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  1. What should i be shooting?

    Yeah, I know what you mean I'm just wondering like in general is that something to be proud of or not. Yeah, the only thing is it is hard for me to read/watch and then do what they said just because of problems that obly a few people tend to run into I usually am part of the few it took me 1 hour plus of watching videos just to try for backspin plus the several games I played trying g to do it. That's why hands on lessons would help.
  2. What should i be shooting?

    Yeah, I have played since the age of 10 and in the off season I play 0 golf, I wish to but facilities want me to pay so much and obviously I dont have a job and my parents dont play golf so they arent super supportive. I bought my own clubs, bags, balls, everything. Its hard to set up a net but i would like to the hardest part is where i would be willing just its simply hard. But I have close to 1k saved to get lessons from someone who is both good at teaching and good at golf, (just from clearing driveaways, mowing lawns, selling stuff that i no longer need.) so in total ive been playing 6 months. Of playing and maybe only 64 games. Will do, its just hard to get into lessons or an indoor facility because of the prices and I am unable to get a job, and my parents dont play so they dont really feel like spending $500 or more. Youre correct on that part where lessons would help but as ive previously said its hard for me to get into lessons or to a facility to use.