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  1. It looks like we were there about the same time, I played Indian Canyons south course twice...WOW
  2. Well guys and gals I'm back. This year was better then ever. I was only able to get in 5 rounds in 6 days due to a car issue on one day. Also weather was coming in over the pass back to San Diego so I left on Friday after noon vs. Saturday. What can I say about the Cochella Valley you haven't already heard. I played Indian Springs twice, Silver Rock once and Indian Canyons twice. The pictures are of Indian Canyons, this course is now my favorite of the valley with green fees at $75.00 in December it is also one of the best values I've found in the years I've been going there. Anyway
  3. First, 'm sorry for not posting more, I do a lot ore reading then I do posting. I know the site wants more contributions and I'm going to try to improve on that. I've been looking forward to this all year. Every Dec I go to the Cochella Valley for 6 days of golf. I arrive tomorrow. Golf starts Sunday when I play my yearly blood match with one of my best friends at Indian Springs. Monday my brother will come into town and we are playing Silver Rock. He may stick around an extra day and play a round at different course on Tuesday. Wed,-Fri. I'm wide open and will play a few of the oth
  4. Hi ya'll! Sorry to say I will not be able to make the outing on the 24th due to a family engagement. We lost my cousin to cancer a cpl of weeks ago and will be spreading her ashes on the Baja coast on the 24th. Have a great time and don't forget to post a bunch of photos for those of us that can't make it this time a-round (see what I did there?). Hope to make the next one. Fredo San Diego CA
  5. 1966 Chrysler 300 I've been building for about 4 years.
  6. I guess geography has a lot to do with price. In San Diego we have year round golf, but we also pay the sunshine tax. My home course Bonita CC is 45 on weekends and 30 weekdays with cart. I play ever other Monday with three older gents but we walk so closer to 22 bucks. Also twilight rates cut t way down and it starts at 1:00 pm at Bonita. I splurge a few times a year, mostly in Dec when I'm in the Palm Springs area I'll pay $100-$200 a couple of times at places like Silver Rock and TPC Stadium course in La Quinta.
  7. I find that most people mark their ball. So to avoid any confusion I simply don't. Also I play a lower level ball because it fits my game. Not many folks playing the Nike Mojo anymore. Bonus, 10 bucks a dozen and I like the results.....most of the time. I also find it interesting that when I am in the rough, most of the time I find the high dollar balls, which is an interesting point on the power of advertisement. (I have a cpl dozen Pro-V-1s at home I give them to my brother when I see him)
  8. There is no argument being made in the cartoon. It simply states a fact, however I think if little Kevin has good reason to sit it out then alright. If on the other hand he is as wrong as Kaepernick is, there is where I have a problem. Under the 1st amendment we have the rights granted too all. It does not make anyone right simply because they use the right to spout unfounded political BS.
  9. I feel he (Kaepernick) has every right to protest by sitting on his overpaid ass during the national anthem. I feel that way because when I joined the US Army in Oct of 1973 I took and oath, the oath had nothing to do with rather or not I greed with a silly over paid ignorant (of the facts) nitwit. The oath means that I will defend your right to say what you think even if your head is so far up your ass all you can smell is your morning coffee. Kaepernick is wrong on the issues, he is wrong on his opinion and has no clue as to the real injustices that plague our country. But I took and oa
  10. Hi all, I'm bumping this thread up to see if there are any changes and/or are we still on for this. PS: Shindig I sent you a private mssg re: prizes. Fredo San Diego CA
  11. Hockey, AKA the greatest game ever played by mankind. But that's just my opinion. I grew up a LA Kings Fan, I went to elementary school about 5 blocks from the Fabulous Forum. I can remember ditching 5th grade so I could sneak into the forum and watch them practice. However I gave up on the Kings when they changed their team colors to the gang banger colors of silver and black because the Raiders came to LA . Purple and Gold are the colors of royalty. I no longer "HAVE" a team in the NHL, but I'll watch any game being played. I love Minor League Hockey as in the San Diego Gulls. Wife an
  12. Yeah, that was a joke. I play golf to piss myself off not others.
  13. Cool logo. Is that from the old IHL Gulls?

  14. Let me see if I can put what I was asking/saying in my original post differently. *I know we all have blow up holes. *I was not trying for a hero saving shot to make up for a poor shot. *I agree, just put it back in the fairway is a good option. My question had to do that I was not able to get over the OB on 15 and it was still affecting my concentration on 18. I hit a decent tee shot on the par 5 18. Leaving me about 10 yards shy of the water hazard. To carry the water from there, my second shot needed a full 50 yards to carry the hazard. I'll hit my second over the
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