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  1. Thanks, T2T! I couldn't see much difference but now that you mention it, I can recognize the difference in the cavity size.
  2. Hello all - I primarily joined the forum to ask a question about an old set of Ping Eye irons (not Eye2) that I inherited a few years ago. It's a matched set (1-W) of Black Dots and they have new grips. Swing feels great, seem to "play" fine on the range, but I haven't played a round with them yet. I used to have a "loaner" set of Eye2's that I really liked and have read several times that there were "numerous improvements" made to the Eye2 vs. the original Eye irons but nothing specific about what was improved? So, can anyone tell me what improvements were made to the Eye2's vs the Eye irons? Thanks in advance, JG
  3. My wife & I own/operate a residential Kitchen & Bathroom design and remodeling firm located in Rowlett, TX (eastern part of Dallas County). We design/build luxury Kitchens and Baths from top to bottom: cabinets, countertops, flooring, wall treatments, fixtures, etc... Joey Gates, CKBR - Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler (NARI)
  4. New guy here literally dusting off my clubs and have some questions. Just wanted to say hello and get started - Joey