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  1. No...I am all over the place. Three outta ten slice, a hook or two, three worm burners...and a couple that go straight and 250-260. Long and low trajectory, sky high, like under 'em going 60 yards up and 30 yards out... To make it more frustrating, I just can't seem to find my groove with it at all... Rhythm is off, timing is off...
  2. I had an appointment cancel tonight so i decided to hit the range again and I'm officially worried...I don't know if I'm going to be able to hit this club well again? Time to get better fitted for a new driver...
  3. I keep seeing ads for these balls on social media, from the sound of the reviews here, I think I'm going to try the Pros out.
  4. My Ping G5 18* 5w is my second longest club. I never hit a 3-wood well off the fairway and mostly used it to replace my driver on days that I wasn't hitting it well. After switching to a 12* driver last year, I eliminated the 3w and added a 21* 7w. I hit the 5w well off the fairway or a low tee when needed.
  5. Well, I finally got to swing my driver today and at first I was spraying balls all over the range. Worm burners, slice, hooks...did it all. But after 7-10 swings, I started hitting the ball where I was aiming more consistently. Once I settled into my rhythm, I was driving the ball to a flag on the range that a granite marker said was 269 yards out. That's easily 10-15 more yards of carry with the new shaft. Not as accurate with it yet, definitely feels a little different/stiff to swing, but I'm excited about the extra yardage when I hit it well. Is there a "break-in" period with a new shaft?
  6. Can't tell you how many times I hear this comment from someone admiring my sticks.
  7. Well, I took it into the shop today and after weighing the options, they hooked me up with a Pro-Launch Blue shaft and are installing it with no labor charges since I bought this club from them. Problem solved for $25...hope the new shaft does the trick. Thanks again for your help.
  8. I thought so too, $39.99 + 6.00 shipping though. I'm sure that I could find a cheaper shaft from Golf Works or Diamond Tour...but, I have also found two replacement G5 drivers to my specs both on ebay and a local resell shop for about $60 or less. Yeah, I'm eyeballing a couple G25s already...but most of the 12* seem to have the Senior shaft? I have found a couple with regular flex in that range. I may also consider going back to a 10.5* but have a lot of confidence in my current 12* driver. Thanks for the tip on the extension too,'s probably just under 3". I bought this at a local used club specialist shop that I have used a several times. They actually responded to a Facebook inquiry earlier tonight and said to bring it in and we'd talk about trade in or new shaft/grip. They have both a G5 and a G25 in 12*-Regular and I like using them vs. shopping online for used stuff. I'll be sure to ask them about the extension option too and weigh that option. Thanks.
  9. Found the shaft on Ebay for $50 with shipping, plus new grip $10 and I'm a long way $ toward a newer model driver even if I do the work myself...I'm thinking that I need to shop newer models (used) a little first.
  10. So, I was on the driving range this afternoon and made a clean hit with my driver. Carried straight and 245 yards, bounced and hit the 250 sign...then I realized that 3" at the top of my shaft was broken off inside the grip. Got it home just now, cut the grip off and sure enough, snapped a TFC-100D shaft about 3" from the top? I really like this driver and I hit it better than any that I've ever owned...but it's a 2004 Ping G5, so would you re-shaft or get a new driver? Anyone who would recommend new shaft, any recommendations?
  11. I use my watch bezel. Tee shot I rotate the 5 into the 12 position, second shot to 10, third to 15, etc...just don't forget to divide by 5 before writing the score down. Not sure how to vote on the poll...
  12. This original post is from 2015, probably not much help here but good luck getting resolution.
  13. I really enjoy my Ray Cook Blue Goose 52, 56, 60 wedges. I bought each for $30 "open box" special + changed to Winn Midsized Wrap to match my other clubs...well made, great balance and control, less than $110 and my wedge game has never been better. Really getting dialed in with them. Bought my nephew a set of the Ray Cook black satin wedges 52/56/60 for $80 for Christmas, I have only chipped with one a few times but again for the cost, they put it where you hit it.
  14. I'm currently footing the bill for 2 young teenagers learning the game so cheap balls are on the menu in my house. I've been buying the kids those Wilson bags of 24 balls for $10 at Walmart. The performance is just fine for their games and I am certain that more expensive balls wouldn't make much/any difference in their scores. I have played a round or two with them and they are decent golf balls, especially for $5/doz. or for stocking the practice bag. But, I'm also looking for something a little better for me to game that won't costs me $30-40/doz. Played today with some Pro V-1 Refurbished ($19/doz.) that performed very well off my driver and had great control with my wedges...really felt good. No downside at all, but I do have some concerns with consistency of refurbished balls after talking with others here. Used to play Nike Mojos at $25 or so per dozen but after getting a dozen of the Calloway Chrome for Christmas...I think I'm ball shopping again for 2017. The Snell Get Sum 6-dozen deal comes out to about $14/doz...interested to hear how they perform for others. Might have to try a dozen of those next myself.
  15. Well, I played 9-holes today with the refurbs and I must say, they performed great all around. Not a scuff mark on any of the 3 balls that I rotated out today either. They honestly look as good as they did before the round. Maybe I just got a good batch? Maybe I just grabbed the 3 good balls in the box? Maybe this company has a good process? I'm going to work my way through the others and see if they all perform consistently...if so, I might be easily tempted to buy 'em again. Shot a 44 on 9 holes, that's good for me as I have yet to break 90 since picking the game back up.