S, you can come by my office and have them. Just send me a PM.