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  1. I’ll throw in my .02, because I am “that guy” in our league: by no means the worst golfer out there, but definitely in the bottom 25%. Our league is very big - they have several tee times (shotgun starts) on league days. There are a couple of little beer-bellied Napoleons out there, but most of the guys have been very encouraging, and patient. It is a little bit cliquish as most of them have been playing together for years, so I can't say I've made any fast friends, but friendly acquaintances, yes. I know what you mean though, playing bogie golf alongside guys who are breaking Par and competing in Pro-Ams can be really humbling. Here I was, thrilled to shoot an 87, and now I’m watching guys putt for Eagle. If I bogie a hole, they par it, if I par a hole, they birdie it. If I birdie a hole, they birdie it too. I might win 2 holes from those guys all afternoon. When I told my instructor I was joining a league, he told me 2 things: 1. I am really happy you’re doing this, and 2. competitive golf is much different – and this last one he re-emphasized several times. For me this is all been true. My first round in league play I shot a 118. The next time out, I settled down and shot a 92. The pressure exposes every weakness in your game. For me, the value of playing league is the improvement I see in my own practice rounds after work. The other day I went out by myself and shot a 40. Last week I felt like I was playing “horrible” and when I tallied my scorecard I realized I’d shot a 44. I am not a competitive person, but the pressure I experience in league play has helped my game to develop. And that was the whole point, was to get out of my comfort zone, and to grow in the game. Have heart, you are not alone!
  2. Kalnoky

    New Irons

    Just my .02 but you're better off buying quality used irons and having them fitted to you. I think any irons from a reputable brand made in the last 5-6 years from would be fine. I would avoid new generic clubs. It feels like you're getting a good deal but you're actually overpaying for something that will not have any resale value when you outgrow them. With that being said Phil Mickelson could use a set of clubs from the Goodwill and still whip everyone at my home course. A good swing with old clubs still beats a bad swing with new clubs, 100% of the time IME. Club technology is a little bit overrated.
  3. Kalnoky

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    Agreed on all accounts. Born and raised in Los Angeles, back when Los Angeles more closely resembled San Diego, I couldn't care less about Hockey. Another +1 for College Football. I've been watching since I was 12. I've lived in NFL cities and gone to lots of NFL games, but the pageantry and the atmosphere of the college game is unmatched. 124 teams, rivalries that go back 100 years, beautiful coeds, plus, no work on Sunday. Also looking forward to the World Cup, which is the best international sporting event, bar none. The games are only two hours long and there are no commercial breaks/TV timeouts. This is a perfect sport for busy people.
  4. Kalnoky

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    Oh man, you too huh? Last Fall somebody screwed me up real bad. I've spent this year rebuilding my swing. I've had to beg off most league events. This unwanted "advice" set me back two seasons and I admit I've contemplated quitting at times. After a lot of work with the mirror and the alignment rods I'm slowly getting back to where I was. I was playing a brand of golf I really enjoyed, shooting in the high 80's low 90's every time. I was improving every month, little by little. One day I was struggling as all of us do sometimes. Somebody got in my head and here I am almost starting over. All this to say, don't ever give anyone unwanted swing advice. Please.
  5. Kalnoky

    Within 50 yds ....

    I'm also a pretty good at bump and run. I like to use 7, 8, and 9. Of course it all depends on the lie. If I have a good lie I prefer to chip/pitch. A little half swing with a pitching wedge will go 50-60 yards and stop, if I can pull it off. As I've grown in the game and all my clubs go further, the shorter shots become much more difficult.
  6. Hornets and Yellow Jackets while trying to putt.
  7. IME nothing on the range can simulate the pressure of playing a live round (and esp. in competition). And no club will pimp-slap you for mishandling it like the driver will. Two things tend to settle me down: 1. getting that first really good drive, and 2. making that first par. If I get those two early on, I tend to drive well the rest of the round.
  8. I also have Zepp 2. I wondered about this ^^^ too, because the Swing Plane shows me consistently "over plane" from 4-10%, but like you, I haven't sliced in over two years (my miss is a hook or pull; rarely a push). I was reading somewhere the swing plane function does not actually detect an over the top move (OTT). It only compares backswing plane to downswing plane and takes the difference. Curious what others may have found out. Zepp does appear to be accurate in terms of tempo, backswing, and club head speed.
  9. Well said. I've played with several guys now who admitted to me they didn't get good at golf until they retired and were able to play every day. Some of these guys also quit for long stretches at a time, due to life's circumstances. I do enjoy playing golf. But IMO no sport has a smaller ROI. If I invested this much time and money into any other sport, I'd be very, very, good right now.
  10. Kalnoky


  11. Kalnoky

    Levels of Play Among Amateurs

    I agree with this ^^^ because being a "golfer" is also a lifestyle, even if you're not very good at the game.
  12. Kalnoky

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 92 in league play. Still really struggling off the tee. My partner told me swing was too flat. He shot a 71 (!) good thing he is the most friendly and patient gentleman I've ever played with.
  13. Kalnoky

    Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    In ideal conditions, 9-iron is my 125
  14. Kalnoky

    Dealing with slow play

    I'm not a "good" golfer compared to you guys but I don't even bother with weekends anymore. Impossible to stay in rhythm. I play league on Tuesdays and twilight golf after work.
  15. Kalnoky

    Which move changed your game for good?

    Starting the downswing with my lower body.

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