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  1. Destin, FL golf courses

    Missed our spring trip but looking for a tee time on Monday for two...think I want to try Regatta Bay or Emerald Bay first. Any recent condition updates, GolfExec?
  2. Bag set up

    I also dropped my 4 iron recently and don't miss it at all. I also dumped my 3w and went to a 12* driver last fall. Never hit the 3 well from the fairway and only used it from the tee on days that I couldn't hit my driver. Once I gained confidence in the new driver loft, no need for the 3w in the bag.
  3. Ok, so I couldn't resist a great deal on a set of G5 irons with TFC100i shafts...I've been playing with my grandfather's Ping Eye irons with steel shafts from 1978-80. I found myself going 20 yards longer with some clubs but am starting to recalibrate my distances after a few rounds on our club's practice course...and I'm hitting them more consistently, mis hits aren't as far off, and I hit 4 of 6 greens tonight from various distances from 110-215, finished 6-holes at +2. I also switched from Black dot to Red dot. Using the Ping charts, I've always been right on the edge of Black & Red and owned a set of Eye2s that Black dot as well as my grandfather's Eyes. I seem to be getting cleaner/smoother contact with the Red dots than I was before...maybe I should've been playing Red dot all along? I know they are still a decade old and there have been a lot advancements since 2007 when the G5s were made but man, what a difference this change is making for my game.
  4. Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    Pretty sure that my 3 year old great-nephew stole it out of my bag...musta looked like candy.
  5. Very similar scenario as the original poster. Started playing again after a 10+ year lay off and have been playing with my grandfather's irons from 1978, they're original Ping Eyes. This was my plan, to play his clubs for 1 year and re-evaluate my game after that, even re-gripped them all to get 'em ready for this season. While I've really been enjoying playing with his clubs and have broken 90 twice this year for the first times ever, after 6 months, I felt like I was hitting a wall with my iron game a little and decided to make a move sooner than I'd planned. However, I'm not ready to drop $600+ on the set of irons that I want...so, I found a set of G5's with the right loft/lie and TFC-100i graphite shafts for less than $150 and couldn't resist. I'm hoping that the more modern design and shaft will help me shave a few strokes...we'll see.
  6. Ruined my driver shaft

    I recently changed from a TFC-100D Regular shaft on my G5 driver to a ProLaunch Blue 75R. I bought the driver used and it had a full 3" extension installed before I bought it. The extension broke where it met the actual shaft one day on the range. So, here are a couple of thoughts.... 1 - Keep your old shaft just in case. I honestly wish that I had put an extender back in my old shaft because I've had a hard time learning to hit this club again and I loved it before. When I do get ahold of it right, I've got a lot more distance with the new shaft so I am still working with it. 2 - If you decide to save the shaft with an extender, cut the extender down to as small as needed to hit your desire length rather than shortening the shaft to fit the 3" extender. Doing a little research online it seems that it's not uncommon for the full length extensions to break. But they're fine if shorter. 3 - If you decide to replace, shop around. If you're going to change it yourself, you can get that shaft cheaper online with a seller than has a return policy.
  7. Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    Congrats on the Ace! I'm digging the Vivid a lot too. Haven't lost it yet I'm finding them coming off the driver pretty hot too....but I really the feel with my wedges & putter. The e6 is normally around $30/dz too, I got mine on the 2dz/$40 special they ran a few weeks back so I'll be playing them for a few more weeks and really like the Bridgestone too....especially for $20/dz. But might have to try the Volvik after that...playing this one I rescued has me a little intrigued.
  8. Shot an 87 today and an 86 three weeks ago. First two sub-90 rounds ever!
  9. Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    Rather than starting a new thread, I'll just revive this one and fish for more feedback on Volvik balls. Like the OPer, I found one of the bright red Volvik Vivid (matte finish) balls glowing in the rough last week, cool looking ball and how the owner lost it I'll never understand? Ray Charles could find this ball. So, I played 9-holes with the Volvik today (42) and the back 9 with a yellow Bridgestone e6 (45) for only my second ever sub-90 round and both in 2017. The ball felt great all the way around, but was wicked good off my wedges and putter. Other than flying a green with my 7-iron, it was spot on all day. Anyone else playing these balls? Seemed to play better than other sub-$30/dozen balls that I've played. I was going to try the Vice ball deal but the Bridgestone e6 deal for 2 dz/$40 got me avfew weeks back...and I like the e6. But, now I think I might try the lime green Vivid balls next rather than 5-dozen Vice balls. Any negatives on the Volvik balls?
  10. I make this guy carry his own bag.
  11. Driver: rebuild or replace?

    No...I am all over the place. Three outta ten slice, a hook or two, three worm burners...and a couple that go straight and 250-260. Long and low trajectory, sky high, like under 'em going 60 yards up and 30 yards out... To make it more frustrating, I just can't seem to find my groove with it at all... Rhythm is off, timing is off...
  12. Driver: rebuild or replace?

    I had an appointment cancel tonight so i decided to hit the range again and I'm officially worried...I don't know if I'm going to be able to hit this club well again? Time to get better fitted for a new driver...
  13. I keep seeing ads for these balls on social media, from the sound of the reviews here, I think I'm going to try the Pros out.
  14. Second longest club thread

    My Ping G5 18* 5w is my second longest club. I never hit a 3-wood well off the fairway and mostly used it to replace my driver on days that I wasn't hitting it well. After switching to a 12* driver last year, I eliminated the 3w and added a 21* 7w. I hit the 5w well off the fairway or a low tee when needed.
  15. Driver: rebuild or replace?

    Well, I finally got to swing my driver today and at first I was spraying balls all over the range. Worm burners, slice, hooks...did it all. But after 7-10 swings, I started hitting the ball where I was aiming more consistently. Once I settled into my rhythm, I was driving the ball to a flag on the range that a granite marker said was 269 yards out. That's easily 10-15 more yards of carry with the new shaft. Not as accurate with it yet, definitely feels a little different/stiff to swing, but I'm excited about the extra yardage when I hit it well. Is there a "break-in" period with a new shaft?

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