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  1. I’m kind of confused at all the arguments in this thread. @Bump-n-MI is just here providing a bit of insight on his real life experience, in real time. There’s no argument to be had here.
  2. Picked up 2 new birdies yesterday. Hole #10, Par 4. 394 yds Well hit driver down the right side of the fairway, flirting with the trees on the right just a bit, but safe. There was a breeze in my face, which I thought was a fill club. but wasn't quite. hit an 8 iron on the back side of the green (pin in front). drilled a 30 ft. downhill slider for Birdie. Hole #7, Par 5. 499 yds about a 1 club breeze at my back. Hit Driver right down the pipe. then hit a 5-iron over the ravine on to the fringe. knocked that 50+ foot putt from the fringe to about 4 feet, and drained for Bird
  3. picked up a bird on 16 yesterday. a 316 yard short par 4. but can be tricky with grass mounds obstructing your view on approach if you're on the right side of the fairway, and a lot of sand guarding the green. hit a 3w down to the left where the view isn't obstructed, pitched a nice little sand wedge to 5 feet, made the putt.
  4. Birdied #3 yesterday. Unfortunately, already have that one.
  5. Ugh. Played 9 today. Missed a 7 footer for bird on 15, and a 10 footer for bird on 16. its in my head now.
  6. Oy. played the home course on Wednesday. Had birdie putts of 10ft or less on holes 9, 12, 15, and 16. walked away with zero birdies. As a matter of fact, managed to turn #9 into a bogey. cant get out of my own head.
  7. If there is anyone that gained a ton of muscle that I don’t think is on steroids, Bryson would be it. that dude is a f***in nut. I don’t think he has any issue committing 6 hours a day to working out. He’s just that type of guy.
  8. What I’m finding is the mistake with left knee in. It promotes getting your weight outside your right foot, which is bad news. Depending on what your hands do, you can get into a push fade, which can get you way right. I haven’t changed the left knee thing. But, I have to remember to post up the right foot.
  9. There’s no protein in calculators, homie.
  10. I put $11+. I already have so many monthly subscriptions, I can't even remember what TV channels I have and don't have. This would be way more valuable than the Showtime subscription that I may or may not have right now.
  11. I think the bigger issue here is not that she is a girl or that she's his girlfriend. It's that she's only played once. The whole round is going to be about trying and failing to show her how to hit a ball, and saying "way to go" when she bunts it forward 20 yards. not really a round of golf anymore. And this is coming from someone that happily plays with 20+ handicappers all the time. I could care less if you are good or not. As long as you can swing a golf club and keep pace, it's all good with me. Unfortunately, she will not be able to do that.
  12. I was trying to read through this thread, but got a little lost between the fat shaming and the grammar police. I think the real topic here, is that like bryson and his over-analyzation of everything or not, you can't really knock it if it works. All Bryson did was identify the area of the game where he could separate himself from the field and absolutely attack it. Gaining 7.4 strokes on the field off the tee over the weekend is absolutely ridiculous. now, is he going to be that long and continue to have above average accuracy? that remains to be seen. But, if he does, you're looking at a guy thats going to be camped out around the top of leaderboards for many tournaments to come. he actually didn't putt pooly. gained more than a stroke on the field over the weekend. It was actually around the green where he lost the tournament, where he was 61st out of 67 players.
  13. Typically I stay out of this thread, because usually my best strikes of the day don't always result in the best outcomes. however, I was really proud of this 6 iron. high draw out of the light rough to a back pin. absolutely pured it, center face, on the exact line I was intending. put it 11ft away pin high. and to top it off, drained the putt.
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