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  1. If you post a video of your swing, i think id be able to help you straighten it out. A small fade you can score well with. A massive slice is something that is causing you to lose distance and is probably inconsistent. Im a better than scratch golfer, so dont think im a hack that cant golf trying to give you advice.
  2. Hey kyle, thats great that even though you didnt have the round you mightve hoped for, you still have a positive attitude about it. Looking at your recap, and im sure you already know this, looks like more of your time practicing could be spent on and around the greens. Short game and putting!! Sounds like you got off the tee pretty well. Proximity to the hole on approach shots sounds like it couldve been better, but it sounds like the majority of your bogeys came from not getting up and down and 3 putts. You have a full year before your next crack at it! I think youll be surprised at how much you can improve with a year of consistent and focused practice. Good luck!
  3. you haven't received the yardages from the usga yet? usually they won't have all the par 3's over 200. at least from my experience. They'll usually have AT LEAST one short one (160ish). learn a lot from your practice round! clubs off the tee, sight lines, places to miss, places not to miss. have a blast!
  4. yes sir! thank you. it's crazy. never played in any usga events, and this year i get to go to two! qualified for the am as well. hard work pays off.
  5. hey kyle. fellow mid-amer here. i had my qualifying yesterday. great to see another competitor on the forum. the only advice i can think of that would be useful this close to your tournament is don't treat it like it's a huge deal. definitely easier said than done, but really wanting to play well for that qualifying round will subconsciously do more harm than good. treat it like it's just like any other round of golf, focusing on each shot as it comes. stay positive, no matter how terribly or great you hit your previous shot. and don't worry about the results. whatever happens happens! in the grand scheme of your golf career, it's just one round. good luck!
  6. i have definitely gotten better in the past year. last year i had 0 tournament rounds in the 60s. this year, i've had 2 so far, and both were in usga qualifiers! cliche, but hard work really does pay off.
  7. 1. win the us amateur or us mid am! 2. shoot under par every time i tee it up at my home course
  8. first post! dentist, but working towards becoming a professional golfer.