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  1. All good comments, thank you! I can be a handy man at certain things, but this falls out of my comfort zone to install myself and will be brining in a company to lay it. Both companies i've talked to have different ways to approach water from excessive rain (which we tend to get in Houston). One guy uses plastic panels that fit together under the green with many drain holes that they use under athletic fields. However, one mentioned that he only installs sand filled greens and the other says that there's no need for sand filled because of extra maintenance. All i've really heard is that
  2. I'm looking in to having a synthetic turf putting green installing in my backyard. I've had a few companies out and both sound like good options. One main difference that I have found between various options is having a sand filled green versus a non-sand filled green. Is there any benefit to one over the other? I'm inlined to go with the non-sand filled option as it has little to no maintenance required. Other than putt on the green, all i would do is chip to it. I don't have a giant yard to practice my 50 yard approaches, haha. If you have looked at it or have one installed, what are t
  3. UPDATE: I ended up getting the Haack net by Rukket Sports and I can't say enough good things about it. Very reasonably priced and the quality so far seems spot on. No joke that this net sets up and takes down in less than 5 minutes. I've mainly hit 9 through 5 irons in to it and it doesn't have any issue. I haven't hit a lot of woods with the exception of a few hybrids. I don't plan on cranking 50 drivers in to the net each night, but the net could probably take it. http://www.rukket.com/collections/golf/products/rukket-haack-golf-net-by-sec-coach-chris-haack-10-x-7ft For the mat,
  4. Anyone have experience with http://www.5stargolfmats.com/ ? Their high end mat seems to be a rival to the country club elite that a lot use, but about $100 less. Not sure if this is just one of those things that you get what you pay for though.
  5. Any issues with the net quality or hitting drives though it? Doesn't look like you could hit a PW in to it, which i'm fine with. I'm learning that this is one of this purchases that you get what you pay for and I equal parts don't want to screw up the first purchase and don't wan to spend $600 if I can avoid it... Or, $1,000 if you get the Net Return Pro and the real feel country club mat... haha! Now I'm just dreaming.
  6. I'm looking to get a practice net to hit balls in at home. Not really sure where to start. I know Callaway makes one but have read mixed reviews (8' Quad net seems to have the best reviews). The Net Return Pro looks good, but decently expensive. Curious what members on here use? I have some large trees in the back and was thinking of hooking up a net between them with some fisheye hooks with a chain on the bottom for weight, but not sure where to get a net strong enough to withstand driver shots. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Two quick notes: I give the outfit that Meghan wore for the first putt an A+. Second, Selanee wants to be the "first green golfer." what in the world does that mean??
  8. Thoughts on his replacement? I'm betting foltz or sobel. Or do they go after another xm guy?
  9. Had a great time at Golf Galaxy last night! Started out with 10 different sets of irons and hit them into the net to judge feel. Then narrowed it down to 5 and took them to the simulator. Then narrowed it down to two, and two that I never thought I would consider: Calaway X-22's (non-tours) and Taylor Made Burner Plus. I hit a few more to compare the final two and just loved the feel that I had with the Taylor Made's. So, I walked out with a new set of Taylor Made irons. Can't wait to get to the course this weekend to hit them!
  10. Hit a few irons at GG this afternoon. I hit the TM Tour Burner, Mizuno MP 52s and the Callaway X22 tours. The X22 tours were by far my favorite. Ball striking and flight path were much more consistent and I love the look and feel. the 52's just didn't feel right and I kept hitting the burners way high. Never thought I'd play callaway's, but it looks like I'm heading in that direction.
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