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  1. Like the Sandlot when Smalls didn't know who Babe Ruth was......
  2. My brother and I were talking about this earlier........like the "long drive holes" you see the sign 380 yards up the fairway and think there is no way....at the awards you see the guy that "claimed" he hit it....... i get a kick out of it really..those tourny's are for fun and most benifit a cause in the community, its a shame some people have to cheat.
  3. wish list: Browning A-Bolt 22-250 Bushmaster AR-15 BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) WW2 ...Grandad has one...you can go through 500$ worth of Ammo really quick!! hard to get too
  4. low tee is perfect , but you dont want to hit down on the ball, just sweep through it...i actually find it easier to keep the ball down by teeing it up higher and picking the ball off the tee....
  5. I havent brought myself to buy a pistol yet ....thought about it, i just dont see myself getting my moneys worth
  6. Great to have a Tx poster....Im new here to and just a little north west of ya
  7. Tiger Woods.....hands down
  8. Im glad i have one but hope i never have to use it other than hunting.....
  9. Rem. Mod. 700 7mm Mag Rem. Mod. 642 6mm Rem Model 1100 12 Gauge And the ol 20 Gauge breakover ( ol Betsy)
  10. I agree, try swinging smoother...you might even pick up a few yards..
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