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  1. I have the screw ins... Had my Driver fall off once, and lost it. that was annoying. Solved the problem by wrapping the grip/sensor connection with a piece of hockey tape. I've actually come to really enjoy the stickiness of the hockey tape at the end of my grip.
  2. crank that loft up to 10.5. it'll be more forgiving, and you may even gain a bit of distance, depending on your current launch trajectory.
  3. I do it all the time in the fairway. on casual rounds anyways. In a divot? pop that thing right out of there. in souply muck after a rain? lift, clean, and place. anywhere but the fairway, I don't touch it. but, fairway lies aren't meant to be penalizing. we play pretty nice courses, so rarely is there an issue. but, when there is, I roll it. As do my playing partners.
  4. I said 7-9 which seems accurate. I absolutely flush 5-6 drivers per round (around max distance), right down the pipe. then usually I'll get a couple 7 or 8 irons just right.
  5. not just that... but, have you watched those long drive competitions? They very infrequently hit what would be the fairway. and some times they'll hook or slice one what would be 3 fairways over. A great driver does not just Drive the ball far. It's how far can you drive it accurately. I bet they lose 60+ years of distance if they have to remain accurate. well, you take 60+ yards off of a 380 guy, you've got someone that tops out at 320. or, nothing too special on the PGA tour. Rory constantly hits the ball that long and also excels to a professional level at every other aspect of the game. Even if they could be accurate enough at 350, PGA players make up so many more strokes on the other parts of the game that the extra 20-30 yards would not be close to enough to overcome.
  6. umm... the same way I deal with all bunker conditions. Swing hard and pray.
  7. I once heard that there are 20,000 courses in the US.. (I think on this site somewhere).. so that is 360,000 in the US alone. probably fair to assume that nearly half the courses are here. So I'll say... 750.000
  8. I’ve actually found that using these to work on speed eliminates some wasted motion and actually makes your swing more consistent. 2-for-1 deal.
  9. Well, broke 80 yesterday. Shot a 76, but I’m not sure it counts. Dwan Golf Club - Bloomington, MN Par 68 - 5,485 yds - 66.1/119 short course. Only 2 par 5s. still.. played pretty well, though.
  10. No. Not at all. Every course I play at is difficult. @sjduffers explained it pretty well. Also, I wasn’t an 8 when I made that post, I was a 10.5.
  11. lastings

    45 Putts

    my condolences.
  12. This is a pretty simple issue for me. I golf. a lot. twice a week, including every single saturday. That said, my marriage is also very important to me. I understand that I can not just say this, it must be proven as well. I only allow myself my personal recreation time so long as I am willing to give the same time to our marriage. An an example of this is that on Saturdays I almost exclusively golf at 7 or 8 am tee times. I am home before 2pm, even if I have lunch, leaving me enough time to get home, do a bit of yard work and take my wife out to dinner or a movie or whatever. This is not difficult to do. It can, however, be exhausting. I lose a lot of my time to relax around the house and whatnot. but, that is my choice. I choose golf over relaxing free time.
  13. Peeing in the aisle's? come on Thunder Bear?! I guess thats what you get for riding on a plane with Poulter, though.
  14. welp.. 8.3. was really hoping to drop into the 7s, but the last few rounds haven't been great. hopefully get it this revision.
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