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  1. So some good news, no video update yet though. I've implemented a slightly open left foot angle for (most) of my shots. I've also flattened out my backswing and added a definite pause / squat to the top of my swing, which prevents my over the top mishits. * Shot my second eagle in a tournament yesterday! (very short par 5, bad drive, to a weak fade / topped 7 iron, then 12 footer downhill) * Have been able to get drives that consistently carry between 265 and 285 on the range * shot 38 for 9 holes , 3 times in the last week, and 2 over at a difficult par 3 course in my area. One of those 38's was with 8/9 GIRs, so ball striking was not the issue (putting) I think I'll be able to get it together with the slightly modified swing and a lot of practice
  2. Thanks @Hardspoon! I've been checking out a lot of the content, good stuff here. Hopefully some members might point me to something that sticks out the most here. I took a lesson this weekend, spent an hour going over chipping and pitching .
  3. ^^ @ 9:35 seconds or so for a face on 5 iron shot that went pretty well ^^ @ 6:42 seconds or so for a down the line drive that was very solid (290 or so, straight) I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years (played 4 years in high school, took a 7 year break, and am getting back into the game now) My current handicap index or average score is: 18, who the hell really knows My typical ball flight is: too high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: high blocks to the right. I'm concerned that I'm not creating enough forward shaft lean, as evidenced by unreasonably high ball flight, and somewhat inconsistent ball striking. I have pretty high clubhead speed, 97 mph with the 6 iron , and up to 117 mph on the driver (when i'm trying to kill it). I just went through a fitting and got set up with Mizuno MP-25s on Project X 6.5s. In no way do I think the irons will help me shoot better scores, but I much prefer they way they look at adress, and I have am just a mizuno fan boy. I was also fitted onto a 7.5* 915d on aldila silver (S) flex, but am playing with a taylormade mated to a XS aldila silver. The XS shaft seems to make me pull & draw the ball more, where I am more likely to miss hit with a high fade/ slice on the 915d. Looking for brutally honest feedback here, I'm trying to determine if I should begin to 'try to just play with the swing I've got' - or put a lot of work into fixing it and start from scratch. In high school I was able to shoot in the mid 70's sometimes in tournaments, but now i'm anywhere from low 80's to low 100's. I intend to put in a lot of time, as my goal is to break 79 before fall of this year, which should be doable if I practice my short game and play 3/4 swing shots w/ my irons, and avoid driver. (my home course is short) Videos: