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  1. There are 3 pine trees straight ahead. The far right one specifically is the target line. I pull the ball quite a bit left with the driver, and a little left with the 7 iron. For whatever it's worth (nothing, I imagine), the driver swing fades back on target at the end and ends right on line. Dont know if that affects diagnisis at all or not..
  2. Well... with the Driver... My stance is THAT closed. if you can see where the ball comes off, it is right on target. (or maybe just a hair left.). 7 iron was right on target. That said, with the old grip, I was hitting the ball out and it was drawing back to the middle. With this new grip, the ball comes off straight (or slightly left) and fades at the end. So, I suppose the closed stance seems a bit silly now.
  3. ok.. becoming much more comfortable with the new grip. I've managed to straighten out the driver. but, still about 20 yds shorter than I used to be. don't really know whats going on there. but... here's some new videos - 7-iron down the line (sorry about the poor trimming on this one. swing doesn't start till about 50 seconds in) 7-iron - head on Driver - Down the line Driver - head on
  4. funny.. when I read the beginning of your paragraph I was going to mention Justin Thomas. He's probably the most exaggerated example of this,. As I read farther, i noticed that you already mentioned him.
  5. This is extraordinarily entertaining. The DirecTV commercial is outrageous. why are they wearing golf shoes?
  6. why on earth do they all bank hole 1?
  7. I fear that my Driver path is "goofy as hell". Something about my driver swing just doesn't feel the same as my iron swing. I sure hope those 20 yds aren't gone for good, though. I sure am gonna miss them.
  8. well... uh oh.. I was working with the new grip today. I am really starting to hit my irons well. The grip is certainly helping in terms of disbursement. I am lacking a bit of distance, but occasionally I'll hit one real crisp and they fly as far as ever. just a learning curve to start hitting a shots as consistently solid as with this old grip. we'll get there. but, then.. I pulled out the driver. ick is the only thing I can say about that. every swing producing a weak fade or even a slice. even worse, the few times I was able to hit it straight or bend it slightly left, It was maxing out at about 260. about 20-25 yds shorter than I was previously hitting it. Supposed to be a sunny day here tomorrow, so hopefully i can get video of both iron swing and driver swing.
  9. pretty tricky subject. My first instinct is "absolutely not." but, the more I think about it, I'm not sure how it disadvantages other players. if she's out of contention, it doesn't matter at all. And if she is the leader, It lets everyone know where the bar is at before the round even starts. So, that said, I think it disadvantages her more than any other. now, if she got to play her Sunday round after everyone, that would be a different story.
  10. noted. and, thank you.
  11. ok.. round two today of working with the new grip. headed over to the simulator over lunch and hit 50 or 60 balls with the 7-iron. I am certainly becoming much more comfortable with the new grip. Still feels very awkward, but I am starting to make pretty consistent contact on the ball. but feels pretty awkward all the way up through my elbows, and I feel like I have less control over the path of the club on both the back-swing and down swing. still another 5+ session from being comfortable, I think. anyways, three things I immediately noticed today. 1) I am not getting a consistent flight path, as I was. now, sometimes draw, sometimes fade. but, both curves are very light, and the fade is actually nice, because it starts a bit left of target and fades back towards it. 2) the pull-hook is non-existent. I didn't hit a single one all day long. so, that is a bonus. 3) ball flight is much higher and backspin on the 7-iron has increased from about 6400 to 7100. so, thats probably a good thing. anyways, back to work. I'll probably swing by the range on the way home today. Once i start to feel more comfortable later this week, I'll try to get some video and report back.
  12. I love watching those shows on the golf channel. Especially Michael Breed. But, ultimately, it's not really personalized instruction, so you don't really get too much instruction from it. Maybe a swing thought idea here and there, and some short game drills to work on. As a matter of fact, I think a long while ago, I learned how to hit out of the sand from the golf channel. That is still, to this day, the one skill I gain strokes on all of my friends at. (unfortunately, I imagine bunker shots are like a SV (-8), given that I have like 1 per round. tops.) But, it's still quite enjoyable nonetheless. It's always fun to listen to people talk about the golf swing. If your'e in to that kinda thing.
  13. hey, look..... I've become a case study!
  14. Ouch. When I saw this video of my swing, the first things I noticed was how far back in my stance the ball was, and the lack of any foot flare. I've been working through those for the past week. Easy fixes. Incorporating those into the swing has been no issue at all. The grip is another issue. I've known for some time that my grip is way too far on the strong side. But, taking swings with a grip closer to neutral feels so awkward. Not just awkward, but repeated shanks. That said, I've never put the work into adjusting my grip because i didn't (and maybe don't still) understand the benefit of doing so. But, if you think it's worth the effort, I'll get to work. Hopefully it takes in reletively short order.
  15. Get them all plane tickets to Alaska.