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  1. When Do You Lay Up?

    A short (bad) drive + water around the green = layup.
  2. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    Recently played with a couple guys who thought the Range Finders slowed the game down. They had a little "three stooges" routine, impersonating a clown with a rangefinder wasting time. One of these guys had a GPS watch and he would read the distances off to the rest of us. It was very efficient. When I'm playing alone I like taking readings all over the golf course with my rangefinder. Not just the pin, but the bunker, the front of the green, the stakes, etc. It does help a lot. For a while mid-summer I was without one and it hurt my scores, mostly because I would trust my eyes instead of the yardage markers. FWIW the Bushnells with the "pin seeker" technology are much quicker than some of the others. I have a Nikon now it definitely takes longer. It feels like I have a palsy when I look through that thing lol.
  3. Brandel Blocks Jason Dufner on Twitter

    There are rational men who understand reason and then there are those arrogant men who only understand force. You cannot reason with the latter. Seems to me like Duff is ordinarily a pretty chill guy. I'm sure he responded in the only way that he could get that jerk's attention.
  4. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    6-8 iron are a touch longer, 3H a bit shorter Otherwise, 99.5% accurate
  5. Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    That chart is scary accurate for my clubs. I voted "wrong tees". I carry 200, but my club has no 5600 tees, so I play from the 5900-6000. Just based on observation, at least 1/3 of the guys hitting big banana slices from the 6400 should be playing the 5900-6000. I think this is part machismo and part fear of ridicule. Somebody told me when I started that golf course don't really get harder, they get longer. I'm finding this to be true. The most important club in the bag is the driver. If you can't hit the driver you can't play golf. Makes me wonder why every instructor starts with a short iron or wedge..
  6. Moviegoers and Critics Disagree

    ^^Two thumbs way up
  7. When is it too cold to golf?

    That's about what I've been experiencing too - the driver is losing 15-20 yards. I was 210-230 all summer, and sometimes 250+, now I'm roughly 185-210. It is in the 40's here right now and I can still play. The cold does not bother me as much as the rain & mud.
  8. When is it too cold to golf?

    Out of curiosity, how much distance (if any) are you losing off the tee in those temps? Haven't read the entire thread, apologies if this has already been discussed..
  9. Golf is interesting. When I first started watching golf and Golf Channel on TV, I immediately noticed the voluptuous women in those little skirts. I was like, wowza. As a football fan I thought we had very pretty faces on the sidelines (bundled up in coats and scarves) but nothing can hold a candle to golf. They make tennis commentators look like librarians. I will stop just short of saying the business of golf objectifies women, because I haven't been around long enough. But it is a curious departure from other sports, almost a kind of throwback.
  10. ^^ that describes me perfectly. I get greedy and start trying to use my hands to force it to go further, which has the opposite effect
  11. Joining A "No Match" league

    Pointless comment/irrelevant You're not sure of a lot of things, you just pretend to be.
  12. Joining A "No Match" league

    Paying for my own education with my own money taught me a great deal. Not everything in life is a competition sport. One day someone will have you over a barrel and you'll need help, and then you'll change your tune. @NM Golf Why are you even here, on this 'site, haggling with people who shoot in the 90's? Most people here don't work in golf. They play for fun and they are entitled to their own opinion(s).
  13. +1 The old Nike (20XI/VRS) beanies are fleece lined, and sleek (unlike bulky mountaineering caps). Anyway, there used to be a lot of new old stock on eBay for relatively inexpensive. I highly recommend them. Also I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I have to go one (1) size smaller in the winter gloves. At least the the FJ ones expand when they get damp.
  14. Making tee times for you and your wife/girlfriend..

    Nah. I took plenty of sh* when I'm started out and I'm still playing golf. There is a healthy number of jerks out there, I hear it when I play with them. We've all heard it. Anyone who says they haven't is a liar. I don't blame a beginner for wanting to play alone with her spouse. If my spouse was a 5 handicap I'd have done the exact same thing. My brother's wife asked me about playing golf the other day. My first thought was I'm going to take them myself so they don't have to go out alone.
  15. Making tee times for you and your wife/girlfriend..

    Before I joined the Men's Club and nobody knew me, the starter would look at me sideways if I showed up alone. I always ask if there is a group going from the Green tees (6000) I would prefer to wait and join with them. This usually elicits a patronizing chuckle from the starter. Or they can't understand why I want to wait for another group. After I joined the Men's Club and some of the more popular members took me under wing then everyone else fell in line, including the starters. I guess my point is, accomplished players are very often highly insensitive and forgetful about the long hard road to good golf. When you are starting out you can't help other players look for their ball; you can't carry on in casual conversation with the guys, because every ounce of you is trying to focus and remember your posture, your grip, etc. People will give you swing advice you don't understand and then you feel like you're letting them down. At least I know I was not a good playing partner as a beginner. I was very quiet and just doing everything I could to keep up, and not hold up the group. It was really hard, I am surprised I stuck it out.

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