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  1. lastings

    Would you watch a Ryder Cup style of NFL vs NBA?

  2. lastings

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    Also, Jordan Spieth - Titleist 816H2 HYBRID 21*
  3. As those of you that have tried already know, historically it's been tough to get tee times in advance. Especially for non-residents. But, if you go to their website, you can now make tee times online. I was just playing around with it. seems much more accessible than it had been in the past. I'm headed to Long Island later this summer, so this might be my chance to get on there. cool.
  4. Are you sure you mean MP58? Thats an iron from like 2009 or 2010. That said, AP2's aren't exactly the most forgiving clubs on the market. But, they're not trying to be either. They're a players iron. so.. I don't know. you should probably hit them both. but, since the AP2s are 6-8 years newer, I'd imagine they'll feel better.
  5. Sounds like it's reading your plane correct. If your miss is typically a big hook or pull, then most likely you are coming out-to-in. just, not very far, and you've learned to compensate by squaring the club face to the path. Most people with any out-to-in swing path slice or fade. because it's actually quite difficult to square the face to the path on an out-to-in swing. The sensor can only make ball flight assumption based on path.
  6. Draw biased clubs are not bad and can help to fix a fade. But, really only if that fade is created at your club face. It sounds to me like you are pulling your driver left and fade/slicing back to the middle. This is created by path. If your fade is path driven and you buy a driver that helps close the face, you'll just end up with nasty duck hooks. ick. fix that path. then, if you have the path going in-to-out, and you are just leaving the club face open creating a push fade, then you might consider driver settings.
  7. sounds like a good opportunity to fly up to America, play Pinehurst, buy an M3 and fly home. all for the $1065 it costs to buy the driver down there..
  8. yeah, but you can't swing a 6 iron in your living room.
  9. These players are mostly legit golfers. Much more legit than I. Its way easier to hit 7/10 at the 180, than it is to hit 1/1. Same reason everyone thinks they’re so good at the driving range. Just sayin’
  10. It may be snowing where you are, as it is here. But, worldwide there has certainly been plenty of golf to derive data in the first 4 1/2 months of the year..
  11. Arccos does have a partnership with Cobra.. but, I don't really see that data being a solid marketing strategy. Technology improves every year (or at least, the driver companies want you to believe so). All that data could correlate to is that the tech released in the last 3 years has caused negative improvements.
  12. lastings

    The Hanger by Watson Golf

    I've used this a bit. Its really useful when you are trying to train yourself to lay the club flat at the top of the swing and shallow your path.
  13. I would probably watch this..
  14. I know long drive is not golf, but I’m shocked at how bad Maurice Allen is. He can barely keep his 9-iron on the course.

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