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  1. Oh ok I see why I never heard of it I was like 6 lol. But man it would be cool if they did at least something.
  2. I've never heard of that! Was it on tv?
  3. I like Isiah Thomas but Russ is doing something that hasn't happened since the 60s. I do think he should be All-NBA first team though. I agree with you it sucks though. If that guy would've stayed one more year, he might have had a better chance at winning it.
  4. I'm watching tonight's NBA games and i'm wondering who you guys got as MVP this year. I personally got Russell Westbrook but i'm biased lol.
  5. I would assume he would hit a fair amount of wedges everyday. But i'm sure he has his wedges replicated so he wouldn't have to use the one he plays with in tournaments. I got one it doesn't really do much. Plus if you do too much the wedge wouldn't be usga conforming anymore.
  6. Well i'm sitting here on youtube watching all the old Shells Wonderful World Of Golf videos, and im wondering why they stopped doing them. I would love to see Rory go against Speith 1 on 1.
  7. Oh i assumed he was because I never heard about him going to the masters just for the champions dinner in the past.
  8. He still feels like he might as of now. I honestly think he's closer to playing since he's attending the champions dinner.
  9. I think that if tiger finds a way to stay healthy for longer than 7 competitive rounds, he can possibly get back close to how he played in 2013-2014. But i think his winning major days are over. i don't think so but i'm expecting him to.
  10. I feel bad for the fans in Oakland. I think the Rams or Chargers would've been a better fit. I don't think LA needs 2 teams.
  11. yeah i'd say join the par 3 but play other courses often too. Especially if the driving range is good.
  12. nope I'm pretty much self taught except for some youtube videos when my swing is going very bad. I never thought of doing that imma try it on the range tomorrow. and yeah I need to invest in a camera lol
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 12 years My current handicap index or average score is: 2, I average 71-76 My typical ball flight is: straight, slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push slice I'm fairly new to this site. I just thought I would put my swing on here. if you have any tips I'm all ears my ball striking is very streaky lol. Thanks! Videos:
  14. I looked the par 3 course up on youtube and some of those holes look pretty hard.
  15. I see him getting on a team mid season as a backup. He isn't good enough anymore to be a starter.
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