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  1. We play Bully Pulpit once each summer. Great course but $95 with required cart. I pay a cc membership by the month in Texas. They allow a monthly membership for us winter Texans since we're only there a few months. It's $600 a month plus $15 per round, with or without cart.
  2. I was raised to believe our country is great because of the sacrifices people before me made to give us our freedoms and rights. And...it's our job to do everything we can to make our country, state, city and community better. It's not true that our country oppresses black people. In ND today, it's the opposite. Less than 10% of our population is colored but if you are, you will find support everywhere you look. Kids need to be taught that their success is 100% up to them and that our "flag" isn't out to hold them down. It's ok to protest, argue etc...but the anthem and flag should be honored no matter what your political views are.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm from eastern Dakota, basically Minnesota. Close enough we play most of our golf there or in the winter we play on the Texas gulf coast with my inlaws. I've been farming for 30 years so I've had very little time for golf but my son is taking over management so I'm hoping to golf 3 times a week very soon. I don't have a handicap yet because I've never turned a card in. I'm hoping to start. I played my last round at par but...I probably took 3-4 mulligans that who knows how many strokes they would have added. I took a lesson last week where the instructor told me to go from a strong grip to a neutral grip. That looks like it's going to screw me up for a good while. TST seems to be a great place to learn.
  4. The most I would say to your dad is, "Some guys are complaining you can't keep an accurate score in competition, and next time they want someone to count your score for you." See where it goes from there. The retirees I play with, keep score like the guys above were saying about retirees. It makes it more fun. My parents always told me you never lie, and never cheat. I had some neighbors who told their kids to cheat, that cheating was a part of the game and that everyone cheats, just some are better at it. Sad part about it is they're pretty successful. We were playing in a charity Tournement. The prize for the longest drive was $450 plane ticket voucher. Our group was the last to play the hole with the longest drive and hit the longest and best drive. Somehow when the prizes were given out, they won.
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