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  1. maybe. I don't know much about that. What I do know is that if everyone operates like the person on the left, you can have like 10 people use one stall per day and all have nice grass to hit off of. If people are like the person on the right, one person can ruin the entire stall in an hour.
  2. here it is... Literally my biggest pet peeve in all of anything.
  3. Stubborn Steepness

    yes it is. take it from someone that was much too steep a year ago and has worked hard to shallow the club. a more shallow plane creates exponential gains in consistency.
  4. Golf Calendar / Golf Prints

    I am not sure if "Golf Talk" is the best place to post this, but I can't really decide on a better forum. Please move if necessary. 1) a new year is coming and, thus, I need a new golf calendar for my office. Generally, I just get one from some mall shop, or whatever. But, this year I'd like to hunt for one that is really awesome. Anyone got anything good in mind? maybe something you ordered for yourself? (I really enjoy iconic and storied holes/courses, if that helps you) 2) While i'm on the topic of office decoration.. For about a year I have been looking for a great golf print to hang in my office, and haven't found the right thing yet. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what I want yet. but, my intent is to get something really nice and have a nice frame put on. (so, I don't want something I'll want to replace in a year.) I can start with some thoughts of what i'm not interested in (to help narrow it down), and some things that have crossed my mind. A) I don't want a painting. I prefer actual photography. B) I don't really want a picture of an event (jack Nicklaus raising his putter and what not). More interested in the course/hole itself rather than what happened there. C) as mentioned above, I have a high level of interest in something iconic. There are lots of beautiful courses and pictures out there. looking for something that rises above that.. One idea I had was a separate picture for each hole of Amen corner. found great pairings for 11 & 12, but never did find a great one of 13 that looked like it fit.. anyways.. I'm sure I'm being overly picky, but I want it to be awesome. I'm open to suggestions/ideas.
  5. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    cool. I'll give it a shot. I enjoy that stuff.
  6. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    looks pretty cool, but... what is the content like? just cool photos? articles? what kind of articles?
  7. Which one would you take?

    wait... I change my vote. I had voted 30 birdies, but I retract. my average score is 14 over (for 18 holes), or .77 over per hole. If I take birdies on 30 holes, then I have 42 left. 42 x .77 = +32. So I'd guess that my 72-hole score would be -30 + 32 = +2. Where as the worst I can do with no bogeys is Even par.
  8. Are you a brand snob?

    oh yeah... and now that I have Mizuno irons, I know one thing for sure. Everyone that doesn't have Mizuno irons is wrong..
  9. Are you a brand snob?

    yes and no. I just bought a new set of irons over the summer. Went with Mizuno. Srixons were definitely in the running, as were Titleists. I just wanted what felt right. That said, If I bought a new wood today, I just can't see myself getting an Adams, or even a Mizuno or Srixon wood. Even if it felt the best when testing them. No idea why, just don't think I'd be happy with it.
  10. Winner of D1 East Lake Exemption into Masters

    I think the OP was suggesting this because the tournament is an Amateur tournament played at East Lake, which was Bobby Jones' home course. In a way, it represents what Bobby Jones was building with the Masters. There's a cool bit of Nostalgia in this idea, but as others have mentioned, there are much more deserving amateur accomplishments that earn those spots.. absolutely not. That job is Jeff Knox's and Jeff Knox's alone. who, by the way, holds the course record from the member tees with a 61. he has also beaten his playing partner in like half of the 15 masters rounds he's played in.
  11. lastings

  12. Favorite Team Game

    It’s not.
  13. Favorite Team Game

    My Friends and I always play a game called "The Wheel" Basically just best ball. but, on each hole, each team gets a point for Low Score, Low Total, and GIR (closest to the pin if both teams have a GIR). so, 3 points possible per hole, but you get an additional point if you win all three (Or, The wheel, as it's known). we love it. rarely play anything else. edit: another advantage of this game is that everyone gets to keep their own 18-hole score.
  14. miami

    I'm not too picky, but I'd like to play somewhere nice for a reasonable price. We're staying on South Beach. hopefully no more than an hour drive from there. Hopefully no more than 100 bucks.
  15. Yesterday I was hitting balls indoor on the trackman. I hit one 5-iron absolutely perfect that flew 213 and rolled out to 221. I typically hit my 5-iron 195-205. This ball was not pulled, and launch angle was normal. So, it's not like the distance was caused by closing the face or anything. I did not hit another ball that felt like that all day, and to be honest, I don't recall hitting a ball that felt like that this summer. So, with that said, I would say I hit the sweet spot what ever percentage equates to once a season.

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