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  1. We've all heard the same story, "I perform well of the mats, but on the course I'm horrible." The problem for me is that there are no driving ranges anywhere near me that have a grass area for practice. I've heard that hitting of mats actually hinders a player's swing because mats are too forgiving. When I hit off mats I do very well; balls are flying straight and true. But when playing on the course I fail big time. So I resorted to occasionally playing a regulation 9 hole course for practice to better simulate actual course conditions, but it's difficult to get some quality practice since I'm always paired up with a group and can't hit multiple balls from the same lies for practice shots. I'm tired of getting pounded by my friends when we play. So is there a trick or method of hitting off mats that will actually translate to real world course play?
  2. I have a problem... ...with every club I have a habit of striking the off the toe. I've tried for a while to set my address on the heel, and occasionally I get a good hit. When I do hit the ball properly, I can definitely feel it. I've heard swing inside to out, grip, ball position, tee height, back swing, down swing, turning the wrist, etc. What do you guys and gals think? Is it grip (I use a semi-strong grip with an interlock grip). Every decent shot is a fade and every bad one is a slice. Need some advice. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
  3. Anyone have any experience with either. I'm trying to decide which one to buy. Wife says I need to lose some weight, so I'm going to carry my clubs now. Looking for comfort, quality, and longevity.
  4. I'm thinking about adding an inch to my putter when I re-grip it with a superstroke. I'm currently using a 35" odyssey protype #6. I've been feeling it's slightly too short even though I'm only 5'9". I know a lot of people and pros prefer a shorter putter around 33", but I always feel too hunched over when I try putting with my friends 33". It feels uncomfortable. What would be the disadvantages of using a longer putter? I'm generally a 2-putter depending on how far I am to the pin. Does anyone else prefer a longer putter shaft?
  5. I've tried a few since I generally buy used clubs. I started with Tour Velvets, but I have tried multi-compound, full cords, wraps, basic rubber, super tack, etc. However, I've settled on Golf Pride CP2 Wraps and Pros in midsize. They're very soft and tacky, but what I like most is the lack of taper. What do you guys and gals prefer?
  6. I had problems with the driver too. I was a terrible slicer. Then one day I decided to roll up my sleeves and force myself to learn how to hit it. I went to the driving range with only my driver and hit large buckets a few times a week for a month. No lessons. No distractions. But I did watch a few YouTube videos about driver swing. I eventually got it down half way through the month after a lot of buckets and used the remaining two weeks to cement my muscle memory. I carry about 225 yards fairly straight with a very light fade, consistently. My driver has an adjustable loft set at 11*. And I STILL get the occasional zinger if I break my concentration. The point of my story is to stick with it and you'll eventually nail your driver down. It just takes time and commitment. Don't try to replace it with another club even if it is only temporary because you're only postponing the inevitable. Besides the next closest club for distance is the 3 wood and that's not any easier to hit with either.
  7. I bought a set of z58's black dots earlier this year in good condition (3-pw). It took quite a few practice sessions and rounds to get accustomed to them, but now they're flying straight enough for me. I was playing with cobra cavity backs before these and was a little apprehensive due the much smaller head size, but I think these z58 irons are actually forcing me to become a more consistent ball striker. They don't go as far as my previous irons. But I like that these blades are a bit more challenging to master and look better IMO. Anyone else play these irons, and do you like them?
  8. When you received your "cracked" replacement was it at the store, and was it still in it's shipping container/box? Or did they simply, after some time had passed, hand you a another club (no shipping box) with the same problems? I don't want to sound accusatory, but this situation raises my eyebrows. Even the best retailers in the world (not necessarily golf stuff) have been known to be nefarious when it comes to replacing inferior goods. In my personal experience, I had to replace my newly purchased iPhone 6 three times because of screen distortions (a noticeable and large dark spot in the display). But the Apple store insisted it wasn't a problem despite my objections and their explicit recognition that there was a dark spot. It's cheaper to fight the customer than replace an expensive product because there's really nothing to lose for them trying to do so. Good luck, and I sincerely hope you get this problem solved to your satisfaction.
  9. That line does look strange. Since you've received replacements and they've "cracked" as well, it might be something you're doing. But it does look strange. Although, that picture may not be a crack. It could be a deep scratch IMO. I think a crack would appear much darker in color since the material has split and the light would cast a shadow. This, to me, looks like a deep scratch rather than a crack. Again, IMO. Process of elimination: How do you to treat your clubs (roughly or gently)? How do you transport your clubs? Are there a lot of pebbles/rocks/sediment where you play or practice? Do you lean on your clubs while waiting for your turn (like a cane)? Does anyone else use your clubs or handle them (children/friends)? Etc., etc. Hope this helps.
  10. I doubt it's your swing unless you're hitting stones instead of golf balls. Was your initial purchase and subsequent replacements from the same shop? If so, it could mean several things. First, if your transactions originated from the same store, it could mean you received a bad batch of clubs. Second, if your transactions originated from the some store, it could mean you bought counterfeit clubs. Keep us posted.
  11. I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like your core muscle group is a little weak. Like any physical activity, strength and dexterity will always help. I used to always suffer from lower back pain/spasms, but once I started to exercise my core it greatly diminished my problems. It doesn't take much and don't over exert yourself believing more is better. You may actually exacerbate the problem through strenuous exercise. Gotta learn how to walk before you can run. Some basic core exercises everyday should do until you become stronger. Know you limits. You won't see results overnight. It's a slow process. Instructions on simple and easy core exercise routines are abundant on the Internet, but if you still feel pain and no improvement, then please consult with your physician! Good luck.
  12. Hey David, Have you ever considered using a baseball glove?
  13. Took it to the shop. The staff compared mine to others of the same brand. They gave me a new replacement, free of charge. Thanks for the advice.
  14. I bought a new Big Bertha and it came with a torque wrench to adjust the weights and hosel. I made my adjustments and really cranked down on it, but no "click." I was too nervous to tighten it any more. I was really tightening it, too. For those who have this wrench, how hard do you have to tighten it before it "clicks?"
  15. I'll dress however the course dictates. I don't mind, but some "greener" places are a bit extreme in applying the rules. It's summer in California. If I could I would wear sweat shorts, a plain white tee, and a great big beach hat for every round. I guess that's why most courses implement dress codes.
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