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  1. I'm 6'3" and it looks like the ball is 200 feet away sometimes, lol.
  2. My wife bought me 2 greens fees including cart rental for a course I had not played in years for Christmas. When I called to reserve a tee time for a Friday play time, I was told that I would not need one. So my friend and I show up Friday morning and there are maybe 4 cars in the parking lot. It was a beautiful day and it was not hot yet. Perfect golfing weather. We went and checked in and got our cart and teed off. When we got to the first green we realized why no one was playing. The greens were gone. Gone. GONE. There was sprigs of grass, but most of the greens were sand. In fact, on a couple of the holes, they had cut a "green" into the fairway. It was a joke, and when we came in after 9 holes, we told them that we wished they had warned us before we started, or when I had called. We ended up tossing the scorecard and playing best ball on the back 9 and just tried to enjoy it the best we could. When we finished, the course manager called my friend in and gave him 2 more gift certificates to replace the ones we had wasted. I am waiting for the greens to grow back before I try it again though.
  3. I played one of the RTJ courses years ago, I don't remember which one. It was a beautiful course. I generally play the, um, less expensive, courses.
  4. I bought the classic system new in the box for $50 today. Feel like I got a good deal.
  5. I went ahead and bought the Game Golf system. Talk about a motivation to get better. You guys can see exactly how good or bad I play, lol.
  6. I have been thinking of buying the game golf tracking system. A lady has the classic system for sale for $50. I would like to have a more accurate idea of how long I hit each shot. I hear what you are saying about not letting a bad hole ruin your day, but I get mad with myself pretty quickly when I know I could be playing better. I will try to work on that.
  7. I am glad I found this thread. I am at the point where I feel like I could break 100 if I just play up to my potential, but then I get to the course and one bad shot leads to another and... Once I feel like I am "behind" schedule for breaking 100, I start gripping the clubs tighter and trying to drive it farther and place my iron shots just perfectly. This is a prescription for disaster. Twice recently I have played with my bro who shoots in the high 80s or low 90s and I quit keeping score at the turn and just play best ball on the back 9. Both times I started striking the ball better on the back 9. Because I wasn't worrying about breaking 100 anymore. I am in the process of getting together the pieces to build a net in the back yard that I can hit into so I can practice more consistently. I am going to break 100.
  8. My title is "IT Specialist" but my actual duties encompass some typesetting, some graphic art design, some customer service, running a digital press, an UV Coating machine, and maintenance on the computers, network, and plate maker. I work for BCT Alabama, which is a wholesale printing company in Mobile, Alabama. I have worked there since 1989, other than 6 months in 1997.
  9. Hello everyone. My name is Glenn. I am 46 years old and I live in Saraland, Alabama which is just north of Mobile, I have been golfing since I was 17, but always trying to teach myself or listening to my friends advice. I actually gave up golf when I was married to my first wife for several years because she didn't like me spending the money to go play. My new wife is much more tolerant of my addiction, err, hobby. I took my first golf lesson last year and I am continuing to work on my swing and enjoying playing more than I ever have before.
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