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  1. The PXG xperience is only like 20 grand or so.. no biggie.
  2. Do You Have a Set Budget for Golf Expenses?

    I try not to spend more than 75% of my paychecks on golf..
  3. Best places to live with great muni golf

    Minnesota is pretty exceptional. Arizona is awesome, but quite expensive in the winter.
  4. If I was given the chance to represent my country in a golf tournament, I can't imagine I'd wear any color other than red, white, or blue for about a year straight.
  5. This. Rickie Fowler talks about how proud he was to play for America in the Olympics all the time, even so much as to have an Olympic Tattoo on his forearm. This does not mean he's rubbing it in the face of those not selected to the team, just means he is honored to represent. Same thing with Patrick Reed wearing his Ryder Cup USA pants at the US Open this year.
  6. My Swing (lastings)

    fair enough...
  7. My Swing (lastings)

    I do see that. is there a specific thought, or change in set up that may be conducive to helping me into that position? or something I'm currently doing that is counter-intuitive to that movement?
  8. My Swing (lastings)

    noted. kind of looks like he keeps his right arm in tighter, but without pulling the club back on an inside path?
  9. My Swing (lastings)

    Alright.. another update. Grip is improving, but still a bit strong. club is more in my fingers than it looks. One issue that I was having was my left hand was rolled a bit too much to the left aligning the "v" more at my left shoulder. I've got that hand positioned better, but consequentially, that rolled my right hand a bit to the strong side. I need to have my right hand a bit more on top of the club and on top of my left hand, but currently that is causing quite a bit of pain in my left thumb. (My thumb is double-joined in the socket, so it bends an odd direction at impact.) Not entirely sure how to solve this and, consequentially, I may always struggle with grip issues. Additionally, I am working to build a back-swing that is more upright and vertical at the top, then fall flatter as my first move in the downswing. The move at the top is the part that gives me fits. if I do a 75% swing, I can be very successful at this. when I do it right, not only can I feel it, but it is very evident in my ball flight. 100% swing are more difficult. if I try to add any power to the swing, my right arm has a strong tendency to try to pull the club back over-the-top. I think, in time, I can ingrain the 75% swing in more. If I do two very slow-deliberate practice swings, then a 75% swing, I'm getting it pretty constantly. just need to translate those movements to the full swing a bit more consistently
  10. 2017 Snell PGA Championship Prediction Contest

    HA!.. yeah, I was kidding. so, whats the next step?
  11. Srixon makes irons?

    Excellent irons. Hedeki Matsuyama plays them, I believe. Edit: oh.. ha.. should have clicked the link in your post.