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  1. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    In ideal conditions, 9-iron is my 125
  2. Dealing with slow play

    I'm not a "good" golfer compared to you guys but I don't even bother with weekends anymore. Impossible to stay in rhythm. I play league on Tuesdays and twilight golf after work.
  3. Which move changed your game for good?

    Starting the downswing with my lower body.
  4. Golf Sunglasses

    FWIW I wound up going w/ Oakley Prizm - no regrets whatsoever. I feel like it makes the course easier to see. I even wear them when it's overcast. The Oakley Flak 2.0 is so comfortable I forget I have them on most of the time. Buy once, cry once.
  5. How to Play Through Another Group

    I usually go out as a single during twilight, and I never play through either. There's never anyone behind me and I'm in no hurry to go anywhere. Once I hole out I will just stretch or practice putting. Our league plays on Tuesdays. I don't ever go out on weekends anymore. It's so painfully slow out there I can't stay in rhythm at all. The last couple of times I went out on Saturday morning there was lot of aggressive playing through with nowhere to go and I could tell some people were on edge. Not worth it.
  6. Your Favourite Form of Punishment

    I voted water. With the wet weather around here, even short courses have plenty of water. Our creeks, rivers, and ponds just never dry out. We are used to the challenge of carrying the water and it does add a fun element of strategy. For example, teeing off w/ less than driver. The worst for me is sand, for the same reason as above - we don't see a lot of sand up here so I'm terrible in the sand trap. I got a lot of "practice" down in Palm Springs last fall with the sand. No thank you.
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 40 yesterday, 5 GIR, 1 birdie, 4 pars. Best 9-hole score of my short career thus far.
  8. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    This is exactly how I do it too, and it works really well for me - I holed out again for birdie yesterday with a 54*. I just look at the green like I'm reading a putt. I briefly experimented by putting the ball back in my stance like the OP says but it was much too inconsistent. At least it was for me.
  9. I will putt from the fringe only. I find the speed change tricky from the fairway to green, and especially in the Pacific Northwest where I play, it's damp half the year & drainage can be unpredictable. So, I don't practice this type of shot at all.
  10. Are Golfers Better on Faster or Slower Greens?

    Faster is better than slower any day. The ball rolls smooth and slow, which is easier for the cup to capture. Plus shorter stroke.
  11. Only Bad Golfers are Lucky

    I also agree with Trevino. A good example is when you hit a good shoot and get a bad lie.
  12. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    Those questions were so easy it was laughable. The average value of an NFL franchise is $2.5 billion. The NFL alone earned over $13 billion in 2016. That's just the NFL... not including college and major high school. Football is not an insignificant part of life in the United States. Those people are ign'ant
  13. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    The most sports those people do is go on a hike or ride a bicycle. Maybe some of them climb an indoor rock wall sometimes.
  14. Tee It Forward

    I've been told the correct tees = 28 x your average drive. For club events/league, I don't have a choice. They tell us what tees to play from.
  15. Non golfers understanding of the game of golf

    My father told me a story about an older gentleman who naively him asked why golfers are "always looking for their ball". Of course, as a non-golfer my father thinks this is very funny. My instructor told me a story about a body builder who showed up and couldn't hit his driver 150 yards. Hearing that gave me great satisfaction.

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