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  1. Looking for some recommended reading on the topic of golf course design and architecture. I just finished 'Nicklaus by Design' and starting 'Golf's Magnificent Challenge' now but need to add a couple to my Amazon wish list for Christmas. What are some titles you've read and enjoyed? Nice hardbacks with coffee table value after reading a huge plus. Thanks in advance, JG. (Par 3 hole from Punta Mita thrown in just for kicks)
  2. I've played the Cut Yellow and they were a lot like Volvik.
  3. Joey G

    The 20-Hole Golf Course

    My home course has a great, 3-hole, Par 3 practice course (inside the yellow circle) and a chipping green with a large bunker. The range, putting green, chipping green, and the Par-3 course are free for our members and have been great for teaching my daughter & nephews without being in mix on the 18-hole course. Sometimes people do camp out and hit a dozen balls at one hole...but not if there are other people playing the course. It's also great when you can only get in a couple of holes at the end of a work day.
  4. Joey G

    US Kid's Golf - New 5 year old questions...

    Thanks, guys!
  5. Joey G

    US Kid's Golf - New 5 year old questions...

    Thanks! I think he can work with 25-50 yard distances all day long.
  6. Great video! Working on a revetted-face for a synthetic turf bunker right now, this will help.
  7. I love the Vivids too. Like you mentioned, I track them better in flight and can spot them a mile away. That said, Cut Golf Yellow feel almost identical to the Volviks for $19/dz...might check them out for your "bad weather ball". They have 3 matte colors...and white for the normal guys too. www.cutgolf.co/collections/golf-balls This just reminded me that I bought a box of Nitro Pulsar's (matte finish, lime colored) for like $12.50/dz at Wally-World to check out...after reading your experience here, maybe I'll just give those to the kids to test...
  8. My great-nephew turns 5 just in time to start the USKG Spring '19 Local Tour in 6 & Under. He's been playing/walking the local Par-3 courses and learning on my backyard facility since his 3rd birthday with a primary focus on having fun and making contact with the ball. I have recently started using the USKG "Early Start" booklet to guide his play-time with me but honestly feel that he's a little ahead of the curve here and am planning to start the Level 1-3 Beginner Books in the Player Pathway with him and coach him myself for now to get him more prepared for his first events. This is the first of our first experience with the US Kid's Golf organization as my daughter & nephew didn't start playing until they were 12 & 14 thus too old for it...so there are a few things that we are unsure about and were hoping that someone here might be able to tell us a little about the program. Like... 1 - Do we need to have a US Kid's Golf coach in order for him to participate in the Local Tour/Regional/State tournaments? We'll be taking him to some of the US Kids events at the PGA store nearby, using the USKG curriculum, and he gets a lot of time with me in the backyard working on putting, chipping, bunker play, and full swing with every club into a net. We're just not sure that (at 4-5 yo) he will get a lot more than he's already getting from paid lessons. 2 - It looks like the USKG Certified Coach program is more for Teaching Pro's to add to their certifications and continuing-ed type of credits...but, can a parent or family member get certified through the program just to coach as the USKG level? No intentions of trying to become a teaching professional but honestly, the more affordable it is for my niece (his mother) the better his chances of being able to stay involved in the program. Thanks in advance for help, advice, and info...I'm sure more questions will arise but let's start with those for now.
  9. Check out Cut Golf. I've played a couple of rounds now with their 3-piece, matte finish, yellow, ball and honestly can't tell any difference between the Cut ball and the Volvik Vivids or Callaway's Superhot Bold...$19.99/dozen online direct from the manufacturer or Rock Bottom...they make white ones too. 😉 www.cutgolf.co/collections/golf-balls
  10. Joey G

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hi again y'all - I posted to this thread a couple of years ago but have since sold my residential Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling business and am now excited to be combining my passions for residential design, construction, and golf by opening a Tour Greens dealership in Dallas/Ft. Worth (North Texas). We're part of a team that has specialized in building residential/community size practice greens. Putting greens, short-game facilities (up to +/- 90 yards) and even Par-3 facilities with synthetic surfaces capable of receiving shots up to 200 yards since 1996.
  11. I guess that's why they make so many different types of balls...
  12. Going back to Destin, Florida for Spring Break. Got rained out last June and haven't been able to play the last few trips due to remodeling our place there...this trip, we golf!
  13. I have been playing the Lime Green Volvik Vivid (matte finish) for the last year and really like them for $30ish range. Easier for me to track through the air and to spot from a distance...you definitely know which ball is yours from a distance.
  14. Joey G

    Joey G

  15. Playing Shingle Creek Monday & Tuesday...starting to get a little excited.

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