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  1. How many courses out there have locker rooms? My old home course had an antiquated yet serviceable locker room very few people knew about. I'm thinking about the guys playing twilight after work who don't have a minute to spare. Either you wear your golf clothes to work, or you do your best to golf in your work clothes. That means if you work in jeans, you play golf in jeans.
  2. Maybe I misunderstood @Hategolf but I thought he was asking why they stick the tees (the colored plastic globes) in the ground in the lumpiest part of the tee box. You know, how sometimes they'll move the teeing ground if there is a big tee box... Sometimes forward in the tee box, and sometimes further back to provide add'l challenge.
  3. Absolutely agree. Golf is a cultural endeavor and a also game. So I voted "no". But I think at the different price points the courses more or less self-regulate: the local cheap-o tracks are crawling with scalawags in muscle shirts and jeans. Just up the road as prices rise you see the ladies and men in matching attire. I think people play where they feel comfortable.
  4. TaylorMade Aeroburner Mini Driver has a small head and is readily available new. It's not expensive.
  5. 44-43 for an 87 7 pars, 2 doubles & 1 triple bogie (ball lost in tree - super weird) For the second time in the last week I experienced the heartbreak of watching a birdie lip out. I am making lots of pars these days, but man oh man, birdies are hard to come by. Because I am out of Volviks, and because I am cheap, I took out of mothballs the ProV1's that I naively bought when I first started playing. And (surprise) I found they didn't hurt my ball striking or distance at all. In fact they I'm going to keep playing them until I lose them all. The only place they hurt me was in the putting, because I am used to the Volviks.
  6. I used to live in Scottsdale. Lots of good... eh, scenery there.
  7. Soundgarden was a big part of my high school soundtrack, along with Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and others. The Seattle Sound was the last great musical movement before the internet and the iPod changed music forever. RIP Sir
  8. Yes, last Tuesday for the first time, I lost a beautiful drive in the fairway. There were heaps of grass clippings - everywhere. I was playing really well up to that point, but I admit I lost my cool after that. I will not play that course again until late summer when everything is dead.
  9. Depending on where you play, the guy that cuts the grass moves the tees, and then he puts them back when he's done according to his mood. IME 50/50 whether that dude gives a rats a* on any particular day.
  10. This is all very sage advice right here ^^^^ Definitely turn off your phone when you're playing too..
  11. That is generous Sir, but I respectfully disagree. The riders know they can pick up slack faster than the walkers. This is an advantage and they use it. How many times have I sat on the tee or in the fairway watching someone in a cart, just wondering just "what the heck is this person doing"? Then, they will suddenly zoom off and take up the entire slack ahead of them. Meanwhile my group which was easily caught up, is now instantly playing slow, i.e., we are no longer directly behind the group in front of us. That is, until we catch the rider camping again a few holes later, and the process repeats. Over whole of 18 holes it appears the pace of play is being kept. This is not an issue with walkers because walkers know they don't have enough time to go look for mulligans or head covers. Walkers keep a steady procession like elephants. Walkers don't generally zoom off and cut 3 holes ahead. Sorry for the hijacking the thread, I just played on Tuesday and the rudeness of cart riders is very apparent to me.
  12. I think I had a 13 once a couple of years ago. A bad tee shot + three straight approach shots into the water (or maybe 4). It doesn't take much really. If you are feeling stubborn you can make a bad situation worse in a hurry.
  13. Walk all the time: 9 holes I carry my bag, 18 holes I use a pushcart. I hate carts. This is the preferred modus operandi for people who have no business being on a golf course, which in my experience is the bulk of cart users. Swerving and carving like they're riding quads at the dunes, can of cheap swill in hand. They use the carts to give themselves slack, and this stop/start and push/pull action has the ripple effect of slowing the entire procession down. With apologies to the guys who can play 18 holes in under 3 hours, I know you guys like to ride. But you're also 1. obviously good from a mile off, and 2. in the minority.
  14. Good to know as I also have an old Tour V2. I love it and would buy another one again. Keep it up Bushnell!
  15. I had a long-time "best friend" exactly like that - hype competitive going all the way back to high school. I tolerated him for years because he was a fun guy (for the most part) and because we had so much history. One day when he overstepped his bounds (yet again) I decided I'd had enough and cut him out of my life. In the ensuing years, my life has dramatically improved. I mean, everything got better: work, hobbies, women, investment decisions - everything. I have never missed him, not even for one (1) minute. 2nd best decision of my life was kicking that prick to the curb.