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  1. lastings

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Rory! ... I hope. but, outlook not great. otherwise, maybe Tyrell Hatton..
  2. As far as I know, there is no evidence to show that a ball will change or become "worn out" in a short amount of time. ball will react and feel the same after hole 100 as it will on hole 1.
  3. lastings

    Opinions on PxG or Mizuno....

    I they are the same price, It would be really hard not to go with the PXGs.. and this is coming from someone with a bag full of Mizunos. And, I love my Mizunos. but, you should really hit the PXGs. If they feel to you as good as they felt to me, I'm sure that will make up your mind.
  4. lastings

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Thanks! I know I'd like to be able to justify the 82 and say, That's a 79 on an easier course! but, I can't. the scorecard says what it says. Also, I don't think it was the distance or the course difficulty that held me back. I just need to be a little bit sharper. I missed the green from 100-110 yards out with a sand wedge on 2 separate occasions, not to mention the 2 bladed chips i mentioned earlier. If I can clean up those little things, it's definitely within reach.
  5. Wet turf is definitely the best place to work on irons, I think. If you don’t hit ball before turf, it really let’s you know immediately. Hit a great iron shot off soaking wet turf and you really know you put a good swing on it. 7/15/18 - day, like 180 or something. i haven’t posted to this thread in months, because I forget to post and log that shit. However, I haven’t taken a day off golf practice since early February.. it’s clearly paying off. Today I am chipping balls in the back yard. Just wanted to iterate that,while I’m not posting, I am still working.
  6. lastings

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Well.. shot an 82. But, I am right on the cusp of doing this thing. I bladed two chips over the green. 2 putts to get down on 1, 3 putts to get down on the other. Also had an atrocious 3 putt after putting an 8-iron 10 ft from the pin. It’s there. It’s f***ing there. Just gotta clean some little things up. However, played from the tips at a pretty tough course. 6,809 yds - 74.4/150. This is happening this summer. This. Is. Definitely. Happening. Also, 0 double bogeys. Which was tight.
  7. Normally, I would agree that 15 rounds is small sample size. But, for one, you putt way more than you do any other shot. You putt roughy 18 x 2 = 36 per round. (Not exact). Times 15 rounds.. we’re looking at well over 500 putts to draw a conclusion from. But, more importantly, I feel it is normalized. There is really only 1 outlier putting round in the positive and 2 outliers to the negative, with 13 rounds in my normal range. I putt how I put. I 3-putt about once per round and hit one 10 foot+ putt per round and 2-putt everything else, unless I chip to inside of 7 feet, which I almost always make. My strokes gained putting just isn’t going to change. Not over the next 5 rounds. Not over the next 15. but, none of that matters, or is relevant to this thread. The point is, by the numbers, I am an excellent putter. Yet, I don’t break 80. Additionally, I’m a solid Driver of the ball. Average 260 off the tee and hit 57% fairways. Yet, I don’t break 80. Good golfers hit more greens. Good golfers put the ball closer to the pin. Because of that, good golfers make more birdies, and have more tap-in pars. I am absolutely not an anomaly. This is golf. The great players are the great ball strikers. Everything else is secondary.
  8. In 15 rounds this year, I have gained strokes putting in comparison to scratch. Seriously, by the numbers, I putt like a +1.4. Yet, I haven’t broken 80. That should answer any questions about what is more important.
  9. lastings

    Breaking 80 Thread

    The gods and I have been chatting quite a bit, lately. They tell me they’ve got my back, but they won’t do it all for me. Just gotta focus and hit my shots.
  10. lastings

    Breaking 80 Thread

    I don't know why, but I have a feeling this is the weekend. everything is just working right now... and my chipping/pitching, while not by any means good, is not a complete disaster. just need to make a few putts.
  11. lastings

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    most of Hogan's accomplishments came after the accident.
  12. lastings

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    This thread is now 338 pages of the same 4 page discussion repeated over and over and over. I haven't seen a fresh perspective or new point since like page 12. To be fair, I also jumped in this thread somewhere in the middle, recycled points that were made many pages before, was refuted with the same responses, and continued to follow along. ==
  13. seems it is not. according to the 2017 chart above the My Tour ball is also similar to the Project(a)..
  14. lastings

    PGA Level 3 Done… Membership Next

    Not suggesting you would. Only trying to relate what it takes. I think I’m well aware of what it takes to play on the pga. (No im not, but I understand how far away I am from understanding), but comments from others lead me to believe they think it’s closer than it is. Maybe if the best golfer on this site (arguably) mentioned how far away he is, it might clear some stuff up. Not to say you haven’t, but some folks haven’t got it..

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