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  1. I used to hit rather well I thought. I spent 3 nights a week on a driving range hitting 150+ balls per evening. I injured myself and didn't touch the clubs for 12 years. I dug them out of the garage the other day as I really need to find a hobby that's not playing World of Warcraft so I can do something outside of my house besides goto work. I'm going to attempt to get back onto a range a this fall (when it's not 90+ degrees outside) and I'll redevelop my swing. When I was taught how to swing it was with an even tempo from back to front. I'm not sure how fast my swing speed was. The reason I'm asking for information is so I have some baseline of what I'm used to. I'm likely going to just get fitted for a new set since these clubs are so old but I figured why not try to get a little information on them.
  2. I am so embarrassed - I have no idea why I typed Champion... They are "Confidence" clubs by Bob Williams. I'll edit my OP now.
  3. Sadly it's too soon for me to get the time off work otherwise I'd seriously consider. Granted I've not golfed in about 12 years but I hear it's like riding a bike - right? XD
  4. I'm looking for information about Champion "Wide Zoom Body" irons by Bob Williams design. My old boss sold me a set (4-9) and they have Champion MX200 graphite shafts (listed as S flex). I'm curious as to how old the design is (I'm guessing they're non USGA conforming if they're as old as I think they are) as well as what graphite shaft of today might be comparable. Thanks for any information! I'm quite stumped as my Google-fu is weak it seems.
  5. Hi All! Quickie post about me is probably how I'll start. Born & raised in Norwalk OH - currently living in Toledo OH. Spent 3 nights a week playing at Thunderbird Hills driving range in Huron OH when i was younger (say, 12 years ago). I injured myself one evening as I had a rather bad day - went to the range and just beat the ever living tar outta the balls in frustration. Tore my back up. I'm rather out of shape now but I'm seriously considering getting a nice set of clubs and hitting the range again early next calendar year and see if I can't actually make it onto a course for the 2nd time ever in my life XD. Looking forward to the community here. See everyone around!
  6. First post - I saw Eagle Creek and was thinking "Oh heck no..." but it's true. I'm from Norwalk, OH! Made me smile to see the first thread on the site something pertaining to home! Have fun at EC!
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