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  1. It's official, I have ordered them. Will be at my house on Tuesday. Super excited. Current swing speed is about 100-105, which gets my typical drive in the 255-265 yard range. If I can get that speed up to the 108-113 range, we could really be talking about some scoring changes. Also, what is often forgotten is that swing speed doesn't just help off the tee. It creates better outs out of the rough, and numerous instances where a bit more power is helpful. color me excited for that potential.
  2. More like, chasing that one good round you had that one time. but, yes.
  3. Played Stonebrooke golf course in Shakopee, MN.. 71.5/137 - 6,475 yds. Shot an 80, which is very good for me, but even better considering the 4 double bogeys I had. had a 39 on the back - 2 doubles and a birdie. I did quite a bit of work in the off season. Specifically, playing in a simulator league. So I was swinging for an hour and a half once a week, every week, with the simulator telling me path and face. The work definitely shows. both longer and more accurate with my driver, and my irons are more consistent in approach. One of the doubles I had, was because I tried to clear 160yds of water with my hybrid out of the rough. bad decision. Another was because I had a ball just disappear in the rough. I know it was there, but I couldn't find it. All-in-all a really good round, and felt repeatable. just a few dumb mistakes to clean up.
  4. Feel free to not buy the drinks, It's your choice. But, insulting the golf gods typically doesn't work out too well. They tend to be a spiteful group.
  5. I don't do this, but maybe I should. Shorter clubs are much easier to control, and thus, much easier to groove the swing path you are looking for.
  6. either one. they are both basically the same. The X14s are newer, but the difference is negligible.
  7. sounds like you're pretty new, and forgiveness would be a big factor in a good club for you. Those Callaways are a really forgiving club and will consistently give you extra distance.
  8. I picked up a used Taylor Made burner plus 2-iron at the used store today for $40. Gonna get it out on the range and at the course and use it as a trial. If having a 2-iron is as effective as I think it will be, I’m gonna upgrade it to one of the above. While I was there I also hit the Taylor Made GAPR. Pretty bulky, but sure seemed awfully forgiving.
  9. I'm looking into this. I've really made huge strides with my swing and, conversely, with my long irons over the past year. .I hit my 4-iron significantly better than my 3-hybrid into tight spaces or at greens. But, my 4 iron only goes about 210. Whereas, I can hit the 3-hybrid up to 240. If I could combine the accuracy of my 4-iron with the distance (or, most of the distance) as the 3-hybrid, I could have myself a real weapon. I've been looking at that Srixon, as well as the Taylor made P790 Util. I wanna give that Talylor Made GAPR a try as well.
  10. I'd say Hogan. But, Tom Watson really should be amongst the candidates here.
  11. cool. I want a dozen boxes of golf balls.
  12. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Tiger won all 4 majors this year, passed Snead, won the grand slam, tied Jack’s majors record and people would still say, “but jack has more top 10’s!”
  13. +4 can absolutely get you to the PGA tour, but as has been mentioned, there are tons of extenuating circumstances. 1) Tournament golf is an entirely different animal. not just the pressure, but... if you shoot 68,82,68,67 (on an average course), your handicap will stay at +4. However, you just got cut in a 4-day tournament. 2) where does he play, and how does length affect his game? Can he average 280 with his drives? because if he averages 250, he'll never keep up. Again, depending on where he typically plays, he could reasonably carry a +4 and be a short driver.
  14. 140 yards - full pitching wedge to a pin on the left side of the green. To note: obviously, it's assumed that the closer you are the better. But, I read the question as, "is there a particulier spot you you are much better than other people of your same skill level?" I'm sure my playing partners and I can all get pretty close from 20 yds out, but I'm happy to wager that I'm getting closer to the pin than you from 140.
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