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  1. Thank you for the responses. As for my usual miss - Mchepp is correct. I struggle left off the tee. It has been less of a problem with the irons, but still can happen from time to time. It may be obvious, but those times are where I lose the most strokes. Typically, I can play par golf for 13-14 holes and then have a "blow up" hole or two. It is frustrating because my ideal ball flight is a fade. I would take another video with a face on view, but I am back at school and don't get to play golf here due to the weather. Thank you for the comments.
  2. Hello, this is my first upload of my swing and really the first time I've ever seen my swing on video. A little background - I was a baseball player all my life and after a career ending injury took up golf. I have been playing for about 3-4 years now whenever I get a chance. I play to around a 6 index, but my biggest problem has been getting off the tee. Anyways, I only have two videos - one driver and one 6 iron swing. But any tips or suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  3. I may be in the minority, but I don't actually focus on a specific part of the ball. I just look at the general area around the ball.
  4. Thanks to advice from people on this forum, I recently purchased a UST AXIVcore Tour Green from rockbottomgolf on sale. I don't really want to pull my shaft from my Nike VR driver. I am looking around for a driver head to experiment with this shaft. I found a 905t on craigslist for 40 dollars. A few questions - will this shaft fit into this driver head? How much have drivers improved since the 905t (other than the obvious increase from 400cc to 460cc)? Does this seem like a good idea/deal? Thanks.
  5. Thank you everybody. I actually was thinking of cutting it down from the tip end - I just mis-typed. Glad to hear that will make it stiffer. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I'll look into the UST axivcore green. golfro, I see you're playing the whiteboard. Are you playing that in an x flex? How would you compare the PX 6.5 and the whiteboard? Do you think tipping the shaft will get the 6.0 anywhere close to the 6.5? Thanks
  7. I know there have been numerous threads about cutting down driver shafts. But I'm wondering how much it will affect the stiffness? I am currently playing the Nike VR Tour with the Project X 6.0 shaft. I have a swing speed between 115-120, and I'm starting to think this shaft is a tiny bit too weak for me. I also choke up on the shaft pretty far. I was wondering how much stiffer the driver would play after cutting the shaft .25 or .5 inches from the butt end? Also, what impact will the change in weight of the club play? Thanks for the help.
  8. I am currently playing Mizuno MP 57s. I got these irons about a year and a half ago. Long story short - I'm looking to get an 8, 9, and pw in a Mizuno muscle back (either 32s, 67s, or 68s). I've been to Golfsmith and asked if they would break one of their used sets up, but as expected they wouldn't. I don't really want to spend 250-400 dollars on a whole set when I only want 3 of the clubs (plus the price to reshaft and regrip them). Does anybody have any idea how I should go about this? Thank you. Edit- I've also been regularly checking on ebay and craigslist.
  9. I'm currently playing the 909 D2 with the stiff flex voodoo shaft. I've come to the conclusion that I may need an X flex (ss 110-115 with the driver). How expensive would it be to switch to an X flex shaft? Would I just be better off selling my driver and getting the same thing with a different shaft? Any shaft recommendations? Thanks for your help.
  10. I have the MP 57s, and although I have not hit the 58s, I can tell you that I love these irons. I was around a 15 when I got the Mizunos and I've dropped about 10 shots off my handicap. I would recommend not splitting up the set (personal preference). I really think the players irons helped me focus on my ball striking and have made me a much better player.
  11. I am a college student who was recently accepted to a Study Abroad Program in the Fremantle/Perth area for Spring 2011. I have read that there are plenty of nice courses in the area. As it will be summer/fall in Australia, I would love to travel and play as much as possible. Does anybody have any recommendations of courses? I have looked at Lake Karrinyup, Joondalup, and a few others online and they look very nice. Another question I have is would they be able to work out some temporary membership? I don't know if I have enough spare cash to spend 60-100 dollars per round twice a week. Any other advice or recommendations on the area (nightlife, dining, etc) would be greatly appreciated.
  12. At one of my home courses the first hole is a 410 yard par 4. The tee shot is straight away but there is a lake 300 yards down the fairway (The water comes in closer to that on the right side). Occasionally I'll hit a 3 wood straight down that fairway and have 140-150 to the green (over the water), or if you take a driver left, to the fairway of another course (the holes are separated by bunkers, a few trees, and a cart path) you can have 100-110 in with a pretty good angle.
  13. I'm playing the 909 D Comp with the matrix ozik shaft and honestly I have a love/hate relationship with it. I'm sure most people have this feeling with their driver but when I'm swinging it good I couldn't ask or anything more, but at other times I hate it. But regarding your question -- the shaft seems like a solid shaft and I wouldn't change it or go with any other stock Titleist shaft.
  14. I'm doing a little research on equipment. My question is what do you do with your putter cover when you walk to the green to putt?
  15. I have been playing seriously for 4 months now. I was taught the game at an early age and played sporadically throughout my life. I played baseball 12 months out of the year until I went to school last fall to play and sustained a career ending injury. Anyways - I have made some improvements and dropped from the 20 (during my baseball career) to around a 6 now. I have a SS around 105-110 with my driver and 95 with a 6 iron. I always thought I needed a higher ball speed, lower spin ball. I have been playing the Tour IX, Pro V1X, and TP Black. But recently I played my best two 9's with a Pro V1, 35 (-1) and 36 (E). I consider myself a good ball striker - I tend to put myself into trouble off the tee which keeps me from being a more consistent scorer. So are the higher spin balls better suited for my game? If so, what are some of your favorites comparable to the Pro V1?
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