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  1. Day 23: 2/23/18 Made 50 piutts in a row from 6 feet on the putting mat. (I cannot typically make 50 in a row, but my putting mat funnels into the hole a bit, which I think is dumb. but it's nice because they all get returned to me).
  2. Best way to ship golf clubs?

    this doesn't look like an ad for shipsticks at all.
  3. Day 22: 2/22/18 Hit 10 balls with Driver, with about 30 slow practice swings. rolling hands over and closing face. success. other than the 2 bad balls that went completely awry, 8 of them were really nice.
  4. I have a question here. no clue what the answer is. So, typically, Larger clubhead size promotes forgiveness, right? Larger heads don't create more ball speed, do they? So, is the suggestion from this correlation that pros today can swing much harder because they have more forgiving clubs? or am I off there?
  5. Day 21: 2/21/18 just some slow work with a mirror at home. There is a certain movement in my downswing that repeatedly creates exceptional contact and power. just trying to identify what that movement looks like and how to make it more repeatable.
  6. Best score seems not good enough for my handicap

    I'm a 10.3 and I have never broken 80. I've shot 80 5 times, but never 79.
  7. I think this will be interested once it's possible to do this will satellites. given the rapid state of tech advancements, i'd guess that;s not too far off. heck, i'd imagine that once this this exists, the app you're looking at will probably show you the exact line to make the putt. then we'll really be on interesting ground as far as the rules of golf are concerned.
  8. Day 22: 2/20/18 work with the long irons today. Really found a groove with both the short iron (7-8-9) as well as the driver. Can really hit some great shots with the 4 when I find the right position at the top. It seems like it’s simple. Not as steep going back as the 7, not as flat as the driver. If my posture is right, all the turns are natural when I just let the shoulders make the turn and not force it with my arms. If my posture isn’t great, I find myself forcing positions and it’s awkward. Lots of slow motion backswings. Finding the right slot. Only hit about 10 balls, but the last 5 were money. i feel like my understanding of the way it should all work took another step forward today.
  9. Day 21 2/19/18 Went to hit the driver for about 25 minutes today. Warmed up for about 5 swings then hit15 balls with the Driver. Sometimes, somedays everything just works. I don't know what to say. I typically set up a hole to use as my driving range to give myself a fairway as a visual. I hit the fairway with all 15 shots, each one ranging from 255 yds to 271 yds, all with slight draw ball flight to straight. side spin rates ranged frog 568L to 7R. I could be a scratch golfer if I hit the ball like that every day. but. alas, it was just one day. These things happen.
  10. *immediately goes to ebay looking for a $500 set of PXG irons coming from the UK* *fingers crossed*
  11. Day 120: 2/19/18 Hit about 25 putts of so in my living room, then hit some chips on the putting mat. I like hitting chips on the putting mat, because it''s only 8 feet. it's so short that you really want to decelerate so you don't accidentally hit it across the living room, but that creates chunks. just trying to make it automatic to be able to confidentially swing at short chips.
  12. I was just joking around. Funny the relative ease with which you put low 70s on the board while us clompers are out here working hours on end to break 80.
  13. Annoying. Everyday you’re like. “I touched a golf club”, “I fiddled around with some toy”, “I rearranged my golf bag”, “I drew a line on a golf ball”. Then you go out and shoot 71.
  14. TaylorMade M3/M4 Discussion

    Could... but now that I know the extra yards are on the table I want them. I assume it’s not the shaft giving me the yards.. stupid TaylorMade and their stupid marketing. Taking advantage of the impulsive mediocre golfers like clockwork. grilled cheese is delicious until you have one with bacon. After you’ve tasted it with bacon a regular grilled cheese is pointless. All that said, if I’m resigned to spend the cash, maybe I give the rogue a shot with that shaft.

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