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  1. Players: John Rahm (-12)Masters: Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (-13)PGA Championship: Rory McIlroy (-15)U.S. Open: Rory McIlroy (-3)British Open: Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (-6)FedExCup: Justin Thomas (-24, including the fact that he starts -10)
  2. That would be so awsome to spend 10's of thousands of dollars to belong to a Private club just so you can get there at 9:30am and wait till 1:30pm when it your turn to golf. Seriously, though. if your club is exclusive that tee times are not necessary, than you'll pretty much be able to walk on whenever you want, whether you have a tee time or not. If your club is more crowded than that, tee times are obviously necessary.
  3. I don't think Game Golf dropped the ball as much is it is that they are just not nearly as well funded as Arccos is. Arccos has received at a minimum of $9.9 million in venture capital money, whereas Game golf is under $2M. now, these are both privately held companies, and nothing is know about privately held investments in them, but, I haven't seen anything as far as far as advertisements/marketing or technological advancements that would suggest they have anywhere near the cash that Arccos does. It's just very tough to compete as a tech company with significantly less capital.
  4. I don't think this really needs to carry over into another thread.
  5. lastings

    PGA Show 2020

    maybe 2 seperate threads would be better? one for gyroscopes and one for PGA show? I keep coming back to this thread looking for cool new stuff. but, nope... gyroscopes.
  6. I play in a weekley simulator league. There are things that translate well and those that don't. Distance, spin, flight path are all pretty accurate. but, you have to remember that the simulator lines you up perfectly every time. Not only is the screen airmed directly at you target, but you also have walls, and even lines on the ground that help you aim straight. So, if you have alignment issues, you'll hit more fairways and greens in a simulator than in real life. Additionally, Simulators are really great for dialing up your wedge distances, but remember that doesn't really account for turf interaction. so, take those distances with a grain of salt. A well struck, crisp pitch shot in a simulator will be equal to a well struck, crisp pitch shot outside. but mishits, especially fat ones, are forgiven much more in a simulator.
  7. lastings

    PGA Show 2020

    This can't be legal.... can it?
  8. Ha, no not quite. It’s a 520 yd hole. If you tried to cut it you’d probably have to carry like 425.
  9. I guess if we’re throwing out pictures, here’s our signature 18th.
  10. Home Course - Chaska Town Course - Chaska, MN I'd say a 6.5. It's definitely at least a 6. I would drive an hour and a half to play it (if it wasn't 5 minutes from my house). That said, I've driven and hour and half for worse, so it's a bit subjective. But, i'd think that if someone 100 miles away drove to play it, they'd leave pretty satisfied.
  11. Missing a could top level courses here... Wild Rock - Wisconsin Dells WIld Ridge - Eau Claire
  12. Improve my Stokes gained on approach to be consistent (or at least closer) with where my driving and putting are. If all of golf was driving and putting I would be a 3 handicap. however, my approach game is that of a 13 handicap. Steps I'm taking to do so. 1) Added a 3W to my bag. hoping to utilize to approach the green or near the green in 2 on Par 5s. 2) Significant amount of work on flighted wedges inside of 120 yds. really need to be significantly better from 60-120. 3) full swing work never stops.
  13. I would like to see any combination of all majors being won by only Tiger and Rory.
  14. fair enough. done and done.
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