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  1. I do not all match yet. But I am slowing going over to Titleist. I like their AP2's and the 909D2. I also currently use Titleist Vokey wedges, Nike pro combo irons, Ping putter, taylor made utlity wood, and Nike 3wood. This winter will be a revamping of all my golf gear. But the only reason I will have matching clubs is because, it is what fits me. I'm not going to buy something to just make it LOOK cool in my bag. I'll impress people with my shots rather than whats in my bag.
  2. I like to play the game as it was meant to be played. I carry my bag when I play. It's not that tough unless you have a large bucket of range balls in a pocket you forgot about...
  3. I doubt he'll play anymore this year. Maybe Majors.
  4. Stiffdogg06: The stiffdogg part just is one of the many nicknames I had while in school. My older brothers got the nickname Stiffy, Stiffdogg, etc in Football in middle school. When I started playing football in 7th grade, I also got that nickname so both of my brothers and I have these nicknames. The '06 is the year I graduate High School. Jared - I would like to use my initials but when I do people think I am copying Atlanta for some reason. My initials are ATL.
  5. - Walk into work and say I retire. - Remove all my immediate familes debt. - Buy myself a home. - Buy my mother a new home. - Trust funds for my 2 nephews. - 3 cars for me. - A new car for my mother. - Remain Single. - Travel as much as I could. - Let my brother, the nations leading Financial Advisor handle the rest. ( I am only 21) LoL.
  6. If that was my kid, he would've got a nice back hand on camera.
  7. The one that came with my Nike Sasquatch driver.
  8. I've never yelled at a PGA tour event. The only times I've actually said something was at the local Memorial tournament. Tiger woods was walking down the fairway about 10yrds away from me, and I said " Go Get Em Tiger." He looked over tipped his hat and that was the end of it. Another time was Justin Rose pounded a drive. No one really was around him that day, so I said to him, "Good Drive Justin." He looked over gave the golfers wave, and went on his way. I don't really pay attention to the guys screaming after shots... But the times it does get annoying is when they are teeing off or la
  9. Thanks Erik. I will get a video up today.
  10. I have a 22* Hybrid in my bag. I like it when I am 210+ out and in the rough when I know I can't get good contact with a 4i on the ball.
  11. Ok guys, Here is the break down. I am a straight range rat. I shoot 81-85's all day at the course, but never break 80...Also, my left wrist usually hurts at times. Doctors say tendinitis, I say a bad impact zone. I will try to get another good video made when I can. We have a tornado watch so I prefer not to be outside... My ball striking is very inconsistent on the course and a lot of times on the range also...The less loft there is, the more I normally hit solid shots (assuming from the flat back swing), but the more likely I will hit a snap hook My Misses are : - A high weak
  12. I've been slowly transferring my clubs from Nike to Titleist. I currently play the Vokey 56* 10* bounce and I love it. I've only played Nike SV tour wedges so I am kind of bias.
  13. I've never thrown a club and never plan on it. My older brother I typically play with is a different story. He throws clubs, hit balls directly OB, etc... The worst I've ever got was when I slammed a few drivers down to the turf. And I might drop the club from the top of my follow through when I hit a bad shot... I personally think you look stupid and childish when you throw clubs, or do something erratic.
  14. Search Joe Kwok on GolfWRX. He grinds wedges. He will basically do anything you need to clubs. He also custom fits PGA tour players clubs. I plan on getting him to fit my new irons once I get them. That is, if I ever find a good person to get me a good dynamic fitting.
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