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  1. I think I got par on 18 straight once when I was playing Tiger Woods golf on playstation.
  2. 100 & 90 - not sure. I started golf pretty early. I'm sure I shot in the 80's some time around 14 years old. 80: I shot 80 on the nose more than a handful of times between 1999 and 2018. but never could get below, till I shot a 78 last summer. which was baller. 70: yeah, we'll see about that.
  3. I wear jeans to work, and thus find myself on the driving range wearing jeans quite frequently. No real positive or negative to swinging in jeans. a bit hot in the summer. kinda nice in the fall.
  4. Jeans are legit before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. White belts in between.
  5. 28 ft birdie putt on hole 1 is a nice way to start the day!
  6. Well, I think I need to put this here. In the winter I am in a weekly simulator league, it’s 9 holes each week. Prior to today my best rd was a 2-over 38 (back 9 at Firestone). Today we played back 9 at harbor town. I shot a 4-under 31!! Now, simulator golf is not the same as real golf. Putts inside 6 ft. Are gimmies, for one. But, still, it was pretty unbelievable. I hit every drive in the fairway. I hit 3 separate approach shots inside of gimmie range. I only missed one gir, and that was a 7 iron from 175 that I put 2 ft from the green and then chipped to 8 inches. Anyways, typically, I would put simulator golf on this thread, but I’m kinda on a high after this one.
  7. As I look, I did not make these private. Appears Vimeo made a bunch of changes, and is trying to get people to have pay memberships. I just need to go in and individually make each video public. I'll try to get something new up sometime soon.
  8. So, I have a question, and one I think is very important for us amateurs. I have a bad grip. It’s way to strong. Way. However, it is very difficult for me to change this. And I feel like I have bigger (path) issues to work on. So, I’ll ask, how important is this? From what I understand, the miss that someone with too strong of a grip has is a hook. However, I never hook. Changing my grip is awkward and time consuming, and steals from the other things I’m trying to change. So... what flaw is my overly strong grip creating? And what precedence should it take in things I need to fix?
  9. how do you even come upon this thread? just sitting in the search bar and wondering what people are thinking about Fuzzy Zoeller these days?
  10. Would literally buy a whole new set every single year, if I could convince my wife to agree. but, I can't. so.. I play 3 seasons with my Driver. But, I could see the Taylor Made M3 I bought last year lasting longer. I buy 1 new wedge every year. so, of my 3 wedges, none has more than 2 seasons on it. I'd say I get about 7 years out of my irons. but, that just comes down to when I feel I have the disposable income to drop $1000+ on a new set. just bought a new Scotty Cameron putter last year. probably gonna be a decade before I get another.
  11. There is luck involved because when you are golfing it's tough to get more than a handful to roll within 3 feet of the cup a year. not a great chance that one in a handful goes in. However, in this scenario, I can get a handful to roll within 3 feet of the cup per day. it would be very unlucky if one doesn't fall, not lucky if one does.
  12. Also, if you hit your 8-iron 250 times per day for 30 straight days, can you imagine how good you'd at hitting an 8-iron?
  13. The more I think about it, the more I feel i'd take this bet, and its not even close. It takes about 10 balls to really get dialed in on a club. 4 times per day (250 broken up to avoid fatigue), you groove 60 straight swings at the same target. I would be very surprised if I didn't get it within a week. to elaborate further, I would guess that out of every 50 balls, about 5 of them are making a decent run at the cup. by decent, I mean within 3 feet of either side and a speed that has a chance of going in. I think that is fair. and if that is fair, it means you are making a decent run at that cup 25 times per day.
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