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  1. You shouldn't have any issue getting a round in mid-week if you show up as a single. Any Bethpage course other than Black is a gruelingly long round due to the pace of play / general skill level of the players, in the event you were also looking to play multiple rounds while you're there.
  2. I am moving to Charlotte in November and looking to join a country club in the area. My top three considerations for picking a club are location, cost, and quality of golf / club atmosphere in that order. I'm not as concerned with the extracurriculars (e.x., swimming, tennis, etc.). I have done a fair bit of reading online, but would like real-world opinions on clubs that I should reach out to and / or visit prior to making a selection. Thanks in advance for the guidance.
  3. Thanks. I'll book Palm Beach National for the first round of the trip - seems like a good one!
  4. Heading to WPB the first week of February and looking to start planning where we are playing. Any recommendations would be appreciated. We are already planning on driving up to PGA Village for a few rounds.
  5. Ah, so you're the guy we always talk about...
  6. Jacaranda East - We booked the 7:51am tee time through GolfNow and played 18 with a cart for $40 per person. This was the last course we played on the trip, we wished it was the first. The course was in truly immaculate condition from tee box to green. I don't have a single complaint. We were matched with a local who was not much older than us (likely early 30s) who was pretty cool, so that only added to our experience here. Logistically speaking, the course was only 5 minutes from our hotel. Again, we wish we played this course first. If we did, we would have had a chance to play the West course as well or even doubled up on the East course given the outstanding value. The Club at Emerald Hills - Similar to above, we booked an early tee time through GolfNow and played 18 with a cart for $91 per person. The course was in great shape. Free range balls were provided prior to our tee time. The landscaping was fantastic, the course design was challenging. Overall an enjoyable experience, but I would expect one at that price point in Florida. I would definitely go back in the future. Palm Aire Country Club at Palms - This was the first course we played. It was average at best. We had an early tee time and the grounds crew was spraying this blue substance on the greens which ended up all over everything... balls, clothing, etc. Course conditions were otherwise average. We booked through GolfNow and paid $41 per person for 18 with a cart. If I lived in the area, I may play the course out of convenience / cost. Otherwise, this wasn't the type of course I'd prefer to play while on vacation. Woodlands Country Club West - Horrible. We booked a 7am tee time through GolfNow at $40 per person for 18 with a cart. When we arrived, we were the second to tee off. The course was not in great shape and conditions were average at best. Due to rain the night before and an early tee time, the course was extremely wet which is not the course's fault. However, the grounds crew was... interesting. On one hole, we were about to hit our approach shots when an employee walked on to the green and started cutting a new hole. On another, the tee box was completely blocked from the fairway but a bucket loader and employee with a chainsaw cutting down branches. I won't provide the other examples, that should give you a good enough idea. I would never go back here. In the event you're visiting the area and would like more details on any of the above, let me know.
  7. I definitely agree on the loft and shaft combination piece. Part of the reason why I was considering the Vapor is due to the adjustable loft feature. Likewise, I tend to prefer a stiff shaft. My current G10 has a regular flex shaft. That would be the ideal way to go about it, but living in NYC it is much harder to get to a launch monitor and hit clubs... unless I want to pay $125 for a driver fitting. I biggest issue with the G10 is that it is a G10 Draw model and the G10 has a slightly longer than average shaft. I'd prefer to learn the game without an aid-style driver and I'm only 5' 6" so the longer shaft can be a bit annoying for me. I have the G10 fairway woods as well, but have not given them a real shot to decide if I like them more than the Nikes which are currently in my bag. Thanks for the input! Appreciate the input - thanks! Appreciate the input - thanks! Golf Galaxy was having a 15% off flash sale last night which put the Vapor Fly at $128. At that price, I think it is a pretty great deal but I definitely understand where you're coming from. I took a couple lessons that have me driving much better as well and I realize that is the best way to go about this. I also tried to go to Golfsmith here in NYC, but their launch monitor area was filled with crap as a result of the inevitable buyout / going out of business sale. It is adjustable which, in conjunction with cost, is what I find so appealing about the Vapor Fly. I want something that can change with me and that I can grow into. Agreed, this makes sense. Thanks! Appreciate the input - thanks! I've been taking lessons and part of the reason why I want to ditch the G10 is because the G10 Draw is a corrective club. The fact that the Vapor Fly is so adjustable is extremely appealing because, to your point, I can make adjustments as I improve.
  8. Could you provide a bit more detail on the additional discount that brought this club from the sale price ($149) to the price you purchased it for ($130)? I planned on stopping into that same location this upcoming weekend and have been eyeing the same club...
  9. I stopped in the NYC location yesterday. They had SM5 Vokeys at 15% off their current sale price. It was hard, but I walked out without buying one.
  10. To make a long story short, I'm thinking about using the holiday season and Nike's exit from the equipment industry as an excuse to pick up a Nike Vapor Fly or Nike Vapor Fly Pro at $150. I really just started playing last year, I've taken a handful of lessons since, and broke 100 once this season. My scores are typically in the 100 to 110 range and my current driver is a Ping G10 that was given to me. I realize that as I practice and continue to take lessons, my swing has and will continue to change as I make an effort to shoot lower scores. I have hit some newer drivers, such as the Callaway XR, and really enjoyed them much more than my current driver. My question to you all is - would a driver upgrade such as the one described above benefit my game? I'd imagine some serious gains in driver technology have been made since the G10 was released in 2007. Is it a bad idea to purchase a driver without being fitted, even at this price point?
  11. What is the difference between the BurstProof II and Last Bag Collegiate? I ordered the BurstProof II and received a Last Bag Collegiate...
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