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  1. when the planets align, i can hit 250 with little effort. If I get a good bounce on a dry down slope, my best shot is 270. No lies. However, usually the planets done align properly for me, so more normal is 220'ish. I think people tend to just not verbalized the exceptions to their statements on topic - as a new player at 53, I'm finding stretching and flexibility are going to be the thing that keeps my distance where it is over time.
  2. I started this season with one primary goal - reduce blow up holes. Secondary pipe dream goal was to break 100 mid summer, through analysis, i determined I needed to work on my inside 50 yds approach shots. Also that my putt per hole average was terrible. (working on distance and accuracy are givens. But, with my game being a bit short, those shots inside 50 yds are critical) I worked on both of these all summer. Last week I posted in the breaking bad thread that I finally broke 100 with a 99. This past Saturday I shot an 89 😄 Admittedly, this wasn't at a particularly difficult course. I play there because it is a little forgiving if you go off the fairway and the greens aren't too terribly contoured. I was recording scores in the 120's at the beginning of the season. Later in the season I started hovering in the low 100's and I knew I was close. This 89 was a fluke and I'm sure I'll even go back to 100's on tougher courses, but it was still a great day and it is for sure an indicator that I'm getting better. I'm 53 and started playing at 50, so I've had very conservative goals. Really focused on just trying to enjoy myself and not get to worked up about stuff. All that said, what a day. Getting a par score on any particular hole is a mini accomplishment for me and this day I got all my pars in a five hole run. unprecedented! I also got a couple birds, which frankly, i can count the number of times on one hand that I've gotten one. There is one par 3 that runs about 185yds. I've never gotten on the green in one, but I did this day. Can't believe the level of stoke you get from a good round. I was stoked all afternoon, into the evening, and still thinking about the round on Sunday. It was awesome. I figure my next round is gonna stink to high hell 😄
  3. I finally did it as well. I've been lurking right around 100 for the past handful of rounds. I actually "scored" under 100 a couple times, but I knew there was a mulligan or two out there, or perhaps a foot wedge. Today I cleared through 18 with one ball and zero "help". I carded a 99! This is my third season and I just looked back at my round history. I've averaged 13 rounds per season. This year was 10 rounds. A few of these are nine hole rounds and there are likely a few nine hole rounds I didn't save. I feel pretty good about my game at this point. I feel like I've progressed pretty well with this amount of play. I only started playing at age 50. My game is pretty short and I realized I needed to work on my third shot, which is often inside 50 yds. I've practiced the shit out of 20/30/40 yd pitches. Once I got that more dialed in, I also realized my average of 3+ putts per hole was killing me. I've managed to get to where my average is will under 3.
  4. primarily for lighting. I was sold on the whole idea when I realized I could turn on my outside flood lights from our bedroom - something I had repeatedly wished the builders had considered during initial construction. I've got a number of routines and/or groups set - "upstairs" turns off everything downstairs for the night and turns on a couple lights upstairs "home" turns on a variety of lights downstairs (I have a Dot in the garage) "good night" turns everything upstairs off "outside" turns on/off everything outside. I've got a skill setup to voice control the inside temp (connects to my Honeywell thermostat) I just got new garage door openers and have managed to open one door with my voice, but it isn't reliable. The skill wasn't created by the opener manufacturer, so I'm blaming that. Just yesterday I plugged my dust collector (wood shop in garage) to a smart plug and am now able to turn on/off the collector with my voice. This sounds basic, but when your shop is a multi-use garage where space is a premium, this is actually a really big deal. I've dabbled in the Direct TV skill, but from what I can tell so far it is lame. No surprise really, the developers at Direct TV haven't done anything impressive with their primary GUI in over 12 years. Our six year old grandson loves it. we have to remind him it isn't a toy
  5. thanks for the feedback. Gives me some stuff to think about :)
  6. I've been using GolfPadGPS on my iPhone with a Pebble on my wrist. I'be been generally satisfied but marking shots with club specific data is cumbersome and distracting. It can't be done from the Pebble, so it requires the phone to come out. I need reading glasses, so the button pushes to record a shot with club data is even more cumbersome for me. Without glasses I can see the yardage on the Pebble, which for me is the most important bit of info when I'm playing I do get glitches on occasion; sometimes the yardage is clearly not correct. I don't know if it is a phone or app issue. I very much like the ability to login after the game and seeing the sat image of the hole/course with an overlay of my shots. I can see how knowing the club for each shot would be beneficial. Because I did try it from the phone for a short period, I do get some club suggestions, but it is older data so it usually suggests the wrong club (I'm learning the game, so my club distances are improving). I don't know if GolfPadGPS adapts over time as the club performances change. They just came out with their tag system this year and I'm skeptical. Tech support is sketchy at best. I'm considering a tag system so I don't have to fumble with the phone while I'm playing. I'd prefer to leave the phone in my bag, which if I'm riding that day could end up being a fair distance from where I am when I'm taking a shot. Game Golf seems pretty popular here, is that the gold standard? What are other people using? Are they all pretty much the same? Thanks for input and feedback - Brad
  7. The season is pretty much wrapping up here in the Northwest. Having starting golfing just last year, this is my first full season. I flirted with breaking 100 a couple times (102 and 103), but it still eludes me. At 52, I'm expecting things to come a little more slowly than they might have when I was 32. I'm enjoying the game and feel like I've progressed enormously this past few months. I'm capable of hitting the ball quite well with irons and woods. My distance seems a little short, particularly with the longer irons, but I don't think it is distance keeping me from breaking 100. Like most, my putting needs improvement as well as the rest of my short game. I've done a lot of self analysis and reflection and I believe my biggest obstacle at this point is my brain. Clearing out the noise, staying focused, etc. It was a good season and I'm looking forward to getting things going again next year (I'm sure I'll sneak in a round here and there when it isn't raining or too cold)
  8. I've only been playing for a year. Back in my mid 20's (30 years ago) I goofed around for about a year, exclusively par 3 courses and lots of beer. I topped a grounder on a 90 yd hole and it skipped its way down the fairway and right into the cup. Got a free round out of the deal. Pretty sure the entire course knew someone got one :)
  9. you can have six people in each bay and the cost is for sure better when you spread it among all six. The pricing is per hour regardless of the number of players; two or six, same hourly rate. Make sure you get someone to set you up. You can end up wasting a lot of time just trying to figure out how to get everyone entered into the computer system correctly. The food is good. It seems reasonably priced too. I think it is booze that really spikes the cost of the evening, but that is the case no matter where you go. As others have said, it is more about going out and socializing while whacking some balls. The system is well thought out and the basic TopGolf game works well. I've not played other game options. Music, flat screens with sports everywhere, scores for each player automatically calculated and displayed on big screen, drinks, food. It is a good time. if you take your golf game so seriously you can't go do this and enjoy yourself, well, maybe you take your golf game too seriously. TopGolf doesn't bill itself as a place to come build your golf skills. Its entertainment.
  10. its a great date night for a group of couples.
  11. If I had your situation, I'd just practice clean contact and hitting straight. Then get an idea of club distance using one of the many charts out there. On course is a learning experience anyway, so just assume you are on the low end of average for distance and go up a club. If you went too far, well, you just learned your clubs in relation to the course instead of a fix target at a range (or lack there of) make the best of what you've got is all that comes to my mind
  12. First post of the season. First time I've had anything to talk about my longer term goals are to break 100 my short term is to not pick up after hitting double par. In other words, stop going over double par. I only started a year ago and my area has a short season. I think I've only play around five full rounds had my best round today. I recorded a legit 112. Had plenty of terrible shots, but had moments of brilliance too. It's the later I suspect is what it's all about. Pretty stoked with the day really. Looking forward too next time. No doubt I'll tank it :)
  13. Sounds like the ball may be done for. ... for now at least
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