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  1. I nodded off after Brookes birdied the 10th and didn't wake up till he was on the 15th so imagine my surprise to find out his lead had been down to 1 at one point. Kind of weird that I had a dream about waiting for my turn to tee off and the two guys before me did great and then it was my turn and promptly whiffed my first 2 swings. My third swing was so bad that I came close to hitting somebody with my driver and I was told to leave the course. Like I said, weird. I don't recall ever having a dream that was obviously related to something I was watching when I fell asleep.
  2. Be a breeze nowadays with DNA testing. Wonder if there's some treasure hunters already on a quest around the 13th tee?
  3. Well, I was hoping Corey Connors would finish better but what a great day! Must admit I used to have doubts that Tiger would ever win a major again but some great play in 2018 changed that opinion.
  4. Well, being Canadian and I watched Corey Connors 1st PGA victory last week to get him here, It's great to see he made the cut and is now only 4 shots off the lead. Not likely he's going to win but I guess you just never know. Great to see Day doing well despite his injury. Every time my wife see's me watching golf, the first thing she asks how's Tiger doing so of course hearing he's only one shot off the lead made her day.
  5. This is pretty neat. I was aware of the Russian one but didn't realize President Kennedy had authorized an American version project. Too bad they tried to do too much all at once: http://The Forgotten American Concordes - Boeing 2707 - Lockheed L-2000 SST
  6. I just found this guys site recently and I think a lot of folks here would find it worthwhile to visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bkHVIDjXS7sgrgjFtzOXQ and a few of his videos: About the Titanic Aluminum cans Lunar module optical telescope
  7. This happened back on July 29 but just made the papers yesterday. McCall Lake is only a 10-minute drive from my house. I think the closest I ever got was one that rolled 3 feet to one side of the hole but ended up about 20 ft away.: http://calgaryherald.com/sports/golf/holy-calgarys-nick-bobyk-drains-back-to-back-aces-on-par-3-course
  8. Pretty amazing to see how much stuff is up there. Rocket bodies are blue, satellites are red and debris is gray. http://stuffin.space/
  9. I was rooting for Day but Walker did a great job today, especially with that birdie on 17. I'll have to check out some of those astronomy photos of his they were talking about.
  10. I've come here to read the comments for each major for the last couple years. Finally decided to join. I haven't played in years except on the computer but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. I wish I could play in real life as good as on the computer but the sad fact is I'm a klutz.lol. No big deal. I still enjoyed it and who knows, maybe someday It will all come together. Thanks for such a great site!
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