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  1. haha.. I think that first summer I did a few 120's. 208 is a lot. One (1) piece of advice I never followed, which I should have followed, is not to keep score in the beginning. If you reach 10 strokes just pick up and move to the next hole. This game is not for everyone. Just like playing music, or owning firearms.. or riding a motorcycle. I think some personalities do much better with golf than others. My father and my wife for example, cannot play golf. They are too temperamental, too impatient.. and they will be the first ones to say it.
  2. Do you have an outdoor range where you can demo clubs? I think when you see a good ball flight you'll know it right away.
  3. Something I considered for my first set was resale value. I wasn't sure if I was going to survive that first summer.. So I bought used, name brand clubs. At the end of the summer, I sold them for close to what I paid, and was able to roll that money into a fitting and another used (albeit much newer) set. I had an instructor who told me the "weight" on an expensive club was much better than on a cheaper club (as he was swinging a 4-iron around w/ one arm). But then he went on to say Phil Mickleson could "beat everyone here with clubs from the Goodwill".
  4. Ten finger grip - amazing

    Ha! Love it. Golf fixes initially feel good, like going off medication. But then you start hearing voices again. @arturo28mx I'm going to try a 10 finger grip at the range today. I'm very curious if you've lost any length, and also whether your accuracy has improved. In the beginning I was strongly warned by friends (very good golfers) not to use the baseball grip. I was told the baseball grip has a limited ceiling for getting better. So I have always used a Vardon grip. But I have noticed this year when I did league play that a good number of the guys use the baseball grip and play pretty damn well. I have a chronic problem with laying off (usually at the top) causing very sketchy accuracy with my irons and this is why I am stuck playing for bogies. I've tried many different things to fix it, like using a neutral grip and standing closer to the ball. Anyway, the season is just about over here, I see no harm in trying out something new.
  5. Don't text and drive folks

    I think we were. Yes, this is a GREAT feature, long overdue Some people even make Snaps (snapchat) while driving.
  6. Make sure you try Ping. I think it's a really good product. I recently hit some of those at the store and wow, made my AP1's feel like an old boat car w/ AM radio and no air conditioning. If I ever get new irons I will definitely look at those Ping again.
  7. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    All of our tees (yellow, green, green-orange, orange, and black) have a separate slope/rating for men and women. So there really aren't any "ladies" tees, since everyone plays (or should play) according to their ability. Some of the women collegiate golfers play and juniors play longer tees than the men. There's no shame in playing forward. It brings the hazards into play at different lengths, which can be challenging. What is shameful is people playing from the back tees who have no business being there. I'm talking about the guys that never break 110 and never hit a single fairway. Usually it's younger guys who I see doing this.
  8. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    This is a great solution. We have a blended tee option at my home course and a lot of guys play it. It makes the easy holes harder and the hard holes easier.
  9. Green aeration

    Yes. Everyone here aerated about two weeks ago and it is playable now.
  10. which club is more difficult for you?

    5W. I just don't have a good feeling for it. I don't have a good feel for the take away or the top of the swing, whether it should "feel" more like the driver or more like, say a 3H? If I grip it strong it pulls badly, if I hit down on it goes too high.. if I top it... yuck. And where is the ball position supposed to be? I know this club has incredible potential to help my scoring on par-5's and that's why I bought it. But I will probably need a lesson this off-season to use it effectively.
  11. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    For low hanging branches, 5i played off the back heel. Thankfully these days I don't have to punch out very often. When I started playing golf, oh my... every other hole was a punch out. I can't believe I didn't quit the game.
  12. Clip towels

    Let's see some pictures
  13. Clip towels

    That's right, and I emphatically expressed my own opinion, which is, who cares what others think if it works for you. There's a small contingent of you here who are habitually terse and matter-of-fact about speaking your piece, with no mind to how it might come off. So I think occasionally, I am going to respond in kind. Just to make it fun.
  14. Clip towels

    I clip to my belt loop and tuck in back pocket so it's not blowing around in the wind. I only use a clip towel during the Lift & Clean/Local Rule. In Oregon that's basically from November-April. I've seen the little ones people have that commemorate tournaments and such, but mine is purely functional microfiber. Who cares what people think about your towels. They're for you to use, how you see fit. If someone wants to pay my green fee and buy me lunch they can say whatever they want. Otherwise they can shove it up their culo.
  15. Greenside bunker question

    Here in the Pacific Northwest where the sand is often wet and packed hard I will putt out. I learned this trick from watching the golf channel. @Brickman I also struggle with the bunker shot. The bunker shot is the hardest shot for me by far. It's not even close.. I cannot mentally bring myself to hit behind the ball. And I find it very hard to find a practice bunker that can simulate the wide range of bunker conditions on an actual golf course. If I have to use a wedge/bounce combination to get out it almost always takes me two tries, and even then it'll just barely get over the lip.