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  1. looks like that deal is gone, now. If anyone sees this deal again sometime, please give a heads up.
  2. He is a bit whiney. But, he's just a kid. he has personality, which I like. I'm a pretty big Speith fan. actually, I enjoy watching all the kids these days. Speith, Ricky, Justin Thomas, even Rory. all have personality. all really appear to really enjoy what they are doing.
  3. uhh... where? These are my favorite balls, I just don't like paying for them..
  4. Did you guys know that on you can customize your own golf shoes? just about any shoe, you can change the color of the shoe, the saddle, the accents and the laces? I mean, when you play around with it, most of the combinations turn out pretty horrible, but it is kind of fun, and you can put together a pretty good looking shoe that is individual to you.
  5. Apex or Apex pro? I only ask because when I was testing irons this year before i bought my new set I hit them both at length. The Apex Pro are a much better feeling in my opinion. Very comparable to the Mizuno MP-25s I got or the Titleist AP2s. But, in the same line as the Apex, I felt like the Titleist AP1's were a much better iron. felt more crisp on center-face hits and, at the same time, more forgiving on the mishits. just one man's opinion. results will vary from user to user... Careful, though.. both The Apex and Apex pro are a much smaller head than your M2's. either one will take some getting used to. just remember that just because you don't hit them as well at first (especially the long irons), doesn't me you won't be able to in time.
  6. Has it ever been discussed that this would be illegal? I can't see any reason why it would be. still gotta swing the club. still gotta hit the ball. ruling this illegal would be no different than the USGA telling me I can't have each of my irons 1/2" long.
  7. No, it only seems that way because you have only one shoe on.
  8. Was joking.. sorry.
  9. not that I ever owned them.. But I wish I had just one Hogan or Mizuno forged blade iron. preferably a 5 or 6 iron. just so I can take it to the range. I figure that if I could learn to consistently pure one of those, then switching back to my MP-25s would feel like I was center-facing every shot.
  10. or, in. in would be better than close.
  11. Yeah.. I'm sure it's something. I mean, obviously it's something. But, I'm pretty it's all mental. The more putts I miss, the more nervous I'm getting over short putts. I think I just need to get the putting mat out and hit like a thousand 5 footers. The confidence will come back. I hope. I mean, I'm obviously not aiming my putter well right now. But I'm pretty sure it's not the putter. Historically, I have always had very good aim with this putter. I just need to get my groove back. Somehow.
  12. ugh... I really have nothing to contribute here, really just utilizing this forum to vent. What was once a minor putting problem has now become an epidemic. In 4 of my last 8 rounds, I have averaged more than 2 putts per hole. and, worse, I am now averaging 2.16 putts per GIR. more often turning GIRs into bogeys than I am birdies, which is awesome. I think the worst part of this is that I am not putting poorly as a whole. My speed is solid, I'm reading the greens alright. I am consistently hitting long 30+ ft putts to inside 4 or 5 feet, but I keep missing short putts. like 3-5 ft putts that I should be making every time. I'm missing like 3 of them per round lately. on top of that, I have only hit like two 8-12 ft putts in my last 8 rounds combined. I am confident in my reads, but the ball just isn't going where I want it to go. This is very, very frustrating.
  13. Cool.
  14. Question for anyone that might know.. its been about 90 degrees here lately and I've had some golf balls sitting in my trunk. When the sun beats down, I imagine it gets pretty dang hot in there. Is this bad for golf balls? Or, doesn't matter?
  15. Well... I've never shot a 79 before.. so, that.