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  1. Picked up a birdie on 1. Had a 60-yd pitch that rolled up and hit the flag stick and left me with a kick in birdie. (i still contend that it was going a good speed adn the Eagle was denied by COVID stick.)
  2. haha... take whatever strategy I had last weekend at my club championship and throw it right out the window. day 1 - got there 1.5 hrs early. spent 30 min on the putting green, 15 min on the chipping green. went inside adn had a cliff bar and a Gatorade. then wen't back out. hit a warm-up bucket and spent the last 10 min on the putting green before tee off. shot 94 and effectively threw the tournament away. day 2 - got to the course 15 min early and disgruntled because I was already out of it. wen't inside, got a beer hit about 10 putts on the green and tee'd off. shot 79. so, I guess my advice would be don't over think it. (also, make sure you know the rules., specifically the difference between red stakes, yellow stakes, and white OB steaks. and don't hit a provisional if your tee shot may have gone in a staked hazard.)
  3. Yeah, there is. It just makes me want to swing harder and when I swing harder, it triggers me to swing more with my arms and cause a slice. But, lots of people use it and have no issues during the season. it’s really just a personal thing, and I’m long enough right now. Just focusing more on fairways.
  4. Interesting. I haven’t really tried to match it up. I’ll try to look later and see how accurate mine is.
  5. I just don’t do it during the summer. I feel like it messes up my swing a bit. Also, after the initial jump in swing speed, the incremental gains get smaller. It’s not that I gave it up, I just work on other stuff in the summer.
  6. Ok, I deleted the app and downloaded it again and got the new update. And, I gotta say, wow! So much better, so much more detailed. Being able to select a target handicap and seeing on which aspects you are gaining and losing strokes to that handicap is awesome. Even better, which part of that aspect of the game. For example, I lose about 2 strokes to a scratch player putter. But, I am pretty much equal on 10-25ft putts and 25-50ft putts. I’m a good lag putter, but I lose about 2 strokes on 0-10 ft putts. Gotta putt a couple more close ones in per round. I was reading about it and your estimated handicap will likely change and they are operating based on an entirely different methodology based all on strokes gained data from the history of all arccos users. Mine actually got a bit worse. also, at the top of the screen switch it from “overall game” to “approach”. Than, scroll all the way to the bottom. That’ll give you those GIR stats you were looking for.
  7. Mine still looks the same on iOS. When was the update? I’m not seeing an update available. does yours look like this? Or is there something new? and.. if yours does still look like mine, just click approach at the top and it will bring you to overall gir stats. Or you can select clubs and see your stats for each individual club and distance. disregard my last part about GIR.. I missed this part of your post.
  8. Picked up a birdie on #9. Par 5. On in 3, drilled a 22' putt for bird. Also, hit a pitching wedge from 135 to 1' to birdie #10 for back-to-back birdies. (already had #10, though.) Also, frustratingly, on #14 (par 3), hit a 9-iron to 3 feet and missed the birdie putt. still have #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14, #18. The only one of these holes that I fear I may never birdie is #11. The rest are gettable. but, I'm running out of time.
  9. I wouldn't really call this true. Tom Watson used bang all of his putts in the back of the hole and missed 5' past all the time, and he was considered one of the best, if not THE best, putter of his generation. He felt he was more accurate being aggressive and putting through breaks, and he had no fear of missing the 5' comebacker.
  10. This. or, at least courses that I'm not super familiar with. also, are you guys thinking about more detailed things such as: slope of the green - potentially opting to give yourself longer straighter putts rather than close putts with more undulation. an example of when this could be a choice is when, say, the pin is front left, but tucked behind a bunker and the green is tiered a bit in back. so your choices (while avoiding that short side bunker), are hit back middle left, which is safe and will yield a closer, more undulating putt. or, go front right, which yields a longer flatter putt. that's just one example, but there are many things like this. sometimes a chip from fairway running up to the green might be easier than many putts, is another example. are these types of things anyone is paying attention to? or is it a bit over overthinking to try and consider too much?
  11. I guess this is really the crux of my question. I’m looking for better ways to identify black areas around the green. Especially on courses I’ve never played or only played a couple times. it’s too often that I am missing in to areas where I get up to my ball and say to myself, “well, if I knew this was the situation, I would have aimed my miss to the other side of the green”. when you are standing 150yds away from a green, even on a course you’ve never played before, I feel like there are clues as to where the good misses are and where the bad misses are. And ways to be a little more thoughtful that just aim away from the bunker or avoid the water. I’m really looking to see if anyone here is thinking this way, and if so, what clues are you looking for, or do you have a little mental checklist or something like that?
  12. I’ve been rolling with the lsw strategy. Aim at center of the green much more often than I go at the pin. Certainly helps me hit more GIR and intern more pars. but, I just feel like there is more to this. More to identify when planning my approach. There are definitely times where aiming the center of my shot zone somewhere other than center of green is beneficial. Indentifying problem areas in advance. Being able to identify an easy chip vs. a difficult chip. Etc. etc.
  13. Questions on approaching the green strategy. I am starting to think more and more about how to maximize my opportunity at birdie while limiting my chances at bogey (assuming I am approaching in regulation). Really my only thoughts are aim at the center of the green if I am a 7-iron or more away. Aim to the 1/3 of the green where the pin is, if I am an 8-iron or closer. But, that said, I am not planning my misses very well. For example, two days ago I missed a green right into a little run-off area. So I had to chip up to a pin on the short side and, of course, the green was running downhill away from me. Needless to say, I chipped the other side of the green and bogey’d with no chance at par. The decision I made put me in the worst possible spot. If I had missed the green on the opposite side, it would have been a pretty easy ship to get close and have a good chance at par. But, my decision making process left me no change to miss on that side. So, my question is, when you are approaching the green, what all goes into your decision making process? Or does anyone know of a good book on this subject? Or, is there a good thread on here, that I can’t find? Anyone can make par when they hit the ball where they are aiming. I would like to have better chances of making par when I miss..
  14. It's a possibility that he wasn't even conscious he was doing it. some people can get so focused in tournaments they barely even remember there is someone else in their group.
  15. I live in the twin cities (MN) western Suburbs. not sure if these are all strictly within 20 miles. but, all close enough for me to make a 7:30am tee time. so, I'm counting them. 1) Windsong Farm (private) - Maple Plain, MN 2) Spring Hill Golf Club (private) - Orono, MN 3) Chaska Town Course (public) - Chaska, MN 4) Olympic HIlls (Private) - Eden Prairie, MN 5) Ridges at Sand Creek - Jordan, MN
  16. picked up a birdie on #15. 151 ys par 3. hit it to 20ft, made the putt. (also, birdied #16.... again) Finally, Par'd #11. 3w - 240 down the middle, 4i 195 to 15 ft, 2 putts. been trying to check that one off for weeks. Par challenge complete.
  17. I'm not seeing this app in the app store. I do see a Golf Genius.. is that it, or am i missing something?
  18. Hi All, each year I run a 16 person, Ryder cup style tournament. I’m looking for an app that would help us create a live leaderboard. Looking for recommendations. here’s are the items that would be big bonuses. 1. 1 person can manage the event (set up games, groups, etc. 2. One person in each group can keep scores for the whole group. 3. 9 hole events 4. two-man scramble as a game option 5. stableford scoring as an option 6. ease of use for both scorekeeper, administrator, and spectators very important. Any help appreciated. thanks.
  19. In my practice routine, I’ve found that hitting too many drivers is a waste of stamina. As was mentioned above, the driver is more forgiving. Less than good swings can produce good results. range routine: 50 ball bucket section 1: warm up -5 balls with a 7, 8, or 9. (Random pick from my left-middle bag slot.) -5 balls with 4, 5, or 6 (corresponding with the one above. section 2: long clubs -3w off the deck until I hit 2 in a row well. -1 3w off a tee (assuming its good) -drivers until I hit 2 in a row well. section 3: scoring rest of the bucket with mostly sand wedge. But, all various shots between 40 and 110 yds. my best range days, I feel, are the ones where it only takes my 5 balls to get through the 3w/driver section. I’m just more focused with a couple driver swings, rather than bashing a ton of drivers, knowing when I miss one that I can make up for it with the next swing.
  20. I’m kind of confused at all the arguments in this thread. @Bump-n-MI is just here providing a bit of insight on his real life experience, in real time. There’s no argument to be had here.
  21. you've certainly got me intrigued.
  22. Picked up 2 new birdies yesterday. Hole #10, Par 4. 394 yds Well hit driver down the right side of the fairway, flirting with the trees on the right just a bit, but safe. There was a breeze in my face, which I thought was a fill club. but wasn't quite. hit an 8 iron on the back side of the green (pin in front). drilled a 30 ft. downhill slider for Birdie. Hole #7, Par 5. 499 yds about a 1 club breeze at my back. Hit Driver right down the pipe. then hit a 5-iron over the ravine on to the fringe. knocked that 50+ foot putt from the fringe to about 4 feet, and drained for Bird
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