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  1. As previously stated I think its primarily due to shorter attention spans, the price of playing, and the amount of time/effort you have to invest in the game. However I do think golf experienced a bit of a bubble from the late 90s through the 2000's and now golf is down to its previous level of interest. I think the sport can grow again but some people will never find long-term interest in it.
  2. It depends on the course and the weather for me. If I'm walking at a crappy course and its hot outside I might wear a t shirt and shorts. However if I'm in a cart and on a nicer course I almost always wear a polo with dress pants.
  3. Since I'm not a member of a golf club currently I use the Golf Digest Tracker which seems to emulate the USGA formula. I think people tend to shoot higher than their handicap in competition for a few different reasons. 1. Obviously there's more pressure put on the player trying to compete against a tournament field versus a casual round of golf with friends. 2. When you're playing in a non-competitive round players tend to be more loose with the rules i.e. mulligan off the first tee, dealing with lost balls/shots out of bounds, and taking drops. 3. Courses tend to be set up mo
  4. 1. Get my handicap below 10. 2. Play consistently better on hilly courses. 3. Have fun.
  5. Hi everyone! I've played golf since I was in 6th grade. I used to play golf at least 5 days a week when I was on my high school team but only played a handful of times when I was in college. I've recently gained my old interest in the sport and look forward to becoming part of the forum. Cheers!
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