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  1. For the driver, as @JxQx mentioned, the stoffee shafts are the main problem that people have. good spin and distance comes out of it though. I haven't heard about the woods or hybrids. the wedges are of good quality
  2. I have heard good things about the Bombtech wedge set. 3 for $100. Never played them myself, and I know the availability is low
  3. I play the bladed i3's and love them as well. I bought them used with a straight stiff shaft, but do not know if that is recommended or not.
  4. My swing speed is slow but smooth. I am 17, 5'10", and 135lbs. I'm a little guy if that helps
  5. I agree with @Golfingdad. Ditch the hybrid for a 2 iron and add another wedge to work around the greens. And yes, practice makes perfect. I just gotta spend some time at the putting greens and I'll be ok.
  6. Driver-220 3h-195 3i-190 4i-180 5i-170 6i-160 7i-150 8i-140 9i-130 PW-120 50*-110 56*-100 Some of the clubs I am positive on distance, some others are estimated. Most strokes are lost in putting, but chipping is probably the strongest part of my game right now along with driving. Other strokes are lost in mishits, which is why I got the idea of dropping the 3h for a longer iron since it doesn't add much distance and I don't hit it well often. And another wedge was an idea I had for shots 50yds and in.
  7. My struggle right now is putting, but that's a different subject. After all these replies, I have the idea of dropping the 3h and replacing thathe with a 2i since I prefer irons more, and then filling the spot with a long wedge such as 60* or 62* for around the greens, but this is all just an idea.
  8. Wow, you know your stuff! But I'd rather stay away from hybrids since I haven't perfected my swing with the one I own. I'd prefer to own just 1. I hit my long irons well, considering my low swing speed and low skill level. I found that if I try to kill the ball I always mishit, so I slow my speed down and get better contact and doesn't have much spin. My 3 iron totals at about 185, which I am happy with, and I am ok with a low launch, as that theme is common in all my clubs. My PW is 47*, next club is 50* (given to me by a buddy when I first started, totals about 115yds) and after that is 56* (for <105yds). I dont want a higher lofted club, because I am becoming more and more dialed in in 1/2, 3/4 etc. with my 56*. My driver is a tommy armour 460cc, and I hit about 220 total. I dont feel comfortable hitting a club with a bigger face off the deck, which is why I don't hit hybrids or woods well. I'd prefer a low lofted iron to fill the gap, but dont know much about good 2 irons. Hybrid doesn't travel much farther than my 3i.
  9. So I currently carry 13 clubs in my bag. 1 driver, 1 3h, 3-PW irons, 50* and 56* wedge, and a putter. The idea of carrying another wedge crossed my mind but there is little distance gap between them. I thought about filling the gap between my hybrid and driver with a 4 or 5 wood, but I went to the golf store looking at them and found out I cant hit one to save my life... so would the idea of finding a decent 2 utility iron be a good idea for a longer iron?
  10. I watched a few videos on moe, and found the same things that @amolinedid. He hit a lot of balls, and found that his ways are the best, which applies to every golfer. The single-plane swing is an interesting subject in my opinion and wanted to learn more about it.
  11. So about a month ago I stumbled across this thing called a single-plane swing, and thought it was pretty interesting. I looked into it, but only a little. I found that pga pro Bryson Dechambeau uses that swing, and learned the basics from a few videos where he explains it. I found it very interesting and still do. I have also given consideration on changing my swing to that, but figured that I would need to find a golf coach to teach that to me (I dont have one nowner because I am a casual player). Does anybody have input on the idea? Or have anything else I should know about the subject?
  12. I am currently looking to find a carry golf bag for me. I want something with a fair number of pockets, light, has water bottle holder, and priced about $150 or lower. I found nike sport lite II.. does anyone know if it's a quality product? Or are there any other suggestions?
  13. 3 iron for the moment. Once I get my 3h confidence back and finish my set (adding 60* wedge and 5w) I'll take it out
  14. I live just south of the cities and there are some nice courses around me. Chaska town course, island view in waconia , bluff creek in chanhassen are the only 18 holes courses I've been to but they are wonderful. I suppose they are a little out of your way though.
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