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  1. Looks like I'm 6.2 miles from Duck Creek Golf Club...never played there. I do most of my practice in my backyard or on the practice course/range at Waterview Golf Club here in Rowlett. If you haven't looked into the Player's Club deal at Waterview & Buffalo Creek you should check it out. $34 a month, unlimited range balls, unlimited play on 3-hole practice course, and same on both putting and chipping greens. Great practice facilities. Brand new greens, bunkers just remodeled, work completed and just re-opened in November. The Players Club at Waterview | Golf Group | Gol
  2. I'm lucky to help clients build their backyard dream facilities....currently building "Green Complex #1" on this three green, four tee box, Par 3 Course at a private "Lake House" residence outside of Dallas.
  3. I'm thinking of getting one for my daughter's bag. She's a freshman in HS and playing her first Varsity tournaments...anyone recommend a good chipper for ladies?
  4. I need some of you guys to sell your USED G400 drivers on eBay now...hurry while my G30 still has a little trade in value.
  5. $220, most expensive single club in my bag...and I love it.
  6. I got the Sigma 2 Fetch from my wife for Christmas with the same grip/adjustment system...mine is definitely not loose feeling once adjusted.
  7. What ya doing Sunday? 🤣 It's a great course, I'm going back to play it late-Spring.
  8. Tangle Ridge in Grand Prairie, TX...fun course, LOTS of neat architectural features. I want to go back and play it myself soon.
  9. Nope, that's actually our 'home course' and where she plays 3 days a week for High School...wish I could play 3 days a week.
  10. Discovered a great course this weekend and stole a neat shot while my daughter was playing....from this shot, anyone know where we were?
  11. I play a lot of late afternoons and only have time to play 9-holes about 75% of the time...but you gotta hit it when you can.
  12. Yeah, the weekend was the only good days the whole week we were there...heavy fog and rain every other day. Still 30* warmer than it is Dallas today and I got in a round at Emerald Bay. Greens were in great shape and fun course...
  13. Shot a 41 on 9 yesterday!...was playing from the front tees with 3 young juniors.
  14. Heading to Destin in a couple of days and hoping to play Emerald Bay at the end of the week. Checking here to see if anyone local has played there recently?
  15. 2019 Break the 85-hump...set sights on 80! I have broken the 90-hump a handful of times in 2018, but my best score is still an 86 so rather than mentally trying to break 80, I'm gonna lower the hurdle and try to break 85 in 2019. If it happens and happens again, I'll lower it back down to 80. How to get there... - listen to my swing coach, do the exercises, and apply the lessons to my "game swing" - ONLY focused practice time at home and at the range - hit more fairways with driver, still my #1 problem - Minimum 30-minute backyard routine every night that I'm home:10-m
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