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  1. 4-way divider: ----DR-3W-3H-Putter----- ----4i,5i,6i-------7i,8i,9i ---PW,SW, GW___ putter seems to float between top spot and bottom during the round.
  2. This bowling alley is Bryant Lake Bowl in uptown Minneapolis. I know it well. That said, this place has always been really busy. Prior to Covid, they are always booked well in advance. But, a good way to remind everyone that they are back in business!
  3. i saw in the comments that they are doing a ball test this year. I'll be most interested to see if they publish all the data on that as well.
  4. I may be wrong, but I think they only test what companies send them to test. So, if TRUE isn't in there, that would have been TRUE's decision not to take part. Also, I noticed that they have now started publishing all of their testing data. downloadable to CSV (a big complaint from folks around here). looks like for the Most Wanted Driver test they are hitting between 406 and 433 balls with each Driver.
  5. This is such a easy answer. If you are not waiting on the group in front of you, but you're holding up the group behind you, you are playing slow.
  6. I can't find it right now.. but there is a really sweet golf one where the drone is flying right with someone's ball. Basically from club to green on a par 3. It's super cool. but, since I can't find it, guess you'll have to take my work for it.
  7. you sure that's enough? passport? FICO score? 3rd grade teacher?
  8. Interesting question: and maybe it's been addressed, but I don't see it anywhere. There are always a few rounds I end up playing every year where I play with people I don't know. I don't keep their score, they don't keep mine. no one is attesting anything. I am playing with people, technically, but for score keeping purposes, I am essentially playing alone. count it, or nay?
  9. thinking about it a bit more.. First, I bought my M3 in Spring of 2018, not 2017 as mentioned above. So, played with it for 3 summers. Just trying to add a bit of information. I was curious about how much of this gain was related to head and how much was fit. This is certainly not a perfect test, but at least a decent place to start. I went back and looked at MyGolfSpy's driver test from 2018, and compared it to 2021 driver test. I took the average of The standard (not Max, Or MaxD or whatever). Callaway. Cobra, and TaylorMade from each year. Here
  10. The Wheel Game! 2 vs. 2: both players play their own ball. on each hole there are 3 points. Low score (individual player with the lowest score) Low total (team with the lowest score) GIR - player with the Green in regulation closest to the pin (no point awarded is no GIR). and then a 4th point added if your team sweeps all three (otherwise known as the Wheel) it's the best.
  11. I was playing a TaylorMade M3 that I bought new Spring of 2017. Yes, I got fitted for that one. However, My swing speed is about 8-9mph faster than it was then and I have made some pretty significant swing changes since then. So, I think I out grew that fit, a bit. Specifically, I was playing a 53gram stiff shaft, and had started developed a a bit of a straight right push. In my fitting, the 60 gram shaft with a different kick, seemed to really do a good job of correcting that miss. when I went in for the fitting - yes, brought my old gamer. warmed up, and then hit 2
  12. Hey All, I just purchased a new SIM2, and boy oh boy am I excited. Now, I don't want to sing the praises of the Sim2 too much here, because, honestly, I was getting very similar results from the new Cobra and Callaway as well. But, while getting fit,.. ball speed was up, and launch angle and spin rate were much improved. Also, it appeared I was making pretty significant gains in dispersion as well. I know a lot of this has to do with the shaft I was fitted for, every bit as much (if not more than the head). anyways, I'm excited. thanks all.
  13. back at it.. though I wont get to play for a while. really surprised to look back at last year's and see that I never birdied 18, which is a par 5. gonna have to remedy that this year.
  14. lastings


    Also, to add to all of this. As far as the rules go for handicap purposes, no one really cares if you’re taking gimmies. Feel free. Take a couple 10 footers every round for all I care. Get that handicap nice and low, then let’s play for some money, and see how well that handicap holds up.
  15. lastings


    That would just be abusing the rule for the sake of abusing it. That said, if you give yourself 51 of your next 100 5 footers, it’ll all weigh out in the end on your handicap.
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