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  1. I've always been a fan of a good 5 knuckle beat down on things like this.....I am WAY pro-gun but a gun should only be pulled if your going to use it. And to shoot someone for stealing is a little much. If you give him a very good beating I'm sure he would learn his lesson.
  2. Well I've had my blades for a week and I'm really starting to like them. Coming off my worst ball striking round in a long time last weekend I've spent a few days this week at the range getting used to the weighting and the stiffer shafts. Catching these things super solid is the best feeling I've felt in an iron. I probably should trade these in for something a little more forgiving but I'm just going to be hardheaded and keep them in the bag. The turf interaction is night and day compared to my Titleist. 2 thumbs up for these irons. Once I get a little spending cash I might trade these in fo
  3. Does anyone have any feedback for me or is my swing that good One thing I would like to do is get my hands higher at the top of the backswing. Does anyone have any tips to make that happen?
  4. Alright Oceanside! I'm not too far in Irvine. Just joined myself a few days ago. Welcome!
  5. A round in the 90s and forgetting to take your Zoloft will do that to a guy
  6. I apologize guys....heres the video
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8.4 My typical ball flight is: all over the place The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull hook So I first picked off this video that I stand way too far from the ball/line it up on the toe. I started working on that while I was at the range today. Anything else feel free to rip my swing apart. Thanks guys! Videos: How to I upload a video properly from my iPhone?
  8. @JxQx I have the MP-4s and they are money! The MP-5s I haven't hit before but I'm sure they are the same, Mizuno knows how to make a forged iron. I hit the Titleist the day I got the 4s and they felt good, but not like the Mizunos.
  9. @mvmac yes I heard he went to the blades this year (or whenever the 5s came out), that's what I like to see. Do you know anything about the 5s? I heard they are "easier to hit" in the blade category, well easier than the 4s. Is this true? Or is a blade a blade no matter what channeling or how they shape the muscle.
  10. The feel between my Titleist CB and my Mizuno is like night and day. Is this the blade doing that or is this because Mizunos clubs feel like butter? I haven't hit a club that feels better than the MP-4.
  11. I just traded my Titleist 716 CB for a left over brand new set of Mizuno MP-4s. I only buy slightly used clubs and have never been properly fitted for clubs so when I bought the Titleist the shaft was way too weak for me. Just having a baby I can't afford to reshaft my set so when I was at Golfsmith I saw a 'only hit in store' set with the shafts I was fitted for so I traded for them. My first set of adult clubs were MP-33s so I'm not brand new to blades. I hit the iblades...they feel nothing like a true blade at all. A blade HAS to be forged or I don't think it can be classified as on
  12. So I wanted to get people's opinion on bladed irons. Is there a point anymore to use blades? Or does today's technology make them obsolete? I know blades are hard to hit and if you don't pure them every time it's going to hurt you. But say for someone who does hit the ball on the center of the face 99% of the time, are they really that much better? I forget what irons he was using but I know a while back Luke Donald wasn't even using Mizunos MP-4s, he was using the set a step down. For someone his caliber you would think he could hit the ball with a dime welded to a shaft. But oh boy are they
  13. Everybody is a little different and teach different things. I play all my irons further back than most to help promote a draw. When I want to cut the ball I put it up in my stance along with a couple other things. Also keeping the ball back in my stance helps me flight the ball better because I naturally hit the ball really high.
  14. I know it's there that's why it's so frustrating....I went out for a round one time by myself and hit some balls before to warm up. Two guys hitting balls next to me on the range happen to be the guys they paired me up with. When we get to the first tee we do our introductions blah blah blah and one of the guys says be patient with us we aren't that good, I saw how you hit the ball on the range. Of course after the round those guys must have been thinking I switched clothes with someone because that was 2 different golfers they saw from range to course....it gets embarrassing. I'm just going t
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