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  1. Thanks. have been working on Grip quite a bit. pretty comfortable with where it is now. mostly focused on swing speed, currently (superspeed sticks). --also, chipping and putting. could use some improvement there, and it's good to work on while stuck at home. medium trajectory draw with the irons. Driver is pretty much dead straight. my miss is rarely a ball flight miss (hook or slice). I'll pull one every now and then. or block a driver out to the right. but, mostly my misses are fat or thin (which I think can't be attributed to the really bad grip I was working with). hopefully, now that I'm more comfortable with a more neutral grip and more in my fingers, I'll see some improvement there.
  2. Alright.. fixed up the DTL. Moved camera to my toe line.
  3. Well.. stuck in the house, might as well work on my swing. kinda tough getting good video in the garage. Gonna have to work on the DTL set up. But, for now, here’s what I’ve got.
  4. Interesting that no one in this thread happened to mention that Dean Snell said he thinks there is a distance problem on tour.
  5. There are tons of great options, especially in the Scottsdale area. (I assume you are looking for a private club?) That said, budgets over there are all over the place. I mean, I could send you over to Whisper Rock, or Silver Leaf... but I'm just gonna go ahead and guess you won't be affording those. (not that just anyone can become a member there anyways). I've played Arizona Country club, which is very nice, and from what I understand is priced reasonable. I've played Terravita in Scottsdale as well, which is nice, it also sits next to a 55+ community. The golf club itself is not 55+, but I think darn near 100% of the members there are. As far as numbers 2-5.. This is Arizona. there are tons of snowbird members at all clubs all winter long. you should be good wherever you choose.
  6. Yeah, the $49 chaska resident rate is quite a deal compared to the $74 non-resident. Not to mention $20 for the cart. Keller is pretty solid as well, though.
  7. All the time. Not practice, per say. But, you know. Ok. So my wife is on the mood to take pictures.. so.. ? Left (top) looks pretty strong there, or, no?
  8. Wait.. what? I went from possibly the most ridiculously strong grip on this site to pretty weak? This effin game, man. means I should probably post more. At some point I’d guess it was right. anyways.. Left hand or right hand or both is too weak?
  9. In the picture my hands look.. far apart, or separated, or not tight.. or something. Doesn’t feel that way though. I’d guess there’s an issue there.
  10. Been working on grip. Went from bad to whatever this is (which is, at the least, better). It’s been difficult.
  11. Ok. This winter I’m really only working on two swing items. Swing speed, and grip. here’s where I’m at on grip. Thoughts?
  12. No, I understand both your points regarding bats. but, in more than one post you have dismissed the wood/metal bat argument, by solely entering the BBCor argument. which is the least significant difference between wood and metal bats. The fact that metal bats produce greater exit velocity (or, did) is not the reason players are forced to change their approach with wood bats. This is also a pretty false statement regarding cost. First off, wood bats are about $100. Composite bats are about $400. Breaking 4 wood bats over the course of a college season would be pretty unlikely. Also, it's not entirely out of the question that players are using 2 or even 3 composite bats over the course of the year. (in highschool, I didn't use my game bat for practice, because they break down in time). lets just go ahead and omit D1 schools, since most of their equipment is provided by sponsors to begin with (certainly the top teams). But, at DIII schools, most players are buying their own bat(s). usually at a discounted price or even at cost through the team's sponsored catalog. I would imagine this works in a similar way for golf, but I don't really know. The only real argument I can really get behind is the fact that players transition from amateur to Pro to Amateur in Golf. but, I don't give it as much weight as you do.
  13. I think one thing that is not being addressed is that wood bats force you to change your entire approach at the plate. It's a lot more that just the added "pop" from the sweet spot of a metal bat. which BBCor addressed a bit. but decreased weight (increasing swing speed), a bigger sweet spot (requiring less precision). and most importantly, significantly more forgiveness on non-sweetspot hits. specifically, but not limited to the fact that you can hit metal bats off the hands on the tapered area and not only not break your bat, but sometimes come away with a decent hit. Once you switch to wood bats, you have to learn that you can no longer swing at pitches you have become accustomed to swinging at your whole life. not to mention that the move to a wood bat typically signifies moving up a level where you'll have to swing a heavier bat at pitches that are coming harder. I believe that the comparison from baseball bats to golfers switching to a different golf ball is not as easily dismissed as some of the comments in this thread are suggesting.
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