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  1. So... what you’re saying is, I’m just a couple hundred bucks away from 290yd drives? Because, if so, done deal.
  2. lastings


    I can answer this as it relates to these types of products, even though I don't use GG specifically. 1. The software has an algorithm that omits outliers in your average. build up enough data with a specific club and it has a pretty good idea whether to include it in your average or not. it will omit both chunked/topped/hit a tree shots. it will also omit abnormally long shots. (like if you hit the cart path with a drive, or bladed a 60 degree wedge 120 yards.) 2. Without a doubt. it really shows you where to focus your practice.
  3. lastings

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Annika, Annika, Annika, Annika
  4. lastings


    Yeah, a little off topic I suppose. I was just reading the topic and it got me thinking. Didn’t feel like it was a conversation big enough for its own thread. Just a small tangent.
  5. lastings


    True. But people aren’t gonna know game golf is cheaper if people don’t know game golf exists. Outside of the fact that I got my arccos for free, I wasn’t really on either side of this product comparison. I mean, game golf currently has a much better social platform. They could have the better product. I’m just saying it’s looking like the future belongs to arccos..
  6. lastings


    I guess that was an assumption by me. But, arccos is spending significantly more advertising dollars. And in a market that is very unfamiliar, even to the golf community, I don’t think that is an unreasonable assumption.
  7. lastings


    I hate to say this to the game golf users, because I’m sure it is great for the individual users, and I’m sure you get what you’re looking for from a personal standpoint, but as time goes on, all of the great breakthroughs with the productive use of all this data is all going to globe driven by arccos. With Microsoft backing the software project, along with the significantly larger user database, I just don’t think game golf is going to be able to keep up in this space. It it just seems that year over year arccos is going to continue to improve and provide deeper insights and game golf is probably going to get left in the dust.
  8. lastings

    2019 Breakout Player

    I would say Xander is eligible. career best 14th on the money list. 3 career victories going into this season, only 1 of which was in 2018. certainly widely accepted as good prior to this year, but making the jump to a top 5 guy would be considered a pretty big breakout, I think.
  9. lastings

    Stubborn Steepness

    in-to-out referring to path at impact.
  10. lastings

    Stubborn Steepness

    I have found this thread to be a hilarious illustration of how difficult golf is. 2 years ago, this thread and its topic was the epitome of all the problems in my golf swing. A steep downswing created an over-the-top move (or, vice versa), which created a weak fade with poor contact. I have worked harder on this one idea than anything else for two years, and now i've gone too far in the other direction. If I don't think about keeping my swing steep now, I'll shallow way to much and swing as much as 10 degrees in-to-out. Additionally, if i have a good shoulder turn, I can't really even fade the ball if I try anymore. Don't get me wrong, this current situation is way better than before. As long as focus on what I'm doing adn don't get lazy, I have the ability to swing on the path that I want. Also, being able to swing 10 degrees in-to-out on command has given me the ability to hit big sweeping hook 3-irons when I want to, which is kind of fun. I just find it amusing that two years I couldn't swing in-to-out if I wanted to, and now I can't do the opposite. golf is hard.
  11. lastings

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    oh, yes. I wasn't very clear on my stance here. The parents definitely made a mistake and are definitely wrong and definitely dropped the ball. They definitely need to get it together, and I hope this is a learning experience for them. I'm just concerned about what the appropriate punishment of a 15-year-old girl is because of her parents mistake. revolking her amateur status here is a life changing penalty, and pretty harsh so long as she didn't receive money from Apple.
  12. lastings

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    This is, undoubtedly, a sticky wicket. First off, "How will those girls and their parents look at Li? Will anyone call her a cheater to her face?" cheater? seriously? cheaters take steroids. cheaters intentionally ground their club in the sand. cheaters miraculously "find" lost balls. appearing in an Apple add and not being paid is not cheating. Secondly, I absolutely believe the parents may have not understood the rules and assumed that as long as she wasn't paid, she is still an amateur. I would especially believe this if they said someone at Apple's legal dept told them this. While it may be their responsibility to know, the assumption that unprepared parents thrust into an unfamiliar situation will know is a bit presumptuous. I can tell you this for sure, If I was in that situation when I was fifteen, my mom would have no clue. and the first person she would ask is the people at Apple offering the opportunity. right or wrong, that's just the way it is. but, that isn't really the sticky wicket here,. what is, is the potential penalty. If she loses her amateur status, then she probably loses out on a full ride to a good college. she misses out on a free education, but also misses out on some very valuable golf coaching. The type of coaching that could potentially mean the difference between her becoming a professional golfer and not becoming a professional golfer. would the USGA potentially destroy this girls future over a misunderstanding? should they?
  13. lastings

    Is Rory Mcllroy a bad pressure player?

    he has 4 majors and 27 professional wins. Unless the expectation is that he is the 2nd coming of Tiger Woods, then the answer is no. he is not bad under pressure. As a matter of fact, he has closed out in many high pressure situations.
  14. lastings

    Golfweek & Golf Magazine Top Courses Nebraska

    I have played both courses at the Prairie Club. actually, a couple times each. They are excellent courses. The lodging is very nice. Also, the green fees are for unlimited golf. So, going 36 is same price as 18. Only downside is that the course is half private/half public. So, for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday the Dunes course is private and you wont be able to play it. and then Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday the Pines course will be private. So if you want to play both courses, you have to stay for two days. Other than that, great facility, great practice area, great courses. Though, it is way up north in the Sand hills. maybe 30 min from South Dakota or so. Also, the Horse Course is great fun if you are with buddies. It's not layed out in any sort of order. There's a bunch of different tee areas and a bunch of different greens. But, there is no rule on which tee goes to which green. So, you just play it like a game of H-O-R-S-E in basketball. whoever won the last hole picks where you shoot next. (hence the name, Horse Course).
  15. lastings

    Unusual Putting Technique

    I hope that we are being trolled here. because if the goal here was for me to stand up in my office and look like an idiot trying to do this, said goal has been achieved.

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