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  1. Maybe it's the plethora of drugs I took in the '60's, but this makes no sense to me at all. Maybe someone can help me out of my flawed thinking on this. For simplicity, let's use the face of a clock, where the target line is 6:00 to 12:00. Your slice is caused by your swing plane moving from 5:00 to 11:00. The ball travels from the center of the clock, over 12:00 and slices to 1:00 somewhere out there (for simple math). Correct? If you back up your rear foot, your stance is now pointed as if the target line was 7:00 to 1:00, right? Your "new" swing plane is 6:00 to 12:00 b
  2. Yes, players in our league should always - and are encouraged to hit a provisional ball - if/when it MAY appear your first ball could be unplayable ... i.e. a hazard, crap that separates two fairways, whatever. We DO play by the rules, with the local club exception of hitting a second ball from the spot the first ball was lost without having to go back to the original spot (lateral penalty) to slow down league play after looking for five minutes. In this particular case, my opponent elected (for whatever reasons) to go looking for his first ball even though on the t
  3. Just to be clear, the league I am in has a "speed up rule" that if a ball not in a hazard is lost, you can drop from the spot where the ball was "lost" to save time going back to the original spot and slowing down the league. And no, he did not declare a provisional, as I understand today, he just dropped, having given up looking for the first ball.
  4. You know, that's what I thought. As limited as my understanding of ALL the idiocincricies of the rules of golf, I thought I understood that as soon as you place another ball in play, that ball is in play . The first one be dammed, it's a "declared" lost ball. But the odd thing was, if he DID hit a second ball, why didn't he go pick it up (where ever it was, 'cause I didn't actually see him hit again)? Maybe he knew he f%^*&^cked up and didn't want to admit it??? I hope not, Al and I are co-workers and friends (sort of) and this is a friendly league. Thanks for the response
  5. Last night in league, my opponent duck hooks his first tee shot left, across our fairway over to #9 of an adjacent nine. Between the two holes are trees, tall grass, just plain crap and jail. He's looking for his ball forever (my partner and I were on the right side of the fairway looking for HIS ball). After quite a few minutes, "Al" comes strolling down #9 and said to my partner (I thought) that he gave up and hit another ball. At that same time, a foursome coming up 9 yells to us and lo and behold, there's Al's ball on the opposite side of the adjacent fairway. So he hit it. Now he n
  6. From my slice experiences ... if I take the club inside, my next move down is over the top. If I get quick, and I get inside, my over the top move comes out to say hello and push-slice is my reward. I just know that from what I do incorrectly, when I do it. If I get too quick on the downswing, the club gets there faster than my hands and the face is open (push). "now i just push, and push it hard out right" Obviously the face is open at impact. Fix that first.
  7. My two cents without seeing your swing ... 1) Make sure both feet are on the ground though the backswing to start of the downswing; 2) Make sure the takeway, your club head is outside (in front of) your hands 3) Rotate with your shoulders to the top, don't "swing" the club behind you (over the top move is next). 4) Slow down your backswing (sounds like you might be rushing) 5) Smooth swing through the ball rotating your hips and shoulders to the "PGA finish" position. You can hit the ball farther by slowing down, but you cannot hit the ball straighter by swinging fas
  8. This isn't a review of the book; I just got it yesterday. I "paged through" a few sections last night, but the book looks good - informative, helpful. I think Tom Watson is a classy guy, with that "fatherly" attitude and his book reflects that same manner. I did see in some of the chapters, Tom talks to his swing, his methods and then to US . the book has parts that says (in essesence), for you amateurs, you should ... ... ... I cannot wait to delve into the book this weekend (high temps in the 40's, no golf in WI) and also come back on here and see
  9. http://www.amazon.com/Tour-Tempo-Secret-Finally-Revealed/dp/0385509278 buy it ... use it ... you'll never regret it ...
  10. "Not sure if it's still there, but Myrtle Beach used to have one called the World Tour of Golf or something like that where they had (I think) 27 holes which were just a compilation of the best holes in golf." Yup, World Tour ... played all 27. Some replica holes are just cut into the ground that was there. 11, 12, 13 of Amen Corner is okay, but (like Hertz) not exactly ... 17 at Sawgrass was just some island cut into a hill, surrounded on 3 sides by water ....
  11. Set down the drinks, stay loose with your partners and slow down ... slow way down. If it were me ... I'd guess you get a bit anxious, "I'll show you dudes who can whack the ball the farthest ..." and your tempo is waaaaaay too fast. The worse you hit it, the faster your tempo and the worse your game then the faster your tempo and so on. Kinda like McIlroy's 7 on # 10 yesterday ... it just snowballs until it kills ya ... Whatever your tempo is on the range or by yourself ... memorize some jingle in your head ... one and two and three and .... etc. or watch me hit this ball ... in
  12. What do you think Stevie thinks when Tiger misses .... from short range. Tiger: "Frickin' frack, frazzle ...." Stevie; " DOH !!! Mercedes; cross it off ... Tiger: "Oiy, freegin', frizzle, frop ..." Stevie: " DOH !!! Bently, cross it off .... Tiger: "ooofff ... Yimminee crickets." Stevie: DOH !!! Flying lessons, cross it off the list ..." I'm no expert, but was at Augusta on Friday (before it got really hot for the weekend) ... and sitting at 15 for a while, watching those pros navigate that green (and 16 we could see from our seats).
  13. Indescribable beauty. What a course!! No flat screen, 2D (even in HD) TV picture will ever do justice to the flowers, the pines, the grass, the greens, the sand NOR the elevation changes on that phenominal course. Cross one off the bucket list, I was at Augusta!!! What a place. The Mecca of Golf in America ... Mark
  14. I'll report back on Monday, when I return!! The sad thing about our trip east and back, is I'll miss the televised finals on Sunday for the first time in well over 30 years ... Thanks for all the input, this truly is a trip of a lifetime.
  15. Thanks Double ... good stuff; thanks everyone for the tips. I'm hoping to log several miles next Friday taking in as much of the course as I can. Hopefully by the time the afternoon rounds begin, I'm planted somewhere and let the pros come to us. I can hardly wait ... ... ... If you're watching on TV on Friday and you see some guy running across 11 fairway, rolling onto the grass and ducking for cover in the azealias ... being chased by 10 cops ... ... ... ... ... ... that's probably me!!!
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