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  1. It literally doesn’t matter what radar you use. Just that it is consistent. So you know what a fast swing feels like vs a slow swing. I measure using the swing speed on my zepp sensor, which probably reads 10 mph slower than actual. Doesn’t matter what the number reads. I just know that I am averaging 7mph more than I was a month ago.
  2. All depends on whether I won or not. If I just took $100 off my friends, I might give him $20. If I lost, he's probably just getting a "thanks".. all a roll of the dice for that kid. might want to check on us at about hole 16 before he decides whether or not to grab those clubs off my cart.
  3. yeah... just not sure what the difference is. I have a range finder and the yardage I get from that is always within 2 yds from what my arccos says on my phone. must be you just got some faulty equipment or something..
  4. While there is no reason I can't play in 3:20, I prefer not to. If i'm out on a Saturday with a group of friends, we like to keep a relaxed slow environment. typically that means 3:50 to 4 hours. an afternoon weekday round, however, is another story. I usually just play with 1 other person and 3:30 or more only happens if we get stuck behind someone and we're not able to quickly play through.
  5. well, i mean.... Matthew Wolff
  6. That’s interesting. I have arccos and I experience none of those issue. Distances are always right on for me. Though, I don’t use the Apple Watch. Might want to just give arccos a call, they can probably resolve it. I’ve had excellent experiences with there customer service.
  7. The golfer, not the scorer is at fault. The golfer put his own card in the box. the golfer had the chance to review the card for accuracy. The golfer signed his own card, so should have noticed that the scorer did not sign it. In the end you are responsible for the accuracy and validity of your card. Tough break and certainly an oversight by the scorer, but a mistake to learn from and I'm sure the golfer will never make that mistake again.
  8. I think it would be great if you set up a member swing thread. I'd be curious to actually see this in action.
  9. me too. practice every day. kept failing to post.
  10. Got 2 good scores in this weekend, just in time for the revision. Down from a lowest ever 8.7 to a new lowest ever 8.0. My next two scores to drop off are bad scores as well, so there is a good chance to drop it again by the next revision.
  11. Played 36 at Dacotah Ridge in Morton, MN this weekend. I think this is my favorite course in MN. 6642 - 72.6/140 Shot 82, with a triple bogey on the card. and 85 with a quadruple bogey on the card. and for those out there who still think putting is more important than driving, lets take a look at that quad. 1) hit a skyed Driver into a ravine in front of me. 2) penalty stroke 3) only legal place to drop was on a severe sidehill/uphill lie. tried to make up for that lost ball by hitting a 5 iron off that lie. chunked it 35 yds ahead of me. Still a severe sidehill lie in the ravine. 4) still thought I could go for the green off that lie. chunked a 7-iron about 50 yds 5) (in a pretty bad mental state now), flew the green with a sand wedge 6) (can this just be over?) chippped the ball past the pin annnnnd... off the green. 7) chipped to about 2 feet 8 - putt in the hole! If I hit my driver down the middle, like i did in the morning round, I'm left with an east 115 wedge into the green The Ravine never comes into play, the severe sidehill lies never come into play, i don't implode mentally. I have a good chance for birdie or settle for par. Anyways, I'm getting much better. gotta clean up the implosions, though.
  12. To Be fair, though. those weren't the average, they were just the big ones. And the 321yd drive was downhill with a 10mph wind at my back. but, still.. It was a bomb. and well out ahead of anyone in my group.
  13. How about this for immediate results?! played 36 yesterday and did this off the tee. Remember prior to superspeed, I was averaging about 255 off the tee.
  14. A lot of 12s can't break 90 most of the time, anyways.
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